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Exploring the coolest and most incredible stuff in science, from way back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth to a future where humans live in space!

The Fun Kids Science Weekly is hosted by Dan and is the perfect science podcast for kids and families everywhere. Each week, you'll find episodes from series like Deep Space High, Age of the Dinosaurs and Professor Hallux.

There's also a special guest, top experts answering all your science questions and Dangerous Dan - something scientific that’s also a little bit deadly!

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Welcome, Science Explorer! Ready to get clued up on all the amazing maths, chemistry, physics and general awesomeness that surrounds us this week? Yes? Then let's get into it!  Astronomy expert Colin Stuart writes books about some interesting science conundrums, such as how we could live on Mars or travel backwards in time. Dan wants to know how he comes up with such brilliant questions, and how we might go about researching and answering them!  Staying close to home for Dangerous Dan, you'll meet a yellow-tailed scorpion and find out their history in the UK! Your science questions are answered (why IS water see-through?) and NASA's James Webb telescope might have found a sign of life on a distant planet! Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.
Welcome aboard the Science Weekly rocket! Dan is your captain and the destination is the far corners of the galaxy!  Climate expert Nicola Davies is here to talk about the unique ways in which animals will be affected by climate change. Her new book, Protecting the Planet: The Season of Giraffes, is on the shortlist for this year’s Children's Writing on Nature and Conservation Awards! She's telling Dan all about climate change from a giraffe's point of view, and what we can do to help these beautiful animals as we all try and slow down the effects of climate change.  You've been sending in your science questions, and this week you'll find out how to stay safe in a rocket and how your body fights viruses! There's updates on rockets in Science in the News, and Dangerous Dan features a seed from South East Asia's Pangium Edule plant that can make you DELIRIOUS!  Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.
If you've ever wondered how the universe works, you are not alone. In fact, this is a question humanity has been trying to answer since... forever! One huge science mystery is dark matter. We can tell it's there because of the way light bends around in space, and scientists think it could hold the key to many science secrets. That's why the Euclid Mission is underway to study dark matter in the universe, and Dhara Patel from the National Space Centre is here to tell us all about it!  You've been asking away and Dan has been doing some science digging to answer your questions! How do time zones work, and what's a blue supermoon? And WHAT is a zombie worm?! Listen to find out! Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.
All aboard the rocket ship into space! It's that time of the week where Dan ventures out and finds all the science secrets lurking around the universe. This week, Sophie Harker from the Institution of Engineering and Technology is telling us how we could play football on the moon! There's a lunar rule book full of ways to adapt to the harsh conditions of space, AND if you're 4-13 years old you can design the official Moon United football kit! For your chance to have your design chosen as the winner, enter here. India made history with the first moon mission to land on the South Pole of the moon, you want to know if there are colours we can't see (and how do we know if there are?), and there's a deadly mushroom with a VERY cool name in Dangerous Dan. Destroying Angel, I think I saw them at Glastonbury...Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.
Welcome along to your weekly trip around the solar system! Dr Lisa Yon from the University of Nottingham is telling us all about a brand new app being used by elephant enclosures to help their keepers understand how they're feeling and what their health is like. Broken trunk? There's an app for that!  In science news, Harrison Ford has yet ANOTHER animal named after him! First an ant and then a snake, Harrison is now the namesake of a new species of snake in Peru. We also set out to answer some of your questions, like why are yawns contagious? You better not be yawning listening to this!   Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.
We're skipping the rocket this week and heading into the landscapes of Earth to see what creatures we can find! Aneeshwar Kunchala has a new show out Monday 14th August on CBeebies - Steve and Aneeshwar Go Wild! Find out how Aneeshwar began studying the natural world and what it was like working with legend Steve Backshall on this brand new series!  Sticking with weird and wonderful creatures, scientists have discovered an ancient whale MUCH bigger than the blue whale that lived over 39 million years ago! Plus, a very sticky situation arises in Dangerous Dan with one very resourceful spider... all that AND MORE to come! Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.
Have you heard our series, The Space Programme?  Life on the Isle of Lune is about to get out-of-this-world! It's a radio drama all about a brand new UK spaceport and the story of a soon-to-be child-astronaut. Hear The Space Programme every Friday from 4pm on Fun Kids, the UK's children's radio station, and as a podcast too.  Plus, Fun Kids Podcasts+ subscribers get all 20 episodes right now, ad-free! Listen to the whole series before anyone else. Get a 30-day free trial of Fun Kids Podcasts+ by tapping 'Try Free' in Apple Podcasts or by heading to Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.
Say hi to a butterfly! This week, Dan's chatting to Zoe Randal all about the butterfly count. Each Summer, we are encouraged to look around us, counting these gorgeous insects and checking what type of butterfly they are. From this, butterfly experts can figure out the health of the environment!  In science news, orcas are getting rowdy with fishing boats off the coast of Spain - or are they just playing? You've been sending in your questions too, and this week they're on why we get itchy skin and how coal can turn into a diamond! Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.
What's the link between race car drivers and astronauts? Emma Mosley from the National Space Centre is here to chat all about it! From suits to cameras, missions to space have inspired breakthrough technology in the racing field.  Dan reports on some recent science news, such as the human-caused temperature rises in Europe, the Euclid mission to try and figure out how much dark matter is in the universe, and the river Seine in France becoming clean enough to swim in again! Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.



