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You want to start a podcast, but you’re not sure where to start. You need advice on how to grow or monetize your show, and stop being so scared that it won’t work! I can help by showing you what mistakes NOT TO MAKE and much more. Subscribe to the show and soak in the 16+ years of podcasting experience from Podcaster Hall of Fame Inductee Dave Jackson
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Today I am joined by Joe Saul-Sehy from Stacking Benjamins (which was recently added to the Westwood One Network). Joe recently took a class lead by Sinan Aral (author of the book The Hype Machine) and while it's been proven over and over that Apple ratings and Reviews do not help you in the apple podcast charts, but how much influence do ratings have for those looking for new podcasts? Sponsor: Podpage If you're not a technical person, and you're looking for a "Set it and forget it" solution to your podcast's website, look no further than Podpage. You can create a beautiful website in five minutes. I use podpage on the Podcast Rodeo Show, Podcast Review Show, Ask the Podcast Coach, and others. It is being built based on the Feedback of 1000 podcasters in their Facebook group. You can try it for free at Check out this video to see how easy it is to setup your show. Mentioned In This Episode: Stacking Benjamins The Hype Machine Book Podpage Learn Podpage Free Course Leave a 5 Star Review For the School of Podcasting Take this quick three-question survey about Podcast Reviews Google Trends Jacobs Media My Podcast Reviews Join the School of Podcasting Topics: 05:26 The Importance of Reviews (outside of Apple charts) 12:35 Follow Trends ( see Google Trends ) 15:48 A Faster Way To Create Audiograms 16:38 Managing a Community (want a Facebook Alternative? Check out the Circle Platform) 20:26 22:09 Give Your Listeners What They Want 25:13 78% of Podcast Discovery is Word of Mouth according to Jacobs Media 29:49 Looking at My Reviews via My Podcast Reviews ( 4 months free on your first yearly subscription ) 31:29 Another Strategy to Battle 1 Star Reviews 33:16 Have I Frightened You From Pressing Record? 34:05 Getting Out Of Our Own Way 37:14 You WILL Get a One Star Review 38:32 Getting Reviews Outside of Apple 39:45 Thanks To My Team 40:31 Bloopers
Podcast Movement Nashville is one of the Podcast Industries' first in-person events. While I'm excited to get in my car and make my way to Nashville, there are those who are nervous about being in crowds, while others have not been cleared to travel. I ask Co-founder Dan Franks how he weathered the storm of 2020, and what he's doing to address the needs of his conference attendees in 2021.  Check out for more information SPONSOR: Automatically create a beautiful, listener-friendly podcast site from your RSS feed. Customize the design to create a professional look you’ll be proud of in a few clicks. No coding or technical knowledge necessary. You can build a beautiful podcast website in five minutes! Check out  FREE COURSE: Check out to learn the ins and outs of Podpage. Full Show Notes at Mentioned In This Episode Podcast Movement Learn Podpage - Free Course John Lee Dumas Interview Kate Erickson Interview Sendfox Mailerlite Danny Elfman on Marc Maron David Lee Roth on Joe Rogan Question of the Month Tarzan Economics (free book on Audible) Wix Video Join the School of Podcasting Ready To Start Your Podcast? Get instance access to tutorials, private coaching, and a Facebook group filled with brilliant podcasting minds. You don't have to worry about sounding stupid, spending too much on equipment, or wonder how to get into Apple, Spotify, etc.
How do you decide if something should stay in your podcast episode? For when I listen to the question I asked, I look for: 1. When did their response start to actually answer the question I asked.  2. Is it a good answer? Does it deliver value? Today I play some clips of Sean Evans from Hot Ones being interviews by Drew Barrymore the actress turned talk show host.  SPONSOR: SCHOOL OF PODCASTING Get the best equipment for your budget Sound professional Learn what your audience wants Network with brilliant podcast minds Private Group Coaching Priority Email Support 30 Day Money-back Guarantee Go to Avoid the Been There Done That The guest provides an answer and you have a similar situation that will answer for the second time your question. Was the answer from the guest so unclear that you need to repeat what is essentially the same point? If not, remove your story. The interview is about the guest (not you).  Avoid the Back Story Sometimes we provide some back story so the guest understands the motivation behind the question. Many times the audience doesn't need to hear the back story. You can edit it out and just leave the part  Don't Forget to Ask a Question? I find it off that Drew Barrymore often does not ask a question. She says nice things about the guest and just stops.  June 2021 Question(s) of the Month 1. What would the ultimate podcast community look like to you? (This will remain between you and me). 2. What are your top pet peaves? (this will be public) Don't forget to provide: The name of your show/ The website. A brief description Go to by 6/25/2021 Need Help With Your Editing? Check out Affordable Audio Editing Where I Will Be Spark Christian Podcast Conference June 22-24 2021Grapevine, TX Podcast Movement Nashville Aug 306 20201 Thanks for sharing this show with a friend Mentioned In This Episode Join the School of Podcasting Steve Carter Easy Stress Cures and EFT Tapping Junction Drew Barrymore Interviews Sean Evans Last Week Tonight on Paid Placement (with their Fake Product) Episodes 776 Nobody Gets On a Bus Without Knowing Where It's Going – Your Podcast's Intro Episode 771 Podcasting Can Give Your Audience Something They Are Dying To Hear: The Truth Question of the Month
My Co-host of the Podcast Review Show Eric K Johnson has a saying, "Nobody Gets on a Bus Without Knowing Where It's Going." Today we talk about how it is 100% up to you on how you start your episodes. I also talk about insights from reading the book, "The Creator’s Compass" which talks about three different levels of presenting content.  Sponsor: School of Podcasting Get your podcast off the ground, sounding professional, without spending money on equipment you don't need by using the step-by-step tutorials, the private Facebook Group (filled with brilliant podcast minds) and live group coaching. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee when you go to The Generic Show Introduction Welcome to (show name) where we (what you do) so that you can (benefit of listening) our website is (website address). Then introduce the episode, and if you can explain why people should listen to you, throw that in as well.  Smooth Transactions Don't Happen By Accident When I do the Podcast Review Show with Erik K Johnson so we both can see the points each person wants to make. If needed we loft up a "softball" comment so the person can make their point. Consequently, when I see we have hit all the bullet points I don't have to ask, "Are you ready to move on."  