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Life in the Void

Life in the Void

Author: Whitney Dafoe

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Living with ME/CFS and Long Covid and other Chronic Illness or Disability.  Follow me while I explore the challenges, the suffering, the darkness and the light while living with a chronic illness or disability.  Along the way I will share insights into how I survive, how I struggle, and how I STAY ALIVE.  ❤️ 

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Not having a home is not a crime! Yet after the Supreme court ruled that it was constitutional to make it illegal to sleep in public spaces, countless towns and cities are sure to follow suit in the United States and make it illegal to sleep in public spaces. (Illegal to sleep!). Sleep is a basic necessity and if you don’t have a home, you have no choice but to sleep in a public space. Beyond the morals or ethics of this it has far reaching consequences for #MECFS and #LongC...
I Still Feel Free

I Still Feel Free


I haven’t felt the wind on my back in 11 years. But I still feel free…We are not our circumstances. This physical world does not define us nor can it confine us. We are infinite beings…This year on ME/CFS awareness day, let’s acknowledge what ME/CFS has taken from us, But let’s also look around at the life we still have…✏️ My ME/CFS Blog ❓What is ME/CFS? 👤 My Story 📄 ME/CFS Resources 🙏 Donate to ME/CFS Research
ME/CFS Anthem

ME/CFS Anthem


An anthem for ME/CFS and Long Covid patients leading up to ME/CFS Awareness Day. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. This song is a beautiful testament to our connectedness no matter our physical isolation.-> Listen to the song here <-✏️ My ME/CFS Blog ❓What is ME/CFS? 👤 My Story 📄 ME/CFS Resources 🙏 Donate to ME/CFS Research
I’m desperate to feel better. I would do anything to feel better and I spend an enormous amount of energy following routines and taking medications and supplements to try to get better. This desperation to get better is something we all face. We’re willing to try anything that we know doesn’t harm us like GET to get better. But at what point does the energy we put into these treatments hurt us more than they benefit us? ✏️ My ME/CFS Blog ❓What is ME/CFS? 👤 My Sto...
Laziness is not the opposite of being sick. How have we come to this place where if we show any lack of productivity we are terrified of being labelled "lazy" and therefore not legitimately sick? …how do we start to re-frame the prejudice against us?✏️ My ME/CFS Blog ❓What is ME/CFS? 👤 My Story 📄 ME/CFS Resources 🙏 Donate to ME/CFS Research
ME/CFS / Long Covid is an ever changing journey and we never know where it will take us. We can do the best we can and no more; After that, we must try to find as much life along the way as possible, knowing that it is fleeting like all else; It slips through our fingers the moment we try to hold onto it. But as it slips through our fingers we don’t need to despair because we know we will find new life around the next bend. There is always new life, nothing ever stays the same. Not our weakes...