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Every few weeks Mel Herbert, Tom Wolfson, Joel Sapp and Robert Rosenbloom get together to talk about the cars, the batteries, the superchargers, the rumours, the stock price, anything and everything Tesla and Elon and SpaceX and Boring Company and Hyperloop and more.
358 Episodes
Highlights/News/EventsDinosaurs could have survived were doing well and could have continued to dominate Planet Earth if they had not been wiped out by an asteroid, new research has found.Timeline of all software updates: BATTERIES, GIGAFACTORY, ENERGY STORAGEIndonesia to woo Tesla investment in push to become battery superpower What Indonesia's labor reforms mean for workers' rights, the environment Israel:  Tesla Energy is setting its sights on another market that’s ready for a battery storage disruption in the UK: Tesla (TSLA) launches new ‘Energy Plan’ to offer low electricity rates with solar and Powerwall VPP’s move into mining aimed at energising battery supply chain Update Thank you to Since our last BIG show, Supercharger activity includes:OpenMore than 5…Fresno, Oakland, EmeryvilleConstruction7including Davis, CAPermit3including Howard HughesSPACE-X & AEROSPACEChina launches Chang'e-5 lunar mission with Long March-5 rocket AND STARSHIP:ELON MUSK RESPONDS TO IMPRESSIVE RENDER OF FUTURE LAUNCH Support the show (
Title: Tesla Could Be a 3 Trillion Dollar GiantDescription: Joel interviews wall street analyst Pierre Faragu about Tesla’s future, and get his thoughts about what makes Tesla so competitive and who he thinks will win autonomy. See a full breakdown of the Pierre’s analysis at: Get in touch with Pierre at : info@newstreetresearch.comShow notes: the show (
Tesla Daily Rob Maurer is all about Tesla as a stock - Joel gets his thoughts.Support the show (
We do a play by play of yesterday launch and the such! Support the show (
Highlights/News/EventsThe US And The Paris Climate Agreement: 5 Things To Know The U.S. has emitted more cumulative carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than any other country since the industrial era began in the mid-1800s.Joe Biden has promised to rejoin the agreement "on day one" if he wins the election, putting us back in after a UN imposed 1-month cooling off period. Mark to the rescue! Though not for Tom, for Talking Tesla NationRPM Tesla sells a Tire repair kit that is more complete than the Tesla Tire Repair Kit (sells for $80)RPM’s kit Mark’s kit includes a Compressor you plug in o the 12v socketTITESEAL Fix a flat inflation can for a slow leak or a rim leak andPlugs you can insert in a punctured tireAs always Mark made an instructional video,The Stock & EV StoriesKenya's "First" Tesla Model X Creates Buzz’s new Cybertruck design will be ‘better,’ but expect only ‘minor tweaks’ Model 3 with chrome delete, new aero rims, power trunk and a whole lot more - Drive Tesla Canada (Fan website) Tesla brings back AM and FM radio with retrofit, but for a price India: Elon Musk Announces that Configurator to Open Around January - Tasmanian, Eva Fox DrivingTesla FSD Beta breezes through parking lot torture test the show (
The lads start 185  talking about spare tires...upsetting. It gets better, really it does! Mel missed this is probably why this show starts slow...yes, Mel wrote these notes (very insecure).Support the show (
Joel interviews Kim Paquette a FSD early access user! Great insights from this remarkable time in the history of driving (or not driving)!!Support the show (
TT 184 Q 3 2020 Earnings

TT 184 Q 3 2020 Earnings


Joel officially joins the podcast and the team reviews Q3 earning call. Lots of great information and some very questionable accents and it gets heated at times as we try and work out the end game...Support the show (
TT 183: Jelly Roll and Joel

TT 183: Jelly Roll and Joel


Sandy Monroe: and  and Support the show (
TT 182 - Battery Day

TT 182 - Battery Day


Join Mel, Tom, Robert and special guest Joel for their take on Battery Day!Support the show (



The boys are at it much to talk about, so much speculation that will be wrong...Support the show (
The boys talk a lot of space and a lot about the world, money, Mars and so much more... Support the show (
July 12 2020

July 12 2020


250 kW charging in S and X - WTF is going on here!Support the show (
Mel. got is Y and has some first impressions and a quick COVID-19 update.Support the show (
The usual silliness - lots of talk about charing versus range and SPace X and Lucid air and more...Support the show (
All about Q2 earning and poop jokes...Support the show (
The boys are back at it. Earning and FSD and Elon is being the bad Elon again. Hope you are all being safe...a little TT silliness to take up part of your day.Support the show (
The boys are back! Hard to get it done as they are all busy with some virus thing - but let the good times roll!Support the show (
The boys do a happy hour recording at this most difficult time...This Won't Hurt a Bit PodcastSupport the show (
COVID-19 Update no. 2

COVID-19 Update no. 2


Link to our free podcasts and textbook for clinicians. the show (
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Shmuel Perl

Woops! He got the date wrong. 🤨

Nov 6th

Leon Hadgis

can't find your regular podcast anymore you mean that I have to pay to list the hour-long podcast that used to be talking Tesla?

Nov 1st
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Elizabeth Neilson

boring sorry lost my attention

Dec 13th

Tyler Reeves

Informative and very entertaining. Love this cast!

Jul 11th
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