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Internet Radio for the fastener industry and the voice of the FCH Sourcing Network. If you buy, sell, import or manufacture industrial fasteners, this show is for you!
167 Episodes
It’s safe to say Jake “Valdez” Davis of BTM Manufacturing and Bob “GQ” Baer of Abbott-Interfast have been training with varying degrees of intensity, but will their efforts prove effective during the upcoming Tough Mudder event? They compare notes on race prep, current supply chain craziness, and the MWFA super-event happening this summer. (18:52) George Schrull of Buckeye Fasteners describes new “lights out” fabrication capabilities, and confirms there will be plenty of proven fastener-related malted medicinals at this year’s fastener shows. (1:48:57) On the Fastener News Report, Mike McNulty hosts Hayes Bolt & Supply VP, Kelly Cole with FDI coverage, headline round up, and Mike’s Back Page Report. (1:06:56)  Industry educator Carmen Vertullo injects his brand of fastener biz know-how during the Fastener Training Minute, covering technical considerations when suggesting substitute parts for your customer. (1:39:15) BONUS JAB: From the studio of quasi-retirement, industry veteran Dick Ripley torches the fret board with a jammin' fastener industry debut! (2:28:05) Brian and Eric confirm that most people have no business screwing with complex software systems. Run time: 02:33:38
From a rural Texas workshop to the minds of fastener users around the world, technical educators Randy Lammers and Aaron Keevan share their vast knowledge on the exciting new webcast, Würth Knowing. They explain their vision for the online series, and also a few behind the scenes details, including the origin of Randy’s legendary Uncle Moe stories (19:21). Also well worth hearing, AIM Test Labs founder, Carmen Vertullo leads a discussion about an intriguing new cert management platform called SmartCert, with Lyndon Lattie of Aramid Technologies, and the carnivorous Mr. Matt Boyd of Parker Fasteners (1:38:00). Solution Industries journeyman Frank “Balboa” DeVito joins intrepid newsman Mike McNulty on the Fastener News Report to examine another record setting FDI report (56:40). Also, Christian Reich of Goebel Fasteners (#GoGoebel) introduces an all-new stainless lock bolt system (46:53). PLUS: Yet another aspect of the insidious scourge, hydrogen embrittlement is the focus on the latest Fastener Training Minute (1:29:24). Brian makes a novel observation about chemtrails while Eric talks Q.Run time: 02:30:08
During a veritable banquet of fastener industry intel and commentary, Mr. Charlie Kerr of Kerr Lakeside serves up a super-sized portion of predominantly fastener-related banter. Who ordered the surcharges? (1:35:17) Brighton Best International president, Jun Xu joins Mike McNulty on the Fastener News Report with shocking FDI results (55:32). Nelson Valderrama of Intuilize explains how distributors are harnessing data to implement AI systems to up their game (24:08). On the Fastener Training Minute, industry educator Carmen Vertullo covers A36 steel (1:30:10). Plus: NFDA ESPS meeting highlights (15:16). Brian and Eric set the table for a feast, and hope for enough paper towels at clean up time. Run time: 02:51:39
Jake "Valdez" Davis of BTM Manufacturing and John "Cool Hand" Butler from The Olander Company inadvertently sign up for a grueling obstacle course race. But like the resilient industry they support, they’re sure to make a strong finish.Run time: 4:52
Episode #161 - Not Lonely

Episode #161 - Not Lonely


As dark winter storms freeze the country, MWFA president George Hunt III plans for a heated race come summer, and ever expanding product lines for Brighton Best International (1:27:54). Expansion keeps good company as  Würth Industry North America VP of Marketing, Becky McMorrow describes another prime acquisition, and a new digital media offering for the industry giant (13:12). G.L. Huyett CEO, Tim O’Keeffe joins Mike McNulty on the Fastener News Report, and gives the podcast its first ever country single debut (44:45). Plus: Carmen Vertullo’s Fastener Training Minute covers the cause of rust on stainless (1:18:19). Brian takes a significant step, and Eric flies solo but he’s not alone.  Run time: 02:20:33 
The fastener industry reports booming business, while the world at large seems poised for something else. What gives? Tough guys Jake “Valdez” Davis of BTM Manufacturing and John "Cool Hand" Butler of the Olander Company attempt to solve this riddle as they take on the obstacle course that is the screw biz (1:36:35). Case in point: Logistics expert, Chris Donnell of Scanwell, describes the outlook for inbound sea and air shipments, as importers contend with ongoing massive disruptions (22:08). Eurolink Fastener Supply Service president, Craig Penland, has the pedal to the metal, as he offers his take on air cargo from Europe (50:10). On the Fastener News Report, industry newsman Mike McNulty welcomes Baird analyst David Manthey to ponder the apparent departure from reality suggested by the latest red hot FDI reading (1:00:14). With impeccable timing and irony, Carmen Vertullo discusses nuts, on the latest Fastener Training Minute (1:27:26). Seeing the chair against the wall, Brian and Eric decide to keep things even more predominantly fastener related than usual. Run time: 02:35:22
Episode #159 - Threadnosed

