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Established in 2005 if you want to learn about podcasting this is the show for you. It's been described by many as the most entertaining and unique of all the "Podcast About Podcasting." Dave Jackson gets to the point and talks about podcasting. We discuss ways to plan a successful launch that will get you ranking high in iTunes, finding the best gear on a budget, developing content that leaves people wanting more. He has been helping people understand technology and has been called "The Analogy King." His style is "edutainment" and you will always walk away with useful knowledge and insights. Dave Jackson is the original, and if you don't like the first episode you hear - give him two more and he'll change your mind.
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I thought it would be a good idea for Radio Personalities (DJs) to have a podcast. I know that they often lose their jobs due to the consolidation of stations, automation, genre changes, and more. However, I only thought it was a good idea. I didn't know because I only know to podcast, Erik K. Johnson is the Podcast Talent Coach and co-host of The Podcast Review show and he's been in radio 30 years and is a program director for iHeart Media. So I asked Erik for his opinion and he gave me three reasons radio personalities should have a podcast Note: Most of this post was transcribed from the recording, so when you read "We" it's Erik and iHeart (not Erik and myself). Three Reasons Radio DJs Should Have Their Own Podcast Built-in Demo Freedom To Talk About Whatever You Want Develop a Deeper Brand Be sure to read the contract and know what you're signing.  Mentioned in this Episode Thanks to: Arnie from Steve Stewart from Brande Ushio from Table of Contents 1:43 Focusrite Studio Makeover 3:46 Revisit Bad Audio 5:26 Three Reasons Radio Personalities Should Have a Podcast 17:07 Say No to Puke Voice 19:53 Question of the Month   Ready to Start Your Podcast See  
What do people mean when they say "Bad Audio" well I made some. You will hear where some strategies DO create bad audio and others (using your phone may not be horrible).  SPONSOR: Focusrite Focusrite is giving away a $2300 studio makeover. This includes the Scarlett 18i8, a Heil PR40, headphones, Hindenburg software, a deep discount on Squadcast, consulting and more (I wish I could enter). To enter the contest go to Mentioned in this Episode Samson Q2u Childless by Choice Sound Off Podcast Podcast Rodeo Show Start Podcasting Worry Free Join the School of Podcasting and get access to: Step by step tutorials Private Facebook group filled with great podcasting minds Live group coaching sessions  Priority Email support Go to 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee  Table of Contents 01:30 Focusrite Studio Makeover 03:31 Defining what Bad Audio Sounds Like 03:54 Built-in Camera Mic 04:42 Built-in Laptop Mic 05:36 Recording into Voicememo on My iPhone 06:12 Samson Q2U in the Bathroom 07:29 Using Blankets 08:09 Dave in His Closet 09:01 Blue Yeti in the Bathroom 10:34 Blue Yeti under Blankets 11:01 Blue Yeti in the Closet 12:26 Blue Yeti on a Desk 12:55 Q2U in the Closet 14:31 Trying to Clean Bad Audio 16:16 Do Portable Audio Booths Work? 20:15 Noise Gate Example 21:56 EQ Settings to Try 24:59 EQ Examples 26:38 Podcast Rewind 29:44 Some Light Reading 31:30 March Question of the Month 32:02
The Corona Virus Closed My School and I Need a Podcast NOW Across the US (and the world) schools are closed to try to reduce the number of people spreading the Carona Virus. This makes it very hard for teachers who still need to deliver lesson plans. With this in mind, I've made a video that shows you how to turn your lesson plans into a podcast. It's free, and the strategy uses free tools.  Sponsor: Focusrite Focusrite is giving away a $2300 studio makeover. This includes the Scarlett 18i8, a Heil PR40, headphones, Hindenburg software, a deep discount on Squadcast, consulting and more (I wish I could enter). To enter the contest go to Free Video Set Up Your Podcast in 20 Minutes Click HERE to get access to video Wait, am I giving away the School of Podcasting stuff? No. Starting a podcast is easy. Starting a GOOD podcast is not. There is no "define your audience," and "define or why" or "check your band alignment" here, this is simply putting content (that may or may not sound great) on the internet for people to listen. Tips for Working From Home Avoid working in a room with a television. I've got tips on staying focused in a previous episode. In some cases, close the door to "block out" the rest of your home (to avoid distractions). What Does The Caronoavirus Mean For Podcasting? In some cases, your audience may be bored. They may find themselves with "Free time." I believe in one of Michael Hyatt's books he says when situations like this arise look around and say "what does this enable me to do that I normally don't do." Spend more time with your spouse and children. Read a book (or listen to a podcast) Clean your house (that's my plan this weekend) See who can use the smallest amount of squares to wipe their butt. Watch some cooking videos and cook from home. I made a dish last night called "Not Chipotle" that was chicken, rice, lettuce, cheese, and a bit of french salad dressing. Create an online mastermind Jump rope, push-ups, dust off the treadmill. Watch Saturday Night Live (it's still on) (or even better) Go to bed early. Eat all those things in the fridge and freezer that you bought by accident (asparagus! what?). New food is exciting (and often freezer burnt). There is a feature on your phone that if I understand this correctly you can "Call" (Whatever that is ) people and talk to them in real-time. When I was married and things would go left of center, my wife and I would look at each other and say "Well, this is going to be a fun adventure..." Remember where there is a shadow, there is a light. You'll be able to look back and say "I lived through that." Because of My Podcast: Jim Harold has Met a TON of Childhood Heroes Jim Harold has been on this show a few times. He is the man behind the Paranormal Podcast, and recently launch a podcast where he talks to other podcasters called "Podlords." In a recent episode he stated, "You know, I've done different podcasts over the years, some of them have, "caught on," and they are part of my business and I make money on them. There were other shows that haven't caught on as much, but we're just cool to do. Jim did a show called "The Great TV podcast" and it's still available. Jim loves classic  TV ( TV from the 60s and 70s). Jim did the Great TV Podcast and he got to talk to Ed Asner who Mary Tyler Moore Show. He got to talk to Marianne from Gilligan's Island. He got to talk to the late Richard Hatch from Battlestar Galactica. Oher interviews were Donnie Most from happy days ( he played Ralph M). Judy Norton from the Waltons. That is the power of podcasting as Jim put it, "If I had called up Ed as an agent and said, you know, I'd like to talk to Ed Asner for a half-hour about his career. I just think it would be cool. Well, that's not gonna happen. I've got a podcast. He has a new play coming out. Can I talk to him? I certainly know that is the opportunity. The people I've gotten to talk to who I would have never had a chance to get that alone aside from being my job has been a great reward. So, I mean, the opportunity, aside from money is tremendous." Jim has been podcasting since 2005 and podcasts full time at