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This Month in Queer History

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 Sharing LGBTQ history that is accessible and entertaining! 

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In this very special Pride episode of This Month in Queer History, find out how we went from the Stonewall Riots, to Liberation Marches, to the Pride Parades we know and love today! Check out our show notes, linked below, for our sources, as well as articles, podcasts, photo collections, and documentaries in which you can learn more about Pride and other topics discussed in this episode. Thank you for listening!Show Notes:
You might have seen discussions online about whether certain historical figures are LGBTQ - you may even have wondered yourself whether your favorite historical icons are queer. In this episode of This Month in Queer History, we're giving you the power to answer that question: are they gay?Show Notes: We're working on a better way to provide our show notes, bibliography, and further reading for our sight-impaired listeners. Our show notes will be up soon, so be sure to check back for them. We...
For Transgender Day of Visibility, This Month in Queer History is taking you back in time to 2009, when TDOV was founded. In this episode of TMQH, we explore the history of the holiday and why it's so meaningful to trans people around the globe. Thank you for tuning in to our first episode!Show Notes/ Further Reading: CAMP
CAMP Rehoboth is happy to announce that it has a new podcast! The Altern is now This Month in History, a shortform LGBTQ history podcast focusing on the United States and the 20th century. We will be releasing new episodes soon, alongside remastered vintage TMQH episodes. If you're a returning listener, welcome back, and if you're a new listener, thank you for joining this journey through our community's history!Show Notes:Sexing History CAMP