James and Sam on Podland do a great job of organizing the many topics they cover into stories that easily transition from one to the next. They transition into interviews by providing just the information that resonates with the listener (do we really need their whole LinkedIn bio? No!) and consequently when the show is over I find myself asking, "Already?" It just flows nicely. This doesn't happen by accident. When you have multiple segments take some time to think about how you are going to transition from one to the other. If you don't do this, it's not the end of the world, but it is often the little things that separate good from great. It's the little things that other people don't take the time to do that can really set you apart.  I actually use transition music (SHORT music) to signal my audience that we're moving to a new topic. The bottom line is it is YOUR SHOW and you can do WHATEVER you want. Don't let this stop you from creating your show because it's not "perfect."When in doubt ask someone (not related to you) for feedback and/or do what feels right to you.  Three Levels of Content I read the ebook The Creator's Compass from Jay Acunzo and I loved it. It really made me think, and it's pretty creative. Here is one thing that made me go, "Oh yeah, that is better." Level 1 Content You have some gold. (You drop facts in their lap) Level 2: What Could Happen Here’s some gold. You have some now. And because you have some now, you can do all kinds of things: create some jewelry to feel beautiful or make someone else feel beautiful, etc Level 3: Your Opinion When you say the phrase, "I think" you take all the information, all the pros and cons and insights you have, and put them into an opinion.  Everyone will have their own opinion and that makes your show different than anyone else's sow.  Coming Soon: Dissecting Hot Ones on YouTube Hot Ones is an amazing show, with AMAZING questions.  Mentioned In This Episode Podcast Review Show  School of Podcasting  Podnews Podland The Creator's Compass from Jay Acunzo Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man Kindle and Audible
There are times when we are either planning your podcast, launching it, or you're just trying to get a larger audience. I see people in groups, websites, and meetups where they are stuck in the decision-making process. Today we are going to walk through the basic steps, and look at where and why people get stuck.   Because of My Podcast: Clay Groves is Now the Host of the Morning Radio Show and a Program Director Clay is the man behind the Fish Nerds podcast and because of his podcast he was first selected to be the man behind the scenes who does the editing, some voice-over at a station. That lead to him filling in on the weekends which lead to him NOW being the Morning Radio Show host AND Program Director. HOW COOL?  Check out Clay at  The Basics of Making a Decision In doing some research and reading a bunch of articles you can boil decision-making down to about 5-10 steps. These are: Step 1: Identify your goal Step 2: Gather information for weighing your options Step 3: Consider the Consequences Step 4. Make the Decision Step 5. Evaluation the decision Full episodes notes at Mistakes People Make When Making A Decisions Zero Research There are some shows that have done zero research and end up naming their show the same as MANY other shows (search for outside the box in your favorite app).  Lack of Qualified Advice Not having an expert or someone who has done what you're doing. My ex-wife was a nurse and when I was given the decision of "How do you want your Dad to die, slow or fast?" She asked for a surgical consult. I didn't even know what a surgical consult was, but we did one and it added about five more years to my Dad's life.  Paralysis By Analysis There is a Ted Talk by Sheena Lyengar who is a blind psycho economist who specializing in decision making They had 348 different kinds of jam. We set up a little tasting booth right near the entrance of the store. We there put out six different flavors of jam or 24 different flavors of jam, and we looked at two things: First, in which case were people more likely to stop, sample some jam? More people stopped when there were 24, about 60 percent, than when there were six, about 40 percent. The next thing we looked at is in which case were people more likely to buy a jar of jam. Now we see the opposite effect. Of the people who stopped when there were 24, only three percent of them actually bought a jar of jam. Of the people who stopped when there were six, well now we saw that 30 percent of them actually bought a jar of jam. So when you do some research and bounce it off someone who you feel provides trustworthy advice, you're ready to move to on to looking at the consequences. Fear of Consequences You think there is an A U D I E N C E listening when you first start (there isn't). Then a few months later you have fear because people ARE listening. Remember no one will punch you in the face. You can change things later. TOPICS: 00:00 Decisions, Decisions, Decisions 01:13 Welcome to the Show 01:55 Clay Groves is Now the Morning Guy 05:03 Basic Steps of Making Decisions 09:00 Hobby Shows Have Easier Decisions 09:33 Hobby Shows Might Have Easier Decisions 10:17 The Perfect Podcast 11:03 Paralysis By Analysis 13:21 Facebook Groups May Be More Confusing than Helpful 14:17 What Will You NOT Do? 16:23 Emotional Decisions 17:12 Emotional Pressure 18:14 Apps to Help With Decisions 19:12 There Will Be Bad Decisions 21:03 Join The School of Podcasting 22:31 Dave Uses This Process In Real Life 31:35 Thanks to All My Well Wishers 35:36 Bloopers Mentioned In This Episode School of Podcasting Affordable Audio Editing Episode 774 Will You trust Your Baby With Apple? Podia Education and Marketing Platform Teachable Online Course Management Tool PodPage Lean Podpage For Free Loom Video Tool Circle Community Tool Follow me on Apple or Android text " sop " to 31996 Start Your Podcast When you join the school of podcast you can forget about sounding stupid, unprofessional, or spending money on gear you don't need. You get access to step-by-step tutorials, live group coaching, time-shifted one-on-one coaching (via video), and a private Facebook group filled with brilliant podcasting minds.  Go to
