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Author: Robin Pasley, NCIDQ

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Welcome to design to help your business grow. I'm your host, Randi Lynn Johnson. Each episode will bring tips and insight into how to make sure your interiors are working for you and growing your business.

In an increasingly competitive market, the merits of using interior design as a strategic growth tool can make all the difference in not just surviving, but thriving,

Founder & Design Principal

Design to help your business grow

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Robin Pasley is an interior designer and owner of her own design firm: Pasley Commercial Interiors. She emphasizes the importance of considering safety, functionality, and beauty when designing interior spaces. She works collaboratively with clients and engineers to prioritize these elements in her design process and help businesses grow through strategic interior design.
Robin Pasley is an interior designer who prioritizes life safety, functionality, and aesthetics in her commercial design projects. Even when designs must change for code requirements, Pasley Commercial Interiors focuses on problem-solving to maintain design vision. Robin is currently reworking a plan to keep a necessary exit door while preserving the layout. Her approach weaves life safety principles throughout the design process.
The conversation between Randi Lynn Johnson and Robin Pasley focused on the importance of considering life safety in commercial interior design. Robin emphasized that properly licensed interior designers are responsible for addressing life safety regulations regarding elements like hallway widths, door ratings, wall materials, and more.
The meeting discussed how customer experience and interior design can help businesses grow. The speaker talked about studies showing customers value experience over other factors and are willing to spend more with companies providing excellent service. Creating repeat customers through good experiences can significantly boost profits. Robin Pasley emphasized using interior design to communicate a business's values and set them apart from competitors, in order to create memorable experiences f...
A discussion about how interior design can significantly impact small businesses. It discusses how the first 7 seconds of a customer's experience through visuals, layout, lighting, colors and materials can strongly influence their impression and emotions. An optimized interior that guides customers and communicates the brand can increase customer engagement, spending and loyalty, transforming a transaction into an experience. Interior design is presented as a strategic investment rather than ...
Robin Pasley is an interior designer who emphasizes using design as a strategic tool to help businesses grow. She believes interior spaces should cohesively communicate a business's brand and story to customers. Pasley conducts in-depth discovery meetings with clients to understand their values and long-term goals. This informs designs that consider how the physical space can support a business's future growth plans. Her approach sets her apart by helping owners strategically use design over ...