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A crazy podcast on a mission to rid the world of BAD video! Join a crack team of 12 seasoned media professionals and one entertainment attorney as we attempt to equip every content producer, videographer, editor, business owner, marketer, hobbyist, and live streamer with the tools, knowledge and confidence to create better videos.
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We venture into uncharted territory, presenting a unique and intriguing exploration of Steven Spielberg's perspectives on AI, the future of video production, and the art of filmmaking. Unable to source direct insights from Spielberg himself on these topics, we turned to the next best thing: an AI simulation. Through the advanced capabilities of ChatGPT, we've crafted a mock interview that channels Spielberg’s known views and thoughts. Using cutting-edge technology, we've cloned his voice to bring this AI-generated discussion to life. Dive into this extraordinary episode as we explore a conversation with 'Spielberg'—not the man himself, but an AI embodiment of his ideas and visions for the future of cinema.
Recently, I came across this extremely informative Reddit post from a social media expert who really opened up about how he worked with a famous YouTuber that makes over $2M+ annually. The post was an Ask Me Anything type post that received tons of questions from readers while the expert was really candid and open answering those questions on how it all worked. It was very rich with useful information. So, today, with the advancements of text to speech and AI, we’re taking the entire text of that Q&A post on Reddit and transforming it into a podcast interview.
From finding your niche and showcasing your work, to networking and navigating freelance challenges, we cover it all on this special Q&A edition of The DV Show Podcast. Join us as we empower video editors and videographers alike to create compelling content, boost their careers, and transform their creative visions into reality.
This past week, we created an interesting post on LinkedIn on what an AI video production team would look like. The post received lots of engagement, tons of questions, concerns, and burning anger. On this edition of The DV Show podcast, we’re going to time travel into the future and take a look at what the new roles of this AI focused video production team would look like. This podcast takes a peek into the roles that will push the boundaries of storytelling and visual effects, all while streamlining production timelines and opening new avenues for artistic expression.
Oddly Satisfying Videos are a little known marketing secret you can use to transform your brand's digital presence! Tune into our very first AI edited and produced video podcast and discover how to forge deep connections, create unforgettable experiences, and skyrocket your content's shareability.
300+ seasoned video professionals and video editors from around the world chimed in and all got together for a wonderful exchange of feedback over on the video editors' group on LinkedIn, where a recent post sparked quite the conversation around one question: Editors, what are some common mistakes you've noticed in amateur video/film editing?" If you’re seeking to improve your skills, understanding, and practices this is the place to learn really quickly and get your finger on the pulse of what is going on in the industry.
You’ve all heard of Sora by now, a revolutionary video-generation model poised to transform the landscape of video production. With just text prompts, Sora can create scenes and visuals that challenge the very essence of traditional filmmaking. Join us as we unravel the mystery of Sora, dissect the hype, the potential, and the very real challenges we’re all about to face.
This podcast episode discusses finding work in the video production industry, emphasizing the importance of networking. Brian recommends two online networking platforms and provides a list of TV and film job sites. Highlights Networking is crucial for finding work in the video production industry. The Happy Neighborhood Project and Network After Work are recommended networking platforms. A comprehensive list of TV and film job sites is provided for job seekers.
This episode of The DV Show LIVE discusses the impact of AI on video production while emphasizing that while technology may change, storytelling and creativity are timeless. Highlights Tom Langen from Talex Media and author of the book "Legendering" joins us. AI tools can make video production more efficient and improve the quality of videos. The video production industry is not solely reliant on technology, as storytelling and creativity are essential. The obsession with tools and perfection can hinder creativity and the message of a video. AI tools can enhance video production. The video production industry is not solely reliant on technology.  Perfectionism can hinder creativity and the effectiveness of a video.
Continuing the series on AI and Video Production, this episode of The DV Show LIVE discusses the controversial topic in detail. The host acknowledges the impact of AI on job loss but also explores the practical and positive side of AI in video production. Highlights: The word for 2024 is “adapt,” as the video production industry, like many others, is being affected by AI and technology. Nic Camp discusses the transformation of his career and how he adapts to AI. He also discusses what the real focus should be in order to get (and stay) ahead and competitive.
