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Author: Renee and Alexis

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Every Tuesday, dog owner Renee Colvert and puppy owner Alexis Preston talk to guests about their dogs, discuss dogs they met this week, and brief you on dogs news. They go on assignment to dog events and report back with what you need to know. If there's a dog, they're gonna pet it!
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WE DID IT! WE MADE IT! WE SURVIVED 4th OF JULY WEEKEND! (Full disclosure? Crumb and Tug didn’t really care, and we hope you and your pup were equally indifferent.) This week we’ve got big fashion forward news in Crumboat, Emily and Savannah have a stellar My Mutt Minute for you, and the one and only Shannon Locke is here to tell us all about her family pups! Plus our Amplify segment! Get on in there!
Well Happy 4th of July to you and yours! In this week’s Crumboat, Crumb is keeping his new friend Derek in line and Tugboat has a new tugboat collar that has been cool/tacky approved by Alexis. We’ve got a grade-A My Mutt Minute from Tanya and Toki, and two little bits of dog news. One involves “Happy Birthday” and the other is all the things Renee should have done but didn’t do before moving. PLUS! Our favorite Amplify segment. Check out Culture Kings - hosted by Edgar Momplaisir and Jacquis Neal and Minority Korner with Jame Aurthur!
Well, Happy Belated Father’s Day to you and yours! We’re thrilled to have ya here. This week Crumb is in-between harnesses, Tugboat continues his slip-sliding ways and Kelsey and Jackie are here with a top-notch My Mutt Minute. Then, the one, the only ALLEGRA RINGO IS BACK (airhorn sound effect)!!! LEGS tells us all about her latest REAL airhorn purchase and about her adventures fostering FIVE kittens and having a basset hound puppy named Honey Lemon for a neighbor.
Well hello! We're so happy you're here. In this week's Crumboat, Crumb it taking on a DoubleDare challenge and handling it with aplomb and Tugboat reveals why he's never used a dog bed before now. Plus, we've got a masterful My Mutt Minute from Avery and Mudge and some "OH WHOA... oh duh" Dog News. And, we introduce our new favorite amplification segment. Links to things mentioned in today's show:Stream to donate: Nutrition Tea: From The Beginning:
Hello CIPYD-ers! We're so happy you're here and we're honored to be a little rest stop in between fighting for the BLM movement. This week, in Crumboat news, Crumb was denied a hot dog and Tugboat is meeting babysitters everywhere he goes. We've got a top-notch My Mutt Minute from Vicky and Lincoln and Alexis has Crumb's DNA results!!! You're never going to believe his most predominant breed! And for the grand finale, we share some really cool Black-owned dog businesses that we can all support! Pick up a poodle and tune in!
Well, would ya look at us, back for another episode! Alexis is doing well despite hearing nothing short of SHOCKING news from Crumb's Embark results. Renee needs to figure out how you nominate a dog for an Oscar. Alex and her imaginary dog Apple are here in today's My Mutt Minute. And Eliza Skinner is back with her new dog Boo! Wink at a Weimaraner and tune in.
Around here the "Dog Days of Summer" last all year, and we love it! Tugboat makes his first return to the dog park and tries to re-connect with what seems to be an old friend. Crumb may be obsessed with his tennis ball (the one with the hole in it). We have a wonderful My Mutt Minute with Taylor and Rusty. Plus, Cody Ziglar is here! Zig is a wonderful podcast producer and writer, but most importantly he tells us all about his wonderful dog Ladybird! Grab a Golden and tune in!
They say there’s a solution to every problem and this episode proves it! Crumb has sent off his DNA to solve the problem of WHAT AM I? Tugboat has joined a secret society to stay in the bushes longer. Georgia and Oscar sent us a home run My Mutt Minute, so, problem solved there. And the one, the only Kevin Bartelt is here to tell us all about his family dog Riley. Our only problem now is we don’t have any more problems to solve! Enjoy this chocked-full-of-solutions show!
