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Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall gets you up close to your favourite heavy metal/hardcore/pop-punk rock bands and musicians whilst updating you with the latest music news, reviews, tour announcements and playlist to get your week started heavy and loud.
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Episode #68 feat. Sharpy the Blade of Boris The Blade
There's a certain stigma surrounding the Death Metal/Core genre where some naysayers refuse to listen to it due to the sheer intensity of the music and bellowing screams being flung their  way, but once you can push past the barriers, you'll discover enlightenment through some of the heaviest riffs and blast beats on this planet and a band who are renown for infecting the masses with their brutal sounds is Boris The Blade, who unfortunately, have announced they're pulling the pin on the band after almost a decade together.Arguably up there with the great heavy acts from Australia, the guys have toured the globe and were even called upon to play at the New England Metal & Hardcore Festival, a dream frontman Sharpy The Blade never thought possible when he used to watch the DVDs of the show growing up. He joins podcast host Browny to chat all about the band's epic farewell tour, the reason why they're all heading in different directions and some of his fav memories from over the years. He also goes into detail about why they're kicking things off in Sunbury, a remote semi-rural town outside of Melbourne where the band was first conceived. We also take a look at the HUGE NEWS surrounding Slipknot which has seen OG member Chris Fehn being publically ousted from the group following allegations he was taking the band to court over pay disputes. Find out what was said ahead of their tour with Metallica later this year.There's also plenty of HEAVY AF new music to get through from Alpha Wolf, Whitechapel and HellYeah, throwbacks from Suicide Silence, Bring Me The Horizon, iwrestledabearonce, Gravemind and heaps more...#WoSUATW #BorisTheBlade #SharpyTheBlade #AustralianBands #DeathMetal #Deathcore #ThyArtIsMurder #Gravemind #MakeThemSuffer #Whitechapel #SuicideSilence #BringMeTheHorizon #BMTH #iwrestledabearonce #Hellyeah #VinniePaul #AlphaWolf #Slipknot #ChrisFehn #CoreyTaylor #DevilDriver #IPrevail #Podcast #MusicPodcast #WallOfSoundAU
Episode #67 feat. Dale Tanner of Ocean Grove
When bands go through lineup changes it can mean one of two things, one of which is the band won't be the same as they used to be, the other is the flourish into a new entity and continue to dominate with the legion of fans they accumulated over the years and that's what we're predicting for Ocean Grove who debuted their latest member Twiggy this week, who replaces ex-frontman Luke Holmes and guitarist Jimmy Hall.A quick reshuffle of positions and roles within the band now sees the charismatic Dale Tanner ditching the bass in favour of fronting the now four piece and he's chatting with podcast host Browny all about it this week. The pair go over the transition and how they've adapted to losing two members, where they found Twiggy (who has been part of the OG family for a few years now) and their belter of a new song 'Ask for the Anthem' which, in a mind-blowing turn of events, actually made its debut over the speakers twice at UNIFY Gathering this year. You'll have to listen to find out when and try to remember if you were there when they played it.There's also plenty of heavy tunes to get you through your day including New Stuff for The Brave, Calibrium and Periphery, throwbacks from Linkin Park, Korn, Limp Bizkit, P.O.D., Void of Vision and more#WoSUATW #OceanGrove #DaleTanner #NuMetal #AskForTheAnthem #Twiggy #UNIFYGathering #TheBrave #UNFD #Skorched #LimpBizkit #KoRn #VoidOfVision #POD #LinkinPark #Periphery #Calibrium #ProgMetal #ProgRock #DearSeattle #Podcast #MusicPodcast #WallOfSoundAU
Episode #66 feat. Will Swan of Dance Gavin Dance
