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Established in 2005 if you want to learn about podcasting this is the show for you. It's been described by many as the most entertaining and unique of all the "Podcast About Podcasting." Dave Jackson gets to the point and talks about podcasting. We discuss ways to plan a successful launch that will get you ranking high in iTunes, finding the best gear on a budget, developing content that leaves people wanting more. He has been helping people understand technology and has been called "The Analogy King." His style is "edutainment" and you will always walk away with useful knowledge and insights. Dave Jackson is the original, and if you don't like the first episode you hear - give him two more and he'll change your mind.
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There are those that are going to be surprised by today’s content. Why? Because I’m going to admit to making one of the biggest mistakes (if not THE biggest mistake) you can make in podcasting. This deals with your podcast feed. When you learn to shave, you have to learn how to hold the razor properly.  The Radio Analogy Let’s start with some analogies. Radio is broadcasted on a frequency. That frequency is then deciphered by a radio receiver, which turns it into music.  Podcasting is syndicated via your feed and is deciphered via an app. So you had DJ to Frequency to Radio. Now you have podcasters to feed to app. In radio, you had to make sure your radio tower was always operational. If the tower had an issue, you were no longer broadcasting, and your station went dead. With podcasting everything, I mean EVERYTHING is tied to your feed. Guard it with your life.  Change of Address Forms The other analogy I want to bring here is the change of address form. I’m going to be moving later this year, and when I am finished set up,at my apartment, I’m going to fill out a change of address form with the US Post office that says,”Any mail going to Dave Jackson at his apartment should now be delivered to his house.”  Here is the problem you want to avoid.  What if your favorite pizza place was at 123 Main Street, and they moved. They had no website, and when you dialed their phone number it said it was disconnected. You LOVED their food, but you had no idea where to get it.  If a radio station moved from 98.7 to 100.2 and didn’t let their audience know, you would have to scan the dial searching for your favorite station.  When you move from one feed to another without doing a 301 redirect you strand your audience who is still looking at your old (dead) feed.  How Did This Happen? So how did the guy who warns everyone to be careful when dealing with feeds shoot himself in the foot?  I did this late at night (post-midnight right before I was heading to bed). Looking back we always have 20/20 vision, but I’m pretty sure this not when I’m at my sharpest.  You might say I got, "Too comfortable with the knife." What I mean by this is if you do something dangerous over and over, after a while, you get comfortable, confident, and potentially end up cutting yourself. If this had been a client’s account I was working on, I would’ve shut off all distractions, double and tripled checked my steps, and things would’ve been fine. In my case, I knew the procedure, logged in, copied, and pasted and was getting ready to head to bed. I was too comfortable with the knife.  In looking at my stats, it appears I came away with a bruise instead of needing stitches.  I Appeared on the Krisk and Kristine Show You can check out my appearance on episode 48 of the Kris and Kristine show. Link to episode 48. Update on Conferences Podfest is doing and online conference while trying to set a Guinness World Record. I will speak at that event.  Podcast Movement will be in person in 2021 in Nashville, and in 2020 they have moved to an online event.  Ready To Start Your Podcast? Join the School of Podcasting worry-free with our 30-day money-back guarantee. You get access to: A private Facebook mastermind group filled with brilliant podcasters. Step by step tutorials to get you from idea to world domination. Live group coaching several times a month in different times zones.  Go to  
Today we revisit the topic of Impostor Syndrome (something we talked about in episode 627), as you won't believe who has impostor syndrome (the whole, "Why would anyone listen to me???).  We also share what your favorite episode is and why (some pretty amazing answers thanks to all who participated).  Join the School of Podcasting Worry Free Worry about sounding bad or unprofessional? Worried about buying equipment you don't need? Worried you'll make all those common mistakes that podcasters make? Then quit worrying and join the School of Podcasting. You get step by steps tutorials, live group coaching, a private mastermind group, and priority email support. You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee (so you can join worry-free). see Because of My Podcast - I Got to Interview Tony Danza Willam shares the hoops he had to jump through to get Tony Danza on his podcast. Listen to the episode at Garth Brooks and Impostor Syndrome In the docuseries Garth Brooks - The Road I'm On there is a great segment where you learn Garth is the top-selling solo artist of all time, and at the same time is hiding in his hotel room afraid nobody will show up to his concert in central park (they did, almost 1 million people did - making it the largest concert in central park). Nothing you start ends up where you thought it would. (think about that and I believe you'll find it is true). We worry about failure. I'm listening to a book on Audible called Exactly Where To Start by Philip M Jones. He makes a great point about failure and mistakes.  First, understand the difference between a failure and a mistake. A mistake is incorrectly doing something that you knew specifically how you were supposed to do. A failure is trying something you've not tried before, and it working out differently than you hoped for. Seeing these differences instantly empowers a difference in your acceptance between the two and possibly helps you become more excited about your future failures.  - Philip M Jones Exactly Where to Start Get the Audio Book For Free  Take a second and list all of the hard things (or things you perceived as hard at the time) that you have accomplished. You've done more than you think.  What Is Your Favorite Episode and Why? While this wasn't planned, I love that many of these episodes involved people trying something new, or stepping out of their comfort zone. Thanks to all who participated: Veronica -Fat Loss Success Stories Anthony -Route 66 Podcast Dan  Based on a True Story Arnie  The Football History Dude Dave - Dealing With My Grief Curtis -Retrozest Podcast York - Poetic Scott Amazing Maine Podcast Bill Monroe - Stroke Cast Matt - The Author Inside You Dave - The School of Podcasting  August Question of the Month With so many people answering this month's question who have been doing this a while, How do you keep going? (or why haven't you quit)? For those who have NOT started a podcast yet, What is holding you back? Go to to answer before August 28th, 2020. Mentioned In This Episode Overcoming Impostor Syndrome Exactly Where To Start- Book/Audio Book August Question of the Month Work With My - Podcast Consulting Free Audible Book Overcoming Impostor Syndrome   Table of Contents 00:56 Because of My Podcast -  03:20 Join the School of Podcasting Worry Free 04:21 You Won't Believe Who Has impostor Syndrome 10:09 Overcoming Impostor Syndrome 13:05 Mistakes vs Failure 15:39 What is your favorite episode of your podcast 40:26 August Question of the Month 43:00 44:09 What is coming 45:13 Bloopers