and does the paranormal podcast as well as other paranormal related shows. He also has many books featuring true ghost stories on Question of the Month For March, “If you have a podcast, have you surveyed your audience? If so what did you learn?”If you haven't surveyed your audience, why not? " Please (if you have one) mention the name of your show (be careful not to say it so fast I don't understand you) and your website (again, nice and clear). I need your answer by Match 27, 2020. Go to Audio Technica 2100X vs Samson Q2u Today I test the Audio Technica against a Samson Q2u, and AT2005 USB. I didn't hear much difference. Keep in mind, you can always tweak these with EQ (equalization) in post-production. Check out my Gear guide for more information. New (Better) Affiliate Program For the School of Podcasting If you have people asking about how to make a podcast, you can refer them to the School of Podcasting and get paid if they sign up. You also get paid for every month they stay signed up. For more information go to Mentioned In This Episode Jim Harold Happiness Lab Free "Just Get Me Started" Emergency Podcast Video Start Your Podcast Today Join the School of Podcasting Step by step tutorials Live group coaching (get your questions asked) Private Facebook filled with other brilliant podcasting minds Priority email support with private instructional videos (ask a question expect a video answer) 30-day money-back Guarantee Go to
Today I am recording from Podfest Multimedia Expo 2020 and I capture a conversation with Ronsley Vaz in the hallway after he shares an amazing story about listener loyalty.  Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. When we don't give ourselves credit, this belief limits our success. Focusrite Studio Makeover Focusrite wants to help remove any barriers to your creativity by outfitting your podcast studio with products from some of the best brands in content creation. We’ve partnered with them to award three podcasters with a complete studio makeover valued at over $2300 each and the chance for you and your podcast to be featured in a video project produced by Focusrite! For more information and a list of prizes see Enter the competition today! Timeline 00:00 Focusrite Giveaway 03:20 Table of Contents 04:33 Because of My Podcast Ronsley Vaz 17:22. Recorded Using an iPhone 18:17. Give Yourself Credit Mentioned In this Episode Book: Amplify: Raise Your Voice, Boost Your Brand and Grow Your Business The Psychology of Entrepreneurship Sarah Mikatel podcasting Step by Step Podfest Multimedia Expo Lou Mongello WDW Radio (Walt Disney World) Storyworthy by Matthew Dicks Get Storyworthy for Free at Audible Start Your Podcast Today Step by step tutorials Live group coaching (get your questions asked) Private Facebook filled with other brilliant podcasting minds Priority email support with private instructional videos (ask a question expect a video answer) 30-day money-back Guarantee
Descript is software that transcribes your episode and then you can go to the transcript and when you removed it from your transcript, it removes it from the audio. You can fade in and cuts that are a little rough to smooth them out. You can mix in music, have multiple mics go into two different tracks so you can edit the "cough" out from person number two while person number one was talking. Enjoy the live demo of Descript in this episode 712 of the School of Podcasting. Table of Contents 01:09 What is Descript? 08:16 Descript Demo 19:20 How Much Is It? 20:02 Descript vs 22:40 My Podcast Reviews Free Month Dela Extended 24:12 #podrevday March 8th 25:03 Because of My Podcast- Carey Green 29:56 30:29 Robin Chsitopherson loved the Glow Episode 33:07 March Podcasting Events 37:57 Bloopers Descript Live Demo - Transcripts are more than just words While many people take the lazy way to show descriptions by thinking transcripts are the golden ticket. In my opinion, transcripts are hard to read and I often click away (which means this is the opposite of what people were hoping for, and Google calls this "bouncing" coming to one page and leaving). A transcript can speed up editing by making it easy to see the parts that definitely need edit,  and you will be able to see your crutch words. That is where descript has a very interesting feature. In this video, you see me right-click and erase 14 "ums." Were all the edits perfect? No, but you can use additional tools like fading into a word to smooth out and roughs edit. The price is $10 a month for up to 10 hours of transcription (which is lightning fast). We have a coupon code pec2020 through the end of March 2020 you can get 10% off a yearly subscription. Thanks to Steve Stewart and the Podcast Editors Club, and the Podcast Editors Conference for allowing us to borrow their coupon. Watch Video   My Podcast Reviews - Get A Free Month Deal Extended 22:40 I interviewed Daniel J Lewis back on episode 709 talking about My Podcast Reviews which scans all of the apple stores and emails you copies of your reviews (or your competitors) where you can then share them, add them to your media kit, etc. Originally the offer of a free month was to end in February but the free month offer has been extended until March 7,2020. Go to to get your free month Podcast Review Day March 8 #podrevday 24:12 Steph Fuccio has started a tradition of picking one day out of the month to review at least one podcast. You can join in on Twitter and Instagram by using #podrevday  -more information. Because of My Podcast - Carey Green Carey Green is a podcast editor (see and does a podcast about podcasting at but his show Morning Mindset has been growing very quickly, and he is having meetups with listeners, and now he is frequently receiving prayer requests. Carey is now doing one episode where it is Carey praying for multiple people on one episode. Think about the comfort and closeness one must feel to ask someone "Will you pray for me?" Check out Carey's Morning Mindset podcast at Robin Christopherson loved the Glow Episode Robin does a daily Dot to Dot show about Amazon skills. He has a large audience but was looking for a new way to monetize his show. He heard my interview with CEO and loved it. You can hear it at If you want to check out my Glow page see March Podcasting Events March 3: Podcast Portland Meetup March 4: The Publisher Podcast Awards March 6-8: Podfest Multimedia Expo March 6: Podcast Editors Club, Spots Podcon and others) March 7: Podfest Cairo March 9-11: New Media Summit March 11: Podup Virtual Summit March 16: Northeast Ohio Podcasters Meetup March 17: California Podcasters Association (Oakland) March 17 Virginia Podcasters Association Meetup March 19-20 Become a Podcaster in One Day March 19: Podcast Cracking the Code March 19: Phoenix Podcast Club Social March 31: Columbus Podcasters Meetup For more information see Ready to Start Your Podcast? Step by step tutorials Live group coaching (get your questions asked) Private Facebook filled with other brilliant podcasting minds Priority email support with private instructional videos (ask a question expect a video answer) 30-day money-back Guarantee Go to