Today I explain the continuing issues with Apple (and Google, and Spotify). Your podcast is like a baby. It needs never-ending attention and if there is an issue you need it solved NOW.  I judge a company on how things are handled when they make a mistake (cause we are all human). To have a problem that is ongoing for weeks, I find it hard to believe. I get that podcasting is barely a revenue generator for Apple (as in almost none), but you have to realize that in the same way that the actions of a child reflect on the parents, the actions of an app (AND YOUR BRAND) are a reflection of the app you told people to use to listen to your show.  Bottom line: It's going to take long (for now) for new episodes to appear in Apple. Apple is not displaying links properly. There is currently (May 2021) a bug where duplicate numbers are appearing (I do see where an update is waiting to be installed - fingers crossed). To see any episode numbers you need to follow.  Apple (or Google, Spotify etc) don't put out any public notices. Communication is the lubrication of any relationship. It makes you feel very small and insignificant. That feeling does not make me want to use your subscription service.  Who is going to answer any of the customer tickets when someone can't access their subscription? or loses their password? etc. I don't want them treating my customers the way they've treated me. They owe me an apology.  How Do I Know If I Have An Issue?  You can use a tool like or and input your feed. You should be able to see if your latest episode is there. If the episode is in the reader, but not the podcast app, the app just needs to catch up. See video Ready To Start Your Podcast? Go to Mentioned in This Episode Podcast Index Blubrry Directory Last Pass Password Tool Podfriend App Overcast App Other new podcast 2.0 Apps How to earn Bitcoin from your podcast Podcasting 2.0 Podcast
I reached out to you and asked how you found your co-host and you were nice enough to reply.  SPONSOR: School of Podcasting Audio Editing If you're stressed out about your podcast, and you're spending too much time, check out the School of Podcasting Editing service. We have different variations to meet your budget. Go to Tips in Choosing a Co-Host for Your Podcast You want someone who has the same commitment (and support).  You want someone who loves your topic, but might approach it from a different angle. You don't need a clone of you. We already have one of you.  Make sure you all understand how things are divided up and workaround: Money coming in Podcast production Podcast Promotion Who is paying for what (money going out) How do you get fired or quit? What schedule is the show going to use (record some test shows to determine this) Finding a Co-host Today we hear how some people: Ask other podcasters they knew Ask family members Asked bloggers Asked their audience You might consider starting your show as a solo artist which makes it easier to ask someone to join something that exists than something that is just an idea in your head. see Thanks To The Contributors: Wayne Henderson from the Packers Fan Podcast ( and Andrés Brenes from Colmillo Roquero ( a Spanish podcast about Heavy Metal) Brent Bergherm from Lattitude Photography Podcast - Fred Castaneda from Podcast Reporter ( and and Roben Harris from Destinations Connections ( ) Matt Rafferty - The Author Inside You ( ) Josh Rivers 24 Faithful Craig Wealand from Ingles ( ) Mentioned In This Show Podcast Editing Podcast Review Show Text " sop " to 31996 Join the School of Podcasting    
Apple Is Launching Subscriptions Here is what we know: In the US, it's $19.99 a year to participate Your show is only available in the Apple podcast app but it's not exclusive. You can set your monthly and yearly subscription price, and signing up will be super easy. You can offer a free trial along with a freemium model (some free episodes and some paid). The first year a person subscribes Apple takes 30% of the revenue from that listener, the second year of their subscription they take 15. Apple will host your files and choose the output format. Stats on your downloads for the subscribers will come from Apple. When you sign up for a "regular" podcast you need to choose the one with an RSS feed. Apple is having MAJOR difficulties this week and as I write this my dashboard has been reading "We're setting up your account. This could take a few hours. When we're finished, you can start adding new shows" since 4/21 (it's 4/25 as I write this). If you're on Anchor and you let Anchor submit your show, you will need to get your show under your Apple ID. Check out Apple's site The Math of Subscriptions Let's look at a podcast that is getting 150 downloads on every episode (after 30 days).  If you have 150 downloads per episode. The typical percentage of people who will take action is 3%. This would mean 4.5 people which I will round up to 5. If you charge $5/month that is $25 (Five people at $5/month). Apple is going to take 30% ($7.50) and leave you with $17.50 With this in mind when you start thinking of bonus content, and the effort it takes, you need to ask yourself is this worth $17.50. In the same scenario your take-home pay is: $23.93 Supercast: $23.64 Patreon (8%): $22.88 Apple: $17.47 Is It Worth It? All the extra work, how long is it going to take? You need to answer that question. If you spend four hours a month creating additional content, you want to take that $17.50 per month you are making from subscribers and divide by four hours to get $4.38per hour. Is missing time with your family, your sanity, your health, with it? What We Don't Know About Apple Subscriptions Are they going to release Apple podcasts on Android? This seems like something they should be doing. Is it $20 per year (US) or $20 per year per country? IMHO, this is $20/year (US) for all countries. When I started to sign up last night Apple wanted to charge me $20 My Podcast Reviews Adds Follow Pages On episode 709 Interviewed Daniel J Lewis from My Podcast Reviews (which is ONE place to get ALL of your reviews in ONE place from ALL Countries). Now they have added an easy way to get people to subscribe/follow your podcast (which really is something you want them to d0. You can see it live in action at For more information check out My Podcast Reviews (aff link) Podpage Has Added Multiple Updates I interviewed Brenden from on episode 728. That was after Podpage first launched. If you need more than your "built in" website from your media host, but don't need all the complexity from something like WordPress, Podpage is for you. They've added features such as: Free voicemail Episode signatures (default text that is placed at the bottom of every episode A place for transcripts Multiple templates, more color options, and eCommerce Better search (which s great as WordPress search is awful) Email list building tool Check out my free course at Tidycal Adds Zoom Integration If you need a tool to help schedule guests or consulting clients, Tidycal allows you to create free (or paid) appointments and now it automatically creates a zoom meeting. It also integrates with Paypal, and Google Calendar. Currently, you can purchase LIFETIME access to the tool for $20 (no monthly fees).  Check out Tidycal Get Your Podcast Audited By Two Consultants Want some honest feedback on your show? Check out the Podcast Review Show where I and 30 years radio veteran Erik K Johnson go over your show, your website, and your goals to help you do more of what is working, and tweak anything that is not. Check it out at Ready To Start Your Podcast? Join the School of Podcasting and get access to: Step by step tutorials Live group coaching Private Facebook Group Priority Email Support. Go to