Glenn "The Geek" Hebert and Jamie Jennings have been doing a ninety-minute daily show Horses in the Morning since 2010. If you listened to the show 24 hours a day it would take you 150 days to listen to all the episodes. That is a HUGE amount of work along with finding sponsors, booking over 6000 guests, facilitating contents and more. Today they share their secrets to longevity while keeping their sanity. Horses in the Morning is part of the Horse Radio Network. Quick Housekeeping 01:07 Answers for the Question of the Month 01:30 Vote For School of Podcasting at Surviving and Thriving After 2500 Episodes 06:54 How Did You Find Each Other 08:01 Shaping the Concept 10:54 What have you tried that didn't work? 12:29 6000 Guests Over the Years 16:10 Radio vs Podcasting 18:16 Handing Bad Days 20:43 How do you keep finding new content? 24:25 Because of My Podcast Story 25:58 Interacting With Patons 28:19 How Have You Gone This Long and Stayed Sane? 33:43 Glenn Knows Where the Episode is Going 34:41 Bring Your Passion 35:38 Don't Quit on a Bad Day 37:11 Tips for Wanna Be Podcasters 41:25 Bloopers Main Take-Aways Glenn and Jamie only promote products that they would use. Consequently, 98.5% of their listeners buy those products.  They use the Patreon account to allow their listeners to get closer (and appear) on the show.  They put hours into show prep and know exactly where the show is going.  They keep trying new things to keep the show fresh.  Some of their best segments "just happened." They never talk except on the show so they don't have to recreate conversations in their episodes. Question of the Month What is your favorite episode of your podcast and why? Answer by 7/24/20 at Ready to Start Your Podcast? Join the School of Podcasting worry-free with a 30-day money-back guarantee and get access to step by step tutorials, live group coaching, and a private Facebook group filled with brilliant podcasting minds. You also get direct access to Hall of Fame podcaster, Dave Jackson via priority email support and when needed video conferencing. Join today at Need Some Honest Feedback on Your Show? Get your show reviewed by 30-year radio veteran Erik K Johnson, and 15-year podcasting veteran Dave Jackson in addition to getting exposure on the Podcast Review Show. We go over every inch of your podcast, your website, your goals, and make sure they are in alignment with your content to deliver maximum results. Get reviewed today.
I've been asked this questions in a few interviews. As there are no rules and you can do anything you want in a podcast, are there are any Podcasting Best Practices? Well as we all see podcasting through many different lenses I thought I would share my opinion on the best practices. Have a Topic You Are Passionate About, as in REALLY Passionate about.  Next week you will hear Jamie from Horses in the morning talk about her L O V E of horses. In the past I have said you need the passion that a sixteen year old boy has for getting his driver's license. WHY: Because when you first start out, it will be awkward, and you will still be getting comfortable behind the mic. You will have next to no audience and it is soul crushing to put that much work into something and have next to nobody listen to it. When you have that passion, you will talk about it even if nobody is listening.  Know Your Target Audience I know, "But Dave you just said I don't have an audience." I know, but who is the person that should love this content. Also, I don't mean "34-48 year old Women. That is identify who they are. I mean KNOW THEM. Go hang out with them, and find out what makes them tick.  WHY: One of the biggest fears is sounding stupid. How do you avoid this? By knowing what your audience needs (we cover this in the planning your content course, as well as "Content is King" course).  Know WHY You're Podcasting Every podcaster says "It takes more time than I thought" when you start a podcast (for the record it takes more time than you thought for many things if you think about it). Starting a podcast is easy. Start is GOOD podcast can tricky. You've identified who your audience is, and what your topic is, but the why can help shape the content. If you're trying to keep your brand in front of your potential customer you might do three five minute podcasts a week. If you want to be seen as an expert, maybe you do a weekly 20-minute show where you answer a question. If you're trying to grow your network, maybe you do interviews with other people in your field.  WHY: When you start to achieve your goal, it puts gas in your tank. If you are NOT achieving your goal you know you need to adjust the content or turn up the marketing.  Get The Best Equipment You Can Afford I typically say you can sound pretty good for the price of an Xbox (about $300). By the time you get a microphone and some sort of interface, etc. You're looking between $70-$300 depending on how many co-hosts you have, etc.  WHY: Look at the top 200 shows in Apple and see how many were recorded using their phone (although you can make "OK" recording with your phone when used correctly).  Have A General Idea Of How a Podcast Works I've been driving since I was 16. While I don't know enough about my car to work on it. I do know enough to do some basic troubleshooting.  WHY: By understanding the mechanics of a podcast you can avoid a lot of unnecessary panic when your episode doesn't appear in an app a few minutes after you press publish.  It's YOUR Show Aisha Tyler said at Podcast Movement one of the biggest reason she loved her podcast was because it was HERS. Don't interview people if you're not sure they are a good fit. If you don't want to talk about a topic, don't. If you do want to talk about a topic - do. It's your show.  Make Yourself Available Everywhere I talked about this in the episode about growing your downloads, WHY: A boss walks into the board room and says, "I just heard this (insert name) podcast on the way in it was great. Everyone pulls out their phone but some people subscribe on Apple, Google, Spotify, Overcast, Stitcher, etc.  