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Anthony Metivier's Magnetic Memory Method Podcast

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The Magnetic Memory Method Podcast is your portal to creating Memory Palaces and using mnemonics for memorizing foreign language vocabulary (and a lot of other precious information too). Hosted by Anthony Metivier, the founder of the Magnetic Memory Method, a systematic, 21st Century approach to memorizing foreign language vocabulary in a way that is easy, elegant, effective and fun.
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Thomas Krafft from Presentation Boss explains how to deliver memorable presentations. He was my TEDx coach and his tips ensured success.
What are mnemonic devices, and how can you use them to improve memory? This post shows how, including helpful techniques and strategies.
Have trouble focusing and need to learn how to concentrate on studies? This post teaches 11 proven strategies to stay focused while studying.
Are you confused by the link method and the story method? This post will cover: what is the linking method and the story method, and includes examples.
What is long-term memory loss? What are its causes, symptoms, and how do you prevent it? Read all this and more in this article.
What is a visualization reading strategy and how does it affect memory and comprehension? This article explains how, what benefits you gain, and more.
Want to improve concentration but don’t know how to get started? This article shows you how to improve focus and concentration using 15 foolproof tactics.
What is visualization meditation? What are the benefits, and who does it help? This article answers these questions and gives you exercises.
If you suffer a lack of concentration, here are 3 powerful solutions. Your trouble focusing and concentration problems will disappear using these tips.
In this post, learn all about 5 memory disorders — their causes, symptoms, and treatment. Plus one sure-shot way to keep cognitive disorders at bay.
Learning how to memorize the periodic table is fun and easy. The trick is making sure you have a solid understanding of mnemonics. Learn how now.
These 5 mnemonic strategies ensure that you'll be using every mnemonic device with greater ease and efficiency. Get started with them now for better memory.
Learning how to memorize a monologue can be fast and easy. Read this detailed tutorial from a TEDx speaker and get the best tips for speaking from memory.
Mind mapping is a powerful skill for memory, but also integrating knowledge that leads to wisdom. This leads to "flow," as Joseph Rodrigues explains.
Want to know how to memorize the presidents of the United States of America? It's really fun and easy. Read this free guide and get started today.
Listen as John Michael Greer discusses his translation of Giordano Bruno's On the Shadows of the Ideas and the Picatrix. These memory systems are powerful.
Looking for cognitive activities for adults? Here’s detail on cognitive processes and 13 powerful activities to keep your brain sharp even as you age.
The Roman Room technique is a simple and fun application of the method of loci. Learn how use it as a simple Memory Palace today.
Does your scattered brain drive you nuts? Are you drowning in negative thoughts? The Victorious Mind is your guide to restoring your soothing stillness.
John Fotheringham is the author of Master Japanese and Master Mandarin. On top of powerful tactics for language learning, you'll want his mental tools too.
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Are you Matthew Mcconaughey's Brother?😄

Aug 14th

Scotty Edwin Rowe

Great episode! I loved it. I'm a Pastor so I speak every week. what's the link for that free online course? also, what did you mean by "There is no such thing as free will"? did you mean that theologically or in another way?

Jul 24th

Joe Kerr

Why have I only found this gem of a podcast. love the content.

Jul 14th

Niclas Daniels

#binauralbeats #chronicpain #concentration

Apr 30th

William Gordon

What an episode!

Apr 23rd

William Gordon

That track at the end was awesome! Such a catchy, groovy tune. Hook me up with the album when it's done

Aug 9th

William Gordon

This actually sounds really fun to do and makes improving memory seem so much less daunting. I'm excited to get started with your methods :)

Aug 9th

Rupak Mitra

this is a gas ballon, all air no substance

Jun 16th

Minas Gadalla

that is awesome!!!

Jan 18th
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