Currently, I think civilization has a serious problem. We are losing the ability to identify the truth. I'm not talking religion, or anything philosophical. I'm talking about doing research, looking at the evidence, and reporting what we find. Today I use the clip of then Donald Trump's "Very Fine People" press conference. That remark came at 01:07 but the 2-minute mark had him saying, "I'm not talking about the neo Nazi's or the white nationalists because they should be condemned totally." Because of hi"s "Very Fine People" clip, Joe Biden said he HAD to run for President.  Please note I'm not either pro or against Trump. I liked his stance on China but saw MANY stupid things come out of his mouth. This is not about politics. It's about the media not focusing on delivering the truth, but more interesting in obtaining high ratings.  Mentioned In This Episode Very Fine People - video Profit From Your Podcast - Book Charles Barkley Speaks Some Truth   With a Podcast You Can't Be Cancelled While you can be removed off of platforms, as long as you have an RSS feed, people can subscribe/follow your show. It may take them a couple of extra steps to do it manually but you're not "off the air." In some cases being edited is just great exposure. People want to hear what the big deal was that you were censored.    QUESTION OF THE MONTH If you have a co-host, I'd love to hear how you found/chose your co-host. Go to Be sure to mention your show, your website, and a little bit about your podcast. Ready to Start Your Podcast? The School of Podcasting is dedicated to teaching you the right way to launch, grow and produce your podcast so that you sound great. Membership includes step-by-step videos that will walk you through planning podcasts, launching them on Apple and other top directories, growing listenership and getting more listeners coming back for more episodes. The live coaching sessions are available via zoom -with a group coaching session every month during a call with other members who are also producing professional content. You have access to me via email as well as mentoring in our private Facebook community filled with brilliant minds such as yourself.  See  
Billie Eilish (super famous singer - especially to young teenage girls - records her music with her brother in their bedroom. She currently has 44 million followers on Spotify and 81 million followers on Instagram. She earned 25 million from Apple for the movie and her net worth is reportedly 53 million. Not too bad for two people who are having fun recording things in their bedroom. Pet Sitter Confidential Today I talk with Collin who along with his wife produce the Pet Sitter Confidential podcast. They are truly impacting their audience, and due to their uber-niche topic, it is enabling them to get sponsors (Without 20,000 downloads per episode).  SPONSOR: The School of Podcasting Podcasting can feel lonely at times and that's why I created the School of Podcasting - to give you a place where like-minded podcasters can support, guide, challenge & grow. You'll have access to all the step-by-step tutorials so that you know how to launch your podcast without wasting money on equipment or trying to guess what to do when it comes to planning. You get live group coaching, a network Facebook group, and priority email support so that you never go into this alone - learn from me and fellow podcasters. Go to TOPICS COVERED 04:57 Topics on Your Show? 05:33 Who is it For? 05:59 Their Niche Lead to A Sponsor 07:16 Pricing Your Ad Spot 08:27 The Lifetime Value of a Customer 14:32 Building Their Community 15:49 Sponsor Renewal 16:59 Patreon Thoughts 19:18 Did you think anyone would listen? 22:08 Who Are You? 23:24 How to Balance Life? 24:27 The importance Having a Buffer I loved that some of his best guests aren't people with huge followings. Also, when someone is filling up notepads with information from your show, you KNOW you are delivering value.  Collin has multiple streams of income. He has the sponsorship along with a Patreon account.  Find their show at QUESTION OF THE MONTH If you have a co-host, I'd love to hear how you found/chose your co-host. Go to Be sure to mention your show, your website, and a little bit about your podcast. 
So many times we identify ourselves not by our values or beliefs but by what we DO. I'm a cashier, or I work in accounts payable, the warehouse. That may be what you DO, but it may not be who you are. Podcasting allows you to reinvent who you are. To be your true self. Today we talk with Scot McCarthy of the Moving Forward Leadership Podcast. Scott joined the military when he was 18 and will be retiring soon, so he is using podcasting to reinvent himself and help establish himself in the space of leadership.  I love that Scott knows it's not easy to start a business and that why I brought him on. You need to dig the well BEFORE your thirsty. Scott doesn't have a month-week plan, he has a five YEAR plan. He constantly researching to work smarter, to better understand his audience (through Facebook groups), and hiring people for those things he needs help with. He's not talking into a phone set on speaker and looking for money to fall from heaven. Can I Play Music in My Podcast? When it comes to legal questions in the entertainment space there is one (and only one name) and that is Gordon Firemark Gordon helps answer that question along with a new spin on that question. What if they perform the song live on my podcast (or for those older DJ's they did on your show) can I play that recording (it's a different recording than the one on the record).  What about fair use? Keep in mind that fair use is the defense you use when you go to court. Check out Gordon's book, The Podcast, Blog & New Media Producer's Legal Survival Guide: An essential resource for content creators For more information check out Gordon at Do We Need Your Guests Backstory? Nobody asked about the Lone Ranger until after he saved the day. Read my full article on Medium How Did You Find Your Co-Host? This is the question of the month (due by April 23rd, 2021). Record your answer (and be sure to mention your podcast and website) on how you found your co-host. Go to Ready To Start Your Podcast?  The School of Podcasting is the best place for anyone looking to learn how to make podcasts. We have step-by-step tutorials, live group coaching, and a private Facebook group for networking. Join today with our 30-day money-back guarantee! You'll be able to create your own show in no time at all. Our team of experts will teach you everything from A-Z so that you can get started on your first episode right away. And if it's not for you, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee on your membership fee! It doesn't matter what skill level or experience you have - we've got something for everyone here at The School of Podcasting! Sign up now and start making great content today! This is episode 769 of the School of Podcasting. You can subscribe/follow the show at  or just text  " sop " to 31996
