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Hanging at the Fringe!
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Hanging at the Fringe!

Author: Andra Roston

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A show about life during Edinburgh's Fringe Festival. I will be talking to lots of different people involved at the Fringe, getting their opinions and, of course, hearing about their shows!
46 Episodes
Where we discuss being a stranger in a strange land, and the advantages of small spaces.
Where locals get together to talk about Fringe, the struggle of Spoken Word, and how to stand out.
2014 Roundup!

2014 Roundup!


Where I become a roving reporter.
Where we discuss what makes a good flyerer.
Where we discuss the evolution of a comedian.
Where we discuss adapting your show for the Fringe.
Where we talk about how obstacles can make a show better.
Where we discuss the good work of the Scottish charity Waverley Care.
Where we sit in the rain and discuss finding yourself as a performer, and why it's always more fun to have your own show.
Where I do a spontaneous podcast on the Royal Mile, and we discuss how to "move up" in the Fringe.
Where we discuss how hard to pigeon hole yourself into a genre.
Where we talk about making Fringe friends, being a local, and experience technical difficulties.
Where we discuss our relationship with our parents, and how it changes over time.
Where we discuss the difficulties of verbatim theatre, as well as get interrupted by a flyerer!
In this episode, we discuss why it's important to get inspired while you're at the Fringe.
Chatting with Matt (who was on time) and Chris (who was late) about the importance of not taking yourself too seriously, and why trying to have fun is the most important Fringe goal.
While sheltering from hurricane like weather, we discuss what it's like to be a bilingual theatre company, and more!
Chatting with two comedians about, among other things, the importance of the buddy system for solo acts at the Fringe.
We discuss the life of a Fringer, and why it's important to go see as many other shows as you can!
In this episode, we discuss what it's like to come to the Fringe for the first time, how it compares to other festivals, and why it's fun to experiment in theatre.
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