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The Science of Success

Author: Matt Bodnar

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The #1 Evidence Based Growth Podcast on the Internet. The Science of Success is about the search for evidence based personal growth. It's about exploring ways to improve your decision-making, understand your mind and how psychology rules the world around you, and learn from experts and thought leaders about ways we can become better versions of ourselves.

253 Episodes
In this episode, we hear the incredible story of how our guest went from a bricklayer to working with some of the most powerful and influential people in the world and the amazing lessons that he’s learned about making things happen with our guest Steve Sims.
In this episode, we share the story of how our guest went from teetering on the edge of virtual bankruptcy to transforming his company into a high growth startup with a massive exit seemingly overnight with our guest Saud Juman.
In this interview, we dig into what it takes to be a fearless leader with the first-ever female F-14 Tomcat Fighter Pilot in the U.S. Navy, Carey Lohrenz. We dig into fearless leadership, what it was like being a pioneer in her field, how she came over the many obstacles in her way, and the mindset you need to lead and succeed. 
In this interview, we share how you can finally make decisions with perfect confidence. We share what to do when you’re stuck in inaction and lack confidence in your decisions, and how to avoid being overconfident and making big mistakes with our guest Dr. Don Moore.
In this episode, we are joined by Guy Kawasaki for a casual discussion - what we are calling a “fireside chat” where we touch on life, business, and success, and many stories from the trenches of scaling companies.
How do you stop being a victim, take responsibility, and make your life the life you want it to be? In this episode, we uncover the universal principles of success with one of the world’s top success experts, Jack Canfield.
In this interview, we dug really deep into some of the stories from Robin’s past included in his new book. Everything from being in New York City near the towers when they fell to recruiting a Russian Spy asset. Some seriously intense stories, it flows like an episode of Homeland or something out of a spy novel. Then we go deep into the six-step system Robin has outlined to predict people’s future behavior, what motivated them, and some of the hard truths about behavior prediction. 
In this episode we bring in legendary business expert Michael Gerber, author of The E-Myth Revisited to share why most small businesses don’t work and show you exactly how you can build a truly scalable business.
In this episode, we show you exactly how to build the habits and routines you need to succeed, break down what makes powerful habits, and share how to stay motivated and productive no matter what happens with our guest James Clear.
In this episode, we tell the truth about self-awareness. 95% of people think they are self-aware but only 10% actually are. Where do you think you stand and what can you do to improve what our guest calls the superpower of the 21st century? All this and more with our guest Dr. Tasha Eurich.
In this episode, we share how to feel bold, powerful, confident, and alive and get the motivation you need to finally take action and make your goals and dreams a reality. Learn to believe in yourself with our guest Evan Carmichael. 
In this episode we share how to face down your fears and we uncover what happens when you do. We hear the incredible story of how our guest, Michelle Poler, spent 100 days facing down her biggest fears and show what you can learn from her journey. 
This week we’re releasing a short bonus episode to let you know about the launch of The Science of Success: Business Mastery Season 2.
In this episode we share how you can be more confident when make the tough decisions in your life, discuss how to deal with FOMO and show you the key to ultimately achieving greatness with our guest Patrick McGinnis.
In this episode we share how to decide what’s really important in life, how self care can actually lead to massively increased productivity, and how you can put away the guilt of not working hard enough with our guest Denise Gosnell. 
In this episode we share how to deal with self doubt and what to do if you don’t feel like you belong. We explore the power of kindness and how to build your kindness muscle and much more with our guest Gabriella van Rij. 
What can video games teach us about real life? In this episode, we explore the science behind the concept that we may be living in a simulation, look at the hard problem of consciousness, explore the relationship between quantum physics and consciousness and much more with our guest Rizwan Virk. 
In this episode, we explore the science of networks and human relationships, uncover how people you’ve never met have a huge impact on your life, and look at how we can respond effectively to the COVID-19 pandemic with our guest David Burkus.
In this episode, we discuss how to ask better questions, lessons from solving some of the world’s most interesting challenges, and why you need to think about the job to be done with our guest Bob Moesta.
Unless you've been living under a rock or (like Jared Leto) at a no phone meditation retreat for the past few months you're aware of COVID-19. In this episode, our producer Austin Fabel walks you through 10 creative things you can do in the world of social distancing to keep yourself entertained, healthy, happy, and with something to look forward to doing post insanity.
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Jul 2nd

Daniel Cornea


Jun 30th


You are the One! Thanks for your podcasts.

Jun 22nd

Kay norman

what's the name of the book spoken about in the pod cast?

Dec 9th
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Apr 25th

Nassor Jackson

So he said choati?

Apr 19th

Sara Chaves

great episode

Apr 12th

Sajad dehnavi

thank you, it's great... 🌹

Apr 7th

Adi Nair

hmm great

Feb 5th

Emily Robitaille

Amazing podcast! Intriguing and inspirational, I learn something new and fascinating in each episode. Definitely worth a listen!

Jan 14th



Dec 13th


Play with Intention. 🤔 Cool Mix

Nov 19th

Julie Reynolds

a song that helps me is Fear by blue october

Nov 9th


#WSD Write Shit Down, Great insights for Daniel 🙏

Oct 23rd

Matt N

Fascinating and love how your research is reinforced by study. Great opening into social psychology and behavioural study

Oct 10th

Krisztina Szabo

great show, intelligent conversations with guest, useful tips to improve our lives. i just recently started speaking publicly which i used to dread, but in this episode there were invaluable instructions on how to calm ourselves, how to structure our talks to be more interesting to the audience, where to practice (toastmasters). thank you! keep these episodes coming.

Aug 25th

Billy Bogues

The flow genome project quiz is disabled. Booooo.

Jul 31st

Andrés Rubio

This podcast has changed my life in so many ways. Thanks Matt!

Jul 26th

Taylor Velez

Great content and resources!

Jun 30th

Brendan Leighton

Great podcast for those who appreciate science and are looking to improve themselves. I have been able to make some great changes in my life and there are more changes coming. The most significant change so far is my sleep-schedule. I used to sleep from about 12am - 4:30am and was constantly napping throughout the day to catch up on sleep. Using some advice from one of the episodes I was able to make my new schedule 8:30pm-4:30am. I still take some naps as this is new to me but the naps are getting shorter and less frequent. I also follow this schedule on my days off and have found myself to be much more productive. I listen while driving and have started using a voice recorder on my phone (using google assistant) to take notes. I definitely recommend this strategy to anyone who listens while driving. Too much great info that you don't want to forget.

Jun 17th
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