I was in Houston for the Spark Christian Podcast Conference where I was speaking. It was a great event for the first time out of the gate and I met some really cool people. My buddy Sunny from the IPN asked me if I wanted to go see Joel Osteen who runs the largest church in America and is also an author and someone I refer to as "Happy Jesus Man." Jole is incredibly successful (his church is the building where the Houston Rockets professional basketball team played. It's a stadium that holds 16,800 people).  I have listened to Joel on and off over the years. I went to feed my spiritually, but I was also there to observe and look for the clues of his success. You don't get this big without doing something right. Time Codes 01:08 Spark Christian Podcast Conference Review 02:38 What Podcasters Can Learn from Joel Osteen 30:52 How did you get over your self Doubt? 41:10 Free Webinar on Equipment 42:19 Have you surveyed your audience? Joel Started As A Geek Joel was the technical person in his church working with his father. He was the lighting tech and worked for his Dad. Joel Did Something Different There is a style of preaching in the church known as "Hellfire and brimstone." This is where you explain to your audience that if you don't accept Jesus you are going to Hell where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Instead of peaching about the horrors of Hell, Joel went to the bible and found all sorts of scriptures that point out how God wants you to prosper. Some have deemed this the prosperity Gospel, and because it's different than what people previously did, this has its critics. This has not swayed Joel from his message. He is covering the bible the way he wants to. He Makes it Easy for First Time Visitors Sunny and I had walked into what appeared to be a side door, and weren't exactly sure where to go. It was easy to identify who the staff was and we just walked up and said, "Hi this is our first time here." The worker knew exactly what to do and before I could blink I was given to a person who was giving me a tour of the building and explaining that there was a book store and if I wanted to buy anything Joel would sign it at the end of the night. He then escorted us to fourth-row center stage seats. I felt lucky. I felt special. The sanctuary was beautiful. They had cool lights in the ceiling and an amazing backdrop behind the band, and a choir made of people of every shape, size, and color. He Honored The Heritage of the Church and What They Believed in He played clips of his father who started the church and acknowledged those who came before him. Oh, I'm sorry this isn't for you... It's for the academy of podcasters. Let's move on. It Was a Well Oiled Machine There were no lags in the presentation. You didn't see the praise band ask, "He should we move on to the missing thing" and then someone says "Yeah, let's do the missing thing. Let's roll the mission intro." When the song was over, the mission people came out, the spoke about a conference that had just wrapped up. They introduced the video about how they were helping with Ebola in Africa and the video clip came on. Everyone knows what was next. They Through in a Curve Ball Their band did two praise songs (very upbeat - very easy to sing along) that engaged the audience. Then one of the soloists on the stage snuck into the audience at the end of the song. She then launched into an old Christian classic "Nothing but the blood" from the back of the auditorium so the people in the back now get the same view as those in the front. Most music performers pull this trick in concerts. They went back to singing more songs from the front of the stage. Pacing and Anticipation This is a great tip for those narrative style storytellers. They kept the service moving with the music, but about five songs into their performance their backdrop which looked like the galaxy with millions of stars started to reveal the word JESUS in big bright letters as the band hit a crescendo. The place erupts into applause, the band plays louder, hands are raised into the air and as the final notes of the song fade out Joel Osteen takes the stage and opens his message with prayer. Everybody Knows and Does Their Part The band multiple guitar players, keyboardists, and hundreds of backup singers, they all worked together to deliver the song in the best way that connects with the audience. The security for Joel was extensive. They were very good and kept him safe while allowing people to meet and greet him after the service. If you have a show with a host and a co-host someone is driving the show and someone is color commentary. Know Your Point and Back It Up Joel's message could be boiled down to this. "When you're in a bad situation you should still help others who are having problems." All of these scripture references helped illustrate his point. This is similar to the book I recommend Secrets of Dynamic Communications: Prepare with Focus, Deliver with Clarity, Speak with Power by Ken Davis. Explain Things with a Personal Story After sharing some examples from the bible, Joel explained a story about hos his Dad was trying to raise money for a new auditorium but heard about a smaller Spanish church had run out of money for their church and this "Half a church" was just sitting there gathering dust. Even though Joel's Dad needed the money for his project he gave it to the smaller church. Anytime you can make your point with a personal story, I recommend you do it. This gives your audience a chance to get to know you. Joel Was Vulnerable At the end of the story about Joel's father, Joel explained how he is still benefiting by the step his father took. In the middle of the sentence, he paused, tried to say the sentence again, and again he had to stop. His emotions were deep in his thought. He put his hands over his eyes and turned his back to the audience. He said, "I'm sorry yall, I cry to easy, and I cry too much. Nobody booed. Nobody shouted, "HOW UNPROFESSIONAL" and instead they cheered him on. He turned back around with his red eyes, and grabbed a tissue and wiped his eyes. I can't find another way to explain it besides saying this was a "real" moment, and instantly felt more connected with him. Later in the service that I watched on Sunday (where he did the same service), he started one line and said, "Did I say that right? I'm going to say it again." Joel Knows His Why and It Aligns with his Call To Action Joel's goal is to get you to know Jesus and accept him. At the end of the service, he has a call to action to accept Jesus. He Promotes Subscriptions and Makes it Easy During the service and at the end, they put a link to their website on a giant screen with mentions of their podcast. Joel is a Collaborator I see on his website he is doing a service with Kanye West. He SERVED His Audience At the end of the night, he went through hundreds of people meeting them, signing books (or not) and treating each and every person like they were his favorite person in the whole world. He had his crew borrow their phone and snap pictures so they could share it on social media. So they could easily share what a great time they had a Lakewood church. By the time he had made it to me, there was talk he might shut down the line as it was long. He made it through. He was visibly tired. He had just performed a service and was probably feeling the dip as the adrenaline of preaching in front of thousands of people had left his body, but instead of instructing his team to send us home he waved us in knowing it would just add another 30 minutes or so to his evening. Whenever you have a chance to meet your audience to do it and say thank you. How Did You Get Over Self- Doubt To Start Your Podcast? 12:56 Dan Kreiness of the Leader of Learning podcast uses himself as a target audience member. If it holds his attention, it probably holds someone else's attention as well.  John DeRosa of the Classical Theism podcast likes the idea of having guests. If people didn't want to listen to you (they do) they might listen to your guests.  Paul Cheall from Fighting through World War II change the question from nobody would listen to Would they? His downloads are getting a few downloads a day (it features memoirs from his Father).  Holland Webb grom The Afterword podcasts didn't care about others opinions. They did it to have fun talking to each other and if other people want to listen - fine.  Thomas from Novel Marketing had my favorite answer, "When you love your audience more than you care about your own pride you will take steps to publish your show." Free Webinar: The Right Podcast Gear Joing the free webinar on 2/26 at 7 PM to get all of your questions about gear answered.  see Question of the Month for March 2020 42:25 If you surveyed your audience, what was the biggest thing you learned? If you didn't survey your audience (or a focus group) why not? Answer at  
