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This podcast won’t solve all your problems, but it WILL go through them with you. Radhi Devlukia brings you a new weekly show called A Really Good Cry, a space where we can embrace the real, the messy and the beautiful parts of life that can be difficult to digest alone, together. Tune in for a good ole’ laugh, maybe shed a tear or two, and join a community where you can have a really good cry!

There's no small talk here, we are diving straight in and it’s gonna get real. Whether it’s raw, unfiltered conversations, debate and discussions of different perspectives and life experiences or going on an emotional rollercoaster. A Really Good Cry is there for you to learn, connect, and find comfort together - that allows us to see the world and ourselves with a new perspective. 

Some episodes will also feature surprise guests, including celebrities, scientists, experts and more. New episodes drop every Tuesday. Tag @areallygoodcry on Instagram with your best crying face for a chance to be featured on our social media channels. Like, comment and follow @areallygoodcry on Instagram if you want the chance to be featured on episodes. You can also subscribe to get exclusive and bonus content. Radhi will give listeners the opportunity to be part of the show by responding to dms, comments, questions and more.
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Ever feel like anxiety is taking over your life? Today, I welcome Cleo Wade, an acclaimed poet, author, and speaker known for her profound insights on self-love, mindfulness, and authentic living. Cleo has touched countless lives with her heartfelt words and has authored several best-selling books that inspire readers to embrace their true selves. In this episode of A Really Good Cry, Cleo and I delve into the transformative journey of overcoming anxiety. We explore the healing power of words, discussing how journaling can be a tool for self-discovery and emotional release. Cleo shares her personal experiences and practical strategies for recognizing anxiety and replacing it with grounded choices. We also talk about the importance of creating daily rituals that nourish the soul and provide a sense of peace amidst the chaos. From simple practices like mindful breathing to the profound impact of connecting with nature, Cleo offers actionable advice for anyone looking to find calm in their daily lives. So, find a quiet place, perhaps with a comforting cup of tea, and join me and Cleo for a conversation that promises to inspire and uplift. This episode is a heartfelt journey towards self-acceptance and empowerment that you won't want to miss. What We Discuss: 00:00 Intro 00:48 Using words to express yourself 07:26 Fear-based decisions 09:30 Anxiety is fear 11:53 The impact of what we watch and listen to 16:40 Adapting self-care to fit your daily routine 20:21 Finding your unique path to wellness 23:48 How physical activity fuels mental clarity 31:11 Being lost and finding yourself 36:21 “Acceptance is truly our natural state…” 39:56 Understanding pain 44:04 Where is negative self-talk coming from? 48:53 You are what you watch  50:43 Reconnecting with your body and mind 57:15 The power of gratitude 1:02:47 Watching people fall in love 1:06:14 Most difficult emotion to deal with 1:09:05 Why we need to cry more often Follow Cleo: Follow Radhi: See for privacy information.
How much help is too much? This question hits close to home for many of us. We all want to be there for our friends and family, but there comes a point where we need to step back.  Offering too much help can end up making them dependent on us, preventing them from learning to stand on their own.  It's all about finding that middle ground – being supportive without taking away their chance to learn and grow independently. Today, let's explore the idea of figuring out when our help might be excessive, and whether it's causing any negative impacts on us or the person we're assisting. We've all been in situations where we give a lot without receiving the same in return. To handle this, we need to understand what genuine support truly means.  Always remember that there are times when you don't have to be the hero for everyone. Sometimes, it's important to take care of yourself first before reaching out to help others. What We Discuss:00:00 Intro 00:29 The Savior Complex06:49 How do you know if you’re helping someone too much?13:54 Are you helping them get better or make themselves feel better?16:07 What you want for someone is not necessarily what they want18:57 Are you invited to help?21:18 Pathological altruism26:38 What if helping is harming you?30:00 True support Follow Radhi: for privacy information.