For a band with dance in their name, they kinda make it hard with their heavy-core sound don't they but it seems that fans are going mental over Dance Gavin Dance heading back to Australia for a tour and we had to grab Will Swan for a chat all about it on this week's episode of Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall.Swanny (as we've dubbed him) discusses the band's new album Artifical Selection and their passionate motivation to constantly release album after album, in comparison to other bands who tend to tour the same one for a few years. The guys are also known for dabbling into the realm of cover songs and (in some cases) they make the originals better than they were so podcast host Browny hit Will up about the possibility of them recording an album of covers in future.Plus there are stacks of New Music to get through including a double shot from metalcore singer Lauren Babic, who not only fronts the new band Crazy 88 (with YouTube star Jarrod Alonge and As It Is frontman Patty Walters), but also her original band Red Handed Denial who are set to release their new album next month and we play the debut single from it.There's also new stuff from Windwaker, New Years Day, Being Jane Lane, Simple Creatures and Fallujah, throwbacks from Alexisonfire, Story Of The Year, Veil of Maya and The Beautiful Monument + heaps more...#WoSUATW #DanceGavinDance #PostHardcore #ProgMetal #WillSwan #Alexisonfire #RedHandedDenial #Crazy88 #LaurenBabic #Windwaker #StoryOfTheYear #SOTY #AmityAffliction #TheAmityAffliction #TAA #VeilOfMaya #Fallujah #Metalcore #NewYearsDay #DLAUS2019 #TheBeautifulMonument #BeingJaneLane #Punk #SimpleCreatures #MarkHoppus #PopRock #WallOfSound #MusicPodcast
Episode #65 feat. Mat Nicholls of Bring Me The Horizon
Well, where do we even start with our next guest's band? Bring Me The Horizon have been tearing up stages across the globe for the better part of the past 15 years and in that time, their sound may have changed from the early deathcore roots, through to their metalcore and most recent stadium rock albums, but now, yet again, we are seeing a significant change for the band which seems them introducing EDM influenced sounds and pop rock vibes with their latest album amo. But what triggered the change? Why did they stray so far from their original sound and (as rumours suggest) was it all a challenge to see if they could crack the mainstream market?All those burning questions you've ALWAYS wanted to know about BMTH will finally be answered as drummer Mat Nicholls co-hosts our Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall podcast this week and by everything we mean everything from their Grammy Nomination, Mat's opinions on genres being "pointless", frontman Oli Sykes' music video ideas and even if they'll be bringing their heavy song medley to Australia in April. There's even a discussion about the band's belter of a new song 'heavy metal' which is a piss-take, "fuck you" anthem for all the old fans who criticised their progression away from the heavier side of music. You do not want to miss this one.Podcast host Browny also takes a look at Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton's new solo song with the late Chester Bennington and asks for your opinion about whether or not Wage War ripped off Architects' with their new song 'Low'.There's also plenty of new tunes from Seas of Conflict, Kill The Lights, The Last Martyr and Fever 333, throwbacks from A Day To Remember, Enter Shikari, While She Sleeps and heaps more…#WoSUATW #BringMeThrHorizon #BMTH #MatNicholls #amo #MANTRA #MarkMorton #ChesterBennington #SeasOfConflict #KillTheLights #WageWar #Metalcore #Architects #EnterShikari #WhileSheSleeps #Beartooth #ADayToRemember #ADTR #TheLastMartyr #IceNineKills #Fever333 #DavceGavinDance #MusicPodcast #Podcast #WallOfSoundAU
'Browny and Intern Adam Do UNIFY Gathering 2019'
UNIFY Gathering. An experience and a half for heavy music fans who travel from all over Australia (and the world) to attend the sleepy country town of Tarwin Lower in Regional Victoria to see bands of various genres playing their hearts out and then joining in on the festivities with punters across the venue. This year was no exception.This time around for us, we brought along our Wall of Sound UNIFY Intern winner Adam Rice who took out the competition and won the chance to interview some of the bands from the lineup and enjoy a weekend covering the event for us. How'd he go? Well, you'll have to listen to the collection of interviews and tracks we have at your disposal, but be