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Advance your career with the FinPod podcast from CFI. Dive into career stories and member successes, and stay ahead with insights from our latest courses. Get all the essentials for a successful career in finance without any fluff—just the facts you need to excel in your professional journey.
13 Episodes
 In this episode of FinPod, we discuss FP&A for new analysts with expert Carl Seidman. Carl has over 20 years of experience in management consulting and FP&A advisory. In this conversation, he highlights the growing demand for FP&A in Fortune 500 companies and the shift towards proactive finance roles.Carl addresses how to enter the FP&A field without a specialized degree, emphasizing skill development and transitioning from general finance backgrounds. He also shares the importance of critical thinking, communication skills, and understanding of business dynamics for a successful career in FP&A.Carl also shares his thoughts on the role of AI in FP&A, and provides valuable advice for new analysts, focusing on continuous learning, mastering technical skills, and developing non-technical abilities. This episode offers lots of career advice for aspiring FP&A professionals!
 In this episode of FinPod, co-founder Scott Powell and colleague Asim Khan speak with Danielle Stein Fairhurst, a renowned financial modeler, author, and Microsoft MVP. She shares her journey into financial modeling, driven by her love for finance and Excel, and shares her modeling core concepts..Danielle discusses common mistakes modelers make, the importance of simplicity, and her contributions to the Excel community, including writing books and organizing meetups. For young professionals, she emphasizes the importance of technical skills and staying current with new tools. Join the conversation to gain insights into financial modeling and the evolving landscape of Excel.
Join us in the latest episode of the "What's New at CFI" podcast as we delve into the intricacies of financial planning and analysis, specifically focusing on the inclusion of contractors in financial models in today's evolving job market landscape. We highlight key differences between forecasting for employees and contractors, emphasizing the importance of understanding cash flow timing nuances. With practical examples and considerations, we explore the flexibility of financial models, offering valuable insights for finance professionals. Tune in for an engaging discussion on contractor analysis and its role in modern financial planning strategies.
In this episode of FinPod, hosts Asim Khan and Ryan Spendelow dive deep into the world of banking regulations. Join them as they discuss the intricacies of Basel III and its significance in risk management. Unravel the historical context behind the Basel Accords and understand how Basel III emerged as a response to the 2008 global financial crisis.Asim and Ryan discuss the critical differences between Basel II and Basel III, from strengthened capital requirements to the introduction of liquidity ratios. Tune in to equip yourself with the knowledge and tools necessary to thrive in an ever-changing regulatory environment. Don't miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and enhance your understanding of Basel III and its implications for the future of banking
In this episode of FinPod, host Anna Talerico chats with Vijay Maharaj, CFI's Director of FP&A, to discuss his career journey and what it's like to work in FP&A. Discover how Vijay’s path through economics led him to a career in financial planning and analysis. Get a glimpse into a day in the life of a Director of FP&A, including the balancing act of data management, forecasting, and partnering with other business units. Plus, handling the everyday fire drills that come with the role.Vijay shares his approach to objective analysis, building trust with colleagues, and the importance of being a lifelong learner. He provides valuable advice for aspiring FP&A professionals on essential skills and the mindset needed to excel in this growing field. Don't miss this engaging episode full of career insights and practical tips!
In this episode of FinPod, host Asim Khan sits down to discuss data visualization with Sebastian Taylor.They cover best practices for creating effective visual representations of data, from choosing the right charts to crafting impactful stories. To communicate data effectively, learn the importance of understanding your audience and focusing on key messages. Sebastian shares valuable tips on designing dashboards, using color effectively, and avoiding common mistakes in data visualization. Whether you're a data analyst or simply interested in data storytelling, this episode offers a wealth of knowledge to help you improve your data visualization skills. Tune in for charts, graphs, and dashboards!
In this episode of FinPod, Asim Khan & Glenn Hopper talk about AI-enhanced financial analysis. They discuss the power of ChatGPT in democratizing data and how this technology can help improve workflows and analysis.Learn more about AI's impact on roles in investment banking and accounting and how to use generative AI to work more effectively. 
In this special episode of FinPod, host Anna Talerico shines a CFI member spotlight on Stephen Moerane, a remarkable individual whose journey has come full circle within the CFI community. Stephen's story begins as a CFI learner and progresses to a CFI team member. Listen in as Anna and Stephen discuss his inspiring transition from non-finance roles to a career in finance and his journey to becoming a valued member of the CFI team. Stephen shares insights into his academic and professional pursuits, highlighting the connections between his love for music and his passion for finance. He also discusses his recent transition into a community-focused role, emphasizing the importance of supporting CFI learners and fostering connections within our community. This is a conversation about the power of lifelong learning, personal growth, and the impact one can have in creating an active, thriving community.
In this episode of FinPod, host Asim Khan is joined by Duncan McKeen, CFA, FMVA, to talk about the final components of the FP&A model Duncan's been developing for our FP&A courses. Duncan shares how dashboards and data visualization techniques can transform traditional financial analysis into compelling stories. Learn the importance of effectively presenting data using colorful visualizations and dynamic charts that capture trends, highlight insights, and aid decision-making. Discover how purposeful errors in Excel can help toggle graph features and gain valuable tips on making your models user-friendly and efficient. Tune in for lots of tips & tricks.
In this episode of FinPod, host Asim Khan is joined by Duncan McKeen, CFA, FMVA, as they discuss financial statement aggregation and analysis. Follow along as Duncan walks us through consolidating financial statements using advanced Excel functions. Discover the significance of breaking down current and deferred taxes, balancing income statements, and mastering cash flow projections. Learn the benefits of monthly modeling for a comprehensive 24-month forecast period and how to effectively aggregate data by quarter and year. Join Duncan and Asim as they explore common modeling challenges while offering insights on building robust models with features like alerts and up-to-date functionalities. 
In this episode of FinPod, host Asim Khan is joined by Duncan McKeen, CFA, FMVA, as they delve into the world of headcount forecasting and analysis. This engaging discussion explores essential strategies for forecasting a company's employees and associated costs.Discover how to forecast salaries, bonuses, and benefits while maintaining a comprehensive view of cash flow and income statements. Learn about new Excel features like up and down arrows to quickly spot salary changes and model alerts that enhance model integrity. Duncan shares innovative approaches to employee cost forecasting and the importance of cover pages in communicating critical information upfront.Tune in for valuable insights into headcount forecasting & analysis that every FP&A professional needs to know. 
In this episode of FinPod, host Asim Khan is joined by Duncan McKeen, CFA, FMVA, to discuss FP&A model design, revenue forecasting, and the power of proper formatting. Duncan shares insights on creating visually appealing and easy-to-follow models using the latest Excel features, such as binary switches and conditional formatting.Discover how to enhance your models with up and down arrows to highlight changes and leverage binary switches for efficient data management. Learn how these techniques contribute to telling the story behind the numbers, helping you make informed financial decisions. Elevate your FP&A revenue forecasting skills with this quick, high-impact conversation. 
In this episode of FinPod, host Asim Khan is joined by Duncan McKeen, CFA, FMVA, to discuss Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A). Duncan shares insights into the importance of model design in finance, emphasizing the significance of careful planning and structuring for effective decision-making. Learn how to efficiently gather inputs using modern tools like Power Query and how keyboard shortcuts can significantly improve productivity.Duncan and Asim discuss practical tips such as designing models backward, starting with the dashboard, and working in reverse to ensure a seamless flow. Tune in for expert advice on mastering financial modeling and how the FP&A courses can help you excel in your finance career.