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The Handover, with NCH&C

Author: Comms and Marketing team at NCH&C

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Dedicated to keeping conversations flowing at NCH&C, we’re excited to unveil the all new trust podcast. 

The Handover is a two-way platform for having conversations with all our staff. We want information to be handed over from you to us, and us to you. 

The 25 minute podcast episodes aim to be informative and interesting. Something staff like to listen to and engage with.

To listen, search 'The Handover’ on Spotify, Google Podcasts or Amazon Music.

85 Episodes
Career Development Facilitator Carrie Stroud and Clinical Educator Zoe Carroll talk about the the work experience opportunities we have at the trust, why work experience is so valuable to Community Healthcare, and a new work experience scheme we have recently set up that helps to promote specific Allied Health Profession roles.
Service Lead Andrew Karrouze talks about Virtual Ward - an exciting new ‘step-up’ or ‘hospital at home’ service to prevent avoidable hospital admissions.
NCH&C's vision is to provide seamless health and social care that creates healthier futures for everyone across Norfolk and Waveney. Our strategy for 2023-27 reflects our ambition to work closely with partners while ensuring the care we deliver meets the highest standards and embraces the use of technology.In this episode, CEO Stephen Collman reflects on how the strategy took shape and what he learned from hosting a series of feedback sessions with staff across the trust.
Julian began his journey with the NHS when he was just 17 years old. He’s now 74 and still loves his job as a Podiatrist. In this special episode to mark 75 years of the NHS, Julian reflects on his career and the changes he has seen since starting his Chiropody training in 1966. 5 July 2023 marks 75 years of the National Health Service.Treating over a million people a day in England, the NHS touches all our lives. When it was founded in 1948, the NHS was the first universal health system to b...
In this episode, Community Learning Disabilities Nurse Andrea Burrows talks about the preceptorship programme for newly qualified nurses with NCH&C, and how she received a later in life diagnosis of ADHD, Dyslexia and Dyspraxia whilst completing her course.
Amie Swithenbank, Head of Children & Young People Services and Matthew Reading from Norfolk County Council discuss Flourish and how important this initiative is to the children and young people of Norfolk and Waveney.FlourishLaunched last year, Flourish is a Children and Young Peoples Partnership Strategy with the aim of enabling all children and young people in Norfolk to thrive. It has been developed for children and young people by children and young people and has been inspired by the...
There are several opportunities offered by rotations to develop a broad base of experience from working in a changing role with a variety of conditions, patients, and clinicians. Clinical Educator Zoe Carroll, Rotational Occupational Therapist Cat Alexander and Rotational Physio Jemma Spencer talk about what it's like to be on rotation, and the benefits it has brought to them both personally and professionally.
Chair of the NCH&C Board Lynda Thomas tells us about her Welsh roots, how proud she is to be working with the trust and her hopes for NCH&C moving forward.
Over the past 40 years, the population of Norfolk has increased significantly, as has the incidence of terminal or life limiting illness. Changing patterns of life mean care within the family unit is not always possible and there is a greater need for respite and day care. Charlotte Shawe is Quality Matron at Priscilla Bacon Lodge - a Palliative Care facility in Norwich. She tells us about the incredible work the staff and volunteers do here, and their plans for a big move to a new facil...
As part of Foot Health Week 24-30 April, Podiatrist Suzanna Grimes tells us why Podiatry is a misunderstood profession, and talks about the benefits of a career in foot health. You'll be surprised!
Kat Day (South), Sare Finney (West) and Becs Mynett (North) all work in the Adult Learning Disability Speech and Language Therapy Team. They work across Norfolk to support patients with eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties, and in this episode you can hear how creative they need to be sometimes to keep the patient safe while still allowing them to enjoy food. Swallowing Awareness Day (15th March 2023) Swallowing Awareness Day (SAD) occurs on March 15th, taking place during the NH...
Clinical Educator Rebecca Galer and Registered Nursing Associate Kim Holland tell Miranda all about the Clinical Education Team, including the Trainee Nursing Associate and registered Nursing Associate roles. Kim openly talks about juggling the course work and her work and family life, and the opportunities it has opened up for her at NCH&C.
Diana Vajda and Paula McGreavy talk passionately about the Community Access Team and how much patients appreciate being able to avoid a stay at hospital where possible. This team provides a 365-day service, serving the acute hospitals and GP’s in the Norfolk and Waveney area. The service has 2 aspects, Admission Avoidance and Bed Based Community Hospital Unit admissions. The service priority is Admission Avoidance, that is unnecessary admissions into an acute hospital.They are a multidiscipli...
This is a really interesting chat with Clinical Operations Manager in the North Place, Suzie Mallett, about how her background in project management and coaching has influenced her current role back in clinical services, and how it allows her to creatively support her team.
Community Learning Disabilities Nurse Bethany Cooper sits down for a chat about being the mother of a child with autism whilst also working for the LD service.
In this episode, I’m joined by our Deputy CEO and Director of Strategy and Transformation, John Webster, to talk about his career and what being a leader means to him.
In this episode, I’m joined by our Director of Nursing and Quality, Carolyn Fowler, to talk about her career and what being a leader means to her.
In this episode, Miranda talks to Service Improvement Manager Clemence Engamba about juggling family life with a career, and the difference flexible working opportunities have made to working parents lives.
In this episode, Miranda speaks to Melissa Goodall - Lead Learning Disabilities Dietitian about what it's like working in the LD Service. Melissa talks of some of the challenges, but also the motivators, and what she thinks others could do to support people with learning disabilities.
In this episode I talk to Learning Disabilities nurse Ella Purnell about her work at Mill Lodge - our adult LD respite service. Ella is passionate about working with people with learning disabilities, and talks about what she has learned during her time with NCH&C.