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Author: Zachary Strebeck

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The games business and legal podcast - legal news, views and information for board game and video game developers and players. Featuring industry guests, commentary and Q&A, along with a "deep dive" into a different topic each episode.
85 Episodes
In this episode, I talk about how to get a publisher for your game with Jay Powell. Jay has a TON of experience and wisdom about this very subject, and gives a ton of great advice and resources on the episode. If you've thought about getting a publisher for your game, this is the one you need to listen to!
With game company acquisitions becoming so common in the industry lately, I sat down to talk with Matthew Roazen, M&A lawyer and a part of my law firm. We discuss why you'd want to sell your game company, what to look for in a deal, and how to prepare yourself for the sale. If you have dreams of getting acquired and cashing out, don't miss this one!
In this episode, I talk about starting up a new board game company and running successful Kickstarter campaigns with Peter and Brad from Cardboard Alchemy. We discuss their amazing Flamecraft campaign, working with artists, and how to build your community. Don't miss it!
In this episode, I talk tabletop game production with Justin Jacobson of Restoration Games. Specifically, we discuss all of the work involved in bringing the titular "Dark Tower" from Restoration Games' Return to Dark Tower game to life. From design considerations to engineering and manufacturing, we discuss it all. We also touch on the difficulties in creating miniatures for your board game project.
 In this episode, I explore the world of DMCA takedowns with podcast and entertainment lawyer Gordon Firemark. We discuss how to protect yourself from copyright infringement if you run any kind of online service and the recent news about Nintendo taking down a ton of game music from YouTube. Don't miss it!
In this episode, we're talking one of my favorite things - solo board games! I discuss the design and publishing process with Greg Favro, who is coming off of a HUGE $300,000+ Kickstarter for Spire's End: Hildegard. Don't miss it!
In this episode, I speak with Game Jolt's CEO Yaprak DeCarmine about why game jams are so great, how the Game Jolt platform helps make them happen, and about Game Jolt's newest feature, Fireside. Don't miss it!
In this episode, I discuss all types of intellectual property for board games with law professor Christopher Seaman and law grad Thuan Tran. We go through patents, trademarks, copyright and more in our explanation of what is protected and what isn't in board game law. Don't miss it!
In this episode, I talk with Pontus and Lex from G.Round and Global Top Round, two companies that help indie developers get publishers and funding, analyze and test their games, and basically help to turn your games into successes! We discuss how their services work, how game devs can better tailor their games to the potential audience, publishing agreements, and more. 
In this episode, I have a candid conversation about getting US COVID-relief loans, such as PPP and EIDL loans, for game development. I'm joined by former tax pro and head of Sonic Toad Media, Rachel Presser, to talk through some of the challenges and nuances in the PPP and EIDL systems. 
In this episode, I talk about bouncing back from an initially-unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign with Marc and Tom from Orange Nebula (creators of the Vindication series and Unsettled). We also touch on the reasons WHY you're designing and publishing games, and more!
In this episode, I chat with Jeffrey and Andrew from Road to Infamy Games, designers of Crypt, Canvas, and Cosmocracy. We talk designing, playtesting, and publishing games during the pandemic, tips for new designers, and lots of other great stuff!
In this episode, I discuss the effects of the COVID19 pandemic on the tabletop games industry with Ben Harkins of Floodgate Games and Justin Jacobson of Restoration Games. We talk conventions, manufacturing, sales, and the effects on running a Kickstarter during coronavirus. Don't miss it!
In this episode, we get an amazing lesson in all things music law with my friend and colleague, attorney Tamera Bennett! She breaks down all the rights you need to have music in your game and we hit on other game legal topics, too. Don't miss this!
In this episode, I discuss the development of Atomicrops, the roguelike farming simulator, with Danny Wynne of Bird Bath Games. We discuss getting a publisher, getting into indie game development, and more! Don't miss it!
In this episode, I talk shop with fellow attorney Gordon Firemark! We discuss issues related to taking your game's brand into other media, like television, game shows, and elsewhere. We also hit on some of the latest game legal issues, like Fortnite dances and protecting Battle Royale mode.
In this episode, I join up with last episode's guest Justin Jacobson and take our show on the road to Gen Con 2019! We answer audience questions about tabletop game legal issues. Originally recorded August 2, 2019. Don't miss this!
I'm joined by Keith Warner of New World Interactive, creators of Insurgency: Sandstorm. We discuss growing your game company and the interaction between the business and creative sides of game development. Don't miss it!
In this episode, I talk resurrecting forgotten classics with Justin Jacobson of Restoration Games. We discuss the legal side of using old games, transitioning from another career into game development, and other tabletop game business topics!
In this episode, I discuss launching a game on Kickstarter, running a game store platform, and publishing games with Alex Koshelkov of Crytivo, creators of the Universim and the Crytivo Store.
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