It's the last week of the month which means, "Question of the Month" where YOU get to be on the show. This month's question is "What do you wish you had known when you started your podcast." SPONSOR: The School of Podcasting Learn to plan, launch, grow, and monetize your show. You'll sound great, organized, and create GREAT content. Take advantage of our step-by-step tutorials, live group coaching, and private Facebook group filled with brilliant podcasting minds. Because of My Podcast: Fred Castaneda The No Agenda streaming service found Fred's show the 2030 Podcast and added it to their schedule.  What I Wish I Had Known 04:31 Steve Stewart: Audacity At Zero Crossing 07:13 Kurt from Expats in Austin: The Importance of Editors 08:21 James from Bros and blokes - The Amount of Time 09:21 Kim Newlove from the Pharmacists Voice - Fitting Podcasting Into Life 11:18 Jill Keep the Flame Alive - It Takes a LOT of Time 12:06 Paul from Improve and Have Fun: Episode Length 13:30 York from Poetic Earthlings: The Evil of Comparison 15:11 Bill from Bill Watches Movies: Stats Are Useless 17:32 Paul from Improve and Have Fun:: Do Whatever You Want 18:47 Carrie from Hope for Anxiety and ODC It is EASY to Get Guests 20:11 Craig from Inglespodcast - Cohosts Makes Things Better 21:00 Arnie Sports History Network - More Networking 22:49 Kim from Bee Keeping Today - Reaching Your Target Audience is Hard 23:20 Seth Geekville Radio - Plugins For WordPress 25:30 Anthony from Route 66 - Post vs Pages 26:16 Join the School of Podcasting 27:14 Kris from the Kris and Kristine Show - How Podcasts Work 29:19 Joe the Morning Meditation- Writing Good Titles 30:22 Jeff the Podcast Pizza Show - The Power of the Niche 32:10 Glenn from Horse Radio Network - Started Side Hustles 32:58 Dave (me) - Do ONE GOOD Podcast 34:29 Kim from Toastmasters 101 Impostor Syndrome 35:25 Pashup from the Warrior One - Be Yourself 36:13 Next Months Question: Finding Co-Hosts 37:53 Fixing a Mistake 43:17 Bloopers Mentioned In This Episode Podcast Engineering Academy Smart Money Mommas
Quick Notes: Apple Update: Apple is changing the wording in their app from "Subscribe" to "Follow" so stop telling your audience to subscribe (and if you do, mention that it's free) and instead tell them to follow you. The new version of the app will be out in a few weeks. I was listening to the Sounds Profitable podcast and heard where my friend Harry Duran from Podcast Junkies, and Fullcast, hard obtained a sponsor for a show that had not been published. I had to hear how he did it. Question of the Month Deadline is This Friday What one thing do you wish you knew when you started your podcast? You can leave your answer at (be sure to mention your show and your website slowly).  Win Rewards for Sharing the Show Speaking of followers/subscribers if you share the show you can win rewards when your friends subscribe/follow. See Full show notes at For More Information on Harry Duran Check out his "Done for you" podcast agency at Check out the Vertical Farming Podcast Check out Podcast Jukies Podcast Twitter: @verticalfarmpod Mentioned In This Episode Join the School of Podcasting and get access to step-by-step tutorials, live group coaching, and an awesome private Facebook group for networking and brainstorming.  See Sam Kinison's "Move to where the food is."  Harry Durran on Treating His Guests Like an Opportunity Instead of Transactions Dave Jackson on Podcast Junkies: 018 Dave Jackson | The Importance Of Providing Your Own Unique Voice Question of the month:  Share The Show Check out Fullcast Harry's "Done for you" podcast agency at Check out the Vertical Farming Podcast Check out Podcast Jukies Podcast Like the show? Buy Me a Coffee
Who is Kristin Molenaar? Kristin is an entrepreneur-enthusiast who lives by the mantra "work less + make more". She enjoys helping entrepreneurs ditch vanity metrics for true, profitable connections. She's the CEO of YesBoss, an agency that helps 2b2 entrepreneurs increase their visibility and credibility through profitable podcast guest features. Kristin Molenaar's Tips For Getting Booked on Podcasts There are almost 2 million podcasts. Where do you begin? Find someone in your niche, and use a tool like Podchaser, Podsearch, Google, or any podcast app and search for their interviews. This may lead you to podcasts that would also be interested in interviewing you.  Kristin likes to pitch a show with the question, "Are you open to being pitched." Another strategy is looking for hashtags.  When looking for a show to appear on, look further than the interview. Kristin looks for someone that can be a partner, and develop a long-term strategy.  Sending a "look how great I am" email is not a good strategy. The True Power of Podcasting One of the biggest complaints I hear from people that have been a guest on podcasts is "it has never produced any results for me." They will say, "I've been invited to be a guest on people's podcast. I showed up and I talked about what I knew and it didn't go anywhere. I didn't get any traffic or business from it. It felt like a waste of my time." This is what Kristin says that people need to remember when they're becoming a podcast guest. The biggest benefit you're going to get out of podcast guesting is the relationship with the podcast host. I think that there are a lot of false hopes or false narratives around what I'm calling one-hit wonders. I think people think, "If I go after the biggest podcast that I possibly can, it's going to change my business. Here's the thing about being a podcast guest just like every other marketing strategy, just like every other networking strategy, it snowballs on itself. But you have to treat people, like people. Your job as a podcast guest is to show up and be in service to the objective of the podcast host. You need to show the podcast host, "Hey, I appreciate you allowing me to show up in your space.  I am here to really provide as much benefit as I can to you. I want this to last beyond a recording." When people come in without that mentality. I think that the benefits are just severely limited. Being a podcast guest has tons and tons of benefits. But you're just missing out if you're not looking at this as an opportunity to meet really incredible people who are connected to other really incredible people and building a business that you can have fun together. That's what I love about podcasting and I wish more people came into it with that frame of mind because I think out of that we would get better pitches. We would get better research. We would get better conversations. We would get better results on the back end.    Want More Tips On Getting Being a Guest and Booking Guests? See this episode The Ultimate Guide to Hosting and Guesting Podcast Interviews   Podcast Rewind: The Show Business Show I appeared on episode 2 of the Show Business Show with Billy and Simon for a marathon session on my book Profit from Your Podcast Need Help With Your Podcast? Join the School of Podcasting? Are you afraid of sounding bad (or stupid)? Worried about buying a bunch of stuff you don't need? Feeling overwhelmed swimming in a sea of jargon?  Join the School of Podcasting and get access to: Step by step tutorials Live group coaching Private Facebook group filled with  Join worry-free with my 30-day money-back Guarantee  Go to