Table of Contents 01:29 How Do You Compete Against Large Networks? 06:44 25 People Vs 1 09:42 Two Things That Kill Podcasts 11:52 Buying an Audience 15:32 Life Without the School of Podcasting 17:01 So How Do You Compete? 19:24 Jet Ski vs Cruise Ship 21:53 Downloads are only ONE way of measuring Success 24:28 Free Webinar 2/26 25:01 Golden Mic Announcement 34:23 Where I Will Be 34:45 Question of the Month I hear this question a lot: How am I supposed to compete?  It'll be something like I've been podcasting for three years. There are these other podcasters who I'm pretty sure are buying their audience. They're spouting their numbers, and they're gigantic. How am I supposed to compete with somebody like that? I totally understand that question. Here are some things to consider: You Can't Compete Because its a good visual. How would a seventeen-year-old boxer compete against the champion who has held the title for six years? You don't put that kid in the ring. He's going to get killed. The experience, the stamina, he just isn't ready. He is completely out of his league. But I've Been Podcasting For Three Years But Dave, I've been podcasting for three years. You say that in some cases, you know people who are really starting to make a difference with their podcast at three years mark. To this I say"Uh-huh," but here are some things that we need to think about. We never know what's going on behind the scenes with a podcast. You might have a job (or two) and a spouse and some kids. The other podcast may not have any of those. Can you imagine how much free time you would have to promote if you didn't have any other activities and could focus on your podcast 100% of the time? So if you look at podcasters from the outside, there's a person with a podcast here, and another podcaster over there and you think they are the same and they are not. We have no idea what is going on behind the scenes. They might have a background in selling and your background is in teaching. Radiolab thanked 25 people at the end of their show. I am an army of one. Can I compete? In 2015ish I was up for a Podcast Movement Podcast Award and one of the shows in my category was Reply All.  I was competing against them. I've also had my Logical Weight Loss podcast compete against Jillian Michaels. Can we compete? Yes. The minute you turn on the microphone you are competing. Some of the things these teams of 25 use you don't need (original music?). While great production is like icing on a cupcake, if its all icing (and no cupcake) that doesn't work (see serial season two). The Two Things That Kill a Podcast BABIES Babies are so selfish. It's all about them. All they scream is feed me, wipe my butt, I want a nap. That can really get on your nerves (kidding). COMPARTING YOUR PODCAST TO OTHERS When you say "how do I compete" at the hear you are comparing your show to others, and that can seriously do nasty things to your content. If you ever feel yourself comparing yourself - STOP. STOP COMPARING YOUR SHOW TO OTHERS. You need three things to create good content: Your attitude Your health The support of those around you (see this episode for a deep dive into this subject). There is no competition I am a co-host on the Podcasters Roundtable with Daniel J. Lewis and Ray Ortega. Technically both of these people are my "competition" but they are not. Why? Because you can listen to me on Monday,  Daniel on Tuesday, and Ray on Wednesday. As long as you deliver value, you're safe and don't have to worry. You Can't Buy An Audience You can buy an opportunity for people to hear your show, but you can't pay them to listen. Your podcast needs to provide value so they will come back because they want more. Holly Barey is beautiful. In 2004 they put her in a Catwoman suit, spent a million dollars to my $82 million (a loss of 18 million). On Rotten Tomatoes the movie has a ranking of 9 out of 100 with 197 people voting. In 2009 Disney worked on a movie called John Carter based on a popular book. According to Wikipedia is the most expensive movie ever created. It was a super popular book. It's kind of a sci-fi fantasy thing. It had a young, hot actor from Friday Night Lights, which was a very popular TV show here in the States.  Yeah, they lost $200 million on that movie You cannot buy an audience. And upon the release,  it received a mixed critical reception. In other words, it wasn't any good. There are great visuals. It had a great soundtrack. It had great action sequences. But the biggest criticism was toward the characterization and this thing called the plot that movies have, and you kind of need a good plot, you need a story. It's the content. It's delivering value. And apparently, this movie did not deliver value because it lost them $200 million. And I remember seeing all the ads for this movie, that all the promotion. Before You Start Spending Money to Grow Your Podcast I see a lot of people who say, "I'm not getting enough downloads and they turned to Facebook ads or advertising an overcast or Spotify or Castro (all podcast listening apps). They are trying to get the word out about their show. You can buy eyeballs/earholes but you can't buy an audience because an audience is someone who comes back for more. Do What Your Big Networks Can't Answer every email (in my travels big shows don't do this) Get your audience on the phone. In the book Superfans (and in the Colin Morgan Interview on Podcast Juinkes) Pat Flynn and Colin Morgan talk about reaching out to random members of their audience via the phone (you can get a free Google Voice number, or Podcast Voicemail to mask your real phone number). How do you provide great content? You know who your audience is. How do you know what they want? You talk to them. You are a Jetski, they are a cruise ship. You can change your content in record time. They can't. You are much more flexible. They are not. You need to identify your weaknesses and your strengths. You also need to identify your "competition's" strengths and weaknesses and don't try to cover the same area whey they will unquestionably squash you. Go to where they are. In some cases, if a show is so big they can't go out in public. You can, and while you're there you can get feedback on how to make your show better. Be sure to poll your audience. This can be as simple as "what do you like about the show, what do you wish I would do differently?" If you want to ask, "How did you learn about the podcast" so you can do more of that. There is More Than One Way To Measure Success Keep in mind there are more ways to measure