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Adam and Travis welcome special guest Kyle Clark as we dive into the first of a who-knows-how-many-part series about the recording and release of the landmark Nirvana album Nevermind
Adam and Travis welcome special guest Kyle Clark to discuss some amazing Nirvana moments that almost (but didn't) happen
Adam and Travis discuss the Nirvana videography and decide which videos are the best (and worst). Listen now!
Adam and Travis welcome special guest John Fahy to discuss some of the bands we started listening to because of Nirvana
Adam and Travis have had some feelings about Kurt Cobain and his behavior toward his band mates. So much so that they've been questioning if they even like Kurt anymore. On this episode, they wonder if they've maybe been a little too hard on a guy who died at the tender age of 27. Listen now and decide for yourself!
What would Nirvana's fourth album have sounded like if Kurt Cobain lived (and the band stayed together) long enough to record it? An ambitious YouTube user attempted to answer that question recently. On this episode, Adam and Travis listen to the results and judge accordingly.
The Influences Episode

The Influences Episode


Kurt Cobain's songwriting drew influences from a lot of different sources. Adam and Travis talk about some of them on this episode today.
When Nirvana Met Dave

When Nirvana Met Dave


Do you know the story of how Kurt and Krist met Dave Grohl? It's a really great story, provided you don't mind hearing about a bunch of needlessly harsh break-ups along the way. Adam and Travis talk about it on this week's episode. Listen now!
Half tribute to the late Tom Petty, half story about how Dave Grohl almost opted to join The Heartbreakers instead of forming the Foo Fighters. Hear Adam and Travis mourn the loss of a legend on this week's episode.
The Gear Episode

The Gear Episode


Adam and Travis discuss the guitars, amps, and pedals that make Kurt Cobain and Nirvana sound they way they did.
The First European Tour

The First European Tour


In 1989, Nirvana embarked upon their first tour of Europe. It didn't go well. Or it went great. Depends on who you ask.
Part two of our look into the best rarely seen Nirvana moments available on YouTube right now.
Adam and Travis discuss some of the most interesting Nirvana moments that you can find on YouTube right now!
Special guest Mark Yarm (author of 'Everybody Loves Our Town: An Oral History Of Grunge') joins Adam and Travis to discuss some of the biggest myths and misconceptions about grunge and Seattle in the '90s.
The Recording of Bleach

The Recording of Bleach


In late-1988, Nirvana began recording their first album, Bleach, at Reciprocal Studios in Seattle. Let's talk about it!
Adam and Travis welcome special guest Zach Johnston (Uproxx) to talk about the best and worst Nirvana songs as performed by other bands.



Adam and Travis talk about Nirvana's constantly rotating cast of drummers, the recording of their first single, and so much more.
A rundown of the best Nirvana B-sides, album cuts, and other assorted rarities. With hosts Adam Tod Brown and Travis Clark.
Adam and Travis discuss Nirvana's best album cuts, B-sides, demos, and other assorted rarities.
Adam and Travis explore the origins of and real story behind the myth that Kurt Cobain once lived underneath a bridge in Aberdeen, Washington.
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Eva Humphries

I love listening to adam and travis i have recently told my friends about the pod cast and got them hooked on it by talking about the turtles in the tub and am sad it's almost over but can't wait to hear more from them

Mar 3rd
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