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The Urban Homestead is a family operated and highly productive city farm. Through sustainable lifestyle choices, the Urban Homestead has become a successful, real-life working model for sustainable agriculture and self-reliant living in a metropolis. The Urban Homestead project has been featured in multiple news medias, both nationally and internationally. The Urban Homestead Radio show will consist of: the Dervaes family history, homestead happenings, homestead tips and tricks, musical guests, and so much more.
83 Episodes
In this episode, we chat with one of the volunteers and farm box customer, Brady Walker. He shares what it's like to help out around the Urban Homestead enjoying the fruits of his labor by also supporting our farm box program. SPONSORED BY 
AltaPasa Green Circle grew out of one woman’s passion for inspiring others to start a zero-waste journey. As a Transition Pasadena core member, Michiko Lynch recognized that change starts at the community level. She started a zero-waste educational outreach table at the Altadena Farmers Market in 2016. Since then, this grassroots effort has evolved into a collaborative venture that promotes an eco-conscious philosophy and builds community support for zero-waste practices.Learn more @
The lovely Leigh Adams joins us again for another amazing conversation about regenerating our groundwater through hugelkultur and bioswales. Visit her latest natural creation, The Crescent Farm at the LA Arboretum
Buckdance and autoharp maven, Rebecca Stout shares with us some of her favorite tunes and how music & dance has influence her life. Listen to the VERY end for a little musical treat featuring Anais and Rebecca on their autoharps. Visit Rebecca's website for upcoming workshops & events SPONSORED BY 
In this episode, we get the buzz on Justin's beekeeping operations. He talks about the challenges of keeping bees in the city and country.   Learn how you can help save the bees and ADOPT A BEEHIVE @ SPONSORED BY 
In this episode, we chat with one of the volunteers, Sanjay Gupta. He shares what it's like to help out around the Urban Homestead. SPONSORED BY 
In this episode, we chat with one of the volunteers, Betsy Storm. She shares what it's like to help out around the Urban Homestead.SPONSORED BY 
In this episode, we chat with head farmer & homesteader, Justin Dervaes, about what's growing on in the garden.SPONSORED BY 
After a brief hiatus, Anais and Jordanne say howdy, tell you our news and announce our sponsorship renewal with Lehmans (  Thanks Lehmans! SPONSORED BY  
In this episode the Dervaes family talks about all the latest garden and homestead happenings and their To Do list for 2019 (Sorry for random sound issues - working on improving our system)
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