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Author: Adron Buske

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The Fictitious podcast, hosted by Adron Buske, delves into the craft of Science Fiction and Fantasy storytelling through interviews with authors and other professional writers. These conversations examine the writing process, techniques, and work habits of passionate creators and explore their most recent, and most popular, works.
49 Episodes
K. Eason is the author of HOW RORY THORNE DESTROYED THE MULTIVERSE — out now from DAW Books. This charming and subversive fantasy-meets-space opera tale follows a young princess who is uprooted from her planet, and her throne, sent off-world to be a pawn for intergalactic politics. But Rory Thorne is no run-of-the-mill fantasy princess, and is definitely no pawn. Rory must use all of her wits, gifts, and determination to turn a manipulative Regent’s plot against him, rescue a mislaid prince she is supposed to be betrothed to, and perhaps avoid plunging the entire star system into chaos and conflict.
This episode focuses on National Novel Writing Month – NaNoWriMo – in November 2019. Host Adron Buske shares his own experiences participating in NaNo and his plans for this year's project. The episode also includes a rebroadcast discussion with Grant Faulkner, the executive director of the NaNoWriMo non-profit organization. 
Madeleine Roux is the author of the adult sci-fi thriller SALVAGED (Ace Books). Set in deep space, SALVAGED follows Rosalyn Devar, a bioengineer from an influential family who has fled past traumas for the unglamorous life of a "space janitor". When catastrophic failures leave valuable ships floating in the void full of dead crew, Rosalyn and her fellow salvagers are sent out to clean up the human remains and send the ships home. Her latest assignment delivers her to the Brigantine, a research vessel gone dark. But, once aboard, Rosalyn discovers that the crew are still quite alive. But, with gaping wounds, glowing blue eyes, and a parasitic hive-mind wrestling for control of their identities, they are no longer precisely human. What follows is a desperate fight to keep the parasite from dominating humanity itself, as Rosalyn seeks allies among the infected, while struggling with her own inner demons. Madeleine's previous work includes the popular YA horror series ASYLUM and HOUSE OF FURIES.
Clay McLeod Chapman is the author of meta-horror thriller THE REMAKING (Quirk Books). The tragic campfire tale of a mother and daughter burned as witches haunts the imagination of a small town local – including a budding horror director. When child actress Amber Pendleton is cast in a '70s B-movie about the urban legend, it seems like a springboard to a Hollywood career. Instead, the traumatic events of the film follow her into a medication-saturated, cash-poor 1990s adulthood. She makes her living at third-rate horror conventions, signing photographs for too-eager fans who cannot separate Amber from her disastrous childhood. But when the story that destroyed her life comes calling – again and again – does Amber have any choice but to play a new, desperate part each time? THE REMAKING follows that backwoods ghost story from '70s horror flick to '90s auteur remake to modern day true crime podcast, each time asking – why do these tales consume us, and do we really care about the lives they ruin for our entertainment? 
Annalee Newitz is the author of the sci-fi time travel novel, THE FUTURE OF ANOTHER TIMELINE (Tor Books). In a world where present-to-past time travel is an accepted fact, geo-scientist Tess uses her university-funded temporal travels for both research and resistance. While a subversive group of travelers seeks to alter history and solidify the subjugation of women, Tess works in secret to minimize the damage of their "edits" and keep them from permanently locking the timeline. But although a dire confrontation looms somewhere in the centuries around her, Tess can't keep herself from breaking time travel taboo – stepping back into her own history in an attempt to prevent a riot girl teenager named Beth's involvement in murder. 
Jennifer Giesbrecht is the author of THE MONSTER OF ELENDHAVEN ( Publishing). This dark fantasy novella follows the unkillable, not-exactly human Johann as he slinks about the smokey, dark corner of the industrial-gothic city of Elendhaven. Johann murders and steals with unnatural anonymity, until he develops an obsession with Florian – a prominent, old-money accountant who is, in fact, a sorcerer. In a poisoned land ravaged by magical misuse, being a mage is illegal and will call hunters down on you. Johann courts Florian’s affection even as he becomes a puppet to the sorcerer’s long-festering need for vengeance, and together they pursue a violent plan that may tear them – and their city – apart. 
Heli Kennedy is a writer on ORPHAN BLACK: THE NEXT CHAPTER, a new continuation of the popular BBC America TV series, this time brought to life as a prose serial, and audio drama narrated by the show’s award-winning star, Tatiana Maslany. ORPHAN BLACK follows a group of young women who discover they are all identical clones, created and monitored by a nefarious technological group, and pursued by other scientific and religious groups for being abominations of nature. Set 8 years after the end of the original series, ORPHAN BLACK: THE NEXT CHAPTER introduces a new clone, Vivi Valdez, opening up a new window into this exciting, dark sci-fi world.  ORPHAN BLACK: THE NEXT CHAPTER is available on the Serial Box platform and app. The first installment of the series was released September 12th at
Recorded live at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, this panel discussion is called 10 Points to Slytherin: Why Good Fans Love Evil Characters. It features an awesome group of writers: Marissa Meyer (The Lunar Chronicles, Renegades), Renée Ahdieh (The Wrath and the Dawn series, The Beautiful), Keto Shimizu (Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow), Caitlin Starling (The Luminous Dead), and Shaun Barger (Mage Against The Machine).  With their fascinating backstories, dangerous aesthetics, and devil-may-care attitudes, it’s easy to see why many fans identify with the bad guys. But what does it say about you when you proudly claim allegiance to Slytherin House, the 501st, or Hydra?
Hugo Award-winner Alix E. Harrow is the author of the historical portal fantasy, THE TEN THOUSAND DOORS OF JANUARY (Orbit Books / Red Hook). In the early years of the 20th century, a young girl named January finds herself the ward of a wealthy aristocrat, Mr. Locke. A dark-skinned girl of ambiguous ethnicity, January is a source of curiosity and skepticism for her benefactor’s society of affluent, white, would-be treasure hunters. Amongst Locke’s peculiar collection, she discovers an even more peculiar book, and in it a tale of Doors that open onto other worlds. January feels the the truth of its words, because she opened one such Door when she was a child. As her tightly wound-life begins to unravel, these Doors may be her only escape – though an oppressive household will be the least of what she flees from. 
Katy Rose Pool is the debut author of the young adult fantasy novel, THERE WILL COME A DARKNESS. It’s a world shaped by seven great prophets who, after a two-thousand year reign, vanished a century ago. Now, their secret and final prophecy is coming to fruition, and with it, comes an Age of Darkness. Amidst chaos and conflict, five young people from wildly different backgrounds are pulled together to fulfill unexpected roles in the prophecy – to either save their world, or irrevocably break it. A Fierce Reads title, THERE WILL COME A DARKNESS arrives September 3rd from Henry Holt and Company.
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