Don't Pick a Release Date Until Your In All the Apps I had this happen to me. My new show Grow Your Community was in Apple, but NOT in Overcast (even though Overcast pulls from Apple). In the same way that bands in the 80's wouldn't pick a date for their CD release party until they had the CD in their hand, don't pick your "Launch" date until your show is available to SUBSCRIBE.  Be Appropriate but also you might consider if you're going to swear or not in your show. When you do you get pulled from India and other countries. I actually listened to the "Losing 100 Pounds" podcast and the host dropped an F-bomb in the first 15 seconds. This was followed by a flurry of other no safe for kids type of language. About 20 minutes she finally mentioned that she curses like a sailor and if you don't like that you should tune out. I'm no prude, but she sounded like a 13-year-old out behind the barn seeing how many swear words she could work into a sentence.  Again, it's HER show she can do whatever she wants. There were MANY 1 star reviews that just said the swearing was over the top.  Edit Your Podcast There are editors for newspapers, magazines, books, TV, movies, but you are the person on the planet that everything that comes out of your mouth is perfect. Really? Radio people can not believe people who choose to "keep it real" and just publish as-is. You have the opportunity to make yourself (your guest) sound better. If nothing else, edit one or two episodes, and if you hate it, pay someone to edit it for you. By editing a few episodes you will be willing to pay someone as it is time-consuming and you will appreciate the job they do. Get Honest Feedback I get it. It's your art. You worked hard on it. You might be afraid to get some feedback. Some really are looking for agreement on everything they've done when they ask for feedback. They don't want to change (cause as we mentioned, when you first start it takes time). However, feedback can steer your podcast in the right direction so you can help achieve your goal. Last week I talked about how I got feedback on my music and most people didn't like it. It didn't crush me. I listened to their reasons, saw their point, and changed my music.  I listened to a podcast today where a school had launched a podcast, got some feedback, and then changed the name, changed the intro, changed the artwork and got amazing results.  Be Consistent Pick a schedule and stick with it. Also, be consistent in quality. If you go to a McDonald's in one town and have a hamburger, fly across the country and have another one they taste the same. Sure it's unhealthy, but the taste is consistent.  Don't Use Unlicensed Music No, you can't play Taylor Swift. Nope. But what about?? No. No. No. No. What about 10 seconds? No. they are cracking down on this HARD right now.  You Only Need ONE Episode To Launch Your first recording will not be as good as your second. Consequently don't release everything you record. Some people think you record 10 episodes and release them at once so people can really connect with you. WHY: Rob Walch VP at (the oldest, largest media host) said at a conference in Australia (online) that people lack any feedback. If someone gets feedback on episode three but has seven more episodes recorded and set to publish, the listener has to wait for eight episodes to hear any changes based on their feedback.  Focus On Your Audience  and Don't Compare Yourself To Others We talked about knowing your audience, now that you know what they want your show is about THEM, and your WHY. Don't get distracted by what other people are doing, how much money they are making, focus on your audience. If you find yourself thinking about a similar show and it upsets you, drop it and focus on your audience. Get Your Attitude in Check Podcasting is a LONG game. It is a marathon not a sprint (years not months). Also remember, you don't have to make money with your podcast. Be Open To New Experiences We mentioned being open to feedback, but also open to partnering with other podcasts, trying new segments, trying new marketing strategies. If your show isn't giving you what you want, then try something new. Have A Website and Control Your Show You control our website. If the latest social network gets canceled, people will know to find you on our website. Never let a media host (Anchor) submit your show "for you" to directories so that you maintain control of your show.  Google Wants Good Content Google wants to deliver great search results to its customers so give it something people will find valuable. Have a good description with enough words (at least 300) to attack Google. While you want to pay attention to keywords, you also want to be appropriate. Use headings to breaking up long posts.  It's All About Subscribers We mentioned "being everywhere" but that doesn't help if you make it hard (find me in Apple) to subscribe to your show. Have buttons on your site to share your show and subscribe.  Promote Your Show Use social media and any other tools that will help you get your podcast in front of your target audience.  WHY: There are over one million podcasts in Apple podcasts. If you think Apple will make you famous, then you should be famous from being in the phone book.  Pay Attention to Your Media Host In general, the media hosts I recommend have some sort of podcast to keep you informed of updates to their technology and news to what is going on in the podcasting space.  If You're Looking to Monetize - Start an Email List While social media may be all the buzz, when it comes to getting people to click on something, hands down Sendfox email is better. I use.  Also, if you're looking to monetize, selling your own product is the best way, but most podcasters who are looking to monetize have multiple streams of income.  Final Thoughts If you can't seem to pull the trigger, you are probably overthinking it.  When in doubt, ask your audience.  Ready To Start You Podcast? Get access to step by step tutorials A private networking group filled with other podcasters Live group coaching.  Check it out at Mentioned in This Episode Horse Radio Network Question of the Month Dave's Patreon Goup
I hear so many podcasts that do interviews and they start their podcast by pulling a clip from the interview. Today we talk about why this may not be the best strategy. The interview snippet should build anticipation Piques the curiosity and makes them want to know more Some people pull clips that make people go WHAT WAS THAT? Many times these clips are long (I wouldn't make then any long than 10-15 seconds if not shorter) and just leave the listener confused.  ROLL THE CLIP If you think about it movies use trailers to motivate people to come see the movie. They also send the starts on talks shows who often have a clip of the show. When the hosts ask, "Does this need setup?" the answer is almost always yes. Some back story is needed to have the clip make sense. In some cases podcasters are creating a clip, placing it at the very beginning of the episode and there is no "setup" and the clip leads to confusion.  SPONSOR: Start Your Podcast Worry-Free at the School of Podcasting You're worried you'll sound stupid. You won't as I show you how to know exactly what your audience wants. You're worried about the technology? Don't be as I have step by step tutorials to walk you through the whole podcasting process. Need some help along the way? I do live group coaching multiple times per month, you have priority email support, and a private Facebook group filled with brilliant podcasting minds. You also have a 30-day money-back guarantee so if you're not happy you can get your money back.  Go to Mentioned In This Episode Start your podcast worry-free at New Media Show With Adam Curry No Agenda Show Kim from  Kim from  Come to the table podcast Podcast Rodeo Show (get the beginning of your show reviewed). Podcast Review Show - Full Review Grow Your Community - Coming Soon