Episode #159 - Threadnosed


As the year winds down, the fastener industry is buoyed with optimism, even as it faces growing market pressures and wild uncertainty. Keeping things jolly, Buckeye Fasteners manager, Larry Kelly shares the frostified back story of Old Rusty Bolt beer, the benefits of employee owned companies, and his deep knowledge of working in the sweet spot (1:27:11). Also joining the reindeer games,  Würth  Industry North America VP, Jeff Schmitt weighs in on the over seas freight situation, and sees growth opportunities ahead despite some obvious headwinds (24:32). On the Fastener News Report, intrepid anchorman Mike McNulty welcomes Doug Ruggles of Martin Fastening Solutions to unpack the resilient FDI numbers (49:51). Carmen Vertullo presents the Fastener Training Minute, this time explaining the principle of perpendicularity (1:18:58). BONUS: Meet Screwdolph! (14:01) Brian and Eric note a perfect storm and an upcoming alignment of the stars. Run time: 02:17:58
If the fastener business sometimes feels like mortal combat, one group seems prepared. YFP president, Jake Glaser leads a wide ranging conversation with fellow youthful thread warriors London Penland, of Eurolink, and Young Fastener Professional of the Year, Jessi Solt, that reveals a true fighting spirit (1:22:06). Meanwhile, the fastener industry inducted the far less bellicose John “Cowboy” Wachman, and G.L. Huyett CEO, Tim O’Keeffe to its Hall of Fame (16:34). During the Fastener News Report, battle hardened news editor, Mike McNulty hosts ITR Economics analyst, Alex Chausovsky to discuss the shocking FDI numbers, and to size up prospects for long term prosperity (43:35). Industry educator Carmen Vertullo gets right to the point on the Fastener Training Minute (1:13:05). Cameos: Emerald show manager Morgan Wilson and Jamie Lawrence of AVK Industrial Products. Brian and Eric make peace with the new virtual mindset, and look to the poets for inspiration.  Run time: 02:15:28
Bold strategies and a new leadership direction for industrial fastener supplier Optimas Solutions are the topics as newly appointed CEO, Mr. Marc Strandquist discusses key points of their exciting recently announced initiative, his management approach, the Fastener Distributor Index, and success after personal setback.  Run time: 24:44
Episode #157 - One More Rep