You might be thinking, "I'm not a business, what do I care about branding? Well, if you have one download, congratulations you are a brand. Today I talk with Dr. Andrea Wojnicki from the Talk About Talk Podcast about developing and implementing your personal brand (and how it can help grow your audience) Sponsor: The School of Podcasting Join the School of Podcasting and never worry about sounding bad, spending too much money on gear, and being all alone to be frustrated and angry. When you join the School of Podcasting you get: Step by step tutorials A Private Networking Group Live group coaching Priority email support Join today worry-free with my 30-day money-back guarantee. What is a Personal Brand? Your personal brand is your identity or your reputation. A definition that Dr. Andrea loves is, “Your personal brand is what others think and say about you when you're not in the room.” Click Here to get the workbook to walk you through the exercises discussed in today's episode. Step 1: What differentiates you? Step 2: Email 10 People Step 3: Take a Personality Test Where Your Brand Appears in Your Podcast Your podcast brand includes:● What people read (show notes). Your emails (and have ONE thing in your email signature). ● What people hear (your episodes, and the quality of audio). ● What people see (artwork). Come up with a color scheme (for example two colors) and two fonts that you use consistently and it will build your brand How This All Works: Identifying your strengths, and a personal positive message that has deep personal meaning to you, delivered in a unique way allows you to BE YOU. It will come naturally. Leaning on your strengths can help reduce burnout as you’re not doing things that don’t come naturally. It can clear up situations by identifying what you can and can’t do. When you identify the verbiage you want to use, and how you want to appear and deliver your message, you provide your audience with the tools to tell their friends. If their friends ask, “What podcasts are you listening to, they can easily explain what your show is about, who it’s for, and what the benefit it. They also can explain the motivation of the show. Connect with Dr. Andrea Wojnicki Podcast: Check out the Communicate with CONFIDENCE – The 4Ps: Practice, Proverb, Pep talk, and Pirate episode Website: Newsletter with Free Tips LinkedIn Facebook Group Coaching & Courses Online Corporate Training
In talking with new and seasoned podcasters I often hear questions that lead me to believe that people think they can "break" their podcast.  Today I talk about a few questions I've heard and how 99% of the time you're not going to break your show.  We also have a question of the month The Separate Track Challenge I have recommended Squadcast for years. The ease of use and the ability to have separate tracks of you and your guest makes it my go-to choice for remote recordings. then later I got a Rodcaster Pro which ( Along with the Zoom P4, and the Zoom P8) allow you to record separate tracks. I can be on track one, and my guest can be on a separate track. The question then is: Does the separate track recorded locally on the guest's computer (and uploaded to Squadcast) sound that much better than the same track that has traveled over the internet? I also had my guest join me on Zoom as I know a lot of people are using Zoom to record interviews. Nuts and Bolts of Remote Recording The zoom recording is sampled at 32 kHz where Squadcast records at 48 khz. (This is how many times per second a picture is taken of your audio - the higher the number the better the sound). For me, the zoom recording while listenable sounds "fuzzy" compared to the Squadcastrecording (which makes sense as it has a higher sample rate. Also, Squdcast provides a WAV file that is better than the m4a (variable bit rate - another "no-no" for podcasting) from Zoom. If you're going to use the m4a from Zoom, be sure to edit it, and export as an mp3 with a contact bit rate. When I compared the original Squadcast file to the one I recorded (after coming across the Internet) and there again was a slight degradation of the file (not quite as crisp). Another Benefit of Squadcast In my test, as my guest was talking the Internet slightly broke up the audio is it made its way to me. If I had been using the recording on the Rodecaster this "Glitch" would be in the recording. With the original Squdcast fie, the glitch is not there (as that recording goes from their microphone to their hard drive, and then uploaded to Squadcast. Always Have a Backup Recording Of Your Interview The other advantage of using a tool like Squadcast is in the event the recording has an issue with the Rodecaster I have Squadcast as a backup. If there is a glitch with Squadcast, I've got my hardware option as a backup. No matter what you are using to record your remote interviews, always have two systems recording. It's not a matter of if one will fail, but when. For me, Squadcast is the most reliable. School of Podcasting Moving to a New Platform Thinkific is charging me per student (and I'm not a fan of that) so I've looked at Kajabi, Teachable, and Podia . Currently, I feel Kajabi is cool, but I'm not a fan of their limits to the number of products, and I'm learning more about Podia as they allow you to sell digital products, membership sites, and courses. They also have an affiliate program. With Teachable if I use their affiliate program, I have to pay them 2%, and with Podia you pay your monthly fee, and that is it. No extra fees. Free Coaching Calls? I'm pondering trying something new. This would be to offer coaching calls at a deep discount that would then be used in episodes (which is why they are discounted). If you're interested, contact me and I'll send you an application. Join the School of Podcasting Get access: Step by step tutorials Live group coaching Private brainstorming/podcasting group You don't have to worry about sounding bad, buying the wrong equipment and wasting your time. Go to Mentioned In This Episode 764 Podcast Gear Guide Webinar(free - no email address needed) Squadcast Samson Q2U Rodecaster Pro Zoom Podtrack P4 Talk About Talk Podcast Podcasting Resources Podcast
We've All Pushed Through Awkward Moments of Being Vulnerable Do you remember your first real kiss? I was with my first girlfriend. I was probably 14? I was scared to death. There was no internet, and for me, nobody to ask? So I went in for the kiss and kissed her in a very TV-friendly way. I stopped and said, "Let's try that again" and I figured out what to do. I tried everything I could to avoid falling in love with my first wife. I had told her over and over that I didn't want anything serious, but here we were a year later and a year later I was in love with her. Sitting in front of her house I said, "I need to tell you something," and then proceeded to tell her I liked her a lot. I backed it up, and then said, "I love you." These are scary things to do. You put yourself out there, and if you do it wrong you get some feedback, and you tweak yourself.  