Today we hear stories of different people who have had doors open due to their podcast. Your podcast typically is not a business. It is a business card. Your podcast can be used to network with other people and companies, help you get employment, and help secure opportunities. Mentioned in This Episode Joe Rogan and he was interviewing John Stewart  Emly Prokop from the Story Behind Podcast getting a book deal Moxie LaBouche of the Your Brain on Facts got a Book Deal  My book comes out in August Profit From Your Podcast David Hooper got a radio show when he mentioned he could turn it in a podcast. Music Business Radio ( a program he still does and produces as a podcast along with Big Podcast, and Red Podcast). Dave shares this story as part of the bonus content for the audio version of this book BIG PODCAST. Audiolympics Podcast Talent Coach Erik's episode on Partnerships Podcast Review Show SPONSOR: FOCUSRITE Check out the interface selector tool that helps you pick the right model for you at their website. Ready to Start Your Podcast? You can join the School of Podcasting on a Monthly, Yearly, or a Three-Month Mentoring Program. If you need feedback on your show sign up for a Podcast Review Join worry-free as there is a 30-day MOney-back Guarantee. Full show notes at
If you hate WordPress but want something a little more powerful than the built-in website that comes with your media host then you might want to check out Podpage. Today I interview the create Brenden Mulligan Learn Podpage for Free Sign up at Want to play with it for free? Check out Question of the Month: Who Is Your Dream Guest? 03:10 Scott Johnson 05:15 Jim Collison 06:04 Jill and Chris 07:30 Kris and Kristine 10:03 Dave Jackson Profit From Your Podcast Now Available for Pre-Order Dave's new book "Profit from Your Podcast" is now available for Pre-Order. He is looking to get as much word out about it as possible. If you think I'd be a good guest for your show, I'd love to be on your show and help promote my appearance.  Sponsor: Focusrite * Scarlett, now in its 3rd Generation, is the world’s best-selling USB interface range with over 3 million units sold worldwide * Choose from 6 different interfaces with 1, 4, or 8 microphone inputs depending on the number of hosts and guests on your show * Superior sound quality makes sure you sound your best * Works with the recording software you’re already using * Works with any type of XLR microphone * Loopback on select units allows you to record Skype or Zoom calls directly into your recording software with no workarounds * New unique Air feature adds brightness and presence to your voice Check out the interface selector tool that helps you pick the right model for you at their website.
I've been holding "podcast happy hours" during the pandemic. This is a place when some of us just wanted to talk to someone besides the cat. In one of those sessions, Scott Johnson from What Was That Like? shared how he ad success swapping episodes with another similar podcast. This got me thinking about strategies to grow your audience. This episode is sponsored by Focusrite Mentioned in This Episode What Was That Like? Podcast Horse Radio Network episode 677 - All about doing interviews and being interviewed All the episodes featuring Glenn the Geek TeePublic - for Shirts Sticker Mule for Stickers Mangools - Keyword Tools Social Warfare plugin. - Cool Email Signatures Erik's Audience Amplification Course Start Your Podcast Today Go to Full show notes at
As a Marine Biologist, Andrew Lewin from Speak Up for the Ocean Blue podcast (available in directories like Apple, and Google) just wanted to talk about treating the ocean better and keeping it safe. That was less than 10 years ago, now he's a key figure at Ocean Related events, and is becoming THE podcast about ocean conservation. Today we will hear parts of Andrew's story. SPONSOR: FOCUSRITE * Scarlett, now in its 3rd Generation, is the world’s best-selling USB interface range with over 3 million units sold worldwide * Choose from 6 different interfaces with 1, 4, or 8 microphone inputs depending on the number of hosts and guests on your show * Superior sound quality makes sure you sound your best * Works with the recording software you’re already using * Works with any type of XLR microphone * Loopback on select units allows you to record Skype or Zoom calls directly into your recording software with no workarounds * New unique Air feature adds brightness and presence to your voice Check out the interface selector tool that helps you pick the right model for you at their website. Start Your Podcast Today Go to Andrew Lewin Opens Doors With His Podcast 03:12 When did you get the podcast bug? 03:56 When did he start his podcast? 05:40 What kept him going when he first started his podcast? 07:08 Why he didn't tell anyone he was podcasting? 08:25 Andrew gets invited to a conference. 10:50 Andrew was worried about negative feedback. 12:56 Andrew's relationship with Duke University. 14:02 Are these conferences for his job? 17:47 Changing your publishing schedule, what did your audience think? 20:27 Work-Life Balance? 21:38 Did his audience comment on his schedule changes? 23:10 How does his day job feel about his podcast? 24:24 The Toronto Zoo Podcast opportunity. 25:06 TV Show opportunity. 26:19 How do you promote your show? 29:10 Advice for new podcasters Andrew has even begun helping people podcasts on his own site Dave is Speaking This Weekend 35:15 I'll be speaking at and the Utah Podcast Summit.  Question of the Month 37:04 Who would you like to have on your show and why? Be sure to tell us about your show and your website at Homework For White People 37:51 If you are not a person of color please, its time to get educated. Watch the documentary called The 13th on Youtube. Listen to "Seeing White." You will be amazed at what you learn. Corrupt politicians have not gone away at the local, state, and federal governments. We need to pay attention and vote them out. Rent the movie Slay the Dragon an Amazon. We need to vote these corrupt people out of office who don't do what we want. We need serious prison and justice reform in this country.   