Strong is the new beautiful, but how can women truly embrace their power? Today, I welcome Louise Hazel, a heptathlete and fitness professional. She gained recognition for her athletic achievements, including competing in the heptathlon, which consists of seven track and field events.  In this episode of A Really Good Cry, Lou and I cover many topics, from why lifting weights is way more than just a workout to busting myths about strength training. But that's not all! We also talked about how our bodies have their own seasons, and why it's a good thing to really listen to them.  Ever wondered what to eat before and after hitting the gym? We talked about that too! We also shared our experience of surrounding ourselves with a supportive community for growth.  Lastly, we shared a candid conversation about dealing with tough times and finding strength in letting go. So, grab a cozy spot, maybe a cup of tea, and join me and Louise for a chat that's as heartwarming as a good friend's hug. What We Discuss: 00:00 Intro 01:13 Strength training for women 03:53 The biggest misconception in weight training 06:21 Aesthetics is not athletics 10:58 What it takes to achieve your body goal 19:02 Macronutrients 22:12 Building muscle while losing weight 24:27 What to do if you can’t afford personal trainers? 28:45 Our bodies cycle through seasons 30:28 Listen to your body  32:12 Pre and post-workout meal 40:48 Body positivity 49:31 Embracing transformation 55:48 Quick fitness and workout questions 57:42 Sacrifices to reach goals 1:01:00 Building a community for growth and transformation 1:08:14 Coping with grief through surrendering 1:19:49 Retreating to come back stronger 1:22:57 Go-to emotional release 1:24:32 What type of crier are you? Follow Lou: Follow Radhi: See for privacy information.
How many relationships could be saved by a single honest conversation? Assumptions can be silent relationship killers, creeping into our interactions and creating unnecessary barriers.  In this episode of A Really Good Cry, we dive into how unspoken assumptions can drive people apart and how open communication can bring them back together. We’ll also explore why we make assumptions, how they affect our lives, and offer practical tips to break the habit. Discover how challenging your assumptions can lead to stronger, more genuine connections. Tune in to learn how questioning your assumptions can transform your relationships for the better. What We Discuss: 00:00 Intro 00:47 Resolving family drama  02:24 The problem with taking assumption as truth 03:55 Why do we have assumptions? 06:43 How do you stop yourself from making assumptions? 09:09 Everything is not about you 10:24 Let go of your fear of discomfort 13:07 Assumptions can ruin relationships 15:44 How honest conversations can transform your relationship 17:15 Give someone the benefit of your doubt 19:05 “Humans have the need to know…” 21:05 What to do when you find yourself assuming? Follow Radhi: See for privacy information.
Real compassion breaks down the barriers that divide us. It's not just about doing nice things, it's about creating a safety net of care. True compassion blurs the lines between "me" and "you." It's about understanding that we're all connected and that looking out for each other is what really matters. Today, I welcome Alok Vaid-Menon, a writer, performer, and advocate known for their activism in the LGBTQ+ community. They're recognized for their insightful discussions on gender, identity, and social justice. Alok's work often challenges societal norms and perceptions, aiming to promote acceptance and equality for all genders. Their powerful storytelling and performances resonate with audiences worldwide, sparking important conversations about inclusivity and self-expression. In this episode of A Really Good Cry, Alok and I talked about how they were able to live authentically and how they found confidence through writing. We also explore finding beauty in the little things and how we connect in this digital world. Alok shares insights on dealing with hate using compassion and where all that hate might actually come from. Make sure to sit back and relax as you listen to this insightful and inspiring conversation with Alok!    What We Discuss: 00:00 Intro 00:29 Living authentically 02:15 Finding confidence through writing 06:17 Growing up different in Texas 08:24 Cultural influence on parenting 14:20 Appreciating parent’s sacrfices 16:34 The beauty in the mundane 20:24 Connection and community in a digital age 24:35 Handling hate with compassion 29:44 Where does hate come from? 33:33 What is true compassion? 39:38 Embracing every emotion in our growth 48:27 The intersection of religion, spirituality, and gender 52:19 Balancing masculine and feminine energies 55:52 Living your truth 58:12  Love across religious divides 1:01:14 The last time Alok had a good cry 1:04:12 What kind of crier is Alok? Follow Alok: Follow Radhi: See for privacy information.
