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The Writescast Network is a podcast collective for writers, by writers, with the mission of helping writers everywhere become more confident in themselves and in their craft. Our network includes podcasts featuring author interviews, conversations on the art and business of writing, and analyses of your favorite books—all from a writer's perspective. What will the Writescast Network do for you?
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For the first-ever episode of the r. r. campbell writescast, I sat down with Dan Schiro, author of Rogue Destiny to talk about action scenes. Using examples from Star Wars, the James Bond franchise, 2001: A Space Odyssey and more, this episode focuses on the importance of verisimilitude, character, and setting when creating high-flying action scenes. Enjoy!
In this episode, I take on the topics of writing conferences, writer’s block, and what to expect from the blog going forward.
Author Dylan Davis joins me by phone to discuss flash fiction, overcoming “writer fear,” and tips for submitting short-form fiction to literary magazines. He also reads his flash piece “Detach,” published in Fiction International in 2015. Beyond Fiction International, Dylan has been published in Brilliant Flash Fiction, WhiskeyPaper, and Driftwood Press.
For this edition, James Wymore of Immortal Works joins me to talk about acquisitions philosophies, explicit content in literature and film, book rating systems, and what we can expect from Immortal Works in 2017.
Young Adult writer Josh Springs joins me for a conversation on YA in general, why it’s important it be written and read, and things you should never say to a writer of Young Adult or Middle Grade fiction–-or anyone, really. Be nice to each other.
For this episode of the writescast, author and PR guru Cheryl J. Muir joined me for a conversation on developing a brand as an author. In it, she covers topics including the know-like-trust factor, navigating social media, and creating a digital image that balances who you are as a person with who you are as a professional.
This episode of the writescast features freelance proofreader Mary Anne Hinkle, who joined me to talk about the differences between proofreading and editing, the publication process, and how writers have to be ready to divorce themselves emotionally from their manuscripts when seeking the help of an editor.
MFA Candidate and writer of YA Speculative Fiction Meg Gaertner speaks with me about how to manage the querying process and how we as writers can keep our heads above the water when waves of rejection notices come crashing down.
For this episode of the writescast, Kristin A. Oakley joined me to define and discuss the hybrid publishing process. It's not quite traditional, and it's not really self-pub, either. How does that work, you ask? You'll have to listen to her interview to find out!
Author Daniel Swenson joined me for this episode to compare pantsing and outlining. We also discuss trusting our characters and the importance of--and strategies for developing--backstory.
For this episode of the writescast, author Danielle Maurer joined me to talk about Twitter contests, the importance of perseverance, how to develop good writing habits, and what to keep in mind when working with an editor. Episode correction: The publication date for my short story, "Wool," has been pushed back to July 28th, 2017. That is to say, it is not available on July 7th as mentioned in the episode.
Valerie Biel, award-winning author of YA hits Circle of Nine, and Circle of Nine: Sacred Treasures, discusses strategies for promoting our writing through traditional media, including television, radio, and good old print news. When Valerie’s not writing, she’s working on freelance publicity projects and assisting other authors through her business Lost Lake Press, or teaching about writing topics […]
In this episode, I tackle the elements of scene structure: what they are and how to use them. With examples from Game of Thrones and nods to The Catcher in the Rye, Sula, The Hate U Give, and Black Swan Green, this episode is sure to help listeners guarantee every scene serves a purpose and is grounded in each of the four core components of scene structure.
Steven Salmon joins me to talk about his personal and professional experiences as a writer with cerebral palsy.
Sci-fi author Scott Birrenkott joined me for this episode to talk all things sci-fi: what it is, how to research for it, and how to find a balance between science and fiction when writing sci-fi of our own. Scott writes science fiction with golden age traditions and literary aspirations. His work has been featured with both Fiction Vortex and Liquid Imagination. For more on Scott, you can find him at, or on Twitter at @SBirrenkott.
#SonOfAPitch is just around the corner! To help writerfolk everywhere prepare for this great query event, author and Son of a Pitch founder Katie Hamstead joined me to talk about what SoaP is, how it can help you refine your query and first 250 words, and what you need to do to participate. If you […]
Bakari Chavanu joined me for this episode to talk about National Journal Writing Month, and what journaling can offer us both personally, and professionally as writers of fiction. Be sure to have a listen before the next installment of NaJoWriMo, which happens four times per year in January, April, July, and October!
Author Ryan Decaria discusses mad science and the mad scientist trope—what it is, how we can use it, and how we can prevent our use of it from becoming clichéd! With examples from books and television both modern and historic, Ryan provides a unique perspective on mad science and sci-fi you won’t want to miss. […]
Author Mel Gough joins me to talk about M/M romance, fan fiction, and so much more. Mel was born in Germany, where she spent the first twenty-six years of her life (with a one-year stint in Los Angeles). She has always been fascinated by cultures and human interaction, and got a Masters in Social Anthropology. […]
Danielle Maurer returns to the writescast to talk about best practices for preparing for National Novel Writing Month. Use her tips to help you maximize your NaNo success! Danielle is a fantasy and science fiction author setting out on an epic quest to entertain her readers. When she’s not hiding under her writing rock, you […]
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