success than downloads. These includes: Is your show successful (are you achieving your "why?" Comments on your website Email responses Social marketing interactions Business metrics (new customers) The Right Podcast Equipment Webinar On February 26th there is a free online webinar at where we will go over podcast equipment and the best option for you. If buying the right equipment has been a hurdle for you this will help you get over the hurdle. See Life Without the School of Podcasting Today I helped someone who randomly contacted me on Facebook. They hadn't purchased enough storage space for their show. They were exporting their files in the wrong format. They didn't know how to export in the proper format. They were using the wrong format for artwork. Podcasting can be fun and fulfilling when you don't have to band your head against a wall to release a simple episode. At the School of Podcasting,   we show you in videos how to export your show in the proper format. We show you how to order the right plan for your podcast so your media host matches your strategy. We help you podcast frustrating free. Join today at The New Academy of Podcasting Let's start off with the positive. Wondery, a company with 82 employees and revenues (according to of around 15 million per year organized a new "Academy of Podcasters" and will launch a Golden Mic awards in 2021. Per their website, "The Academy is professionally run by an Executive Director and an Account Manager.  These roles are overseen by a volunteer Board of Governors who set the strategic vision and goals of the organization. 17 Founding Members will establish the organization and guide its initial creation with a goal of 1) moving The Golden Mics into a key recognition position and 2) encouraging growth and networking of the Academy and the industry. Members are individuals in the podcast industry who are part of one of the Academy’s Peer Groups; each Peer Group will vote on its respective categories for The Golden Mics."  So it's great that big companies with big budgets are going to be promoting podcasting. This is a good thing. Someone Needs to Learn How to Google The companies listed above need to learn how to do some Google searches. When you come in with a "We've arrived" mentality, you can easily offend those who have already been here working in the trenches. I mean who do you think you are the pilgrims? The larger media companies keep saying things that seem to just ignore history. For example, an article that came out THIS WEEK stated that " Born in the halls of public radio, podcasting has emerged as one of the fastest-growing businesses in media over the past few years." Podcasting was NOT born in the halls of public radio. It was born in a hotel room where Dave Winer and Adam Curry met. In the past, I've just let them roll off m back, but I remember someone from one of these companies who stated there weren't any women podcasters in the early years (completely erasing people like Mignon Fogerty and Murr Raferty. Who can forget Steve Jobs referring to podcasting as "Amateur Hour." So when I approached Hernan Lopez the founder and CEO of Wondery that there HAS BEEN a  “completely peer-based, not for profit, fully representative" awards show and I had won such an award he apologized. I'm Not Saying Get Off My Lawn Lopez was at an educational conference stating a lack of education. I'm not saying get off my lawn. I'm saying Marc Maron didn't invent podcasting (nor did Serial) and if you want me to greet you with open arms, it would be much easier if you would stop kicking me in the balls. To the best of my knowledge, the Adamy of podcasters which controls the Hall of Fame is still in existence. It hasn't had a ceremony since 2018 due to a lack of sponsorship. This is sad. While some may feel this is just a bunch of friends slapping each other on the back, if you do some research that it's not just old white guys but women and people of color (granted the majority of the recipients is middle-aged white guys because when podcasting first started THOSE WERE THE PEOPLE WHO WERE PODCASTING. So I look forward to seeing the spotlight the new academy will point at podcasting, and just ask them to quite saying things that make use feel invisible or worse, erase the past. Speaking of the past, here is a link to the Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame New Podcasters Academy Question of the Month How did you get past the "Nobody will listen to me?" see Start Your Podcast Today Go to and start your podcast worry-free with our 30-day money-back guarantee   
Today we introduce a new segment, "I told you so!" I also have a great conversation with Daniel J. Lewis from My Podcast Reviews. get a special deal at Watch Quick Demo
Audience Engagement In a previous episode about I talked about how hard it is to obtain an engaged audience and you might be lucky if you get 5% engagement. This week on the finale of The Good Place they mentioned the Podcast Radio Lab, and on a previous episode of Radio Lab they mentioned how 29,000 people are helping to pay for the production of the podcast. The interesting thing is due to their massive audience 29,000 is not even 1% of their audience. I bring this up not to depress you, but so we can all move forward making informed decisions. Eric Nuzum Eric Nuzum is the cofounder of Magnificent Noise and creator of iconic podcasts. Over the past 14 years, he has made podcasts that routinely top the charts, appear in yearly “best of” lists, win awards, and generate hundreds of millions of downloads. He started NPR’s podcasting efforts in 2005 and remained that effort’s chief creative and strategic force for the following decade, leading NPR to become the largest distributor of podcasts in the world. Eric developed some of NPR’s most successful podcasts, and continued that record of success during his tenure as Audible’s leader for short-form content and podcasting. In 2019, he co-founded Magnificent Noise, a podcast production and creative consulting company based in New York City. Eric’s book on audio and podcast creation, titled Make Noise: A Creator's Guide to Podcasting and Great Audio Storytelling. Today we talk to Eric and talk about 03:56 Eric Nuzum Interview 15:39 How do you estimate the size of an audience 18:08 The 10 Word Challenge 25:57 How do Indies Compete with NPR? 29:32 Fixing a Flat Stats Issue 31:23 Lessons from Taylor Swift 33:22 The History of Podcasting Mentioned in this Episode Start your podcast at the School of Podcasting The RIGHT Podcast Gear Free Webinar Make Noise: A Creator's Guide to Podcasting and Great Audio Storytelling Magnficant Noise More About Eric Nuzum
