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The Podcast to sustainable living & travelling. We showcase people who are making real-world changes to live, work, and travel sustainably across Australia and beyond. Join us as we spotlight the everyday people making a difference. From eco-entrepreneurs to community leaders, we share their inspiring stories and practical tips for living more sustainably. Whether you're a seasoned advocate or just starting your journey, tune in for empowering conversations that spark action. Watch the video on YouTube or Spotify or catch us on your favourite podcast platform.
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Welcome to the latest episode of the Sustainaroo Travels Podcast! In this episode, owner of Into Coffee & Intro Carry in Collingwood Luke Phillips delves into the exciting opportunities for positive change in sustainability. Discover how his initial frustrations with traditional industrial design materials, like neoprene, sparked a journey into sustainable innovation. Luke shares his transformative experience of seeing the vast potential for redesigning products and to create a space to help promote a conversation around sustainability and change through various forms. Join us as we explore how aiming for more than just neutrality in sustainability can lead to thriving ecosystems. From upcycling waste materials to creating a vibrant community space at the zero waste cafe in Collingwood, this episode is packed with inspiring stories and practical insights. Learn about innovative projects, like turning spent coffee grinds into paper and soap, and meet other passionate individuals driving change in various fields. Tune in for an engaging discussion on flipping the script on sustainability, making it exciting and accessible, and how we can all contribute to a more abundant and eco-friendly future. Don’t miss out on this inspiring conversation that promises to leave you motivated and ready to make a difference. 🌐 ⁠⁠Full Show Notes⁠⁠ with detailed resources and further recommendations: 👥 Follow and support Luke, Into Coffee & Into Carry: Location: 2A Robert Street, Collingwood, VIC, Australia ⁠Into Carry's (& Into Coffee's) Website: ⁠Into Coffee's Facebook: ⁠Into Carry's Facebook: Into Coffee's Instagram: ⁠Into Carry's Instragram: ⁠Into Carry's TikTok: Interview Index: 00:00- Chapter 1: Preview 01:01- Chapter 2: Intro 01:12- Chapter 3: Luke's Sustainability Journey 05:20- Chapter 4: Into Coffee & Into Carry 08:00- Chapter 5: Showcased Businesses 10:35- Chapter 6: Events, Classes and Products 12:33- Chapter 7: Into Coffee: Zero Waste Cafe 17:03- Chapter 8: Tetra Paks & the Udder Way 22:13- Chapter 9 : Takeaway Options 25:46- Chapter 10: Reducing Plastic Usage 28:15- Chapter 11: Wallaby Meat - Lenah 30:46- Chapter 12: Sustainability & Travel Tips 35:16- Chapter 13: Outro
In this episode of the Sustainaroo Travels Podcast, Lana and Flossy from Earthcare St Kilda share their insights on protecting the local penguin colony and managing the nightly view experience. Learn about the challenges and joys of managing penguin tourism, the exciting new pier redevelopment, and the proposal for a ticketing system with St Kilda Sea Baths. Fill out their survey and support Earthcare's mission of looking after the St Kilda Penguins and their future. 🌐 ⁠Full Show Notes⁠ with detailed resources and further recommendations 📋 Take the Survey to give your say on the future of the St Kilda Penguins 👥 Follow and support Earthcare: Website, FB, IG 📠 Park Victoria’s Planned Proposal 🎥 Park Victoria’s Final Pier Design Video Interview Index: 00:00- Chapter 1: Preview 00:38- Chapter 2: Intro 00:50- Chapter 3: Earthcare St Kilda 02:27- Chapter 4: St Kilda Pier Redevelopment 03:56- Chapter 5: Community Passion 05:42- Chapter 6: The Future of Penguin Guiding 06:33- Chapter 7: Community Survey - Have Your Say! 07:28- Chapter 8: About the Penguin Guides 09:22- Chapter 9: Viewing the Penguins in St Kilda 11:33- Chapter 10: Other Wildlife at the Pier 12:12- Chapter 11: Outro
Join Maddie and Andreas, owners of Providence Foods Bulk Foods Store, in part two of their interview, as they share practical insights on sustainable living in this episode of the Sustainaroo Travels Podcast. Discover easy swaps and conscious changes you can make to reduce waste and live more sustainably. From ditching harsh cleaners for vinegar and bicarb soda to opting for recyclable toothbrushes and reusable coffee cups, Maddie and Andreas provide actionable tips to minimize environmental impact without compromising on convenience. Learn about the relationship between travel, mindfulness, and community engagement, and how slowing down can positively influence sustainable choices. Whether it's embracing reusable cutlery and crockery for picnics or exploring local amenities mindfully, Maddie and Andreas highlight the importance of conscious decision-making in everyday life. Tune in to gain practical advice and inspiration for adopting a more sustainable lifestyle—one swap at a time. If you're passionate about sustainable living, don't miss part 1 of this series, where Maddie and Andreas delve into their personal sustainability journey and initiatives. Thanks for joining us on Sustainaroo Travels—where real people inspire real change. Full Show Notes: Interview Index: 00:00- Chapter 1: Preview 00:25- Chapter 2: Intro 00:37- Chapter 3: Sustainable Swaps 04:01- Chapter 4: Small Sustainable Changes 06:49- Chapter 5: Sustainable Travel Tips 10:54- Chapter 6: BYO While You're Out 14:22- Chapter 7: Outro
Maddie & Andreas are the proud owners of Providence Foods. A bulk food store in Ferntree Gully, Victoria Australia. Helping you work towards zero waste, selling bulk food and eco-friendly products. In Part 1 of this interview, Maddie & Andreas share their passion for reducing the amount of single-use plastics, helping customers on their sustainability journey and promoting eco-friendly grocery shopping. Full Show notes Reach out to Maddie & Andreas: Website Instagram --- Interview Index: 00:00- Chapter 1: Preview 00:41- Chapter 2: Intro 00:54- Chapter 3: Introducing Providence Foods 01:28- Chapter 4: Maddie's Story 04:09- Chapter 5: Andreas' Story 07:07- Chapter 6: Vote with Your Dollar 09:21- Chapter 7: In the Bulk Food Store: Products 13:08- Chapter 8: Benefits of Bulk Food Stores 16:17- Chapter 9: How Products are Packaged & Shipped 17:36- Chapter 10: Price vs Quality, Organic vs Non-Organic 21:37- Chapter 11: Going Online SOON 25:46- Chapter 12: Outro
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