Yes you heard us! This slime is so deadly it can even kill... We find out how archaeologists dig up their treasures with expert Letty Ingray, in the news we hear about how these extreme temperatures will soon be normal. We take a trip to space to hear more about the weather across the solar system, and how exactly money works with Techno Mum. And as always we will be answering your questions, this week its what is sleep paralysis - and why do sharks have so many teeth? Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.
This week, you and Dan are setting sail to take a closer look at what's in the sea! Amy Meek, returning guest of the podcast and founder of Kids Against Plastic, tells us all about her mission to look after the environment and what inspired her to start this incredible initiative. You've been asking away, and Dan has some answers - why does ice sometimes make a cracking noise when you put it in water, and how DO we see? Once we've learnt about what not to put in the ocean, we discover a pufferfish with a very dangerous trait... all that and more to come in this week's Science Weekly!Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.
Welcome aboard your journey around the solar system! We've got an ocean expert on this week. Loren Hiller from the Marine Stewardship Council is chatting to Dan all about the effects we have on our oceans and why it's so important to take good care of them!  Moving up into the stars, scientists have used black holes to look at the early universe. They've observed some pretty cool stuff - it turns out time used to be five times slower in the first billion years of the universe!  You'll be transported to a very dangerous island in Dangerous Dan, and your questions are answered - why do our stomachs make noise, and how does our body heal itself? It's all here in this week's Science Weekly!Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.
Happy Saturday! Dan's here to tell you everything that's going on in the world of science. Carlos Frenk is here to tell you all about the wonderful science activities going on next week for the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition, including a chance to conduct your own experiments! Carlos is an astronomer, so Dan also found out some of the biggest unanswered questions of the universe that he'd like to answer... In science news, white spots might help monarch butterflies migrate and an app can care for elephants. You've been sending in your questions and this week they're on why salt makes us thirsty and why eye colours are different, and the WEIRDEST WORM on the PLANET makes a gruesome appearance in Dangerous Dan! Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.
It's a Saturday, and you know what that means! You're here to whizz around the solar system with Dan, and soon you could be in a reusable spacecraft! Our guest on the Science Weekly podcast this week is space expert Catherine Muller from the National Space Centre, here to chat all about the new Boeing Starliner! Hear about its development, what NASA plans to do with it, and what the future holds for climate friendly space travel.  You wanted to know why you sneeze when you look at the sun and why onions make you cry, and be warned, there's a very stinky bird in Dangerous Dan... Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.
Usually Dan is the one chatting about rockets and jetting off around the solar system, but this week we have a very special guest on the podcast to chat about rocketry! Ted Melville is here to talk about how he got into rocket building, and his team's journey to the World Spacemodeling Championships in Austin, Texas! Along with Charlie and Wilfred, these three teens from the East Anglian Rocketry Society will fly over to the US to compete in a host of rocket builds.  Dan's answering your questions about teeth and planets and we learn about a very stinky defence mechanism in Dangerous Dan!Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.
Welcome to your weekly guide to all things science! Dan is focusing on planet Earth in this week's episode, with young UN representative Moksha Roy who tells us all about her work with the UN, how countries can achieve their own eco-friendly goals, and how you at home can help make a difference!  Also to come, a butterfly has seemingly come back from extinction and one of Saturn's moons is gushing out a HUUUGE jet of water! Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.
A very hungry bear ransacked a cupcake shop in this weeks Science in the News - and its a very BUG themed episode with a beautiful yet DEADLY moth being the centre of Dangerous Dan, AND we speak to Daniel Clark from the Story Museum who is creating a brand new exhibit on climate change and... ANTS! We answer your science questions, such as why is the centre of the earth hot- and head to space with the team from Deep Space High!Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.
Dan is back on his spacecraft and you're invited to travel ALL around the universe in this very spacey episode!  Izzie Clarke, presenter and space expert, is here to tell Dan all about her new book, Everyday STEM Science - Space! Izzie can teach you how to discover the role space plays in our daily lives, with facts, stories, and experiments to try at home! Plus, we're taking a look at a particularly slimy fish in Dangerous Dan, and you guys asked some great questions this week - what's the deal with poisonous frogs? Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.
Hey hey hey, welcome to your weekly trip around the solar system! This episode Dan's chatting to Mike Gunton and Tim Walker, two people who work on David Attenborough's new series of Prehistoric Planet! Find out how we can recreate dinosaurs visually, and breathe new life into what we know about these past beasts.  Dan's also answering your most burning science questions - this week, it's all about what Mars is made out of and why you may not always remember your dreams... it's all to come in this week's episode!     Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.
Exploring the future that lies beyond Earth, or investigating the history of our planet down below - we've got it all in this week's episode!  Archaeologist Miranda Evans is here to talk to us all about cheesemaking over 5,000 years ago! It turns out being lactose intolerant was super common back then, and studying the dishes which held the cheese tells us a LOT about how it was made and used!  Dan's got your questions to answer too! Can you sneeze with your eyes open, and why do we have different languages? Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.
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