We did it! We made it to May! What does that signify? We have no idea! But we did it together as a team and we’re very proud of you. This week Alexis and Crumb brave the dog park with french fries in tow, while Renee is pretty sure Tugboat is growing a quarantine mane. Bridget and Maddie are here with a My Mutt Minute. And we’ve got the one, the only, pop-it legend and One Bad Mother co-host Biz Ellis here to tell us all about her family dog turned almost aquatic hero. Thanks for turning in and be sure to fill out the Max Fun Survey at
Well, we've never been happier to see ya, we'll tell ya that much right now! Welcome back for another episode of digital dogs! This week Crumb is hiding balls in shoes while Renee cries in the rain because Tugboat has a good attitude. We found the best dog sports commentary on the internet and Nya and Bay have the cutest My Mutt Minute to date. For the grande finale, Jackie Johnson and her pup Chooch are BACK and are somehow more delightful than ever. Squeeze a springer spaniel and get in here.
Greetings from our individual living rooms to yours! We’re so happy you’re here. We’ve got big updates on our “games you can play with your dog” segment from last week. (Hint: The game doesn’t work.) We have an unprecedented My Mutt Minute from Bettie the dog who used her owner’s email to submit her entry. But the biggest news is that we’ve got Tony Thaxton back on the show to tell us all about his brand new pup Moose! Did we lose our minds over Moose? You’ll have to listen to find out! (Hint: oh we absolutely did.)
Hi! First, how are you? How can we help? Sincerely, let us know. Second, what do ya say we distract ourselves with dogs for a bit? Lucky for us we’ve got the best guest you can get at a time like this; LEGS IS BACK! And she’s giving us the dish on Pistachio’s relationship with the neighborhood cat. PLUS, we’ve got an A++ My Mutt Minute with Stephanie, Lucas, and Cassie Cakes. Hug a hound and get on in here.
Don't let Daylight Saving Time fool you, it's Tuesday and we've got a fresh new episode for you! This week we've got some news about a Space Dog, We dip our toes into some hard hitting politics*, and we hear our first impromptu My Mutt Minute. We also gab about some of our favorite posts in the facebook group that we didn't want you to miss out on! *By political, we mean we talk about a dog who honestly knows nothing about politics.  Don't forget to sign up for out Call-in show THIS SUNDAY!
If you didn't read the episode title, go ahead and look at it again. That's right we've got Larry Brantley the voice of the one and only WISHBONE! Larry is a true delight with a ton of wonderful stories working with Soccer (Wishbone) and the rest of the cast and crew. You don't want to miss this one! Burrow with a Basset and tune in!
CAN YOU HANDLE IT ALL?! The celebration never stops over here! We've got BIG thank yous, Crumb's first birthday, and even a dogsaster. We are joined by HILARIOUS comedian Matt Apodaca and he is here to tell us all about his Mom’s new dog! Don't wait around! Tune in! And of course, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRUMB!
Well, well, well, look who’s back. Us. It’s us! Renee and Alexis! And we’re over the moon to gab about pups with ya! This week we’ve got it all. World record dogs, mug shot dogs, very good Denver dogs, you name it we got it! Plus a wonderful My Mutt Minute with Teresa and Dakota and of course a Crumboat update. Snuggle in with a shar-pei and tune in!
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I'm sorry to say this but I'm not a fan of this podcast

Jun 11th

Pedro Abreu


Aug 23rd

Alax Hoo

thanks for the great podcast. so fun!

Feb 3rd
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C Desk

so fun!

Feb 2nd

Sarah Helm

I LOVE this podcast. It is so much fun!

Nov 12th

Alexandra Weckström

Thanks for a great podcast. Please do an episode about Boxers!

Apr 23rd
Reply (1)

Jessica Thomas

Must love dogs, and woman who love dogs. Guests who love dogs. Dogs who love dogs. Dogs with Jobs. doggos, puppers, fluff butts, boop snooters, splooters, wiggle butts. Ya know, the good stuff in life.

Nov 9th
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