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Ep. 178-Bah Humbug, 2016!

Ep. 178-Bah Humbug, 2016!


2016 got a lot of hype as being a terrible year for just about everyone, and in this episode the guys do their part to support that idea, with a conversation about stuff that got stuck in their respective craws between January and December, as both film-lovers and human beings.
It’s that special time of year again: Star Wars season! Ronald, Steve, and John discuss ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY, the latest entry in the iconic franchise. Note: The first chunk of the conversation is spoiler-free for your convenience.
The guys get caught up on an array of recent topics, including Gaspar Noé’s LOVE, THE EDGE OF SEVENTEEN, THE ACCOUNTANT, MOANA vs TROLLS, THE ARRIVAL, HBO’s WESTWORLD, LOVING, THE HANDMAIDEN, Ronald’s thoughts about HELL OR HIGH WATER, and FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM.
The tradition continues! Ronald, Steve and John gather together to talk about the things, both movie-related and otherwise, that they’re thankful for this year. It’s a lot like what your family is doing, but without the casseroles.
You didn’t know you needed it but you did: A rundown of some recent documentaries that have caught our attention, including discussions of 13TH, TICKLED, and WEINER. (Place your bets now whether that last one devolves into dick jokes.)
Ronald, Steve and John trudge through the entirety of the Sleepaway Camp franchise, starting with the original 1983 film and concluding with 2008’s Return to Sleepaway Camp Movie. It’s a journey of tedium, hilarity and near-madness and we beckon you to follow our trail.
Ronald, Steve and John try to sort out some complicated feelings regarding actor/director Nate Parker, both in terms of his new film THE BIRTH OF A NATION and his 1999 rape scandal.
On the eve of Steve’s vacation, the guys convene for a brief phone call to announce which horror franchise they’ll be suffering through—in it’s entirety—for this year’s Halloween eppy.
In this episode—the first installment in a potential trilogy—Ronald, Steve and John look at movies about animals, naming some of their favorite creatures from the silver screen. Most of them are furry; all of them are memorable. They also talk about THE LOBSTER, a movie that is not really an animal flick, despite the title.
The guys discuss recent efforts like DON’T BREATHE and HELL OR HIGH WATER as they bring the curtain down on the summer movie season of 2016, before moving on to pick some anticipated fall films.
Friend of the show Jason Conti joins Ronald, John, and Steve for a few minutes of juvenille NSFW banter (sorry, Jason’s mom!) followed by a thorough rundown of the thirteen films released thus far in the big budget soap opera that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Make way for an uncharacteristically somber discussion of Suicide Squad, as Ronald, Steve and John air their collective disappointment with this summer’s latest franchise tentpole (which you may love, who knows?), and assess the possible damage to DC’s “Expanded Universe” intentions.
Finally, Steven Spielberg homage meets Stephen King pastiche in Stranger Things, Netflix’s new 1980s-set horror/sci-fi/drama series. Ronald, Steve and John discuss what lies beneath the heavy nostalgia.
It’s our loopiest episode in a long time, with Ronald showing up late, a chat about the waning relevance of Steven Spielberg’s name, an appreciation of the surprisingly emotional indie flick Swiss Army Man, and a mystery guest popping in for the last segment.
Ep. 166.6-Ghostbusters

Ep. 166.6-Ghostbusters


Paul Feig’s remake of Ghostbusters, starring a murderer’s row of funny women, is out now, and it provides a nice opportunity for Ronald, John and Steve to discuss the film’s pre-release controversy, the illogical whining of angry nerds, and the way some silver screen stereotypes persist. Oh, also, we really liked the movie.
Ep. 166-FMK:NSFW

Ep. 166-FMK:NSFW


In what may be our most crass episode, based purely on F-word usage, we do a few rounds of F/M/K, except instead of objectifying people, we objectify their careers. The premise is, we draw the names of actors and directors from a woolen Mongolian shepherd’s hat, and pick their high and low points.
Standup comic Brandon Lescure drops in to chat about all things horror, including his his short film The Back Page, James Wan’s hit sequel The Conjuring 2, and the general state of the genre as it stands today.
Ep. 164-Spring Catchup

Ep. 164-Spring Catchup


After a brief rundown of Spring favorites like The Nice Guys and Green Room, Ronald, Steve and John turn their attention to their most anticipated Summer films.
Ep. 163-Anything But Movies

Ep. 163-Anything But Movies


After five years (FIVE YEARS!!!) in the movie podcast mines, Steve, John, and Ronald take a break from all the film chat to discuss any and everything else, from the show’s origins to road rage to Daffy Duck.
Looking back on this year’s Maryland Film Festival, Ronald, Steve and John discuss a plethora of films, namely: Under The Shadow; Always Shine; High Rise; The Master Cleanse; The Greasy Strangler; Morris From America; Life, Animated; Do Not Resist; Lamb; The Love Witch; and Donald Cried.
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