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Author: Game Grumps

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The G Club is Game Grumps' news, media, and pop culture podcast thing! Fill your earholes with loud arguments from everyone around the Game Grumps office!
18 Episodes
In the final episode of The G Club, some lads talk about Cuphead. Club members: Barry Kramer ► Ryan Magee ► Matt Watson ► Jory Griffis ►
Loud bwam noise! It's time for Barry and Ryan to discuss Blade Runner 2049. Club members: Barry Kramer ► Ryan Magee ►
Barry and Ryan discuss Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle! Cool. Club members: Barry Kramer ► Ryan Magee ►
Barry is joined by Jirard The Completionist to talk about the new Metroid game, as well as Metroid overall. Club members: Jirard ► Barry Kramer ►
Barry, Suzy, Ryan, and Jory get jumpscared and talk about horror movies. Club members: Barry Kramer ► Suzy Berhow ► Ryan Magee ► Jory Griffis ►
Arin, Barry, and Jory have a seat around the table and talk hero shooters. Club members: Arin Hanson ► Barry Kramer ► Jory Griffis ►
Arin and Barry are joined by Jirard The Completionist to talk about completing games. Club members: Jirard ► Arin Hanson ► Barry Kramer ►
Some people come together and discuss predictions, wants and thoughts on Game of Thrones Season 7 and more. Club members: Barry Kramer ► Arin Hanson ► Suzy Berhow ► Ryan Magee ►
Arin and Dan join fighting forces and discuss the most recent Japanese Godzilla hit. Club members: Arin ► Danny ►
The gang sits down and discusses the ins and outs of the Metal Gear series. Club members: Suzy Berhow ► Jory Griffis ► Arin Hanson ► Barry Kramer ►
Barry, Ryan, Matt, and 2 new faces discuss video game movies and TV shows. Club members: Jory Griffis ► Tyler Hutchison ► Ryan Magee ► Barry Kramer ► Matt Watson ►
Arin, Barry, and Matt sit down and discuss what they like and don't like about Splatoon 2! Club members: Arin Hanson ► Barry Kramer ► Matt Watson ►
Arin and Barry discuss the concept of choices in gaming, ain't that neat?
Barry, Ryan, and our good friend Chad talk about Spider-Man: Homecoming, and just Spider-Man in general.
Barry, Ryan, and our good friend Chad talk about Baby Driver and like ten other movies but mostly Baby Driver thanks xoxo
On this episode of the G Club, Arin and Barry talk about Nintendo's newest IP, Arms.
Arin, Barry, Suzy, and Vernon gather round and discuss Overwatch.
Arin, Barry, and Vernon discuss E3 2017 and then get super sidetracked when they get on Monster Hunter.
Comments (17)

Austin Baker

"I'm here to protect my kids and kill people, and I'm all out of kids."

Feb 17th

Game Drunks

God I wish you guys did more of these. grumpin since Kirby Super Star on SNES

May 30th

Nat Blackburn

Barry left and we lost many great shows. RIP

Oct 17th

Matthew Marek

can we have more of this?

May 15th
Reply (1)

Tobey Mathis

Gun game in overwatch but every kill changes you to a random hero in a different class

Mar 24th
Reply (1)

Angela Anne Urtz

yo I asked myself if game grumps did a podcast because itd be totally dope if they did. I can listen to them for hours watching their youtube videos, they're so funny and entertaining 😂😂 found podcasts, got super excited...noticed they stopped making them 💔💔💔😭😭😭

Feb 9th

Gill Again

Is it dead or are they on a break?

Dec 4th
Reply (1)

Ben Ratner

yaoi yaoi...

Nov 16th

Panda man

do a podcast about dark souls 3

Oct 31st
Reply (1)

Avah Cook

I like this

Sep 10th



Sep 8th

Amora Williams

how do you add music to your podcast

Aug 19th

Sean Chatterton

I'm here for the gang bang

Aug 3rd
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