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GovLove - A Podcast About Local Government

Author: Engaging Local Government Leaders (ELGL)

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GovLove is a podcast about the people, policies and profession of local government. From Mayors and City Managers to interns and everyone in between, we interview the people making a difference in their communities to learn about the great work being done at the local level. GovLove is brought to you by Engaging Local Government Leaders (ELGL).
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Building a sustainable and equitable city. Oliver Kroner, Director of Environment and Sustainability for the City of Cincinnati, Ohio, joined the podcast to talk about implementing the Green Cincinnati Plan. He shared the work of the Office of Environment and Sustainability, measuring environmental impacts, and community activation and equity around the Green Cincinnati Plan. Host: Ben Kittelson
Infrastructure feedback in real-time. Barkha Patel, Director of Infrastructure for the City of Jersey City, New Jersey, joined the podcast to talk about infrastructure and vision zero. She shared how the City implements tactical urbanism, the creation of the Department of Infrastructure, equity work in infrastructure, and the City's Vision Zero plan. Host: Ben Kittelson
Human-centered local government. Alex Lawrence, Chief People Officer for the City of Boston, Massachusetts, joined the podcast to talk about hiring a 21st-century workforce. She discussed new recruitment strategies, managing change, updating personnel policies, and innovative benefits. Host: Kirsten Wyatt
Grateful government. Ian Coyle, County Administrator for Livingston County, New York, joined the podcast to talk about mindfulness in local government. He discussed the mindfulness framework, what makes it unique to local government, and incorporating mindfulness tactics into your everyday work. Host: Lauren Palmer
Phila Dot Gov. Sara Hall, Director of Digital Services with the City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, joined the podcast to talk about digital innovation. She discussed the work of the Digital Services team she leads, improving the City's website, and best practices for managing change. She also shared what skills are needed to work in digital services in local government. Host: Kirsten Wyatt
Urgently responding to the climate crisis. Grace Rink, Chief Climate Officer and Executive Director of the Office of Climate Action, Sustainability, and Resiliency with the City of Denver, Colorado, joined the podcast to talk about Denver's climate action work. She discussed the origins of the office, including how the community drove its creation and pushed the City to do more. She also talked about the Denver Climate Protection Fund and how the funds can be spent, plus the City's electric bike rebate program. Host: Ben Kittelson
A better Tacoma for tomorrow. Jacques Colon, Chief Strategy Officer with the City of Tacoma, Washington, joined the podcast to talk about strategy and confronting complex challenges. He discussed the role of the new Office of Strategy, the City's Equity Index, and the City's Strategic Plan. He also discussed affordable housing and displacement strategies. Host: Ben Kittelson
Transformative action in equity. Renae Jackson, Equity and Engagement Director with the City of Decatur, Georgia, joined the podcast to talk about her work in equity and engagement. She shared lessons learned in her previous role in communications, detailed her new role, and how the city is achieving organizational buy-in. Renae also highlighted the upcoming Racial Equity Action Plan and shared engagement strategies. Host: Ben Kittelson
Addressing climate change, now. Dr. Misty Stults, Sustainability and Innovations Director with the City of Ann Arbor, Michigan, joined the podcast to talk about climate action and sustainability. She shared details from the City's A2ZERO Climate Action Plan, including electrification and incorporating equity into the plan. She also discussed the City's new climate action millage, which was passed by voters in November 2022, and how the funding will be used, as well as her career path into local government. Host: Ben Kittelson
Incorporating data into local government. Justin Elszasz, Chief Data Officer with the City of Baltimore, Maryland, joined the podcast to talk about integrating data into local government. He shared the role of the digital services team, how the team work with other departments, what projects they are working on, and how to prepare the next generation of data scientists. Host: Kirsten Wyatt
Culture eats strategy. Hannes Zacharias, Professor of Practice at the University of Kansas School of Public Affairs and Administration, joined the podcast to talk about high performance organizations. He shared the traits of high performance of organizations, the importance of culture, and how to constantly improve an organization. Host: Lauren Palmer
Ask simple questions. Marina Nitze, co-author of Hack Your Bureaucracy and Fellow at New America, joined the podcast to talk about the book and getting things done in government. She shared strategies people at any level of an organization can use to have an impact. She discussed her paperclip story, the importance of looking between silos, and the problem with "just." Host: Kirsten Wyatt
#550 The 2022 GovieLovies

