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Beggars Being Choosers

Author: Rey, Javaris, and Stephen

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three Orlando comics sitting on a couch and hanging out
42 Episodes
Javaris's brother DJ (@brohamthegreat) guests on the podcast!
Mike Almanzar (@dirtymike00) joins us for an extra special episode! thanks for listening.
recorded as the election results came in so steve was distracted, but we didn't talk about the election much so it's not super sad.  how do YOU cope with our nightmare existence? let us know on twitter! @livincivil @mywifeclair and @therealgeygeyes
not all of these will be zingers or zangers and saying zinger over and over starts to sound kind of hateful.
here's another one.

here's another one.


had a tweet explode so now we're shamelessly cashing in.  thank you for your time
typical rjs episode. i remember this one being fun.
god bless technology. i didn't get around to editing.
follow mike @dirtymike00 on twitter! he also has a youtube channel that is really funny!
sean philippe comes on as a guest this episode! follow him at @seankward on twitter and instagram!
Rey returns! we discuss Rush, Joyner Lucas, Biggie, Girl scouts, the golden state killer, and cetera. boom. yeah.
@jakericca on instagram. He does funny videos and stuff.
ran out of server space so i had to take this one down. its back up in case you didn't get a chance to listen.
Ely Hasan Guest stars on this episode! rey had to pull out like a responsible person would so we brought in the veritable Ely hasan. i don't know what veritable means.
hoo boy. yeah. short episode this week. javaris had his mic off for like ten minutes in take one so this is take two. so yeah, idk, im going to start making these descriptions longer next week, but this week i have a show to get to. so yeah, let us know how it is, follow us @therealgeygeyes, @mywifeclaire, and @LivinCivil on twitter, and thanks for listening. i had to take down the ennis episode to post this because i ran out of server space, but it'll be back up next week. thanks.
another fun one. woooooo. sorry im not writing more for these descriptions. i have to go see my family tonight.
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