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Art Chat: Fine Art Niches

Art Chat: Fine Art Niches


Linda and John interview Karen Espenant, movie producer at Hummingbird Productions, as we chat about Fine Art and how writing, filming, and movie production fit into that Fine Art niche.  Support the show
Linda Riesenberg Fisler interviews Gail Hulnick, author of mysteries, memoirs, and travel novels and podcaster of the Brainwave podcast. In this episode, Gail and Linda discuss writing techniques and creativity. Support the show
Join Linda and John as they discuss getting started creatively with your work and business. They discuss business strategy, starting your timeline, and how being creative is not only used to create your artwork, but also your business. Support the show (
John Anderson joins Linda for episode 5 of the Artistic Harmonies Association business series.  In this episode, Linda and John discuss value and values, understanding the difference, and how to use them to price your work and worth. Support the show (
Linda and John discuss the many questions that should be asked and answered when you are conducting your business.  John shares a useful tool to help you collect your thoughts.Support the show (
Linda Riesenberg Fisler and John Anderson ( discuss defining your business provide useful informational steps for getting started. Support the show (
Jame Markle, publishing consultant, and artist, is interviewed by Linda about getting published in the Art Market.Support the show (
Linda Riesenberg Fisler and John Anderson discuss the foundations of preparing for your art business successSupport the show (
Linda is joined by the co-founder and partner in the Artistic Harmonies Association, John Anderson. They introduce the topics of their next episodes that will focus on managing your art business. Support the show (
Linda interviews one of Artistic Harmonies Association's Honorary Members, Jean Pederson, about her Time and Movement Series of Mixed Media Abstract paintings. Jean discusses her approach, materials, and process.  Support the show (
In this audio blog, Linda introduces Joe McGurl as one of the Artistic Harmonies Association Honorary Members.  Check out AHA at www.artisticharmoniesassoc.comSupport the show (
Linda invites to listen to her blog (video on Youtube) highlighting our work on the Artistic Harmonies Association (  Support the show (
Linda provides a hint on next year's shows and wishes you Happy Holidays.Support the show (
Linda talks with Michael Harding, the Colour Man himself, about his new colors and color primers as well as a quick discussion on his varnishes. Support the show (
Linda interviews John Anderson, author of a book on Tennessee Master Artist Lloyd Branson. #art #artchat #ArtisticHarmoniesAssociation #artdiscussion #historicartSupport the show (
Join Linda Fisler and John Anderson, co-founders of the Artistic Harmonies Association discuss the WHY they created this new organization, and how joining AHA can help you.  www.ArtisticHarmoniesAssoc.comSupport the show (
Join Linda Riesenberg Fisler and Joseph McGurl as they discuss Joseph's favorite Past Masters. Joseph discusses what captivated him, how they painted, and much more! Joseph also talks about capturing that elusive atmosphere in your painting and other techniques.Support the show (
Join Linda Riesenberg Fisler and Cherie Dawn Haas as they discuss character development and writing scenes and characters that are far from your own sense of self.  Support the show (
Linda, Cherie, and Joanna discuss gestures and explore its use in all forms of #art, from #dance, to #painting, to #drawing, #music, and #writing., #podcast #artchat Video of this chat available at the show (
Linda and Cherie talk about addressing fears--of all sizes--with courage and confidence. Support the show (
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