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Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall gets you up close to your favourite heavy metal/hardcore/pop-punk rock bands and musicians whilst updating you with the latest music news, reviews, tour announcements and playlist to get your week started heavy and loud.
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BIGSOUND is done and dusted for another year and we can safely say there are a lot of us reallly feeling our ages now that it's all said and done, but the best part is we have now uncovered the next batch of Australian bands who are set to take the heavy music scene by storm and luckily for you, we caught up with a whole bunch of them to get you closer than ever before and hopefully put you on the right path to supporting their next big moves.Podcast host Browny caught up with the likes of Reliqa, who despite only graduating high school in 2017, have been taking the scene by storm supporting some big named acts and scoring some pretty impressive streaming hits for their latest Eventide EP. Wither who have been screaming their way into our lives with a fantastic sound behind them. Being Jane Lane, an all-female bunch of punks who set out to have fun and have been gaining a huge reputation (and opportunities) left, right and centre ever since. The Gloom In The Corner, who are some of the nicest, yet, most intimidating deathcore blokes you'll come across from Melbourne hellbent on world domination (through their music duh!). LOSER who absolutely, positively do NOT live up to their band name and are some of the funniest and musically driven guys you'll ever meet (with plenty of unfortunate stories to tell about their travels) and one of the greatest bands produced in Australia since (well, ever!) Outright, who are hardcore punk specialists with a brilliant sound behind them, a fantastic purpose and motivation and seriously, an incredible group of individuals doing their part to make the scene inclusive, welcoming and eradicated of the scum which sometimes seeps its way into it (despite not being welcome).They may have a vast array of musical styles between them, but together, they make up some of the next big bands you're going to be hearing about (or moshing to) within the next few years and it's our pleasure to bring you this podcast so you can get to know them ahead of time, as well as featuring songs from Dregg and LO!, two bands we didn't get a chance to chat with but who rightfully deserve a mention too. Strap yourself in and check out Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall 'The Big Sound 2019 Special'#WoSUATW #BIGSOUND #BIGSOUND19 #Reliqa #Wither #BeingJaneLane #TheGloomInTheCorner #LOSER #Outright #IndustrialMetal #HeavyMetal #Metalcore #Punk #PunkRock #Deathcore #AlternativeRock #HardcorePunk #Hardcore #AustralianBands #WallOfSoundAU #MusicPodcast
We have a jampacked special episode for you this week to celebrate The Amity Affliction's upcoming Heaven And Hell east coast tour featuring Underoath, Crossfaith and Pagan, who, all join the podcast for a chat.The main event is The Amity Affliction's Ahren Stringer who discusses the band's intentions with the Brisbane leg of the tour in which they're hoping to turn the Heaven and Hell Festival into an annual event, if the punters get behind it. He also chats with podcast host Browny about the year that was the Misery saga and the strange, yet totally expected reactions fans had when they first heard the release, some disapproving of the drastic change in style, only for them to come back around the longer they sat on it. He also talks about the band's future, the next release and he reflects on their earlier "glory" days (pun intended) and how far they've come since then.Spencer Chamberlain of Underoath calls in to chat about their last appearance in Australia for UNIFY and why they didn't make it to the west coast of Australia for their Erase Me album cycle. Kenta 'Ken' Koie from Crossfaith also reflects on their UNIFY set back in January and gives us all an insight into their partying lifestyle while Pagan frontwoman Nikki Brumen takes a look back at their hectic year which has seen them flying to dominate UK audiences, gain massive popularity in Australia and what direction they'll be taking their next release (and if we'll hear some new material on this tour).Plus we play a stack of tracks from the above-mentioned bands and kick it all off with Thornhill's new song 'Nurture', which no doubt fans will hear when they play alongside Trophy Eyes, Make Them Suffer, Southeast Desert Metal, Void of Vision and Endless Heights in Brisbane.#WoSUATW #TheAmityAffliction #AmityAffliction #TAA #AhrenStringer #Misery #HeavenAndHellTour #SpencerChamberlain #Underoath #KentaKoie #Crossfaith #NikkiBrumen #Pagan #AustralianBands #Metal #Metalcore #BlackMetal #MelodicMetal #Thornhill #MusicPodcast #WallOfSoundAU
