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Seven Minutes To Bedtime

Author: Rick and Sydney Sanchez

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That inexact time just before lights out where some of the most interesting conversations happen...
433 Episodes
Weekly Recap 2/12

Weekly Recap 2/12


I try to lead by example, even when I don't make the right decision. This week I made the mistake of prejudging a guy, and we use it as a teachable moment. Then we talked about school schedules, and I tried to get Syd to try out for the girls wrestling team...She wasn't going for it. Also, we don't think mom is good at math as evidenced by the way she sleeps.
Improv, nicknames and a new scheduler.
Dad's on field trips, shaming parents, and showing people how good your relationship is.
Using your intellect, how many squares, and stupid people.
Breakfast options, leftovers, poofy hair and big heads.
Lifelong curiosity

Lifelong curiosity


The Sixth Sense, spoilers, sharing a bed and mom's math skills.
Sharing blankets, dead batteries, AAA and a changed schedule.
Working out, sociology vs.psychology, and women's sports.
Helicopter parenting, teachable moments, and who's coming home.
Grey's Anatomy spoilers, Shonda Rhimes, and starting the new semester well.
The best part, Dad questions and Con demographics.
Weekly recap 1/28

Weekly recap 1/28


Time and what we do with that time is what matters...This week we made a date to see Star Wars (in 2017), relive stories of Sydney's youth, and discover something spooky about Mom...
Everything is a lie

Everything is a lie


Lying to our kids, growing pains, bullying follow up and smoothies.
One should be enough

One should be enough


Assault, standing up for yourself and what is not said
Appendix location, parental lies, breakfast and talking crap about about improv.
Sharpies, final exams, improv technique, and breakfast.
Yawns, 48 hours, aching bones, finals and remote controlled bb-8.
Oreos and rice for dinner, getting sick, double speak and spreading germs.
Pants on the stairs, falling asleep anywhere, improv games and stress.
Star Wars, catholic church, praying for cooks, bad driving and a dash cam.
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