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ActiveGrowth Podcast - Digital Marketing for Self Made Entrepreneurs
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ActiveGrowth Podcast - Digital Marketing for Self Made Entrepreneurs

Author: Shane Melaugh, Hanne Vervaeck: Online Marketers, Product Creators, Digital Nomads

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The ActiveGrowth Podcast is different: discover our in-depth content series that tackle important problems every entrepreneur faces. Instead of the typical "expert of the week" interviews, we listen to your feedback and create episodes full of practical advice. This podcast gives you the tools and mindset to create and grow your own product or service based business and become a highly effective entrepreneur.
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What is ethical in marketing? Are you scamming your customers if you use a pre-recorded webinar? Is it mean to use pop-ups all over your website? What's the deal with selling products that aren't even ready yet? What does it mean to be ethical? Find the answers in this episode!  Show notes:
We're here with another episode on SEO: the dreaded topic we like to avoid like the plague. Our guest today, Matt Diggity, founder of the SEO conference in Chiang Mai and many SEO agencies, is giving you a crash-course today on how to do SEO without spending too much time learning, guessing, and failing. Listen to his step-by-step guide you can follow immediately to boost your website's traffic, attracting people that are actually ready to purchase rather than just surfing the web out of boredom.  Find the show notes at
You created an exceptional course, but it won't sell. You most likely got your marketing all wrong. And what's worse is that you market it in ways that are costing you way more money than it should.  Tom Libelt is here to tell us how to market an online course the right way and close more clients while keeping your money in your pocket.  Find the shownotes to this episode at
Are you still in bed at 6 a.m.? The most hardcore entrepreneurs are already at the gym by 5. Or that's what they say. Should you follow their advice? What's the truth behind waking up early and starting your day before the sun comes up? In this episode, we'll discuss why waking up early might be the most harmful advice entrepreneurs follow, and why sleep is way more important that you might think. Get the shownotes from
Did you know that most of our purchase decisions are made based on recommendations we get from happy customers? Think of the last book you read, the movie you watched or the hotel you stayed in. You can promote your business as much as you want, but nothing beats the power of a recommendation. The best part: you can (and should) take advantage of this. We invited Raúl Galera from ReferralCandy to tell us how to do it, what makes a referral program successful, what works best in your specific case and how to do it on a low budget.  Find the show notes at:
You know that it's important to get featured on many pages. But how can you convince people to feature you? How do you get the real superheroes in your market to feature you on their websites, channels and feed to get you the backlink and free traffic your business needs so bad? We interviewed Colin Shipp who shared with us how you can find people that are worth reaching out to, who to email, how to frame it and what to say in your emails exactly; what to do if you don't hear back and how else you can benefit from these relationships. Listen in, this simple but often missed method can increase your traffic significantly!   Show notes:
You might hear that only the big players make it to the first page in Google in 2018. You might hear that you need to do shady things if you want to rank anyway.  We interviewed Tim Soulo, CMO at Ahrefs, who gave us his best SEO advice on how to rank in search engines even if you're just starting out, your product is new, your website barely has visitors and you don't want to spend a fortune on ads or a team - without having to do anything sketchy.  New to SEO? We added some extra information for you that you can read in our show notes:
If you're a bootstrapping entrepreneur, budget matters more than anything. Your business is up and now it's time to drive more traffic, but how can you do that without spending a fortune on advertising?  In this episode, we're starting a new series on how to drive traffic with time instead of money, and going through a list of traffic generation methods that are practically free or very cheap.    Find the shownotes here:
Recently, having a job is frowned upon - you need to be an entrepreneur to be worthy. Well, we disagree. Being your own boss is definitely not for everyone, and even if you have the skills to do it, it might be way worse than having a job you love, makes you feel valued and allows you to work on your passion most of the time. In this episode, we want to give you the "entrepreneur job description" to know what you sign up for, and what other great options you have if this is not your path.    Find the show notes at 
Who do you try to model when you're building your business? Are you looking for inspiration and advice for rapidly growing startups like Google and Uber? You couldn't be making a bigger mistake... In this episode, we'll discuss why modeling an expert can backfire and following the growth-at-all-cost can be a death sentence for your smaller-scale business. Listen in to find out what to do instead for more profit, success, and chance to survive!    Shownotes:
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