Ever heard of the saying, “Listen to your gut?” Your gut health plays a pivotal role in your overall well-being, influencing everything from digestion and nutrient absorption to immune function and even mood regulation. It's like a second brain residing in your abdomen, communicating with your body in ways we're only beginning to understand. Today, let's dive deep into simple yet effective ways to maintain a healthy gut. We'll cover practical tips for improving digestion and highlight common foods that can naturally enhance your gut health. We'll also touch on recognizable signs that might indicate if you're experiencing any gut-related issues. By following these tips and incorporating digestion-friendly foods into your diet, you're taking a positive step towards a healthier gut and a happier version of yourself.   What We Discuss: 00:00 Everything is linked to our gut 01:07 What is gut health? 02:01 Signs of gut issues 05:56 Your body cleanses your insides at night 07:22 Tip #1: Control your sugar intake 13:54 Tip #2: Eat the rainbow - have a variety of natural foods in different colors 21:38 Tip #3: Stop drinking cold water 25:10 Tip #4: Incorporate spice in your food 29:10 Tip #5: Avoid eating raw foods 32:13 We have a responsibility to look after our health Follow Radhi: See for privacy information.
30, flirty, and single?? Today, Radhi welcomes two of her amazing best friends to A Really Good Cry, Francia Raisa and Deepica Mutyala!  In this episode they openly discuss the joys and challenges of their friendship, highlighting the importance of genuine connections and the power of sisterhood. Francia and Deepica also share their personal journeys of defying these expectations and finding happiness in their own paths, proving that life doesn't always follow society's timelines. Tune in to this captivating episode and witness the magic that happens when authentic friendships and personal transformations come together. What We Discuss: 00:00 Intro 04:18 Being single-shamed 11:08 Choosing not to have kids 13:08 It’s okay to change your mind 14:14 Growing on your own first 18:09 Changing the social norms  20:38 Trusting yourself first, gain confidence after 22:51 Handling negative comments 24:40 Embracing every season of your life 29:40 “Don’t set yourself up for failure…” 33:12 Having a community and surrounding yourself with good people 40:22 Fear of doing something first 41:17 Masculine and feminine qualities in relationships 45:27 Definition of man and masculinity in dating 49:07 Financial responsibility in relationships 51:33 Be okay with your partner’s vulnerability 54:04 What makes a woman? 1:00:05 Qualities of a good friend 1:12:27 Check up on all your friends 1:14:44 How to handle unrequested opinions 1:20:18 Gossiping in relationships 1:27:12 Things to work on to become a better friend 1:34:03 Communicate with your friends better 1:39:53 Be open to new friendships 1:48:36 What type of crier are you? Follow Francia: Follow Deepica: Follow Radhi: See for privacy information.
Have you always been feeling tired recently?  Feeling tired is something we all deal with—it's like running on empty, trying to keep up with everything on our plates. But what if there are simple ways to avoid that drained feeling without making things overly complicated? In this episode, we're diving into eight easy tricks to sidestep that overwhelming tiredness. From small adjustments in your routine to proven strategies, we'll uncover these simple yet effective ways to shake off that tiredness. No need for complex routines—just straightforward steps to get back your spark and enthusiasm. Here are the 8 ways you could do to avoid feeling tired: Get a full-body check-up Understand your hormones and cycles Take care of your gut Make sure to get enough sleep and rest Start exercising Connect with other people Avoid relying on sugar and coffee Do meditation and breathing exercises Join us as we explore these eight practical techniques, helping you bid farewell to feeling worn out and greet each day feeling energized! What We Discuss: 00:00 Intro 02:26 Your body is asking for a break 04:45 Get a full-body check-up 06:45 What are the vitamins that you need? 13:37 The two main minerals  17:58 Effects of processed foods on our body 18:38 Hormones and cycles 24:40 Take care of your gut 28:45 How to solve your gut issues 31:29 Sleep and rest 35:22 Get moving and start exercising 37:23 Connect with other people 39:07 Sugar and coffee won’t give you energy 41:40 Meditation and breath work 43:01 Why you need to stay hydrated 44:09 Energy vampires and leaks Follow Radhi: See for privacy information.