My last episode had a typo, and a mistake in the audio ( I said the deadline for June's question of the month was in February). Today we're going to talk about how to fix things when you make a mistake in your podcast. SPONSOR: Focusrite * Scarlett, now in its 3rd Generation, is the world’s best-selling USB interface range with over 3 million units sold worldwide * Choose from 6 different interfaces with 1, 4, or 8 microphone inputs depending on the number of hosts and guests on your show * Superior sound quality makes sure you sound your best * Works with the recording software you’re already using * Works with any type of XLR microphone * Loopback on select units allows you to record Skype or Zoom calls directly into your recording software with no workarounds * New unique Air feature adds brightness and presence to your voice Check out the interface selector tool that helps you pick the right model for you at their website. How to Fix a Mistake In Your Podcast You publish an episode, and you're listening back to it in Apple Podcasts and then OH NO! You hear a mistake. What do you do? Go back to the software you used to create the file and fix the mistake (re-record, eliminate silence, whatever the mistake was). Then export the file using the exact same file name as the original. Then replace the file on your media host (video below). How to Fix A Typo in Your Podcast Show Notes To fix a typo go to whatever tool you use to create your feed and remove the typo and save your changes. It will take up to 24 hours for the update to appear in the Apps. What Happens if You Upload a Repaired Episode with a Different File Name? If you upload your new "updated" file with a different file name, it will take up to 24 hours for Apple (and other apps) to update to see the new file (which means it won't work in the app). Learn from Your Mistakes Once you fix your mistake, don't just move on. Take a second and assess why this happened? Is there anything you can do to avoid this in the future. I always listen to the episode (speeded up) before publishing it. Every time I don't - those are the episodes with the issues. Do you have too much on your plate? Are you trying to hit a self-inflicted deadline that may not be super important to your audience? We all make mistakes, but smart people learn from their mistakes. REALLY SMART people learn from other people's mistakes. Because of My Podcast - I Got to Meet Gary V 23:05 I've said in the past your podcast is not your business, but it can be your business card. Today Mike Simmons from Just Start Real Estate podcast explains how his podcast lead to him meeting Gary Vaynerchuck. If you have a "Because of my podcast " story, I'd love to hear it. Question of the Month 25:11 What guest would you LOVE to get on your show? (and Why). Go to to answer by June 26th. Don't forget to mention your show, and where we can find it (website). The Truth About Transcripts 25:43 I've been saying that Transcripts are not the best solution for "show notes" as we don't talk like we write and we don't write like we talk. Yet some people preach how "more words equals more visitors." I was listening to the Marketing School show and Neil Patel (a SERIOUS SEO GURU) and Eric Siu (Major Marketer) explained how they paid to have really good transcriptions and it didn't do anything for their show. It's better to take the transcripts and work them into a blog. ID3 TAGS and SEO? 27:23 ID3 tags are stored inside your mp3 file. People keep obsessing over them and the reason I've heard is they feel it affects their SEO. While apps are transcribing the content of the show for better search, to the best of my knowledge they are not looking at ID3 tags. ID3 tags are only used if someone pulls a file out of the feed (for example they download your episode off your website and listen on their computer. ID3 tags used to have a much more significant place in podcasting, but this has diminished over the years. However, I still add ID3 tags to my files as it takes all of 10 seconds. My Take on Joe Rogan Joe Rogan got $100 Million. Good for Joe? Joe is a content creator, and technically he's not a podcaster anymore (but the audience thinks he is...) The big takeaway is Joe proved that GOOD content is valuable. Ready to Start Your Podcast? Go to Join worry-free with a 30-day money-back guarantee
Question of the Month: Focus Groups 01:43 Currently, I'm obsessed with focus groups. Why? Because every time I hear someone talking about growing their audience the absolute last thing they mention is their content. So I asked my audience if they had ever used a focus group and Max from Aviation News Talk and Sharon from All God's Women both share how they had got some feedback and both feel they would benefit from it. Recently I did some market research that had me way out of my comfort zone but the information I received was worth the discomfort. 02:26 Max from Aviation News Talk 04:34 Sharon From All God's Women 06:02 We All Benefit from Constructive Feedback Facebook Vs Mighty Networks On a previous episode, the hosts of the Wealth Without Wall Street were interviewed and mentioned how they had grown their overall revenue by 300%. One of its key ingredients was a Mighty Network. When I looked into this tool, I found it to be the swiss army knife of building communities (and if you want it - revenue). With Facebook losing 15 million in the last two years source and trust getting lower and lower why not move a separate mobile-friendly location where YOU are in control of your community. Jessica Shamora is the Head of Brand and Growth at Mighty Networks and came to answer my questions: Jessica Shambora and talk about Mighty Networks and how you can use them to build community. We talk about why a Mighty Network is better than Facebook and more (see chapter markers for more details). Check out Mighty Networks   Get Some Feedback on Your Show Two experts with over 40 years of combined experience go over your podcast, your website, your goals, and help promote your show. Go to: June Question of the Month 47:16 This month's question is "Who would be your #1 guest you want on your show?" I need your answer by June 26th. Go to Start Your Podcast Today Join the School of Podcasting Step by step tutorials Live group coaching (get your questions asked) Private Facebook filled with other brilliant podcasting minds Priority email support with private instructional videos (ask a question expect a video answer) 30-day money-back Guarantee Go to
