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The latest and greatest from the fab four of the EV and renewable energy realm! This week we discuss the 2021 environmental, social and governance (ESG) report from Tesla. It's a long and winding road of topics and opinion.  We think it's one of the best episodes we've released this week! There is also talk of the latest Patreon Poll results. You just gotta join the Patreon channel for 2x more content each month.  Enjoy.Show Notes? If you want them...we got them CLICK HERESupport the show
In this episode the gang discusses the takeover of Twitter by Elon musk along with the start of production of the Ford Lightning EV pickup. Add in a conversation of Man vs. Tesla in a long distance challenge and you got yourself one hell of a show. Enjoy. And if you are so inclined - CLICK HERE for show notes.Support the show (
TT 224 - The Idling Rich

TT 224 - The Idling Rich


Another week and another show. Robert, Joel and Tom discuss one mans path to riches stopping polluters in New York City, the Honda/GM EV partnership and the US governments 7.5 billion dollar plan to add 400,000 EV chargers across the nation. Media picks aplenty and in honor of spring we left a little blooper reel in after the ending music. We hope you enjoy. You gotta have more show notes - CLICK HEREJoin the Patreon Community and Support the show Support the show (
Back at it again this week with more fun than you can poke a stick at! The whole gang is together to talk about Elon's "Master Plans". What they were, how they are going and a little speculation on what could be next thrown in for good measure. Then a short conversation about the rising interest in EV's as it pertains to google searching and the price of fuel etc... Robert bring a supercharger update, spoiler alert, it's a lot. Thanks for listening and write us a review on whatever platform you listen to the show on. iTunes , Soundcloud, Pocketcasts they all work and your reviews are the best way to get others to listen. Also please join our Patreon community at You'll get early access to some content as well as exclusive access to live streams and the knowledge that you are supporting the show and by the show I mean Tom. It's his job now. So he could really use the help! Support the show (
We are back! Well two of us are. This week it's just Joel and Tom. Listen in as they dive deep into a listener suggested topic. Special thanks go out to Patreon supporter Brad Sandleback for asking us to  discuss bi-directional charging. We learned so much about this topic over the last week. We also talk about the latest price increases and try and contextualize them a bit, Then Robert pops in during the media pick section. Enjoy the show and for 2 more shows a month and a whole lot more please join our Patreon community by clicking here.Show notes are just a click awaySupport the show (
This week we invited the Patreons to joins us live while we recorded the show. And by live we mean via Zoom. Oh Zoom.This episode covers:The Price increase announced by Rivian. (Spoiler alert!) We recorded it prior to Rivian walking back the increase for existing reservation holders...So it might sound like we don't know what we are talking about. Nothing new there.A fundraising  challenge for An incredible organization that is responding to climate based disasters around the globe with the simple mission of feeding people.A supercharger updateWe discuss the war in Ukraine and it's potential to speed up Europe's transition to green energyMedia picks"Ask us anything" with the PatreonsWe hope you enjoy this episode.Support the show by clicking here and you can join in on the next live recording session.Click Here for detailed show notesSupport the show (
You asked and we answered. One of our long time listeners and Patreon supporter asked us our thoughts in regards to Elon Musk's compensation packages. So we decided to do a deeper dive into the subject and this special episode is the result. We hope you enjoy it and we look forward to hearing from you. Send your comments to info@talkingtesla.netJoin in on the conversation by becoming a  Patreon. the show (
So much silliness and also quite a bit of that TT magic you know and love. Sans Robert this week, the rest of the gang discuss the raging lack of electrification happening at the United States Postal Service as well as the European standards for Plug-in hybrid vehicles that are under scrutiny to incorporate real world emissions data in the results and a little game we like to call "what would you ask Elon". Now this was recorded prior to the latest tweetstorm caused by the CEO of all things assininery, so things have, shall we say, changed a bit in our minds. Support the show (
Jumping jack flash we are back with another edition of your favorite "save the planet" podcast. Mel shares some shocking news about his new suspension in the Model Y. We finally get to the bottom of how much gas is not burned into the atmosphere after driving a Tesla for 50,000 miles. We read some messages from our Patreon pages and so much more. Tune in, turn on and burn out with us on this episode of Talking Tesla! Support the show (
Potential changes coming to net metering for rooftop residential solar, Model Y in the wilds of the lone star state (Texas) and a conversation about what happens when your Tesla lease is up. All that and more is in store for you when you tune in to this edition of everyone’s favorite save the planet show. Support the show and get access to lots of exclusive live streaming events. us: info@talkingtesla.netSupport the show (
With all the current focus on the Rivian deliveries and a few news articles on the lack of a heat pump on that incredible vehicle, we thought it was a good time to gain and share some knowledge on this subject.  Tom , Joel, and Robert bring the heat.. (I couldn't resist) in this latest addition to the show. Enjoy!  Please join our Patreon family for access to upcoming (and more regular) exclusive content. We will be going live on Youtube for SpaceX launches and a monthly "ask me anything" to thank and interact with our supporters. the show (