Episode #157 - One More Rep


The screw biz rebounded sooner than expected, but the customer meeting game still has a long way to go.  Veteran sales pro Jackie "Kind of a Big Deal" Ventura guest-hosts a timely segment that details the current picture, as she welcomes fellow rep John "Cowboy" Wachman, and Christian Reich of Goebel Fasteners (1:25:17).  The Industrial Distribution "Big 50 List" just hit the street, managing editor Mike Hockett has the story (21:45).  On the Fastener News Report, industry newsman Mike McNulty talks with Solution Industries senior manager, the indefatigable Frank "Balboa" DeVito to unpack the latest FDI results (52:58).  Thread stick-out is the topic of the minute,  The Fastener Training Minute with Carmen Vertullo (1:18:29).  PLUS:  IFE manager Morgan Wilson has the names of this year's Hall of Fame inductees in his hand!  Will he divulge the winners during the podcast (42:38)?  Brian and Eric can't decide if they hate Amazon more because it's taking over the world, or because their packages have started taking longer to arrive. Run time: 02:08:01
The one sure bet in the fastener industry is the Vegas show. But with this year’s long-odds cancellation, the FTR boys needed a way to unload their huge supply of giveaway Vegemite. They decided to set up a virtual booth anyway to see if the format could lure in any takers, and to get a reading of the screw biz during the strangest year on record. Bryn Stock, Jake Davis, Mike Topolewski, Matt Boyd, "Iron" Bill Armstrong, Cari Bailey, Tom Buddenbohn and the always coiffed Rosa Hearn make their way to the virtual show floor to share their thoughts, and to dodge offers of droll breakfast spread on toast. Baird analyst, Dave Manthey, breaks down the FDI with Mike McNulty on the Fastener News Report (46:38), and Carmen Vertullo expounds on the importance of documentation supplements during the Fastener Training Minute (1:11:02). BONUS: Cameo by the lovely and talented Lynn Dempsey. Clearly in demo mode, Brian and Eric explain the FCH Scrubber process and find some consolation in the lengthy shelf-life of their surplus promotional item. Run time: 01:53:14
Things don’t seem to fit together they way they once did, but an otherwise ripe market always seems out of whack to the inattentive. So when the circumspect Mr. Andy Cohn, of Duncan Bolt, joins news editor Mike McNulty to discuss the startling FDI results on the Fastener News Report, the ensuing conversation expands into a predominantly fastener-related discussion that fastener distributors should heed (45:07). The PPE space has become a topic of interest for many industrial distributors, but it’s not a good match for every company, as safety veterans Neil Sexton and Michael Stewart of Northern Safety and Industrial explain (1:39:12). On the other hand, more companies are finding that online meetings provide a direct path to more effective sales, as “Cool Hand” John Butler of The Olander Company will attest (15:37). During the Fastener Training Minute, Carmen Vertullo provides System 22 thread inspection guidance that maps perfectly to a listener’s query (1:27:12). Also: IFE manager Morgan Wilson addresses show cancellation questions. To round out the non sequitur festival, Brian wants to roll out his old English sports car, while Eric imagines rolling out a barrel. Run time: 02:19:55
Feeling right at home in their new roles with LindFast Solutions Group, Bernie Longen and John "OJ" Simpson explain recent developments and things to come as the fastener industry powerhouse supplier hits its stride (1:17:49).  ITR Economics analyst Alex Chausovsky presents a clear, if uneven, path to growth and a key opportunity segment as he summarizes his recent NFDA virtual summit presentation (20:16). The maverick CEO of G.L. Huyett, Tim O'Keeffe joins Fastener Technology International editor Mike McNulty on the Fastener News Report to discuss the surprising resurgence of the latest FDI numbers (43:54).  Plus, nylon insert locknuts receive the Carmen Vertullo treatment during the Fastener Training Minute (1:10:24). Brian and Eric make excuses for terrible fishing, but their determination to keep plugging is never in doubt.  Run time:  2:07:23
Episode #153 - Non-Standard

Episode #153 - Non-Standard


As the “new abnormal” grinds on, industry veteran rep Rick Rudolph relies on his standard cordiality and grace to serve fastener companies in the New England region (10:41). AIM Test Labs founder Carmen Vertullo along with Eurolink vlogger London Penland explore how the market approaches ISO vs. DIN standards (1:34:33). The Fastener Distributor Index battles back, and Marc Strandquist of Optimas joins Mike McNulty to compare notes, on the Fastener News Report (57:25). During the Fastener Training Minute, a new fastener standards resource makes its debut (1:25:06). Also, Eric builds a gym and Brian quotes the Founders, raising the question: Is he really from New Hampshire?  Run time: 02:40:50
Thread game veterans Rich Cavoto and Bob “GQ” Baer explain the origins of the infamous Naperville Fastener Association, share fitness training secrets, and offer ideas for an improved city driving experience (1:32:18). Newer to the field, but aiming to innovate, AJ Strandquist of Würth Industry North America is forging boldy into the realm of additive manufacturing, believing the long-expected impact will soon be felt (21:50). Then, it’s absolutely the worst FDI reading on record, as Solution Industries heavyweight Frank “Balboa” DeVito joins Mike McNulty on the Fastener News Report to shed light on the dim situation (54:52). Plus, industry educator Carmen Vertullo presents all you need to know about weathering steel during the Fastener Training Minute (1:23:44). Viewing every adventure as a calculated risk, the FTR boys blow past the clear danger as Brian flagrantly visits a restaurant, and Eric suggests an eye-opening read. Run time: 02:31:07
During a novel edition of fastener talk radio, we hear stories from industry insiders across the operational spectrum.  Jun Xu of Brighton Best, Mike Topolewski of Perigee Manufacturing, Joanne Bialas of International Fasteners, and Matt Boyd of Parker Fasteners share their experiences, thoughts and feelings as they face the dramatic impact of COVID-19 with the lovely and talented Lynn Dempsey (1:51:23). Looking at the possible impact on the global supply chain, Harry Moser of the Reshoring Initiative offers his perspective, and also suggestions for bringing manufacturing back home (25:38).  R.W. Baird analyst David Manthey joins editor Mike McNulty on the Fastener News Report (1:00:34). And the heat is on during the Fastener Training Minute with Carmen Vertullo (1:34:55).  BONUS: Meet the real Mr. Corona! (17:35) Holding conflicting views of the virus, Brian dons the mask and Eric suggests an essential podcast. Run time: 02:50:31
Episode #150 - Quarantined