While many podcasters create content as a hobby, today we talk with Daryl Grove (who along with his cohost Taylor Rockwell) create the Toal Soccer Show. Today we talk with Daryl to go over how they make their show, how they interact with their audience, and how they developed the relationships with advertisers and their private membership. 01:35 Why is This Good? I came across the trailer of the show Once upon a Gene and was floored by the emotions that bubbled up to the service. It makes you laugh, cry, and think. The vulnerability of the host sharing her thoughts sucks you in. Her courage to share her disappointments, I found it amazing. Check out the show at  Also, Effie was on the latest episode of the Podcast Roundtable  07:16 Introduction to Daryl Grove Delivering Content You Can't Get Any Place Else to a Niche Audience 09:03 Interview with Daryl Grove Sponsor: Before you go promoting your show, shouldn't you get some honest feedback on what is and what is not working with your show? When you order a podcast review you get TWO consultants with over 40 years of combined experience in radio and podcasting. We look at your episodes, audio quality, the flow of content, alignment fo content with your goals, your website, and more. You also appear on the Podcast Review show (for added exposure). Get reviewed today at 42:33 Question of the Month 44:09Free "Ohio" Webinar Tonight at  7 PM ET 45:18 Your Podcast Website Webinar Mentioned in This Episode  - Once upon a Gene Podcast Roundtable  Moonclerk Subscriptions Podcast Review Show The School of Podcasting Total Soccer Show Free "Ohio" Webinar Tonight at  7 PM ET  Your Podcast Website Webinar
You hear alot about LinkedIn (and other social networks) and you may be wondering, should I be using LinkedIn to help grow my podcast? Today I talk with LinkedIn Guru Karen Yankovich who is also a podcaster. If you're new to LinkedIn here are some fun facts: LinkedIn started on May 5, 2003 LinkedIn has 332 million members 2 new users join every second 42 million unique mobile visitors per month. This stat is up from 29 million a year before (This is a 45% increase in just 12 months ) 107 million users are in the USA alone The average time a user spends on LinkedIn is 17 minutes per month 25 million LinkedIn profiles are viewed every day One in three professionals on the planet are on LinkedIn You can increase your LinkedIn views by 11 times by including a photo 41% of users visit Linkedin via mobile 56% of members are male 44% of members are female 30,000 long-form posts are published on Linkedin every week 13% of LinkedIn users don’t have a Facebook account 59% of Linkedin users don’t visit Twitter LinkedIn users spend 26% of their time on LinkedIn using the mobile app  source Interview With Karen Yankovich Karen built her multiple 6-figure businesses by learning how to blend high-touch relationship-based marketing with practical business online savvy, and she brings that success to her clients as well. Her mission is to empower entrepreneurs to build highly profitable businesses doing what they love, all while making an impact. Connect with Karen on LinkedIn Check out her Good Girls Get Rich Podcast Check out her free training at 07:04 Karen Yankovich Interview 08:00 Facebook vs LinkedIn - The Difference? 09:00 Connect or Not Connect with Everyone? 11:01 Top LinkedIn Mistakes 13:24 What Can Podcasters Use LinkedIn For? 15:00 Your LinkedIn Profile 16:55 Articles Vs Posts 18:13 LinkedIn Sales Navigator 20:52 What Does LinkedIn Mean By Active? 21:25 How much time does it take to see results? 25:03 Who is Your Audience? 26:30 The benefits of clarity 28:35 What was the thing that stopped you from publishing? 29:19 Best Feedback from your podcast 30:18 Best LinkedIn Story 32:30 What Does Karen Offer? 38:03 Question of the Month My Main Takeaways Here again, we hear how Karen has a clear idea of WHO she is talking to and trying to reach.  LinkedIn is not magic, but it helps you build relationships. Relationships can be magic Don't just contact people and connect to make your numbers grow. You should have a plan. Start a conversation.  Do your homework and know who you are contacting so that first impression is a little warmer.  Get Some Honest Feedback on Your Podcast Dave Jackson (15 years in podcasting) and Erik K. Johnson (30 Years in radio) will listen to your show, listen to the goals of your show, evaluated your website, audio quality, flow on content and let you know what you're doing right (so you can do more of that) and give you tips on how you can "polish" some parts of your podcast.  For more information see  Check out previous shows in Apple and Google We Are Podcast Online Event Question of the Month I'm becoming obsessed with focus groups thanks to watching the TV Show The Profit on CNBC. I see people who are starting to market their show (or wonder why it may not be growing as fast as they want) and it always appears there has been a lack of honest feedback from people you feed would enjoy your show (your target audience). For May the question is again somewhat open-ended. The topic? Focus groups. Did you assemble any feedback? Would you be interested in getting feedback on your show? If you were to start one, do you have any ideas or insights? Send in your answer by May 22nd, 2020 at be sure to mention your podcast and website.  Dave's Podcast Half Time Newsletter Get insights into new tools, podcast news and more (unsubscribe any time) See Ready to Start Your Podcast? Check out
Last year I met Brent Besham and She Podcast Live and hear about Poddit.  In this interview, you'll learn what Poddit is, and how you can use it.  Full show notes at Time Table 03:03 Poddit Interview - Brent Basham 14:43 A Guest Questionnaire 22:11 What Podcasters Can Learn From Michael Jordan 24:22 Focus Groups Tips 27:47 Website Webinar May 20th 28:13 Descript is Pretty Cool 31:16 SOP Housekeeping What is Poddit? People are using email, they're using Google forms, and we're moving a direction to really try to solve that pain point for podcasters where they can push everything to our platform, use our platform. To coordinate and integrate, like the scheduling and all the different parts of it. It could be the central place for coordination of the interview and all the details and reminders, and there's a lot of things. The Goal of Poddit? Poddit wants to be the best way to connect for your next podcast interview. There's a lot of facets to that on each side of the mic and they are exploring and expanding on both sides.    Poddit Preview Video Click here to watch the Poddit Preview Video Your Podcast Website Webinar This free webinar will cover what you can do on your website, best practices, and some new tools you can use to create a great looking, highly functional website.  Go to Question of the Month  Did you use any kind of focus group for your podcast? If you did what did you learn, if not why not?  I need your answers by May 22nd, 2020. Be sure to mention your podcast and website (slowly)  see Mentioned In This Episode Text Expander The Ultimate Guide to Doing and Being Interviewed Other Resources For Finding Guests from Interview with Andrew from School of Podcasting Poddit Page Start Your Podcast Join worry-free with a 30-day money-back guarantee go to