The start of this week's episode focuses on the dramatic changes AI brings to the video production industry. We discuss MakerSuite, an AI-powered tool that streamlines research and scriptwriting, drastically reducing the time and effort involved in video production. Amidst the debate of AI's impact on jobs, we emphasize the need for professionals to adapt and upgrade their skills to stay relevant. The episode also features an in-depth interview with Philip Werner from MakerSuite, providing valuable insights into AI's practical applications. Join us to understand how embracing AI can enhance your video production skills and keep you at the forefront of the industry.
Many of you are struggling to find work in the video production industry. You're so frustrated with not finding a job, when the first opportunity you see with the word "video" in the title, you immediately apply and then proceed do whatever you can to get the attention of anyone at that company... Trust me. The desperate "spray and pray" technique doesn't work. After receiving so many resumes and applications over the years, I began to see a pattern from the ones who made it to the interview pile (and possibly the job) and a pattern from those who didn't. Here is what I observed with those unsuccessful applications:
All creatives experience this at one point or another in their career. It's one of the most tedious infections you can get. When the client offers you a bunch of 'helpful' advice on how to do your job is the only way to detect it. It's highly contagious and spreads quickly if not stopped at the onset! Link to detailed post mentioned in the podcast
Are you a videographer looking to diversify your business and offer a unique and meaningful service? In this episode, we sit down with an experienced videographer who has successfully incorporated funeral videography into his business model. He share their insights, tips, and experiences, shedding light on the sensitive yet rewarding nature of this niche. Subscribe, like, and share to support our channel, and stay tuned for more insightful discussions on videography and storytelling. Link to detailed post mentioned in the video:
The game-changing strategy known as the 'Afterglow Effect' Dive into the world of client retention and learn why it's the key to unlocking consistent growth in your video production business. Explore six essential steps to nurture lasting client relationships, turning one-time clients into your biggest fans and repeat customers. From providing exceptional service to personalized interactions and exclusive offers, these strategies will revolutionize your approach.
In this episode, our host, Brian, dives deep into the world of lead generation for video businesses. If you're a video editor, freelancer, or aspiring video business owner looking to attract high-quality clients and supercharge your marketing efforts, this is a must-watch. In the competitive landscape of video production, cold calls and outdated marketing tactics just won't cut it anymore. Brian unveils cutting-edge strategies and tools, including the power of AI, that will transform the way you find and connect with potential clients. Discover the secrets to making your website not just a showcase but a lead generation powerhouse. Brian shares insights on creating compelling calls to action, collecting valuable data, and even automating lead capture from anonymous website visitors.
Imagine being able to craft videos that not only capture your audience's attention but also speak directly to their needs and desires. Why do some videos effortlessly hit the mark while others fall short? Well, we've got a game-changing secret for you that involves harnessing the magic of AI to create laser-focused content that your viewers will love.
It was a challenge, but this entire podcast uses my cloned voice ? Topics: Strategies That Actually Work for Finding Video Clients Real Estate Agent TikTok Video Marketing Strategy
While AI has the potential to revolutionize the video editing industry and bring numerous benefits, there are also legitimate concerns about the impact it may have. Job displacement, quality trade-offs, lack of creativity, standardization of content, privacy concerns, and cost issues are among the challenges. This podcast attempts to strike the right balance between AI-assisted automation and human creativity – which is crucial to maintaining the artistry and uniqueness of video editing in the future.
Make better videos. It's our mission! In this episode, video business owner Peter McKinnon talks about 5 ways you can instantly make better videos. None of what Peter recommends requires you to buy extra equipment. By utilizing these steps you will be able to improve the overall quality, look, sound and feel of the videos you make right away. I hope you guys dig it! Try some of it out! Follow Peter  
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Denial Brown

Thanks for the podcast! I don’t think that it will be able to completely replace such video studios as But you need to understand that it can cover some simple videos. Now AI is great at writing scripts for videos, for example.

Nov 11th

Vlad Tarasov

I'm using HTML5 Video Editor (official version ) is an advanced video editor that allows managing any content. With the help you can cut and join video, add transitions, text, graphics, overlay video, voice-over.

Jul 9th