warned, there is well over 4 Hours of Fun this year (as we wanted to cover as many bands as we could for you and this podcast special).So strap yourselves in and get ready to get up close and personal with the likes of Every Time I Die, Underoath, Karnivool, Hand of Mercy, Hellions, Dream State, Ocean Grove, The Plot In You, In Hearts Wake, Pagan, Thornhill, Drown This City, Gravemind, Falcifer, Saviour and Ocean Sleeper as Browny and Intern Adam Do UNIFY Gathering 2019.Interview Times Hellions – 8:29 Dream State – 21:41 Ocean Sleeper – 35:31 Drown This City – 47:42 Ocean Grove – 57:36 Karnivool – 1:20:41 In Hearts Wake – 1:36:11 The Plot In You – 1:50:00 Saviour – 2:02:27 Hand of Mercy – 2:15:05 Falcifer – 2:25:34 Gravemind – 2:39:58 Pagan – 2:57:25 Thornhill - 3:15:09 Underoath - 3:27:44 Every Time I Die - 3:45:09#WoSUATW #UNIFY2019 #UNIFYGathering #WoSDoesUnify #WoSUNIFYIntern #EveryTimeIDie #ETID #Underoath #Karnivool #HandOfMercy #Hellions #DreamState #OceanGrove #ThePlotInYou #InHeartsWake #Pagan #DrownThisCity #Thornhill #Gravemind #Falcifer #Saviour #OceanSleeper #Australianbands #HeavyMetal #Hardcore #Metalcore #PopPunk #ProgMetal #Podcast #MusicPodcast #Interviews #WallOfSoundAU
‘Good Things Backstage Shenanigans’
The Good Things Festival made its debut up Australia's East Coast between December 7-9, 2018 and of course, we had to work out way into the compound to get you up close to some of the bands from the lineup. Backstage in Melbourne, Victoria, podcast host Browny was joined by fellow Wall of Sound writer/interviewers Ricky Aarons and Todd Gingell who all sat down with some of the most enjoyable musicians we've ever had the chance to interview for a face to face including the likes of Bullet For My Valentine, Northlane, Void of Vision, Make Them Suffer, Boston Manor, WAAX, Dashboard Confessional, The Wonder Years, Stone Sour and of course, the legendary Noodles from The Offspring.Conversations included why The Offspring would never make a biographical movie about their lives and how a shitty suburb on the Gold Coast inspired one of WAAX's biggest singles to date, through to Stone Sour loudly declaring "rock isn't fucking dead" and Void of Vision offering insightful tips for starting out in the music industry.Get to know the bands personally via our chats and through their music which we've carefully handpicked and placed into the playlist so you can get the full experience and either relive (or cure your FOMO) from the first outing of Good Things Festival 2018.Interview TimesBullet For My Valentine – 8:54, Northlane – 22:28, Void of Vision – 34:55, Make Them Suffer – 49:07, Boston Manor – 1:02:06, WAAX – 1:12:39, Dashboard Confessional – 1:26:22, The Wonder Years – 1:38:48, Stone Sour - 1:53:15, The Offspring - 2:08:12#WoSUATW #GoodThingsFestival #GoodThingsFest #TheOffspring #StoneSour #TheWonderYears #DashboardConfessional #WAAX #BostonManor #MakeThemSuffer #VoidOfVision #Northlane #BulletForMyValentine #HeavyMetal #Metalcore #Punk #PopPunk #PunkRock #Rock #Podcast #MusicPodcast #AustralianBands #WallOfSoundAU
Episode #63 feat. Jade Puget of AFI
Usually when bands release an album and the hype wears down, there's the long wait that follows before fans can finally get their hands on some new material, but every now and then an act can surprise us all with a small taste of what's to come in the form of a single or EP and that's what AFI have done with their new offering The Missing Man EP.The new collection of songs showcases what the band are truly capable of when they use their 27 years of experience together (20 for this week's guest co-host) and offer up five new songs that are unique, but still with that signature AFI tone. Guitarist Jade Puget joins Browny to talk about their decision to release an EP rather than waiting for a full-length album and his response really goes to show the band are certainly looking out for their fanbase (new and old). The pair also discusses Jade and frontman Davey Havok's straight-edge hardcore side project XTRMST and what the current state of that band is (if you didn't know about it, oh boy you're in for a treat when you hear the song we've got playing).Talking about New Music, there is plenty of it this week from Alpha Wolf, Justice For The Damned, Void of Vision and Emigrate, throwbacks from Angels & Airwaves, The Offspring and more...#WoSUATW #AFI #JadePuget #TheMissingMan #XTRMST #Punk #Rock #Hardcore #Sevendust #AlphaWolf #JusticeForTheDamned #VodOfVision #AngelsAndAirwaves #AvA #TomDelonge #Emigrate #Rammstein #BringMeTheHorizon #BMTH #LoFire #TheOffspring #Music Podcast #Podcast #AustralianBands #WallOfSoundAU