Because of My Podcast Kevin from the AP Professor Check out Kevin's book "Pandemic Tracking: A survival Guide for College Faculty." Check out Kevin on the Podcast Review Show Contributors Arnie Chapman _ Football History Dude Joan Wheeler - Culture Rich Podcast Darwyn Dave - Dealing with My Grief David Oliver Kling Sacramental Whine, and Midgard Interactive Kris from Kris and Kristine Clay Groves From Fish Nerds Zoe and Sammy From the Daily Chicken Podcast York From Poetic Earthlings  Dennis Trumpy - Sleep To Healthy Stephen Indrisano - Stephen King Boo! Club Kim Newlove - The Pharmacists Voice Timothy Kimo Brien - Create Art & Podwrecked Mike Thomas - Innopsis Podcast Links to All Items at the Website Time Table 00:43 Because of my Podcast 05:09 What Do You Use to Make Your Podcast 06:07 Arnie Chapman Football History Dude 08:30 Joan Wheeler Culture Rich Podcast 12:09 Darwyn Dave Delling with My Grief 16:37 Dave - Sacimental Whine - MidGaurd Interactive 18:37 Kris - Kris and Kristine Show 21:04 Clay Groves - Fish Nerds 23:44 Zoe & Sammy The Daily Chicken 25:06 York - Poetic Earthlings 26:10 Dennis Trumpy - Sleep to Healthy 28:05 Steven Indrisano - Steven King Boo! Club 32:59 Kim Newlove - The Pharmacists Voice 39:46 Tim From Create Art 42:55 Mike Thomas - Innopsis Podcasts 46:19 Dave - School of Podcasting 50:41 May Question of the Month Become a Paton
Podcasting Goes Over 1 Million Active Podcasts According to the Site My Podcast Reviews, there are now over 1 million active podcasts. They define “active” as any podcast that has published at least one episode in the last 90 days, and “inactive” as any podcast that has not published any episode in that same time." So what does this mean? Podcasting is not a fad Podcasting works Podcasting is continuing to grow Does this mean you are too late. NO! Really podcasting is just getting warmed up. There is still 30% percent of the US that hasn't listened to a podcast yet. Wealth Without Walstreet's Russ and Joey Discuss How Podcasting Boosted Their Business Today we are joined by Russ Morgan and Joey Mure from Wealth Without Wallstreet. This interview was done during a pandemic, children were home from school so my guests Joey and Russ retreated to their closet and to their car to find a quiet place. You have to use what is available and if that is a phone line- that's what you use. This had some great takeaways 07:27 Starting with no real plan 08:44 The Original Community 10:14 Community Tools (Mighty Networks) 11:26 Podcasting Enhanced Their Services 13:03 Behind the Scenes of the Community 16:10 How their business has changed 17:58 Their Prospects are Better Educated 19:39 How do you know your podcast is good? 22:15 How Do They Choose Their Topics 25:57 Because of My Podcast 29:31 Things That Didn't Work 34:32 Special Deal from Russ and Joey 38:06 Question of the Month Reminder 39:31 Ready To Start You Podcast? 44:04 Bloopers I love that they built a place for their community to find out what they needed (using Might Networks) and they invited their guests to do open Q&A and invited them into their community. You can join their community and take charge of your finances by going to Podcast Quick Launch Back Open As I only allow so many people in the mentoring program at the same time, it was not available for a little while. Those people have gone through the program and it is not available. Click HERE for more information. This Month's Question For April, “What do you use to create your podcast?” This could be hardware, software, business tracking, organizational if you use it in some capacity with the creation of your podcast.” We need your answer by April 24th, 2020. Go to More Detailed Notes at
As a podcast consultant and coach, my biggest struggle is not getting people to pick a name, or artwork, or finding the right gear. Those are all a walk in the park. My hardest part is getting people to start. First I need them to press record, and then I need them (after a few practice runs) to press publish. Then once I get them to publish, you have to be ready to pivot and tweak your podcast unless you think you got it 100% perfect on the very first try.  Today I share stories and insights from Danny Elfman Kevin Smith Jeff Dunham Matthew Dicks Bouncecast Software Review See the video podcast review Podcaster Happy Hour Need a place to come hang out and chill. Looking for a place to come and just have some conversations and relax? Check out Question of the Month What do you use to create your show? Answer at Ready To Start Your Podcast? Start Your Podcast Today Join the School of Podcasting Step by step tutorials Live group coaching (get your questions asked) Private Facebook filled with other brilliant podcasting minds Priority email support with private instructional videos (ask a question expect a video answer) 30-day money-back Guarantee Start your podcast today. Click Here Mentioned in this Episode What was that like podcast with William Hung? Storyworthy Book Speak Up Story Telling Podcast Jeff Dunham on WTF Kevin Smith Interview Danny Elfman Masterclass The Podcaster Attitude – Your Biggest Tool For Success Juggling the Podcaster Attitude Overcoming with Imposter Syndrome
The Train Wreck That is the Tiger King is in the Top 10 of Netflix After the fourth person had asked me if I had watched the Tiger King on Netflix I decided to give it a try. It's not good. I got about halfway through and only watched the second half looking for closure. It's bad people behaving badly. I was on a Zoom call with my family and my brother had not seen it yet, and as he put it "everybody is talking about it." The whole family said the same thing, "it's awful, its a waste of time." I'm pretty sure he's going to start watching it. Why? Well here are some things podcasters can gleam from Joe Exotic (i.e. The "Tiger King"). Table of Contents: 01:27 I'm in Facebook Jail 21:53 Focusrite Studio Makeover 23:17 Misty Phillip from Spark Christian Podcast Conference 37:23 Podcast Rodeo Show Promo 39:00 Consulting with Dave 39:45 Danny Pena Connects with His Audience 42:19 Question of the Month Promo 43:08 Get On the Podcast 44:32 Bloopers Joe Exoctic is Unique Joe lives in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma. Even by "Florida Man" (home of bizarre behavior) standards Joe Exotic is very unique. I'm going to kind of spoil the show, so if you haven't watched and it and plan on doing so, now is the time to stop reading. Joe is a gun-toting, country music singing, gay, polygamist, Youtuber, who likes to blow things up at his zoo where he has tigers, alligators, and other exotic animals while he manages his campaigns for President and Governor. He is what some people might call "a character." I could go on, but I think I've made my point. Joe Had a Unique Product That Solved a Problem Joe would breed tigers and take the cubs on tours to small where people could pet them and get their picture taken. It's like Santa with claws and teeth. Much like Santa, Joe was taking in the cash because he was providing something you can't get anyplace else. Consequently, he was making some serious cash. Joe Lost Sight of His Audience Joe's arch-nemesis is Carol Baskins who is also "unique" in that her very rich husband disappeared a few years ago making her rich and they never found his body. Carol runs a large cat "Rescue" that looks a lot like a zoo. She has an army of volunteers who work for her. She is basically doing the same thing Joe is (has a large plot of land where people can see large Cats in