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For living joyfully and successfully in your life and work. Get More Freedom, Happiness, and Success with Sheri Kaye Hoff. Sheri is a Business and Life Coach. She is the author of transformational books and a near-death survivor. Sheri uses a coaching approach that is transformational, intuitive, mindset-driven, vision driven, spiritual, and action-oriented. She lives in beautiful Colorado and is married (for over 25 years) with three children, three step-children, and four grandchildren. Sheri is an animal lover, a travel lover, a wine lover, and a fun lover. Learn more and get your gifts at
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Learn how to quickly move out of your comfort zone with Sheri Kaye Hoff
Meet my guest Fractional CMO Amisha Shrimanker. She is a results driven marketing strategist who can help you move away from being the main marketing idea and implementer in your business or you have a small team of marketing unicorns, Amisha makes your life easier and improves your marketing and growth in your business. Plus she is fun and mom of young ones. Amisha says, "Let me bend time and space for you."
Guest Marilyn Julia Brown is a therapist, yoga teacher, speaker, writer, podcaster, and energy healer. We discuss habits, authenticity, abundance, grief, clarity, and body wellness.
Guest Courtenay Turner is a performer, athlete, overcomer, speaker, and podcaster. Courtenay aims to inform, inspire and empower. She says, "All human beings were designed to move and the way in which we do, are our unique creative expressions.
My guest Annabelle Baugh is the Founder of Cosmetic Surgery Advancements a company that provides cosmetic surgery patients with advice and information. Annabelle wants stricter regulation when it comes to cosmetic surgery and patient safety. 
How to get what you want done. Discover how to win the day and accomplish your most important things. Keep it simple and do what wins the day for you. Put together a string of winning days and you are on your way to achieving what you want. Masterclass from Sheri Kaye Hoff
My guest Yoel Israel from WadiDigital shares the best way to network on LinkedIN, the role of social media in business and work, and how technology is evolving. Is our information ever safe? 
My guest Sam Kabert is on a mission to help spread awareness around positive practices to tackle depression, sitting with discomfort and exploring your shadow for healing, as well as sharing standard tactics to practice mindful living, which can be found in his #1 Bestselling book, SOUL/Life Balance: A Guide to Igniting & Integrating Spiritual Awakening
Grow your small business, coaching practice, consulting business, or professional practice with your intuitive skills. Masterclass taught by Sheri Kaye Hoff. Everyone has intuitive skills, and with practice, you will be able to use and trust your intuition in your business instead of running after each shiny new thing thinking it provides your ultimate solution. This episode includes emotional freedom technique tapping scripts get the intuitive biz growth worksheet and a video on this tapping technique on the website link.
Do you have a bucket list? If you do, when did you make it? And how often have you looked at it? Or have you tried to create a bucket list of 100 things to do, but after about 20, you run out of steam or creativity? A bucket list can be a positive driver in your life for adventure, fun, achievement, accomplishment, and big thinking.
With my guest Jessica Eastman Stewart from Joyfully Managed Team, we discuss easy ways to make life more manageable and happy. Jessica shares how we can:- Give up the guilt- Build systems- Delegate more- DeprioritizeYou'll love her super practical approach to life and work.Support the show
Julie Bee and I discuss steps for preventing and managing burnout - how we get there, what to do and how to prevent it from happening in the future. on this episode of The Sheri Kaye Hoff Show If you have ever been or are currently experiencing burnout, you will love this. If you lead a team of people or an organization you will love this so you can learn how to support your people and increase workplace happiness and productivity. Julie Bee is an award-winning entrepreneur, a leader of leaders, and an engaging storyteller. 
Discover how to be the type of person who lives by vision. People who create a three-year vision, achieve more than people who don't, and they are happier. Find out the character qualities and life qualities you need to foster, learn the importance of a compelling vision, and then how to reverse engineer it into daily action steps and habits. Grab free worksheets 
Tel K. Ganesan is a self-made serial entrepreneur,  public speaker, philanthropist, mentor, film producer, and world traveler with a globally recognized reputation across multiple industries. He currently serves as Founder/CEO of multiple thriving enterprises, including Kyyba, Inc. - a Michigan-headquartered global IT company with over 700 employees and millions in annual revenue - Kyyba Films, Kyyba Wellness, Kyyba Innovations, Kyyba Fashions, and Kyyba Music. He stands as a fearless leader who has led his many businesses through the challenges of business for many years from a recession years ago through the pandemic.
You weren’t born to be happy or unhappy. You weren’t born to be so-so or “meh”. Your choices, your habits, and your environment make a big difference in your happiness. You can choose to focus on gratitude, love, kindness, and forgiveness, which boost your happiness from within no matter what is going on outside. You can practice simple habits like creating a powerful morning routine or ritual. Starting from the ringtone of your alarm, then looking at how you move your body, then shaping your thoughts with a journaling and meditation process. Managing your environment throughout the day contributes a lot to your happiness as well. You can increase your daily happiness. If you want to up your happiness level right now, check out the podcast episode.Support the show
Our guest Eva Vennari is the founder and CEO of The Elevate Institute, a cutting-edge health practitioner firm specializing in empowering driven professionals to take charge of their body and their health. She is the Creator of REVEAL Optimal Health Intensive. We have a beautiful conversation on the role boundaries play in chronic illness, the essential love of self, and the progression of mastering what you struggle with.
MANAGING STRESS THROUGH SELF-CARE. During this insightful conversation we discuss: *Achieving Balance *Time management and empowerment *Acceptance is the key *Ways to Feed Your Soul We focus on living joyfully and successfully in your life and work.
Guest Pete Devenyi, author and experienced senior executive discusses with Sheri: The key ingredients to successful communications with your internal team/ • What are some methods to get to know employees and build strong teams, even when the teams are large? • As your responsibilities grow as a manager and leader, how do you manage the increased pressures on your time? • How do you determine if it’s time to move on to a new job? What role does mental health make in this decision? • Why is kindness such an important virtue in the workplace? • Can you ever be too kind as a leader?
Sharing a training on knowing when to make a change from Sheri Kaye Hoff's Inner Circle Program We covered: •The surprising role of depression •You struggle to be in the present moment. Are you obsessed with the past or only thinking about the future? •You experience fatigue even when you are well rested. •Burnout symptoms occur. (feelings of self-doubt, failure, headaches, etc) •You are settling and pretending everything is okay. •You don’t feel inspired or motivated. •You feel fear or stuck. •You aren’t doing the work you want. •You feel restless and want more purpose in your life •You haven’t made a change in awhile •You have reached completion And how to move through the signals for change and fully embrace change. Plus more.
A lot of leaders and entrepreneurs feel like everything in their lives would work if only they could make a copy or two of themselves. Explore the interesting, practical, and sometimes surprising secrets to high performance taken from fast-growing companies with guest Alecia Huck from Maverick and Company
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