Every month we have a "question of the month" and this month it's what are you going to do differently in 2020 with your podcast? Because of My Podcast Lee from the Covert Nerd podcast was trying to speak at a panel. He was sensing a little pushback until he mentioned he had a podcast ( and got the speaking gig). He also got some "street cred" from his kids who were impressed the "old guy" was doing something so hip as a podcast.  What Are You Going to Different? As 2020 is upon us what are you going to try?  Thanks for  The Author inside you Talk about Talk Podcast Radiant Fire Podcast Gather Geeks Podcast Repurpose Your Career Uncommon Life Kids Health 101 Brew Roots Podcast Games From Folk Tales What is Stopping You From Starting Your Podcast? Nobody wants my opinion Technology Anxiety Time Perfectionism Overwhelm Equipment Co-hosts Question of the Month How did you overcome thinking "Nobody would listen to me" thinking or worrying about negative feedback? Go to Glow Follow Up Some of my audience had issues (but to their credit they fixed any issues. In the end, I had 1.06% of my audience went to So this is why I say some people get UP TO 3% of their audience engaging with their content.  Options. Buy me a coffee (here is my page) You can also use a paypal donation link. Check out Subscribe to the show at Full show notes at Mentioned in This Episode Start Your Podcast at the School of Podcasting Buy Me A Coffee Tipping Tool Getting Over Imposter Syndrome Focus Is More Important Than Microphones Buy Dave a Coffee Podcast Table of Contents 00:01:19 Because of My Podcast 00:03:22 What are you going to do differently in 2020 00:04:33 Author Inside You 00:05:25 Talk about Talk 00:06:56 Radio Fire Radio 00:10:04 Gather Geeks Podcast 00:11:28 Repurpose Your Career Podcast 00:14:53 Uncommon Life 00:15:53 Kids Health !01 00:17:02 Brew Roots Podcasts 00:18:47 Games From Folk Tales 00:22:41 What is Stopping You From Starting a Podcast 00:31:06 Feb. Question of the Month 00:32:42 Where I Will Be 00:33:46 Glow .FM Follow Up 00:40:30 Bloopers
TABLE OF CONTENTS 00:00:58 Slow Down When You Talk About Yourself 00:03:08 Podcast Magazine 00:08:50 Interview 00:31:38 Fun with Math 00:42:28 Question of the Month 00:43:26 Podcasting Events 00:45:33 Different Ways of Accepting Money From Your Podcast Today I talk with Amira Valliani the CEO of If you can make it EASY for your audience to give you money in either a one time, monthly, or yearly format. You can provide suggested amounts but they can change it (if you let them). The key is you want to make it easy for people to sign up. The easier it is to give you money, the less value that needs to be present. This is a website and app that allows you to create tiers of support. Think of it as a crowdfunding site like Kickstarter that keeps on going. You can also upload audio directly to Patreon and provide a private RSS feed for the use. If they cancel their subscription they lose access. Patreon 8% for their pro plan (does not include processing fees which are typically around 3%). This means the podcaster keeps 89%. This is a website and custom app where you can have public and private information. You can set your podcast to have the latest (X amount) of episodes for free and then the older episodes you need to pay to hear. This is a "Set it and forget it" system. The podcaster keeps 70-80% based on the number of members you have. For those who just want to accept donations/payments (one time, monthly, or yearly) you only pay the processing fees (as they use stripe that would be 2.9% + 30¢). If you want to have bonus content or private content, they charge .55 per user. If someone pays you $2 that means you keep 73%. Keep in mind the more people pay, the higher the percentage. For example, if someone pays $5 a month that means you keep 89% Never Forget the Rule of 3% While it would be great to get 50% or 30% or even 10% of your audience, most people find that 3% is based in reality with 5% being a really good example. How is Glow Different? There are tools like Paypal that allow you to make branded landing pages see or$schoolofpodcasting With the you need to download an app and create an account. With Paypal you need to provide an email address to pay with a credit card (you can pay without having a paypal account). They all seem to take the same 3%. With Glow after you pay a podcast it will ask you if you want to complete your setup (optional), but if you continue you choose a password and now you have a account. I could be missing something, but I'm not seeing a ton of difference except gives you a little more control over your brand (although I wish companies would tell you what size of the image to use instead of letting up guess). Premium Plans If you have a listener pay you $5/month you would Keep $4.30 with (5 - (.55+.15)) Keep $4.45 with Patreon (5 - (.4+.15) In doing the math, you don't make more money selling bonus/private content until you charge $13/month. In that instance, you would keep $11.36 with Glow, and $11.28 with Patreon. Also, keep in mind with Patreon you can upload audio (and get ZERO stats on downloads). With you can use most media hosts to provide private feed for your bonus content. Buy Dave a Coffee If you've like to support the show as well as see Glow in action CLICK HERE or go to Podcast Magazine Launching in January I will be appearing in the inaugural edition of Podcast Magazine. In having some email back and forth with Editor in Chief Seve Olsher he said there are three reasons for starting this magazine. 1) We are passionate about podcasting and want to do our part to support its growth. Podcasting has, we believe, reached an important tipping point for either attaining critical mass or returning to its roots as a compelling tool for hobbyists. We are unabashedly committed to doing whatever we can to ensure that podcasting’s current status reflects its embryonic stages rather than the maturation of the medium. 2) We strive to serve podcast FANS, taking them ‘Beyond The Microphone’ and into the lives of today’s leading podcasters and the shows they love. While there are several publications that do a wonderful job of covering podcasters and the industry at large, their focus is not on serving listeners. Our goal is to create the preeminent lifestyle publication that veraciously serves podcast fans while exploring the ever-evolving world of its culture. 3) And perhaps most importantly, we are committed to leveling the playing field for ALL podcasters. As a podcaster since 2009 when we launched our first episode of Reinvention Radio, and continuing with Beyond 8 Figures (and, soon, the Podcast Magazine Podcast, of course!), I have witnessed firsthand the challenges of being a “mere mortal” without a huge platform who is unable to break onto the charts simply by “bouncing” existing fans and followers toward one’s new podcast. Breaking into the ascending spiral of Apple’s, Spotify’s, or Stitcher’s (to name a few) charts is incredibly difficult. Podcasts that are popular rank in the charts; new listeners find these shows because they’re visible and subsequently download, rate, review, and subscribe to them. As a result, these podcasts continue their popularity ascent, making it nearly impossible for other shows to be discovered. To aid in addressing this issue, each month, the 19 Podcast Magazine Category Directors highlight an “Under The Radar” show that podcast fans likely haven’t heard of, but should be listening to; select a personal favorite for “Off The Charts”, which showcases Podcast Magazine’s Top Podcast Picks of the Month, and… Each month we release the industry’s only fan-driven chart: Podcast Magazine’s Hot 50! To make this happen, we need to hear from YOU. What are YOUR favorite podcasts? What shows can’t you get enough of? What podcasts do you feel should receive more recognition? You will be able to leave your input coming soon. Each month, we’ll tally the results, and a new Podcast Magazine Hot 50 chart will be released. Will some of the more popular shows appear on our charts? Odds are, they will. However, we also have strong confidence that a significant number of podcasts that aren’t among the current “usual suspects” will make it onto the Hot 50. And we very much look forward to introducing you to them. In today’s divisive times, it is easier than ever to be a critic… and hard to be a creator. Those