cages) but Carol has a WHY. Some people become fans of what you do, other people become fans of people because of why they do it. Carol helped Joe's mall tour get shut down. Instead of looking for another solution, another product, or another animal, Joe got distracted. Instead of talking to his audience and asking them what else they might want, he became 100% obsessed with competition. Joe Started To Compare Himself to Others Joe did some things right. He reached out to other large cat owners (who are also living "differently" than most people) and attempted to mimic their success. However, as time goes on you see Joe simply go from hating Carol Baskins, to obsessing over her. His only "TV Show" seemed to be him talking about Carol and what a bad person she was, and how she couldn't bring him down, etc. Joe forgot he was the Tiger King, and became the Carol Baskins King. Comparison is the Thief of Joy The more Joe obsessed over what Carol was up to, the less he focused on his audience. You don't see him looking into adding creating better environments for the cats that might also get the audience closer to the cats. I once lead classes on Microsoft Office to the staff of the Akron Zoo. That is their whole purpose. Making an exhibit that made life enjoyable for the animals while getting the audience as close as possible and keeping both the animal and audience safe. Over the years their audience has grown and their prices have risen as well as you get a great experience and don't have to spend an hour driving to Cleveland. Surround Yourself with Good People The part of the story that tugged at my heart more than the Tigers, was one of Joe's husbands has lost most of his teeth due to a meth problem. He stuck around Joe because Joe bought him guns, trucks, and another thing (and he got to pet large cats). Joe treats his staff horribly, takes them for granted, and creates a revolving door of workers. Things Do Not End Well When you are deprived of joy and become frightened, angry, or any other emotion that is not calm and collected you can make bad decisions. Joe is the king of bad decisions. It turns out that Joe had actually killed some of his older cats, and if you want to watch more disturbing things on Netflix watch Don't F*ck with Cats. Misty Phillip From the Spark Christian Podcast Conference I was honored to speak at the Spark Christian Podcast Conference last year. It was an amazing event, and the mind-boggling part it was thrown together in very little time. In this interview with Misty Phillip (who also has a podcast), she gives some behind the scenes of how she pulled this off. Key points include: She released control to someone who had experience (which is very hard as you only get once chance to make a first impression, and this was the first year of the event). She was amazed at how many people said YES (so if you're afraid to start something - people you think will say no might say YES) She did a Kickstarter to gauge the overall interest which helped her avoid getting in over her head financially She has built a network over the years, and those people will want to support you. Dany Peña Still Connecting With Audience During Pandemic Hall of fame podcaster Danny Peña has been on the show before and is known for a man who is always building and servicing his community at Gamertag Radio. So how do you do that when everyone is ordered to stay indoors (Danny is in New York City)? You use the tools you have like Voicemail, Speakpipe, and Email. In the end, Danny said it's about the connection, not the quality of the content coming in from his listeners. Check ou Danny at I'm in Facebook Jail -How Do I Get Out? I haven't changed the way I've used Facebook in the many years I've used it, but now I'm in Facebook jail. Here is the one of the messages that I put in my own private Facebook that got flagged as Spam ( ) If you know any tips or insights, or any connections to someone at Facebook, I'd love to hear from you. Currently, you can't link to the School of Podcasting on Facebook. Start Your Podcast Today Join the School of Podcasting Step by step tutorials Live group coaching (get your questions asked) Private Facebook filled with other brilliant podcasting minds Priority email support with private instructional videos (ask a question expect a video answer) 30-day money-back Guarantee Start your podcast today. Click Here Mentioned In This Episode Netflix show Tiger King Neflix show Don't F*ck with Cats.
I thought it would be a good idea for Radio Personalities (DJs) to have a podcast. I know that they often lose their jobs due to the consolidation of stations, automation, genre changes, and more. However, I only thought it was a good idea. I didn't know because I only know to podcast, Erik K. Johnson is the Podcast Talent Coach and co-host of The Podcast Review show and he's been in radio 30 years and is a program director for iHeart Media. So I asked Erik for his opinion and he gave me three reasons radio personalities should have a podcast Note: Most of this post was transcribed from the recording, so when you read "We" it's Erik and iHeart (not Erik and myself). Three Reasons Radio DJs Should Have Their Own Podcast Built-in Demo Freedom To Talk About Whatever You Want Develop a Deeper Brand Be sure to read the contract and know what you're signing.  Mentioned in this Episode Thanks to: Arnie from Steve Stewart from Brande Ushio from Table of Contents 1:43 Focusrite Studio Makeover 3:46 Revisit Bad Audio 5:26 Three Reasons Radio Personalities Should Have a Podcast 17:07 Say No to Puke Voice 19:53 Question of the Month   Ready to Start Your Podcast See  
What do people mean when they say "Bad Audio" well I made some. You will hear where some strategies DO create bad audio and others (using your phone may not be horrible).  SPONSOR: Focusrite Focusrite is giving away a $2300 studio makeover. This includes the Scarlett 18i8, a Heil PR40, headphones, Hindenburg software, a deep discount on Squadcast, consulting and more (I wish I could enter). To enter the contest go to Mentioned in this Episode Samson Q2u Childless by Choice Sound Off Podcast Podcast Rodeo Show Start Podcasting Worry Free Join the School of Podcasting and get access to: Step by step tutorials Private Facebook group filled with great podcasting minds Live group coaching sessions  Priority Email support Go to 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee  Table of Contents 01:30 Focusrite Studio Makeover 03:31 Defining what Bad Audio Sounds Like 03:54 Built-in Camera Mic 04:42 Built-in Laptop Mic 05:36 Recording into Voicememo on My iPhone 06:12 Samson Q2U in the Bathroom 07:29 Using Blankets 08:09 Dave in His Closet 09:01 Blue Yeti in the Bathroom 10:34 Blue Yeti under Blankets 11:01 Blue Yeti in the Closet 12:26 Blue Yeti on a Desk 12:55 Q2U in the Closet 14:31 Trying to Clean Bad Audio 16:16 Do Portable Audio Booths Work? 20:15 Noise Gate Example 21:56 EQ Settings to Try 24:59 EQ Examples 26:38 Podcast Rewind 29:44 Some Light Reading 31:30 March Question of the Month 32:02
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