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Crying Is Manly

Author: Tyler Kunz

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Have you ever been told "real men don't cry"? I'd love to be part of turning that ridiculous narrative on its head. Many people see emotional stoicism as one of the gold standards of masculinity, but what we actually need more of is being open about our struggles with mental health and life in general. This isn’t just about sharing stories or having conversations; it's about showing that true strength lies in embracing vulnerability and living authentically. Whether it's unlearning the BS we've been taught about suppressing our true selves, or conquering the everyday decisions anxiety warps into seemingly-insurmountable challenges, you'll see that we're all fighting similar battles — and that's nothing to be ashamed of. We *can* fight these battles together, but not if we don't talk about it first. So let's talk.   

In the meantime, just remember: crying is manly. 💪😭   #cryingismanly   

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3 Episodes
"How am I not myself?"

"How am I not myself?"


"How am I not myself?" is a great line from one of my favorite movies: I Heart Huckabees ( ). It's an existential comedy about the various crises and deep questions most of us face sooner or later -- sometimes willingly, sometimes by having it thrust upon us. Because you are NOT your job, career, reputation, hobbies, abilities, accomplishments, failures, thoughts, opinions, emotions, or beliefs. So, what are you? Who are you? And most im...
In the debut episode of Crying Is Manly, host Tyler shares a bit about his experience with mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem, and how these have intersected with societal expectations of masculinity. Tyler discusses the pressure men face to suppress emotions deemed "unmanly", like crying, and asks that we consider redefining what it means to be masculine by embracing vulnerability, authenticity and emotional openness. He also touches on his struggles with p...
Hi there! My name is Tyler, and I'm so excited to soon be launching Crying Is Manly, a podcast where I'll be discussing men's mental health with a wide range of guests. My current vision for each episode is to feature a guest who wants to share their stories, insight, questions, or wisdom as it pertains to male mental health.Because whether or not you, the listener, are male, I believe everyone can benefit from learning more about the mental health struggles we all share. So if you have ...