who have the audacity to podcast are creators, and we will do everything we can to support them. Thank you for sharing our enthusiasm and accompanying us on this journey. Steve Olsher Founder/Editor-in-Chief For more information see Slow Down When Talking About Your Podcast On the latest version of the Podcast Review Show, we reviewed a podcast that spoke at a very fast rate when discussing those items that were repeated every episode. The problem is new listeners can't understand what you are saying it. You can get your show reviewed at Podcasting Events This Week 1/20 Northeast Ohio Podcast Meetup 1/21 California Podcast Association – Oakland, California 1/22-25 Brooklyn Podcast Festival 1/23 Atlanta, "LIVE On-Stage Podcast Event with Audience and Networking" 1/24 The Voices of Dentistry -Scottsdale Arizona 1/24 Mass Media Podcast Online Event 1/24  Outlier Podcast Festival - Salt Lake City For more events see I Will be Appearing at the Following Events January 24-26 Mass Media Podcast Summit (use coupon SCHOOL ) February 8th Bay Area Independent Publishers Assoc. Novato, CA February 12-15th Podcast Movement Evolutions Los Angelas, Ca February 21-22 Spark Christian Podcast Conference Houston, TX March 6-8 Podfest Multimedia Expo Orlando, Fl June 12-13 Utah Podcast Summit Sandy, Utah Start Your Podcast Join the School of Podcasting and get access to the courses, the private group coaching, and the private Facebook group. Go to
Today we talk about creating great content that people will share, and take a slightly deeper dive into the topic by looking at WTF by Marc Maron. When I reverse engineered the content I consumed, I noticed that no matter if its a book, magazine, TV show, or movie, whatever I'm consuming: Made me laugh Made me cry Made me think Made groan Educated me Entertained me. Ingredients in a Good Podcast When I look at other elements that make a good podcast they: Allow you to see the vulnerable side of the host or guest. Have a  host with great listening skills. Include "Behind the Scenes" information that you can get anyplace else. Include great follow up questions that reflect what the listener would ask. Know your audience. Create a focus group of listeners who will provide honest feedback. The courage to say things that will draw them closer to their target while separating them from some. Make me wonder what is going to happen next? Table of Contents for Episode 705 00:00:45.775 Boston Reflections 00:02:23.525 Because of My Podcast 00:07:29.325 If You Content Is Shunned By the Media 00:14:07.300 00:15:35.900 Question of the Month 00:16:09.500 What Made This Episode Good? 00:25:49.150 Being Vulnerable 00:29:20.175 Adding A Tease 00:29:59.475 Sharing Stories 00:31:16.225 What Was That Like? 00:32:50.800 Raw Emotion is Moving 00:34:43.875 A Great First Question 00:37:20.550 Technology Issues 00:38:28.850 Why Did They Leave it In? 00:39:17.700 Podcasting Boost Your Confidence 00:39:57.783 Great Follow Up Questions 00:40:49.291 Know Your Guest - Know The Show 00:44:33.712 Bloopers Because Of My Podcast: Fred Castenada Fred from the Podcast Reporter podcast heard about with a military background and podcast and reached out. Because Fred has a podcast they've connected and found out they both served in the 82nd airborne. Question Of the Month NOT PODCASTING YET? What do you feel is stopping you from starting your podcast? ALREADY PODCASTING? What are you going to do differently this year and why? I need the answers in by January 24th, 2020. Go to to leave your answer. Mentioned In this Episode Join the School of Podcasting Erik K. Johnson's episode on creating a good tease. Robbie Samuels On the Schmooze Podcast ( great first question) Marc Maron's WTF Podcast. The episode with BRAD PITT & LEONARDO DICAPRIO Ed Sullivan's Sonic Cupcake Audio Editing The Cigar Authority Podcast. Which Dave uses to promote 2 Guys Cigars Check out the Studio 21 Cafe where they record the podcast. AMAZING
Every January I get people who want to start a podcast and I am glad to help them, but there are some people who have absolutely unrealistic expectations. Today I want to talk about what to expect.  Every podcaster starts with the same two things:  A) No audience B) Integrity I Can't Make the Podcast Filled with Lies 00:00:19.728 Podcast Piggy Bank Can You Answer the Question? 00:02:52.782 The Scariest Podcast Question 00:04:51.045 Who Are You Talking To? 00:06:47.223 Targeting Your Audience How Many Download Should I Expect When I launch? I asked many different groups of podcasters and asked them how many downloads did they get for their first episode after one week. It wasn't 1000, or 500. It wasn't 100 or even 50. From what I've seen and heard very few people I talked to got more than twenty downloads to their first podcast after the first week. While you typically measure a podcast episode after a month of downloads, I wanted to let people know what to expect after a week. 00:09:58.450 How many downloads to episode 1? How Can I Make the Most While Working the least? 00:12:53.681 First of the year problems 00:15:22.916 How long does it take to be profitable? 00:17:18.811 Why Businesses Fail 00:18:27.966 Do any businesses succeed? If All You Can Aford is Free - You Have Other Issues That Need Your Attention 00:21:48.925 If Free is the Only Option - Then Pause is the Solution Because of My Podcast 00:28:47.815 Paul explains how he got to meet one of his podcasting heroes.  January Question of the Month 00:32:12.381 This month we have two versions of the question. If you don't have a podcast, what is holding you back? If you DO have a podcast, what do you plan on doing differently in 2020? Go to  I need your answers by 1/24/20. Where I Will Be 00:33:09.268 January 11th National Speakers Association  Waltham, MA Ready to Get Your Message Out There? I'm ready to help you and look forward to working with you. Go to Mentioned in This Episode Make Noise: A Creator's Guide To Podcasting and Great Audio Storytelling How long does it take to make money Another example of how long it takes Beyond Powerful Radio: Valerie Geller
Every year I ask my audience: 1. What is their favorite podcast 2. Why is it their favorite?  I also want to know about their podcast if they have one, and where we can find these shows.  Time Table: This episode has been created with chapters. Your app may skip to the next chapter by clicking the right arrow button. 00:01:13 Focusrite Scarlet Interfaces 00:05:00 Emily Prokop 00:07:23 Scott Johnson 00:10:59 Randy Cantrell 00:12:23 Joan Wheeler 00:14:00 Arnie Chapman 00:15:52 Clayton Allen 00:18:06 Charles McFall 00:20:57 Ed Sullivan 00:22:00 Chris Curran 00:23:43 Clay Groves 00:25:31 Donald Winn 00:27:21 Fred Castenda 00:28:58 Terry Nords 00:32:13 Daniel J Lewis 00:35:57 Kim Krajci 00:38:47 Wayne Henderson 00:42:13 Jennifer Longworth 00:43:28 Jason Bryant 00:46:39 The Rafferties 00:47:55 Seth 00:50:25 York 00:51:38 Shane Whaley 00:53:33 Veronica Hugger 00:54:52 Steve Stewart 00:57:01 Timothy Brien 00:58:20 Troy Price 01:00:04 Dave Jackson's Favorite 01:01:50 Where am I going? 01:02:43 January Question of the Month 01:04:14 Bloopers 01:05:20 Easter Egg Full links at Ready To Start Your Podcast? Visit
01:39 Because of My Podcast 06:33 Focusrite Scarlet USB Interfaces 08:35 Is it Too Late To Start a Podcast? 24:16 Great Podcasts Lead to Binge Listening 26:08 Question of the Month 28:09 Hindenburg Chapters Trick 30:45 The Importance of File Management 35:51 38:59 Bloopers Full show notes at Sponsor: Focusrite Ready to Podcast?
