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Attract Positive Results with Max Ryan

Author: Spiritual Teacher Max Ryan

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Max Ryan is an Intuitive, Certified Coach and Trainer who teaches many spiritual & metaphysical tools and how you can apply them to attract positive results and reduce negative ones. Say YES if that sounds good to you?!

On EVERY SHOW Max will do Intuitive Readings to help you!!

Since a very young child Max has had the gift of being extremely sensitive to this world and the world beyond. In fact, as a child he did not understand why other people didn't understand that they were in fact God incarnate. That may sound extreme, but it became a defining moment for him.

As Max grew he realized that that was his purpose and gift to the world; to help people remember that they are gods and goddesses of their own lives, and that they have ultimate power of creation. It is in that realization that people can also discover their true purpose. He has dedicated his life and his work to people who are seeking a deeper meaning of this life and becoming the powerful creators in order attract positive results in any, and all areas of their life. In this way, when the time comes to leave this life, they will look back on their time here with no regrets, but only love, peace and joy.
Recently Max had a near death experience. During this experience Max received realizations and confirmations about what life really is and many other extremely valuable lessons. This experience has re-invigorated Max’s work with more power, urgency and clarity.

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Do you need to heal?Do you think that you have to heal yourself?Do you have a feeling that until you heal, you will never have the pecae, joy or love in your life? On today's show Max is going to explore our obsession with needing to be healed. The spiritual, psycholgogical and physical worlds are always convincing us that we "ned to heal". It is prevalent in every area and this prevalance could be the exact reason why people AREN'T healing.  This discussion will challenge you and hopefully make you think about yourself and your life in a whole new way. Max will also take your calls LIVE too!!
Join Max today with his very special guest Marci West as she teaches us all about essential oils and what they have to do with our spiritual path. Marci grew up interested in the nature and remembers being a young child mixing grasses, leaves, flowers, and mud in the backyard making “witches brew”. As a teenager she read books on natural home remedies and spirituality, but as she became a young adult she let those interests fall to the wayside. Now, as a mom of two kids on the autism spectrum and a wife, her love of natural health and plant remedies has been sparked again.  She has partnered with doTERRA essential oils and is teaching people how to use essential oils to live a healthier and happier life! You can follow her on instagram at high vibe wife! After the interview, Max will also take your calls LIVE!
Are you having blocks in success in any area of your life? Have you tried many techniques and methods for success in your life? Do you feel like you just don't have the "success gene"? The good news is that there is a way to be succesful in your life! Join Max and his special guest Brooke Kalan as they talk about how energy and success are intertwined. This is going to be good! Brooke Kalan is an internationally renowned Life and Business Coach who takes leaders, entrepreneurs and influencers to the next level.  Her clients come from a wide variety of backgrounds - entrepreneurs, coaches, business owners, lawyers, scientists, producers, healers, musicians, doctors, parents, CEOs, millionaires and students. The work Brooke does isn’t just “coaching.” It is highly transformative work that shifts the way her clients see themselves, their life, and the world. It’s powerful support, Spiritual Mentoring, energy work, expert strategy and accountability that changes the trajectory of their lives forever. AND Max and Brooke will take your calls LIVE!
Do you know that meditation will help, but you just can't get it?Have you tried meditating and failed?Are you curious about meditation, but every time you try, you just can't calm your mind? Join Max and his Special guest,Meditation Expert Kathryn Remati as they help you understand that ANYONE can meditate! Kathryn created the popular Tranquil Me meditation App for iPhones and Androids as her contribution to world peace. You may have read her articles about meditation in Yoga International, HuffPost, OMTimes, and MindBodyGreen, and other health and lifestyle magazines. Also Max will be taking your calls too!
On today's show Max helps to breakdown this powerful quote from the great teacher Adyashanti: "Spirituality is the processof stripping away every layer of yourself that is false. This is neither pleasant nor easy, and the whole point is to get you to the point of surrender. Not the ego trying to surrender but the ego realzing and expereincing it's own limitations" This quote will help you to clarify what exactly a true spiritual path of awakenig is doing and what it is all about.