Episode #150 - Quarantined


The fastener industry was interviewed at the precipice of dramatic upheaval during the recent Pac-West/NFDA joint conference. None could have foreseen what was actually soon to unfold at the time FTR placed its microphone in front of industry fixtures Frank DeVito, Heidi Volltrauer, Jun Xu, Doug Ruggles, John “Cool Hand” Butler, Jim Howard, Hans Fuller, Tracey Lumia, Jake Davis and many more (41:15). Würth Eastern Region VP Eric Wilk explains a key benefit of growth by acquisition (20:44). Distribution visionary Ian Heller coaches Earnest Machine president Kirk Zehnder in the quest to defend against online marketplaces (1:38:38). On the Fastener News Report, Mike McNulty wonders aloud how much to value the surging FDI numbers given current conditions (1:22:40). And guru Carmen Vertullo explains thread crest basics during the Fastener Training Minute (1:33:59). Brian admits he may have a sanitation issue on the horizon, and Eric stumbles upon a milestone. Run time: 02:37:53
Are services the critical factor for distributor survival in the new market? What caused the dramatic shift in the FDI reading? Which fastener association is best dressed? MWFA president Paula Evitts along with fellow officer, the debonair George Hunt III of Brighton Best, share their view of the fastener biz as they preview a quasi-milestone industry event (1:28:24). Distribution Strategy founder Ian Heller returns to explain his formula for business success in the digital economy (19:37). BTM Manufacturing honcho Jake Davis joins Mike McNulty on the Fastener News Report (56:35). Fastener Fair USA is just around the corner, show manager Bob Chiricosta presents all the details (46:49). Plus, AIM Test Labs senior engineer, Carmen Vertullo looks at galvanized hex nuts on the Fastener Training Minute (1:21:07). Brian and Eric recall their past choices in apparel, which brings to light a surprising revelation involving a bow tie. Run time: 01:59:12
'Tis the season for wrapping up gifts and another year of predominantly fastener-related talk radio, as Advance Components CEO and chief gingerbread architect Suzy Cravens shares heartwarming details of her recent experience on Food Network's Christmas Cookie Challenge (1:21:36).  Offsetting all the peace and harmony, digital distribution pundit Ian Heller, of Rapid Results Marketing explains the gift of disruptive forces in the supply chain (20:46).  Pac-West VP David Palmquist  previews the sure-to-be-merry upcoming table top and joint NFDA conference (42:47).  Then, the delightful Bob "GQ" Baer and Mike McNulty discuss the coal in the latest FDI stocking during the Fastener News Report (51:24). Plus, industry educator Carmen Vertullo plays elf on the shelf as he presents the newest Fastener Training Minute (1:17:14). With maximum jolliness, Brian and Eric check their list for three wise listeners who will soon receive some extra good cheer. Run time: 02:30:47
Episode #146 - Unthreaded

Episode #146 - Unthreaded


A screw thread is a helical structure, flowing between the linear and rotational, and when Tim “Action” Jackson along with Jo Morris of Desert Distribution join the podcast it’s a different sort of threadform altogether (1:12:18). With a more precisely pitched dialogue, Würth Industry director of international trade compliance, Danielle Riggs explains key concepts every fastener distributor should understand to avoid costly errors related to imported product (20:46). NFDA president Doug Ruggles joins news editor Mike McNulty to consider the diverging direction of two key components of the FDI on the Fastener News Report (44:53). Plus, thread guru Carmen Vertullo provides a glimpse into the CFS training classroom on the Fastener Training Minute (1:06:38). Brian and Eric advance axially with each segment in turn, despite the onset of screwbola season and a regrettable coin toss. Run time: 02:23:00
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