SURPRISE! We are proud to Exclusively bring you this special edition of Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall to coincide with the launch of Good Things Festival 2019 and their stacked lineup featuring Parkway Drive, A Day To Remember, Violent Soho, Simple Plan, Bad Religion, Trivium, The Veronicas, Poppy, Simple Creatures, The Damned Things and SHITLOADS MORE! The now annual music festival returns to Australia’s East Coast in December and is guaranteed to kick off your Summer Festival Season in style.Join podcast host Browny as he chats with Josh Woodard from A Day To Remember who will not only be making their way back down under for the festival, but they’ll be bringing a brand new album titled You’re Welcome with them. The boys debuted their first new song from it last week called ‘Degenerates’ and it has caused a scene, within the heavy music scene, dividing fans in the process, but never fear, as Josh discusses the track and what else we can expect from this forthcoming release + their festival appearance.We also play tracks from a stack of bands on the lineup and look at a few of the bands making their Australia debut including Poppy, Simple Creatures and Ice Nine Kills who we CANNOT wait to throw down in the pit for during their set. Catch the full lineup here!So sit back, throw your feet on your desk (who gives a fuck what your boss thinks) and strap yourself in as we kick off our Good Things Festival Launch Podcast for YOU!#WoSUATW #GoodThingsFest #GoodThingsFestival #GoodThingsFest2019 #ADTR #ADayToRemember #JoshWoodard #Degenerates #YoureWelcome #MusicFestival #ParkwayDrive #ViolentSoho #Trivium #SimplePlan #BadReligion #Trivium #Skeggs #SimpleCreatures #MarkHoppus #Karnivool #TheVeronicas #ChoeedAndCambria #FallingInReverse #EnterShikari #DanceGavinDance #ReelBigFish #Poppy #ThyArtIsMurder #IceNineKills #TheDamnedThings #SlowlySlowly #ManWithAMission #TheBennies #Voyager #YoursTruly #Windwaker #TheBeautifulMonument #Gravemind #WallOfSoundAU #MusicPodcast
G'day legends, we're back with arguably one of the best, funniest and most loved men in metal, Mr Adam Dukewitz (aka Adam D) of Killswitch Engage joining this week's show to chat about the band's forthcoming album Atonement. Not only is Adam the producer of the album, but he also shares stories of what happened when former frontman Howard Jones headed back into the studio with them to record guest vocals on 'The Signal Fire', a track which podcast host Browny is calling "Song of the Year" and something that is going to ignite a fire and unite all fans of the band new and old, hopefully putting an end to the comparisons which have plagued forums for years.Adam also gives fans an update on Times of Grace, his melodic side-project with KSE frontman Jesse Leach who have been working on a new album for what seems to be an eternity now, but it may not be that much longer until we finally hear our first taste of new music... Talking about new tunes, we play brand new songs from TOOL, Korn, Bad Wolves and Slipknot, throwbacks from Flyleaf, Metallica, In This Moment and Trivium + more!#WoSUATW #KillswitchEngage #KSE #AdamD #AdamDukewitz #Atonement #Metal #HeavyMetal #Metalcore #Metallica #Trivium #KoRn #Flyleaf #InFlames #InThisMoment #LightTheTorch #HowardJones #TimesOfGrace #BadWolves #Slipknot #WANYK #WeAreNotYourKind #Tool #FearInoculum #Podcast #MusicPodcast #WallOfSoundAU