Do you know those times when you have decided to lose 30 pounds and you start to do it and somewhere down the line, maybe it’s just a couple weeks you begin to make excuses for not exercising or eating properly? Do you know those times when you swear you’re going to finally organize that closet you’ve been ignoring for years, and one Saturday you begin to do it and then by the next Saturday it’s still not done and you just close the door again? Today I want to explore one of the most important things to understand about self sabotage because all of us have experienced it and blame it for not achieving what we want in life. This 1 aspect of our relationship with ourselves is crucial in finally understanding and dealing with self sabotage; Congruency ATTENTION: THERE ARE NO CALL IN FOR THIS EPISODE For more help just go to:
Do you have a relationship that needs to be healed? Are You stuck? Does anxiety keep you from living in the flow? Join Max today as he breaks down why the Hawaiian and Polynesian practice of  Ho?oponopono and how it can change your life! Also make sure to call in for Max's expertise and Intuitive message for you.
Have you watched "The Secret" and tried applying Law of Attraction and it's not working for you? Do you think something is wrong because LOA isn't working for you? Are you someone who uses "positive thinking" and your dreams are still not coming true? Today Max will reveal the main reason why that is happening and it is all much simpler that you think... Make sure that you call in also, so Max can coach you and use his intuitive skills to help you!
Do you believe in MIracles? Are you caught in trying to "figure it out"? Do you think your way through life to get the right answers? Most of us are continually relying on our logical brian to "figure it out"  Today Max will share with you why expanding your consciousness to the miraculous will change everything in your life.
Have you tried to meditate and stopped? Does meditation confuse you? Are you sick of hearing how you must Meditate?  The truth is that building the ability to truly meditate will affect every area of your life for the better. If you choose to be a true master of your destiny, them you must consider meditating. Today Max will share 3 incredible benefits of Meditation then you can decide. And of course Max will talk with you LIVE for coaching on call and intuitive readings. PS If you would like to WATCH the show LIVE, just follow Max on Instagram @AttractPositiveResults !
One of the things that you hear in spiritual circles all the time is: Follow your GUT.Listen to your HEARTYour INTUITION will never let you down Or phrases like that.,, Today Max looks at why this may be the worst advice you may ever get if you want true spiritual awakening. This is a very important topic because so many people are trying to be more "spiritual" and this advice can lead them down a very dextructive road.   Tune in to hear why this really may be detrimental and what you can start doing about it. And of course he will take your calls LIVE!
Let me connect with Spirit to Help You! Today I will do readings where I tune into what is the most important thing for you in your life RIGHT NOW.  I always believe that Spirit knows more of what we need than we do. For this reason, all I need to know is your name. Hope you can call in!
Having issues with your career or profession? Stuck in a job you hate? Not living up to your financial potential? Feel like you are meant for another way to attract money? I'm here to help, by connecting with Spirit for a show of all readings.   Lets see what Spirit has to tell you!
I wanted to do some on the fly Readings!  Call in!
My guest today is a 3rd Generation Healer, #1 Bestselling  and Award-winning Author and a Relationship Expert Dr. Sky Blossoms. Born with a unique intuitive talent, Dr. Sky helps you uncover EXACTLY what’s keeping you unfulfilled in relationships and to find passion, love and connection you desire. The best part: you get life-changing results in record time! Her new book “Best Thing Ever” is a practical guide to help you escape disappointments and create truly blissful relationship. PLUS as always Max will be doing LIVE Intuitive Readings!
Join International Coach & Spiritual Teacher Max Ryan ( today as he teaches you all about the power of prayer and the 5 types of prayer that help attract miracles in your life! And as usual Max will take your calls for LIVE intuitive readings!
Join International Intuitive and Spiritual teacher Max Ryan ( today as he share ones of the most powerful lessons that we can learn in order to attract awesome positive results; Defending less in our lives.  This is a practice that changes your career, relationships, finances and more! And as usual Max will also take your calls LIVE for Intuitive readings to help you in your life!
Do you need help with your relationships?Are you unclear about your career path?Are you having financial issues?Are you needing guidance on your life path?Do you just want to know what Spirit has to tell you?! Join International Positive Results mentor and Intuitive Max Ryan ( for a show of all Psychic, Intuitive & Angel Readings!
Do you need help with your relationships?Are you unclear about your career path?Are you having financial issues?Are you needing guidance on your life path? Join International Positive Results mentor and Intuitive Max Ryan ( for a show of all Psychic, Intuitive & Angel Readings!
This week on the magic life radio with Max Ryan, Max will talk and teach about the powerful tool of using "pats on the back" to attract more into your life and raise your vibration. Tune into the special show and Max will take your calls also! Make sure that you Tune In and give Max a call!(347) 215-6826
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