Episode #62 feat. Ian Kenny of Karnivool
Stop Everything: Karnivool are back together again and they're not only working on new music but they're hitting the road to play UNIFY Gathering 2019 and we can hadly contain our excitement. Joining us on this very special 'Countdown to UNIFY' podcast is frontman Ian Kenny who not only opens up about what's taking so long with the band's new material, but also the feelings of neglect he deals with when thinking about the fans who are eagerly waiting to hear it. It's no secret the man is one of Australia's hardest working musicians fronting both The Vool and Birds of Tokyo, so its great to get an insight to how his mind works and how he juggles time between the two, as well as having a social life.But the surprises don't end there, he discusses the idea of a Sound Awake Anniversary Tour in 2019 to celebrate the album's 10th Birthday, similar to what they did with their debut album Themata and from all accounts, there could very much be something in the works already...Podcast host Browny also chats with the very first Wall of Sound UNIFY Intern winner Adam Rice about taking out the prize and a couple of the bands from the lineup which changed and influenced his appreciation for heavy music.And talking about the lineup, there are plenty of tracks to get you pumped up for the annual festival including throwbacks from Every Time I Die, Taking Back Sunday, WAAX and Falcifer, newer tunes from The Plot In You, Turnstile, Underoath, Hellions, Pagan and more...#WoSUATW #IanKenny #Karnivool #BirdsOfTokyo #AustralianBands #UNIFYGathering #UNIFY2019 #ThePlotInYou #Underoath #DreamState #Hellions #TakingBackSunday #OceanSleeper #Saviour #WoSUAINYIntern #Thornhill #Karnivool #WAAX #Pagan #Falcifer #Turnstile #EveryTimeIDie #ETID #MusicPodcast #Podcast #HeavyMetal #Metalcore #Punk #BlackMetal #Deathcore #UNFD #WallOfSoundAU
Episode #61 feat. Brad Smith of Heroes For Hire
Yeah, you read that right, Sydney pop punks Heroes For Hire are getting back together again for a string of Official Farewell Shows in December and you better believe we're fuckin excited for them. Joining us on the show EXCLUSIVELY this week is frontman Brad Smith who is talking all about the reunion including how the idea came about, what happened back in 2013 when he was publically ousted from the band which consequently lead to their demise and if this is a one-time only opportunity or if there'll be more tours in future.For the band's longterm fans, this is an opportunity for you to catch the guys one last time up the East Coast of Australia and relive the memories you had watching them explode back in the day. The guys played stacks of music festivals and toured with some pretty big names in the business, we ever get a sneak peek of the setlist too, so strap yourself in for nostalgia overload.Podcast host Browny also discusses the NSW Police and Government's ridiculous rules and regulations which have consequently resulted in under 18-year-old patrons no longer being allowed to attend the first Good Things Festival in Sydney and asks for music fans and listeners to join a petition to try and convince the State Government and NSW Police to rethink their strategies and work cooperatively with festival organisers to so they can make the festival an All Ages event again.There's also plenty of bangin' tunes to get you through your day including New Music from Tired Lion, Fever 333 and Papa Roach, throwbacks from blink-182, Sum 41, Zebrahead, Between You and Me, Paramore, State Champs, Tonight Alive, Storm The Sky and heaps more...#WoSUATW #BradSmith #HeroesForHire #PopPunk #AustralianBands #ExclusiveInterview #blink182 #Sum41 #BetweenYouAndMe #BYAM #StateChamps #Paramore #TonightAlive #Trophy Eyes #Zebrahead #PapaRoach #StormTheSky #Fever333 #TheFever333 #TiredLion #MusicPodcast #GoodThingsFest #RedJumpsuitApparatus #WallOfSoundAU
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