Today I take a lesson from my nine-year-old niece who goes crazy about a Christmas toy that makes absolutely no sense at all. I also have a great conversation with Cole Raven of Podchaser to explain what it is, where it's going and how you can use it in your podcasting effort. See the School of Podcasting at Here is my profile on Podchaser Table of Contents: 00:01:11.850 Question of the Month 00:02:19.600 Focusrite USB Interfaces 00:04:13.957 Different is Better Than Better 00:13:13.993 Cole Raven From 00:35:01.521 How I Might Use Podchaser 00:36:56.585 Apple Podcasts Now on Alexa 00:41:09.000 Blooper Mentioned in this Show Sally Hogshead author of the book Fascinate Your Podcast Consultant Podcast Squdcast for Recording Interviews Ready to Start and Grow Your Podcast?
Today I spend a small amount of time remember the past 700 episodes. Then I launch into a "Lightning Round" if you're a new podcaster or seasoned veterans you should get something out of this show.  Full show notes at
Clay Groves is one of the nicest guys on the planet. I always smile when I see him at an event. I know I'm going to be smiling and laughing soon. He is the host of Fish Nerds, and over the years when I saw him in person he would tell me a "Because of My podcast" Story and when I heard his last one, I said, "I need to have you come on the show and share these stories. In today's interview you will hear: 6:44 Clay sold some of these stories 12:11 Clay has been paid to speak 14:59 His relationships have lead to more and more opportunities 16:09 Clay launches a business doing fishing tours 20:28 What equipment does Clay use to record on a boat? 22:51 Clay builds a path to radio 28:54 Clay gets the call 39:20 Clay quits his day job. 43:24 Clay's 12-Year-old daughter is podcasting Podcasting is Like Fishing 46:58 Question of the Month for December I do this every year. Please record your response and include the following: Your name and the name of your podcast Your website where we can find your podcast A brief synopsis of what your podcast is about (who it's for, and what to expect) What is your favorite podcast from 2019? Why is it your favorite? What is the website of this podcast? I need the answers in by December 27th, 2019 so it can be heard on December 30th. Go to (I really need these in audio format) Mentioned In This Episode Fish Nerds Podcast Clays Equipment: Zoom H4n ATR 2100 Microphone 93.5 WMVW National Podcast Publishing Month Join the School of Podcasting Go to and get access to the courses, group coaching, and private network. Put your worries about getting the wrong equipment, sounding stupid, and shaping your show behind you. Join worry-free with a 30 day money-back guarantee
Today we are talking about Plugins. Plugins are things you add to your audio editing software to make it better, more efficient, etc. The best way to avoid buying these (or using these) is to record good audio in the first place. That is not always an option (especially with interview shows with guests) so there is a company that has a bundle on sale 72% off and I put it through some tests. Please note this is an affiliate link (but also note - some of these are not great).  For videos and more information see Videos and more at Question of the Month 20:00 What is bugging you? Brandy Henry from engaging on social media with Brandy Henry Karrie Bond from the Keywest Perspective Podcast  Jason Sacco from The Ankylosing Spondylitis Podcast Libsyn and Spotify Changes Spotify no longers makes a copy of your file and puts it on their website (they serve it directly from Libsyn). This makes it much easier to replace a file. This also means your stats are going to shift in the Libsyn dashboard. Instead of being in a separate section, the Spotify stats will go under the "normal" Libsyn stats (so don't panic).  Question of the Month for December I do this every year. Please record your response and include the following: Your name and the name of your podcast Your website where we can find your podcast A brief synopsis of what your podcast is about (who its for, and what to expect) What is your favorite podcast from 2019? Why is it your favorite? What is the website of this podcast?  I need the answers in by December 27th, 2019 so it can be heard on December 30th.  Mentioned In This Episode First Things First (Book by Steven Covey)  The Stephen R. Covey Interactive Reader - 4 Books in 1 (includes audio and video) Audphonic Levelizing and Noise Removal Tool Start Your Podcast - Grow Your Influence (and numbers) Join the School of Podcasting and quit worrying about buying the right equipment, sounding stupid, unprofessional, etc. We take you from idea to influencer and offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Sign up for a monthly or yearly subscription.
So many people jump to podcast advertising when they think of making money with their podcast. This may be partially due to listening to the radio which makes its money via advertising. About Heather Osgood She started her career in advertising sales and quickly learned the valuable lessons in what it meant to be a business owner. Additionally, she has served as a business coach to hundreds of small business owners. With a background in radio advertising and a love for podcasting, Heather was in a unique position to start an agency that could help both advertisers get better results as well as assist podcasters in finding sponsors. She founded True Native Media in January of 2016 with the hopes of helping everyone find a bigger piece of that advertising pie, and acquired j/k media agency in the fall of 2017 to further those goals. Check out the Market Success with Podcast Advertising show. Podcast Advertising Insights In this episode with Heather Osgood we learn: What expectations both the podcaster and advertiser should have in place. How many downloads advertisers are looking for in a podcast. The best stat to measure your podcast in regards to advertising. What the current CPM rates are. The different types of advertising. How long you should run an advertisement Why dynamic ad insertion may be a way to get enough downloads to meet the advertiser download requirements. Key Points Going forward it may be more important when someone listens instead of when the show was published (especially for evergreen content). If you use programmatic advertising (which pays from what I've calculated .0017 cents per download) why would an advertiser agree to pay more when they know you will accept less? Check out the Market Success with Podcast Advertising [click_to_tweet tweet="Everything you wanted to know about podcast advertising" quote=" Everything you wanted to know about podcast advertising" theme="style3"] Mentioned in This Podcast Spark Christian Podcast Conference February 21-20, 2020 Houston Texas Podcast Movement Evolutions February 12-15, 2020 Los Angelas, Ca Book Me to Speak at Your Event. I'd love to hear from you Work With Me Join the School of Podcasting or let me be your podcast mentor
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