We've had this guy on the show so many times we need to start charging him rent, but when you're a guy like Marcus Bridge of Northlane, the door is always open for a chat, especially with the band's masterpiece of a new album Aliencoming out which features a whole stack of stories and themes inspired by the tragic upbringing Marcus faced throughout his childhood and youth.These stories have become the heavy songs that we hear on the new album which, as distressing as they are and sound, prove that no matter how difficult a situation may be that you're going through, there is always hope at the end of the tunnel and that's the message Marcus hopes to spread when talking about these events during his co-hosting duties. Podcast host Browny also goes over the new album's drastic musical direction which sees the band experiment with EDM/Synth and Industrial Metal sounds and influences (which they nailed in the process), proving you can progress as a band but still hold onto the key elements that made you a household name.We also take a look at Fred Durst's new movie The Fanatic which features a creepy as hell John Travolta stalking the shit out of his favourite celebrity, played by Devon Sawa and to be honest, it doesn't look too bad either.There's also plenty of new music from SKYND, Make Way For Man, Wage War, Of Mice & Men, Asking Alexandria and Lacuna Coil, throwbacks from Limp Bizkit, Polaris and Architects + heaps more...#WoSUATW #Northlane #MarcusBridge #Alien #Al1en #Metalcore #IndustrialMetal #Metal #NuMetal #AustralianBands #SKYND #MakeWayForMan #LacunaCoil #OfMiceAndMen #LimpBizkit #FredDurst #TheFanatic #JohnTravolta #DevonSawa #Polaris #WageWar #AskingAlexandria #Architects #KillswitchEngage #Podcast #MusicPodcast #HeavyMetal #WallOfSoundAU
When one of Australia's HEAVIEST bands comes knocking, you answer that door and that's what's going on this week with Thy Art Is Murder's shredmaster Andy Marsh who calls through for a chat about their brilliant new album Human Target. The album has already received a whole stack of interest due to the controversial third single 'Make America Hate Again', but controversy is something TAIM have been known for in the past and Andy chats with podcast host Browny all about it and if signing to a huge label like Nuclear Blast Records has forced them to rethink their releases. The pair also discuss how the band always seem to have a dial-a-friend in the wings, ready to jump on a tour and fill in when one or more of the members can't make it, which is something many fans have wondered over the years. There's also plenty of New Music throughout the episode from Slipknot, Seas of Conflict, Void of Vision, Knocked Loose, Fit For An Autopsy, Honest Crooks and Stray From The Path, throwbacks from Whitechapel and High Tension + heaps more!#WoSUATW #ThyArtIsMurder #HumanTarget #AndyMarsh #DeathMetal #Deathcore #AustralianBands #HumanWarfare #NuclearBlast #MakeAmericaHateAgain #HonestCrooks #VoidOfVision #SeasOfConflict #HighTension #StrayFromThePath #Metalcore #Hardcore #KnockedLoose #Whitechapel #FirForAnAutopsy #Slipknot #CoreyTaylor #Northlane #Podcast #MusicPodcast #WallOfSoundAU
Holy Shit. When we got the offer to have Sum 41 on the Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall podcast we HAD to jump at the chance and, once again, because of the legacy this iconic band has bestowed upon us for the better part of the past two decades, we had to dedicate a full episode to them this week. Join us as we take a look back at the band's early beginnings when they were first classed as a pop punk band alongside the likes of blink-182, Green Day and New Found Glory, all the way to their now, fully fledged heavy metal sound and the troubles, highs and lows along the way.Bassist Jason 'Cone' McCaslin also call in to chat with Browny about the band's new album Order In Decline (out July 19th) and their history throughout the years, addressing everything from their musical progression, their hard-hitting lyrics and their Anti-Trump stance which has made headlines over the past few weeks.We also go through all of The Sums' releases playing standout tracks from the Hour of Power EP, All Killer No Filler, Does This Look Infected?, Chuck, Underclass Hero, Screaming Bloody Murder, 13 Voices and their latest offering. This is the definitive Sum 41 experience for any fan (new, old or returning) to get amongst the band and all they've achieved over the course of their careers in the music industry.#WoSUATW #Sum41 #Cone #ConeMcCaslin #TheSums #PopPunk #Metal #HeavyMetal #Punk #AllKillerNoFiller #DoesThisLookInfected #Chuck #UnderclassHero #ScreamingBloodyMurder #13Voices #OrderInDecline #blink182 #GreenDay #Metal #MusicPodcast #WallOfSoundAU
