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Author: Michael & Ralf

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Welcome to "Decode AI" Podcast!

­čÄë Are you ready to unravel the mysteries of artificial intelligence? Join us on an exciting journey through the fascinating world of AI, where we'll decode the basics and beyond. ­čžá From understanding the fundamentals of AI to exploring cutting-edge tools like Copilot and other AI marvels, our podcast is your ultimate guide. ­čĺí Get ready to dive deep into the realm of artificial intelligence and unlock its secrets with "Decode AI." Subscribe now and embark on an enlightening adventure into the future of technology! ­čÜÇ

Willkommen beim "Decode AI" Podcast!

­čÄë Bist du bereit, die Geheimnisse der k├╝nstlichen Intelligenz zu entr├Ątseln? Begleite uns auf einer spannenden Reise durch die faszinierende Welt der KI, wo wir die Grundlagen und mehr entschl├╝sseln werden. ­čžá Vom Verst├Ąndnis der Grundlagen der KI bis hin zur Erkundung modernster Tools wie Copilot und anderen KI-Wundern ist unser Podcast dein ultimativer Leitfaden. ­čĺí Mach dich bereit, tief in das Reich der k├╝nstlichen Intelligenz einzutauchen und ihre Geheimnisse mit "Decode AI" zu enth├╝llen. Abonniere jetzt und begebe dich auf ein aufkl├Ąrendes Abenteuer in die Zukunft der Technologie! ­čÜÇ

5 Episodes
Send us a Text Message.SummaryHenk Bulman, Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft, discusses his role in the global AI community and the importance of sharing content and connecting user groups. He shares his journey into AI and offers advice for developers looking to engage with AI. The conversation also touches on responsible AI and the need for companies to have mechanisms in place to ensure ethical and accountable AI practices. Henk highlights the GPT-4 Turbo's vision as a fascinating AI tool...
Send us a Text Message.SummaryIn this episode, Michael and Ralf discuss the latest news from Microsoft, Google, and Apple regarding AI. They start with Microsoft's decision to focus on enterprise and discontinue support for custom GPTs in Co-Pilot. Then, they move on to Google's Gemini for Workspace, which offers summarized documents and meeting recaps. They also discuss Gemini 1.5 Pro and Flash, which are improved models with multi-modality and long context understanding. Finally, they menti...
Send us a Text Message.SummaryIn this episode of Decode AI, Ralf and Michael discuss the latest news from Microsoft Build and OpenAI. They cover topics such as AI development tools, language models, and hardware advancements. The conversation also touches on the upcoming Google Gemini and the impact of AI on technology development.TakeawaysMicrosoft Build showcased a range of AI development tools and services, emphasizing the integration of AI technology into the development process.The annou...
Send us a Text Message.We were lucky to get Sammy Deprez for an interview during the MVP Summit in Redmond to talk about how to deal with getting information from your data into AI.About our Guest Sammy DeprezAs a seasoned Business Intelligence Consultant with over a decade of experience, Sammy has tackled diverse projects in various industries, ranging from finance to healthcare, with a specialization in the Microsoft Stack.In 2015, he pivoted his focus towards Machine Learning and Artificia...
Send us a Text Message.Willkommen zur allerersten Episode von "Decode AI", dem Podcast, der euch tief in die faszinierende Welt der k├╝nstlichen Intelligenz (KI) f├╝hrt. Unsere Gastgeber, Michael und Ralf, bringen eine reiche Palette an Erfahrungen und Einsichten aus dem Bereich der IT und AI mit und sind hier, um ihr Wissen und ihre Leidenschaft mit euch zu teilen.In dieser Einf├╝hrungsepisode stellen sich Michael und Ralf vor und geben einen Ausblick auf das, was die Zuh├Ârer in zuk├╝nftigen Epi...