You've heard the saying, 'You are what you eat.' But how true is that really? On this week’s episode of A Really Good Cry,  I had the pleasure of speaking with Jessie Inchauspé, a biochemist and author widely known as the Glucose Goddess. She's revolutionized how we think about diet, glucose, and overall wellness. In this episode, Jessie dives into the science of glucose management and its profound impact on our daily lives. She shares her own story of figuring out how to feel better by changing what she eats. Don't miss this episode with Jessie as she talks about her easy hacks for managing glucose, discusses the misleading world of food labels, and the personal breakthroughs that have made her a champion of change in nutritional science. What We Discuss: 00:00 Intro 01:06 Jessie’s backstory 04:11 You are what you eat 05:27 What is glucose? 08:19 When should you get your glucose levels checked? 13:35 Sugar is addicting 15:09 The correct order of eating your foods 20:34 Dress your carbs 22:10 Exercise after your meal 24:36 Why you should add vinegar to your foods 27:26 Have a savory breakfast 31:06 Find the right diet for you 35:50 Do you want to start wearing a glucose monitor? 36:45 Symptoms are messages from your body 38:10 Food labels red flags 41:54 The role of diet in fertility 51:11 Sugar and dementia 53:28 Can sugar make you depressed? 56:36 Fast round with Jessie Follow Jessie: Follow Radhi: See for privacy information.
Breathe in positivity, exhale negativity.  Ever caught yourself looking in the mirror and just feeling, well, not great about what you see? We all have those moments, and they can lead to us being super hard on ourselves. When we see a distorted image of ourselves, especially about our body and how we look, we tend to become self-critical and resort to negative self-talk.  Today, we are going to focus on breaking out of that kind of mindset and focusing on giving ourselves so much love. Let's talk about how to get out of this distorted mindset and focus more on self-appreciation. We start by discovering three things we truly love about ourselves and how to be in a space where societal expectations and opinions no longer hold sway over your authenticity. There is a profound impact in changing the way we talk to ourselves. Positive self-talk isn't just about words; it's about nurturing inner dialogue that ignites joy and self-compassion.  But it doesn't end with self-love. Compliments are more than words; they're a gift of affirmation that uplifts not just the recipient, but also the giver. Let's celebrate the magic of being unapologetically ourselves and embrace the beauty we hold within us.   What We Discuss: 00:00 Surprise energy work with a stranger 02:20 The 3 things you love about yourself 07:50 It’s so freeing to not just care 10:57 Change how you talk to yourself 12:59 Appreciate your body 15:09 Compliment other people 18:04 Negative relationship with the concept of being skinny 18:42 Take social media breaks 20:02 The truth about comparison 24:40 The clothes for when I… 26:16 You are the soul and not the body Follow Radhi: See for privacy information.
Remember the feeling of excitement as a child when you spotted someone who looked like you on TV? That rush of validation and connection is at the heart of why representation matters.  On this week’s episode of A Really Good Cry, I had the pleasure of speaking with Tan France, a prominent fashion designer, television personality, and author. He’s best known for his chic style and groundbreaking role as a fashion expert on the Emmy-winning series, "Queer Eye."  In this episode, Tan delves into how his unique background has shaped his perspective on fashion and identity, and he shares his journey of overcoming cultural barriers to become a voice of change in the fashion industry. Don't miss this episode with Tan France, as he opens up about his life challenges, cultural influences, and the personal evolution that has shaped him. What We Discuss: 00:00 Intro 00:42 From pain to purpose 03:38 Moving out of the UK 09:56 Finding freedom in love 14:15 Relationship between race and self-acceptance 20:03 The burden of minority representation 24:55 Fame and responsibility 28:07 Embracing the duality and maintaining happiness 32:56 What determines a real friendship? 41:26 Is Tan a member of the Illuminati? 44:34 Building confidence and overcoming imposter syndrome 51:59 Wanting to walk away from fame 58:11 Maintaining positivity online 1:01:55 Practicing gratitude 1:04:37 Dealing with rudeness 1:06:23 Rapid fire questions with Tan 1:13:41 What type of crier is Tan France?   Follow Tan:   Follow Radhi: See for privacy information.
