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Today you get to meet another amazing client of mine, Ashley Brockington.  I have had the privilege of supporting her growth for the past 15 years through our energetic sessions. She is one of the most interesting women in the world.  She is an astrologer and tarot reader. But she’s also so many other things: An activist, curator, producer, nightlife queen, circus and burlesque performer and a world traveler. In this episode Ashley, a queer black woman and Honza, a white gay boy fall in love.To learn more about Ashley or to schedule a session with her go to minkabrooklyn.comfollower her on instagram at nappysnatch
I bought my partner a 23 and Me kit. In this episode, we wake up in the morning to her 23 and Me email and we are so excited to compare our results we decide to turn the recorder on. Our dynamic will make you laugh as we try to discern how our ancestry effects our current relationship. This will be the most unscientific explanation of DNA because we know nothing about it. 
I start talking to a mentor who helped teach me how to hold space for other women. She was also a dear friend of Marissa (my friend who recently passed away). So we got a little side-tracked talking about our final moments with her. Terri Gregory once owned Mamere's B and B, she is a parenting coach, author and just a really fun lady. I also speak to two friend who joined a circle of mine in 2013: Cynthia and Sydney. Take a listen!
I asked my beloved to interview me about my new book and retreat this fall. The book is called, Mending the Circle a Facilitators Guide to Reviving the Ancient Women’s Circle. I'll tell you the story of a how the Ancient Women’s Circle was born. The thread through this series is me processing the recent passing of my friend Marissa, ours was a 18 year friendship with plenty of ups and downs and lots of learning and love. I have a deep desire to encourage women to gather. The best part is getting to hear voices from circle participants from the past. Sort of a where are they now all these years later. 
Dr. Robert Ciprian has been in practice as a chiropractic doctor and professional applied kinesiologist for 18 years. For the 15 years we lived in the same city (Portland Oregon) he was my secret weapon. His magician like doctoring strengthen my mental, emotional and physical health. In this interview he shares stories from his tough adolescent years growing up in NY, becoming a graffiti artist, then a doctor, his love life and views on soulmates. Learn more about him at
Meet Emily a high powered architect who has been madly in love with her hunky glass blower boyfriend for 4 years. The first time she comes for an intuitive session she wants to discuss her relationship; her sweetie KC is battling a mysterious illness that is making them grow apart. She returns 2 years later to let me know that he has passed from cancer. I know this story is a tear jerker. But it’s also real life. The gems here are plenty. Pay extra attention to how they both got to talk about their meaning to each other, in this life and beyond. It’s a rare and sacred opportunity to experience this couples story. Emily & KC were enlightened enough to discuss the process and reflect while in the situation.
What do lesbians do in the bedroom? It’s such a mystery. Can two women get the same pleasure that a man and a woman can? What if you like to be penetrated and there is no dick in sight? Gasp! I get to answer these questions with the help of Katie Boyden, a writer and storyteller who makes it her personal mission to dissolve the myths and stereotypes of lesbian sex. She is "on a lifelong quest to ensure that all the women have all the orgasms." Check her writing out on 
In this episode I talk to an ex lover who doesn't remember being my lover! Yup, you read that right. It's so funny and also heartbreaking for us both. You have to listen to believe it.
Have you ever wanted to ask someone why they broke your heart? In this episode I talk with someone I dated 20 years ago who did just that. Our talk gets deep as we discuss our break up, race, ethnicity and health.
Meet Drew Vandiver writer, actor and lover of sluts! Listen as he shares his philosophies on love unrequited, sexual preference and dating. A Lotus Lantern Healing Arts Production
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