Australia's heavy music scene is thriving right now with so many fantastic upcoming bands worthy of your attention and one band in particular we've had the pleasure of reporting on for a while now is Gravemind who are about to unveil their new album Conduit upon the world and their legion of loyal fans (and superfan Darcy), so what better way to build more hype for it than to get the big guy himself, frontman Dylan Gillies-Parsons on for a chat all about it.The man goes into detail about the band's fanbase who are not only some of the most loyal followers ever witnessed by a new band but some of the most dedicated and hardworking news spreaders keen to see the band do well. Dylan also discusses some of the new album's heavy/thought-provoking themes which have resonated with plenty of listeners, some of which may not have been gravy fans before hearing songs like 'Volgin' and their latest single 'Phantom Pain', both titles inspired by the Metal Gear Solid video game series (and yes, we touch on that too).Podcast host Browny also plays brand new music from KoRn, Carnifex, Killswitch Engage and Thy Art Is Murder, throwbacks from Devil You Know/Light The Torch, iwrestledabearonce, Cancer Bats and Architects + heaps more...#WoSUATW #Gravemind #Conduit #DylanGilliesParsons #Deathcore #Metalcore #AustralianBands #Korn #KillswitchEngage #KSE #DevilYouKnow #LightTheTorch #Carnifex #BLKLST #TheGloomInTheCorner #Architects #iwrestledabearonce #CancerBats #Beartooth #ThyArtIsMurder #MusicPodcast #WallOfSoundAU
This week it's an All-Female-Fronted (and more) assault on your ears as we check out some of the best upcoming and established bands from Australia and across the globe with ladies singing/screaming and playing their way into your lives with their music. This week's guest co-host is none other than Alex Reade from Melbourne's Drown This City who had some huge news to talk about recently, their signing to UNFD and their forthcoming Alpha // Survivor EP (out July 5th).Alex discusses the band's stops and starts recently which may have slowed down the progression process of the band, but not the keen and eagerness to succeed and with this new career development, they're not slowing down for anyone soon. Get to know the band, their future and find out what record Alex still holds with our Wall of Sound: Up Against the Wall podcast when we first met her back at Big Sound 2017.There's also plenty of New Music from Crazy Eighty-Eight, Terra, Grenade Jumper and Freedom of Fear, throwbacks from Falcifer, Saviour, Outright and Dream State + heaps more...#WoSUATW #DrownThisCity #AlexReade #UNFD #Metalcore #MelodicMetal #AustralianBands #CrazyEightyEight #Falcifer #Outright #FreedomOfFear #Saviour #TheLastMartyr #Terra #GrenadeJumper #DreamState #Babymetal #Deathcore #PopPunk #Metal #HeavyMetal #MusicPodcast #Podcast #WallOfSoundAU
Here is a sentence we never thought we'd be saying again: Static-X are touring Australia again! Believe it or not, but three of four OG members are back and heading down under for a tour like no other which will serve not only as the 20th Anniversary of their breakthrough album Wisconsin Death Trip but also a Memorial Tribute to their late frontman Wayne Static, who passed away back in 2014. The news has divided fans (some for, some against the idea) but bassist Tony Campos is on this weel's podcast chatting all about it to clear the air and answer any concerns fans may have had.Podcast host Browny, despite being a fan, takes both sides of the argument to get the truth from the band and find out if the right intentions are at play here or if this is another one of those cash grabs from fans, but from what you'll hear, every intricate detail about this tour has been well planned, thought out and even received the blessings of Wayne's family before the ball was even rolling and it seems the people that want this the most are Static-X's longterm fans who even pledged their own money for the band's new album, Project Regeneration, which wouldn't have seen the light of day if it wasn't for their contributions. Tony also delves into the current status of the album and how they're using old vocal recordings from studio sessions before Wayne passed to create a brand new album from the band, featuring original members Tony Campos, Ken Jay and Koichi Fukuda.There's also throwbacks from Megadeth, dope, Rammstein, Coal Chamber and Fear Factory, New Music from SKYND, Sleeping With Sirens and Bare Bones + heaps more...#WoSUATW #StaticX #TonyCampos #WayneStatic #WisconsinDeathTrip #ProjectRegeneration #Metal #IndustrialMetal #Megadeth #DaveMustaine #FearFactory #CoalChamber #Rammstein #Reliqa #dope #SKYND #SleepingWithSirens #BareBones #DrownThisCity #Podcast #MusicPodcast #Interview #WallOfSoundAU
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