Over the past two weeks, I've had meeting after meeting with members of my audience (one at a time). Some of them were current or past members of the School of Podcasting, and others I had never met (but they were listeners to my show). Today I talked about what I learned and why you should seriously consider it. If the Words "Focus Group" Makes You Uncomfortable, then Think of It as Coaching So many people who are experts in their field still used coaches. Hank Haney served as Tiger Woods' coach from 2004-2010. During that span, Woods won six of his 15 career major championships. The two were very close while they worked together, and Woods credits a ton of his success to Haney's teachings. Here are some more people who even after their enormous success still have coaches: Richard Branson  Oprah Winfrey Tony Robbins Leonardo DiCaprio Serena Williams Metallica We all need people who give us feedback. That is how we improve. - Bill Gates Is This Just a Plug To Get Me To Hire You As A Coach? While I have the Podcast Rodeo Show which looks at your first impression and the Podcast Review Show that looks at your whole episode, website, and we have you fill out a form to discuss the goals of the show, if you want to know what content your audience wants and needs, the best place to go is your audience.  I'm Still A Shy Guy at Heart People don't believe it, but underneath it all I'm fairly shy. So the thought of reaching out to my email list and asking them for their input made me a little nervous. This was especially true if someone was a current or previous member of the School of Podcasting. This is where you have to change your attitude.  When I went to college for my first degree, I was a waiter. To be a good waiter, you listen to your customer and give them exactly what they ordered. As I got on zoom, I just said to myself it's like being a waiter again.  I Should've Done This Years Ago I sent out an email with the subject line of, "I need your help...." and explained that I was going to rebuild the School of Podcasting from the ground up and I wanted to talk to them. Here are some of the things that I gained from doing this exercise: I have a visual of what my audience looks like.  I got two people who will be future guests I got to see what was working in my show In regards to the School of Podcasting, I'm glad to say that the things people want, are often already being delivered. I learned that I might want to reorganize some of the content in the School of Podcasting. I heard some answer repeated. This is proof of concept that the tutorials I have are the right tutorials. I got a couple of great questions that I will be using for the "Question of the Month" in the future. There is nothing to be afraid of as these people are your listeners. If anything they might "fanboy" out a bit which is flattering.  When You're Too Close to the Subject There was one comment that came up twice that in one way surprised me, and yet upon thinking about it, it makes perfect sense. When I asked if there were any lessons in the School of Podcasting that they found confusing. Most people were so much confused, but wanted me to go deeper into subjects, The lesson? My lesson on What is this surprising? Because I've worked there for over five years. Why does this make sense? The curse of knowledge. I went too fast.  This was exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for.  Don't Do This on a Group Call While I could've held this as a "Town Hall" type of meeting, I enjoyed connecting one on one and giving my listener my undivided attention. I know for many of us who are introverts, podcasting is a great way to reach many people without meeting many people, but I'm here to tell you that time is too important to waste. If you were headed in the wrong direction wouldn't you want your GPS to alert you? Well, your audience is your GPS on the road to delivering value.  Start Your Podcast Today If you want to learn how to connect with your audience by creating great content that inspires them to tell a friend, JOIN the School of Podcasting.  Because Of My Podcast: I'm an Advisor in Hollywood Jerry Williams is the producer and host of the FBI retired case file review podcast. She's on a mission to show you who the FBI is and what the FBI does through her interviews with retired agents about some of the FBI biggest cases, and some investigations you've never heard about.  She said, "A couple of years ago, I wrote a book called FBI myths and misconceptions, a manual for armchair detectives, which uses quotes and snippets, from my podcast interviews to debunk cliches about the FBI, and books, TV and movies. Because of that book and because of my podcast, last summer I was contacted by two different Hollywood Studios. Now I am under contract with FX network, which is owned by Disney, and Warner Brothers and Bad Robot as a technical consultant on two TV shows that are going to be released later this fall. Now, I'm not going to name-drop, but if you look up Bad Robot, you'll get to see who I get to hang out with talking to the writers on zoom or the phone a few hours a week as a lot of fun and good pay. Now, I think this is pretty cool because of my podcast story. When I started FBI retired case file review five years ago, the purpose of the podcast was to help me sell more books. I am an author, getting ready to publish my fifth book, crime fiction and nonfiction about the FBI. However, based on my own experiences as an FBI agent, and because I've now interviewed more than 222 former colleagues, I'm pretty knowledgeable about most of the FBI violations. But I never thought of myself as a technical consultant. But now I am. Thanks, Dave for letting me share my because of my podcast story, love your show." Transcribed by Scott Johnson's What Was That Like Connecting With His Audience Thanks to Scott for letting me clips from his latest episode of What Was That Like? Podcast. It showed over and over how engaged your audience is with your content. You hear everyone spreading your show via word of mouth and downloading ALL of your episodes when they find it. Glad to hear your hard work is paying off and I wish you continued success. Mentioned In This Episode What Was That Like Podcast No Agenda Show Podcasters Roundtable Jerri Willams Check out Jerri's Amazon Page Zoom Meeting Software Talk about Talk Podcast Podcast Rodeo Show (Review Your Show) Podcast Review Show Time Table 02:57 Because of My Podcast:: Jerri Williams 06:53 Everyone Needs a Coach 10:47 What Was That Like - Examples of Engaged Audiences 16:19 What I Gained (and you can too) 19:44 You're Too Close 23:48 THEY SAID MY NAME! 26:38 Clubhouse App Is Spying On You? 32:46 My Dad's Podcast 35:01 Bloopers  