Mel gives a quick update about the TT reboot!!Support the show (
Salt and Pepper:,THE STOCK & EV STORIES“Hey SIRI, what’s Tesla’s stock price?”HEY ALEXA, What’s Telsa’s Stock Price?  UPDATE graph:Shell powers up plans to install 50,000 Ubitricity EV charge points (Paid content, I did not sign up for, who put this in?) Looks like Big Oil is diversifying into powering EVsWill they deploy fast chargers? Something useful for folks on the run, not Level 2 (<30 miles of range per hour) disguised as fast charging?Will it be a reliable network?Will they charge a reasonable fee?U.S. Democrats propose dramatic expansion of EV tax credits that favors Big Three (pg 282)    The Bill’s DetailsThis is in the House Ways and Means Committee and has come out of committee and will most probably change. No cap per manufacturerMust be able to plug in (HYBRIDS INCLUDED? Blah!) and:“which is propelled to a significant extent by an electric motor which draws electricity from a battery which”Phases out in Dec 31, 2031Credit at point of sale (Yay!)Income limit (under $800k joint/$400k/yr income (NET?)) then phase out loses $200 of credit for every $1000 over 800/400kVehicle Price Limit (less than 14 Gross Vehicle Weight)$55k for Sedan$69k for SUVs$74k for pickups$64k for vans2&3 wheeled Vehicles$4000 (additive)Thru 2023 for any EV with 7khwThru 2031 10 kwhRequires US final assembly after 2026$3500 (additive)2023 - Battery Capacity above 40kwh2031 - Battery Capacity above 50kwh$4500 (additive)“Domestic Assembly”“The term ‘domestic assembly qualifications’ means,with respect to any new qualified plug-in electric vehicle, that the final assembly of such vehicle occurs at a plant, factory, or other place which is operatingunder a collective bargaining agreement negotiatedby an employee organization (as defined in section12(c)(4)), determined in a manner consistent with section 7701(a)(46).” Congressional CommentsRep. Dan Kildee tells reporters it's a "possibility" they will change the union provision of proposed EV tax credit legislation if there's another way to reward companies w/ very high labor standards. "It's been a difficult path" to find a compromise "but we're open Support the show (
TT 206 - We Think?

TT 206 - We Think?


AI, and so much all of the anyone still listening...really...6 years in...why...Support the show (
Mostly the Tesla impact report...and some seriously stupid banter, the show (
Thoughts on the earnings callSupport the show (
Bezos, Batteries, 350 kW Charging and moeSupport the show (
Joel reviews's hard...Support the show (
Lots of swear words in this one, be warned! Also lots of superchargers, EV 1000 mile race, letters, the heat, fires, FSD, and so much more...Support the show (
Elon Today: Car Fires

Elon Today: Car Fires


Joel puts car fires in perspective! And notes that fire, in that Tesla might have a VERY interesting back story!Support the show (
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