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Occasional pod-joy from Ian Collins (and Sideshow Kev).
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Well. What can one say? We had such high hopes for the year too! Remember when we were all young and worry-free? Nah, us neither.So, let's try to cheer each other up, shall we? As Ian and Kev explore YOUR feedback via social media and crayoned-on discarded face mask... the annual Big Goodbye to our fave celebs... techhole Will Guyatt rocks up to natter about the latest festive gadgets, and no Showbiz Shoebox whatsoever. No lie.Jump on the Twitter,  and peek at  @iancollinsuk and @sideshow_kevSpecial thanks to the glorious MC Willy G, and the boffins at Funkweasel Digital.Additional music by Kevin MacLeod.A BiGFiNGS MEDiA Production
Been a bit of a cow of a year, really. And just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, WANTS A WORD is back!And it's just as you'd expect, sadly! Ian and Kev explore YOUR feedback via social media and Santa's clapped out Renault Clio, a moribund summary of 2019's less happy moments, Kev gives Ian a present, and techhole Will Guyatt shows up to natter about gadgets.Follow us on Twitter? If you like. No pressure. @iancollinsuk and @sideshow_kevA BiGFiNGS MEDiA Production
At long, long last, a pair of idiots get off their arses and into a studio! It's a roasted chunk of tinsel-covered festive banter, served with a side of dork. Seek out @iancollinsuk and @sideshow_kev on Twitter! A BigFings Media Production
Season's Greetings, Wantsaworders! Ian and Kev are BACK with a SACK filled with BRAND NEW poddy moments! Also featuring - Del Strain! And possibly some Xmas Tech detail with some guy. He's probably not much cop to be completely honest. But he was cheap and available. Twitter! @iancollinsuk and @sideshow_kev See you in 2017!
Ian and Kev get up to date with your feedback and a bunch of other stuff. So there are questions and things, plus an in-depth study on the nature of fame, as the lads dig up an old TV fossil to give him a bit of a dusting off. Which he'd probably quite enjoy. What are we on about? Listen to it, you fool! Twitter is an acceptable form of communication: @iancollinsuk and @sideshow_kev
Twitter: @iancollinsuk and @sideshow_kev
Been a heck of a year, hasn't it? What with all these famous folk exiting the planet in seemingly huge numbers. So, to catch up on things, the lads pay tribute to the fallen, in what we'd like to describe as a "touching, thoughtful" episode, but what is in reality the usual abject nonsense - only this time, about corpses, really. With some corpsing at the end. Twitter! @iancollinsuk and @sideshow_kev
It's a brand new era for WANTS A WORD! Back fortnightly with a fresh lick of paint and a renewed enthusiasm for all things nonsensical! That, and swearing. Which despite what your mum told you, is clever, and cool. We'll be honest. We REALLY missed you. Go to the Twitter and follow @iancollinsuk and @sideshow_kev for associated antics.
It's our Xmas Special! Go grab yourself a seasonal beverage, slip on your favourite slippers, and enjoy the very jolly company of two chaps swearing and riffing on nothing in particular, but everything at once. Pop down the Twitter chimney and tweet your gifts to @iancollinsuk and @sideshow_kev This one's for The Boss.
Ep 121 - HI DOGGY!

Ep 121 - HI DOGGY!


Now released every second Friday, it's brand new WANTS A WORD! Including YOUR feedback via social media and whatnot, Hey (Hey!) You're Being A D, and a longer discussion about Noel Edmonds than anyone would have liked. Twitter: @iancollinsuk and @sideshow_kev
Entirely unintentional, but Ian and Sideshow run off on a retro-flavoured tangent this week, in an all-new WANTS A WORD... with YOUR feedback and questions, Random Acts, and a story about a bus. Go find @iancollinsuk and @sideshow_kev via that Twitter.
I'm not going to lie to you, Marge... it's been a while. But at long last, the lads are back with a brand new, fresh out of the oven edition of WANTS A WORD - the show that does for podcasting what The Great British Bake Off has done for the future of albino antelope farming in Denmark - ie: absolutely bog all. Something to say? and Bother us on Twittah! @iancollinsuk and @sideshow_kev
Twitter, yo! @iancollinsuk and @sideshow_kev #soon
Better late than never! The lads slide into the summer months with a heap of idle banter, much of which is based on truth. Except that bit. You know what I'm talking about. @iancollinsuk and @sideshow_kev on twitter!



There's little doubt that Ian Collins and Sideshow Kev are on this podcast. But, is it actually any good? I think we all know the answer there. But, with your feedback via social media and email, Random Acts, and more, how can you possibly not listen? At least it's free! Follow @iancollinsuk and @sideshow_kev on TWITTAH.
Your patience is finally rewarded, with brand new WANTS A WORD... with Ian and Kev and Andre - not to mention some delightful creamy cones from Abdul. Creamy cones! Ha. This week, like Richard Stilgoe on Pigeon Post (ask your Mum), the lads empty their bulging sacks all over the table. Stop sniggering, you at the back. It's questions and queries galore as WAW gets back into the swing of things. Swinging sacks. LOL Follow @iancollinsuk and @sideshow_kev on Twitter, where very occasionally they'll tweet something that's of vague interest.
And here we are. Follow @iancollinsuk and @sideshow_kev on Twitter.
As Nickelback once sang, "it's been a while". But f--k them, they were awful. BUT - what exactly IS the deal with WANTS A WORD? Find out here. And, uncover the truth about a few other things too, as an old favourite returns to share some tales. You've never heard Talk like it.
Twitter! @iancollinsuk, and @sideshow_kev
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