Are you looking to grow your audience? Get more engagement with your audience? Today I have Valerie Geller the author of the book Beyond Powerful Radio: A Communicator's Guide to the Internet Age—News, Talk, Information & Personality for Broadcasting, Podcasting, Internet, Radio which is also available on Audible  Meet Valerie Geller Valerie Geller, president of Geller Media International, a broadcast consulting firm, trains broadcasters throughout the world by Creating Powerful Radio seminars, workshops, and one-on-one coaching for news, talk, information, and personality programming for radio and television. She's worked with top stations and personalities throughout the world at more than 500 stations in 27 countries.  You can find Valerie's Books on her Amazon page, as well as and Find her on twitter at @vgeller and @vgeller on the clubhouse app (iOs only). Thre Simple Rules To Make Your Podcast Successful Tell the Truth Make it Matter Never Be Boring Questions to Help You Edit Why should you listen to this? Why would someone want to hear this? The Best Podcasts: Inform Entertain Inspire Persuade  Connect The best conversations come from listening. When doing an interview listen and make the interview more of a conversation. Making Engaging Content When you are telling the truth and being transparent, you can share your opinion on a topic and ask your audience to share theirs. By asking a specific question it's easier than "send me some feedback."  When delivering content you should be doing one of the following: Inform Entertain Inspire Persuade  Connect Place Your Listener in the Movie Try to work visual words into your podcast. Help trigger the theater of the mind. There is a framework called the Story Spine from Kenn Adams that is used by many storytellers it is: Once upon a time there was ___. Every day, ___. One day ___. Because of that, ___. Because of that, ___. (and so on) Until finally ___. And every day after that ___. For more on storytelling check out Episode 745. Growing Your Podcast When you are on other platforms, be amazing and leave them wanting more.  So many people go to other platforms (like Clubhouse) and tell them to come to the podcast.  If you bring amazing content to the conversation those same people will ask you where to find more of you.  It all starts with being Amazing. Ready To Start You Podcast If you're worried about sounding stupid, getting lost in technology, spending too much money, the School of Podcasting can help you avoid all that with: Step by step tutorials A private Facebook group filled with brilliant podcast minds willing to help Live group coaching sessions Direct access to me via email (and I often will respond with a video) Join worry-free with a 30-day Money-back Guarantee Go to and pick the plan the works best for you. Mentioned In This Episode Beyond Powerful Radio: A Communicator's Guide to the Internet Age—News, Talk, Information & Personality for Broadcasting, Podcasting, Internet, Radio The Powerful Radio Workbook: The Prep, Performance & Post Production Planning Kenn Adams Story Spine Synergy Theater on YouTube Peabody's Down Under See Valerie's Video from the Next Radio Event Join the School of Podcasting
Your brand is how your show is perceived. Perception is reality. So today I have tips on making your episode one that gets your audience coming back. I also share three tools that you can use to boost your podcast brand.  Don't Leave Your Audience Hungry Can you imagine if a new restaurant opened in your neighborhood and was serving your favorite food? You get all dressed up and bring a date and go to the new place looking forward to eating some of your favorite food.  You show up and the menu just mentions what will be available next week. The problem is you are there NOW and you're hungry.  So often I see a first episode delivers nothing more than what amounts to be a table of contents for future episodes. I've read a lot of books but I've never highlighted the table of contents.  Tidy Cal $20 Lifetime Deal Tidy Cal is a brand new scheduling tool that makes it easy to book guests or clients (your appointments can be free or you can charge). Check out this video I made giving you an overview. Telbee is Speakpipe on Steriods I've used Speakpipe for years, but the makers of Telbee listened to the wants of speakpipe users and developed a new, morse customizable platform.  One thing that can make your podcast better is to understand your audience. Telbee makes it easy to get feedback, and create a widget that looks great. You can even direct people to a website after they leave a message.  Channels are the feature that I could use when I do my "question of the month" episodes. I could have a channel where all the responses are tied and organized to that one channel.  Check out this quick video of me using Telbee for the first time Less Annoying CRM I've been looking for a place to organize my information where my coaching clients, my audio editing clients, my guests, or hosts where I have been on their show.   I can see my calendar, I see all the communication, set reminders, set up pipelines, and it's only $15/month.  It truly lives up to its name. "Less Annoying CRM" check out this "Drive By video" of me playing with Less Annoying CRM
Life is going to kick you in the teeth from time to time (see 2020). Today we talk about your attitude (the only thing you have control over) and we interview Shane Whaley of the Tourpreneur podcast. Shane shares how many people in the travel space just folded up everything just going out of business. This is not the approach Shane has taken, and he not only didn't shut down in 2020, but added more sponsors to his show.  Your Attitude The Longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude, to me, is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, the education, the money, than circumstances, than failure, than successes, than what other people think or say or do. It is more important than appearance, giftedness or skill. It will make or break a company... a church... a home. The remarkable thing is we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day. We cannot change our past... we cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude. I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it. And so it is with you... we are in charge of our Attitudes.” ― Charles R. Swindoll Podcast Rewind I appeared on the Pharmacist's Voice   I also appear on the Trust cast talking why podcasting is the next big thing. If you'd like me to appear on your show, you can contact me here. Shane Whaley Tourpreneur Podcast Interview 04:55 Shane Whaley 07:29 Shane Decided to Start Touorpreneur 10:48 The "Glenn the Geek" Strategy with Events 15:26 Take Advantage of the Extra Time COVID Created 17:50 Choosing Sponsors 19:34 Join the School of Podcasting 20:32 Going for the Win, Win, Win 22:44 Starting a Daily Email 24:37 Dealing with being a "Thought Leader" 26:58 Advice on Interviews 28:55 Dealing with a Boring Guest 30:37 Shane's hobby Podcast Spybrary 32:34 How Long Did it Take to Monetize 33:31 Getting Proof of Concept 35:09 Why he Stayed Niche 36:10 Don't Undersell Yourself 37:19 How He Came Up With Prices 38:47 Tips on Running a Community 41:00 Policing Your Group 42:28 Shane's First Podcast 44:34 Shane the Shock jock 45:43 Shiny Object Syndrome 47:30 What HASN'T Worked? 49:26 Final Advice for the "Wanna Be" podcaster Connect with Shane Whaley Tourpreneur Podcast Spybrary Podcast East Germany Podcast Ready To Start Your Podcast? If you're worried about sounding bad, planning your podcast, buying the wrong equipment, and being lost in a sea of tech, DON'T. Join the school of podcasting and get access to: A private Facebook Group for Networking Step by Step Tutorials Live Group Coaching Priority Access to Dave.  Join today at
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