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Author: Vincent Orleck

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Not a guru, maven, ninja or rock star.
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Can Anchor fully accomplish their goal of not only democratizing audio, but also allowing anyone to monetize it? We’re about to find out in this grand experiment, and I’m along for the ride.
It’s finally here, Super Bowl time! Is Tom Brady’s daughter truly a pi$$ant? Is Gronk playing? Does Super Bowl media day matter? Who will win, and what will be the score? We’ve got you covered with all of that and more.
Should both Dan Quinn AND Mike Tomlin be fired?...Pats/Titans recap + Pats/Jags preview...Vikings or Eagles: which team is scarier to face? Is the combo of Bortles, Foles, and Keenum (and Brady) the overall WORST foursome of conference championship game QBs in NFL history? Plus, Mikey picked the score of Patriots/Titans EXACTLY last week, can he do it again?
Scorpion Monthly: A Gift Guide...Kyle Van Noy...Top 5 players on-field for Pats/Steelers...Preview and predictions for New England vs. Pittsburgh
Giants Brass: thanks for the memories, but are you even a Hall-of-Famer, Eli Manning? We also ask the question: What middling-to-bad QB could Bill Belichick and the Patriots win a Super Bowl with in 2017? And finally, Scorpion Talk is back by popular demand as we answer questions from around the world in our mailbag!
Of all the losing, crappy teams currently in the NFL (as of week 11, 2017 season), which one’s locker room could Patriots coach Bill Belichick walk into TOMORROW and take to a Super Bowl victory in Minneapolis? Plus, it’s the first edition of Scorpions Monthly!
RTP: Week 3 NFL Preview

RTP: Week 3 NFL Preview


To kneel or not to kneel | London football sucks | Is Baltimore ready for an NFL breakfast | Biggest fantasy surprises | The Jeff Fisher - Jim Caldwell correlation | Browns/Colts debacle | Picks!
Is Tom Brady done after this year? Will the Browns ever be any good? Who is Nathan Pederman? We answer these questions and many more as Riding The Pine returns to the airwaves after a long hiatus!
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