#550 The 2022 GovieLovies


Another year, another snake draft. The GovLove co-hosts teamed up to hand out awards and recap the seventh full year of a podcast about local government. Kirsten, Toney, Lauren, Dan, and Ben all selected three of their favorite episodes to honor with the most prestigious award in local government podcasting, a GovieLovie! They also shared their favorite highlight from 2022, their favorite holiday tradition, and what they are obsessed with from 2022. Hosts: Kirsten Wyatt, Ben Kittelson, Toney Thompson, Lauren Palmer, & Dan Bolin The GovieLovies Kirsten The Impact of the Great Resignation with Ronnie Dampier, Melody Lenox, & Margarita Hudgins  Women in Fire Service with Anna Koons & Danielle Dulin, Warrensburg, MO  Bereavement Leave for Loss of Pregnancy with Bobby Wilson, Pittsburgh, PA  Ben Building a Culture of Equity with Danya Perry, Wake County, NC  Arbitrary Lines, the Case Against Zoning with M. Nolan Gray, UCLA Lewis Center  The Job of a Prothonotary with Noah Marlier, Montgomery County, PA  Toney Making Zoning Easier to Understand with Sara Bronin  Troubling Signs at the Supreme Court with Amanda Karras, Lisa Soronen, & Brian Connolly  Leadership & Career Development with Eric Marsh  Lauren Mayors & Local Political Violence with Heidi Gerbracht & Sue Thomas  Transforming the 911 System with Rebecca Neusteter, University of Chicago Health Lab  Becoming a City Manager with Tanisha Briley, Gaithersburg, MD  Dan Employee Engagement and Culture with Dan Biles, Paso County, FL  Addressing the Rise of Local Official Harassment with Brooks Rainwater, National League of Cities  Diversity and Inclusion in Peoria, IL with Melodi Green Producer Pick from Pizza Mike - From Librarian to City Manager with Abigail Elder, Hood River, OR
Behind the scenes of public deliberation. Two guests joined the podcast to talk about their book, Facilitating Deliberation - A Practical Guide. Nicole Hunter, Co-Founder & Managing Director at MosaicLab, and Keith Greaves, Co-Founder & Director at MosaicLab, discussed core concepts, processes, and meeting formats for deliberation. They also provide strategies for addressing unconscious bias and polarization. Host: Kirsten Wyatt
Practical data to reduce homelessness. Two guests joined the podcast to talk about how they are using data to prevent homelessness. John Littlemore, Head of Housing & Community Service at the Maidstone Borough Council, and Helen Sunderland, a Partner of Local Public Services at EY Consulting, discussed their data-driven preventative approach to homelessness, indicators of risk, and success stories in reducing homelessness. Host: Lauren Palmer
Planning for a safer and greener Charleston. Two guests joined the podcast to talk about how the City of Charleston, South Carolina has worked to make the city more resilient and sustainable. Dale Morris, Chief Resilience Officer, and Katie McKain, Director of Sustainability & Deputy Resilience Officer, discussed the differences between sustainability and resiliency, the City's All Hazards Vulnerability & Risk Assessment Plan, and regional partnerships. Host: Ben Kittelson
Better engaging residents. Warren Kagarise, Digital Engagement Manager for the King County, Washington, returned to the podcast to talk about engagement strategies in local government. He shared the pros and cons of working full-time remote, how local governments can better engage their residents, and what he hopes to accomplish on the ELGL Board of Directors. Host: Alyssa Dinberg
Leading the largest council-manager government. Jeff Barton, City Manager for the City of Phoenix, Arizona, joined the podcast to talk about his first year on the job as a City Manager. He discussed his career path with the City, which began as an Auditor, and how he advanced in the organization. He also shared the work behind a City Manager's dashboard, the City's new bond program, and shaping organizational culture. Host: Ben Kittelson
Improving data-driven efforts. Three guests joined the podcast to discuss their research and insight into the advancement of data in local government. They shared their new definition of data-driven local government and the methodology of their research. Ruth Puttick is a Senior Policy Advisor for the Open Innovation Team. Lauren Su is the Director of Certification for What Works Cities. Lisa Mae Fiedler is the Acting Manager of Data and Analytics at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Host: Toney Thompson
Books to Boardroom. Abigail Elder, City Manager for the City of Hood River, Oregon, joined the podcast to talk about her first year on the job as a City Manager. She detailed her career path in local government, which started as a librarian. She also shared what she is working on including affordable housing, improving infrastructure, and homelessness. Host: Ben Kittelson
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