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Author: Roland Millward

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Speak Up - Speak Out - Speak Easy

We all need to to take time to talk and time to listen. In this podcast we take the time to talk and listen to people with wonderful stories to tell. My name is Roland Millward and I discuss communication and cover many related issues that I hope will inspire and encourage you to talk and listen more.

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How to Overcome Shyness

How to Overcome Shyness


Millions of people suffer from shyness. For many it can be a mild inconvenience but form others it can be debilitating. It can prevent a person from forming friendships or pursuing a career that they would love to have. How can we overcome shyness to prevent it from holding us back in life?  In this podcast I will share tips with you that have helped me enormously.
The telephone is still a one of the best ways we can communicate when not in a face to face situation. How can you get more from your phone conversations? In this episode I talk about ways to help you get more out of your telephone conversations.
Public Speaking Made Easy

Public Speaking Made Easy


Season 2 Ep 3:  Can public speaking really be made easy?  It can certainly be made easier with the right approach and by learning some new skills and techniques. In this episode I am pleased to interview the Presentation Maestro, Mr Michael Trigg. Michael is very experienced in public speaking and trains people to learn how to become proficient speakers and to hold an audience captive to the words they speak. Please listen, learn and enjoy what Michael has to say. Michael produces some wonderful free content on his website and also has a free app, Ovation available for both Apple and Android devices. Click here for the link to download it today. For more information please do get in touch with him via his website. 
Anxiety can affect all of us and for some it can be debilitating and cause much misery.  I am pleased to welcome Nick Elston to Time to Talk and as he tells us about his battle with anxiety and how now he has become an international speaker on the subject.  Nick gives a great insight into anxiety and how we can cope with it and indeed keep it in its right place. After you have listened to the podcast, to find out more about Nick Elston, Talking Anxiety please visit his website. 
Welcome to the 2nd season of Time to Talk. The new tag line is Speak Up, Speak Out and Speak Easy. In this season's podcasts I am going to extend my discussion on the art of communication to include communication issues. You are going to meet some interesting people who I will interview and talk to them about speaking up and speaking out in a speak easy way.  We all need to talk and the better and more freely we can do so, the better it is for us. For a moment just stop and think about some of the things we find it difficult to talk about and the situations where speaking up can be so hard. Mental health has become a big talking point and those with such an issue can find it hard to express themselves. For the people around them it's so difficult to know what to say to those suffering. We will be interviewing someone that can help us talk about anxiety in a forthcoming episode.  How do you communicate in your workplace, what do you say in a job interview to be able to put yourself across in the right way to your prospective employer? This is one more area where we will interview an expert who can help us. Right now I am working on many ideas and arranging to speak with experts in their field who have volunteered their time to be interviewed.  I am thrilled with the direction that Time to Talk is heading and I hope that you will enjoy the journey with me. Please do subscribe and share with your friends. Do you have an idea about a communication subject that you would like covered in a future podcast? Do you have a story to tell and would like to be interviewed please get in touch by email  Roland - please follow me on Twitter
In life, there are times when we need to get our point across. It could be in the family or business. How can we successfully put our point across? Listen now for some ways that you can succeed.
Series 2 Episode 10: Text messaging can be very useful but it can also cause problems. Let's discuss text messaging in Time to Talk.
Death by PowerPoint

Death by PowerPoint


Seires 2 Episode 9:Have you attended a presentation where you have been bored by the use of PowerPoint?
How to Make a Complaint

How to Make a Complaint


Series 2 Ep 8 There are times we need to complain. What's the best way that will get the result we deserve and sort out the problem? Listen now to find out.
Using The Right Words

Using The Right Words


Series 2 Ep 7 Using the right words is so important when we communicate, whether in speech or written form.
Series 2 Ep: 6 Modulation does not come naturally to most people. It is something that needs to be understood, learned and practised. Listen now to find out more on how you can use modulation in your presentations.
Series 2 Episode 5 The use of volume is important for a public speaker and in this episode I will share with you some ways that you need to apply to use it properly.
Series 2 Ep 4 Most speakers like to use notes when delivering a presentation. Notes though if not used properly can distract not only the speaker but also their audience. Learn how you can use notes the right way.
Series 2: Ep 3 Learn how to prepare your presentation and the things you need to do before you even start.
When you present to your audience you need to make sure that what you say is accurate. Where can you check the facts to make sure? In this episode we look at places that can help you and those to be wary of and avoid Fake News!
How to Write a Formal Email

How to Write a Formal Email


We all get bogged down with thousands of emails each year and writing email is now part of everyday life. When we have to write an important formal email how can we make sure that the reader recognises it as such and responds?  Listen now to this episode and find out. I also welcome your comments, so please do get in touch. 
The Art of Pausing

The Art of Pausing


You say it best when you say nothing at all. Find out how pausing can improve your communication skills.
Video technology gets better all the time and is now a popular way to communicate. Many however are making a big mistake in they way they use the camera. Learn how to correct this very easily.
Learn how to get people to say No in a way that will mean Yes! Forget the old sales techniques for getting people to say a series of yesses. No can be your friend and not your enemy.
In this episode, I explain the different types of gestures and how to use them in your presentations
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