When was the last time you cried? For some, crying can be seen as a sign of weakness or vulnerability. Society often teaches us that showing our feelings, especially by crying, should be avoided or suppressed, especially in certain situations or if we want to appear strong. But it's crucial to understand that crying is a natural and healthy way to release bottled-up emotions and stress. It's a physical response that helps us deal with different situations and emotions. Trying to hold back tears can negatively affect our mental and emotional well-being, possibly making us more stressed, anxious, or even physically unwell. Today, let's talk about the positive effects of crying and releasing our emotions. Crying is not a sign of weakness, but rather an essential aspect of being human. It provides an avenue for emotional release, stress relief, enhanced mood, mental clarity, and deeper connections with others. So, the next time you feel like shedding a tear, don't hold back. It's perfectly okay and can be quite beneficial for your overall well-being. What We Discuss: 00:00 Intro 00:39 Story behind ‘A Really Good Cry’ 03:34 Crying and emotional release 05:32 Embracing and processing emotions 07:54 Emotions are signs from our body 10:20 Recognizing and understanding your emotions 14:02 Why do we suppress emotions? 18:01 Signs and symptoms of trapped emotions 22:19 Where do you carry your emotions? 24:56 “Learn how to see people in the gray and live in the gray…” 29:15 Other types of emotional release 34:00 Be equanimous 36:36 Different kinds of criers Follow Radhi: See for privacy information.
In a world where everyone keeps telling us who we should be, finding the courage to love ourselves authentically can be a breakthrough. Today, I had the great opportunity to speak with Tia Mowry, an actress, producer, author, and television personality, best known for her role on the sitcom "Sister, Sister," which she starred in alongside her identical twin sister, Tamera Mowry.  Discover how Tia, known for her vibrant energy and magnetic personality, sets out on a path of self-discovery and healing From the highs of fame to the challenges of personal growth, Tia shares her candid experiences with learning to prioritize self-care, embraces her inner strength, and find joy in the solitude of her own company. Tia's story is a powerful testament to the importance of self-love in a world that often pushes us toward external validation. Whether it's through meditation, journaling, or simply taking a moment to acknowledge her accomplishments, Tia's journey is a reminder that self-love isn't just about self-care rituals; it's about creating a life where you are the source of your happiness and fulfillment. So, tune in to be inspired by Tia's journey and learn how to cultivate a deeper sense of self-love in your own life. It's a conversation that promises to uplift, inspire, and empower you to embrace the beauty of being your own best friend.   What We Discuss: 00:00 Intro 00:58 Learning to choose yourself 03:03 Positive affirmations and being present 06:12 Finding courage in the unknown 10:47 Being comfortable in an unhappy place 15:16 Going to therapy 20:34 Letting go of your past self 24:09 Breaking free from approval 30:45 Coming back home to yourself 35:09 Nurturing spiritual curiosity in children 40:17 Taking responsibility for your life 46:18 Building confidence  49:53 Overcoming negative self-talk 55:37 Going on a solo trip for the first time 1:01:50 Being okay with change 1:05:17 Tia’s go-to self-care products 1:07:57 Dealing with anxiety and anger 1:09:10 What type of crier are you?   Follow Tia: Follow Radhi: See for privacy information.
A Really Good Cry with Radhi won’t solve all your problems, but it WILL go through them with you. A space to feel it all: laugh, cry and everything in between. As you go through the seasons of life, the emotions, the uncomfortable, the good stuff and even on those days you ‘just don't want to’, these conversations will have something for you. Whether it's vulnerable moments with friends, discussions with experts, or the wisdom, research and experiences that Radhi learns herself and shares with you; this podcast will be the bridge between you and the person you’re becoming. See for privacy information.