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I currently have a 125 gallon aquarium monster community aquarium. I am planning on setting up 2 other aquariums. What are the 2 other aquariums that I plan on setting up?  What fish do I plan on keeping? I am going to discuss everything you should know about my aquarium hobby and I will also be giving out some information on certain species of fish! This will be a fun show for sure! PLANNED FOR THE SHOW: ~ Aqua Alex's Freshwater Community Aquarium ~ Aqua Alex's Saltwater Aquarium ~ Information on certain fish species
Did you know that there are catfish that stay under 4''? Mini catfish you say? YES! Corydoras catfish are perfect for community aquariums and smaller aquariums. Most corydoras catfish do not exceed 3-4''. This makes them perfect for home aquariums. Corydoras catfish come from South America and they have hundreds of species in the genus Corydoras. I love Corydoras catfish and am even thinking about setting up a community aquarium with them and a small school of tetras.  On this episode of The Catfish Cave, find out about Corydoras catfish  as Aqua Alex discusses everything you need to know. Plus, hear an interview from the late great corydoras legend Lynn Mathney as she discusses her love of corydoras catfish. She used to breed cory catfish and has a lot of knowledge on corydoras!
Most of the tropical fish species that I really enjoy come from South America and the Amazon river. The Amazon River is home to thousands of different aquatic animals including tropical fish. Wild caught fish are interesting to keep in the home aquarium because of their colors and natural look. Over 90 percent of freshwater tropical fish that come into the hobby are farm raised and are often not even from the countries of orgin where the fish would be found in nature. Deep in the heart of South America’s Amazon Basin, in one of the most pristine and bio-diverse areas on earth, the Rio Negro stretches nearly 2300 kilometers before joining the Amazon itself near the Brazilian city of Manaus. The world’s largest “black water” river, its unique tea-colored water is home to nearly 800 species of freshwater fish, many of which are found nowhere else on earth. One of these fish—the Cardinal Tetra (Paracheirodon axelrodi)—gained worldwide attention after its discovery in the 1950’s. With its vibrant blue-and-red coloration and peaceful schooling behavior, it immediately attracted the attention of the growing aquarium hobby. Over time, an entire industry grew up in the region based on collecting, transporting, and exporting these and other tropical fish species to supply home aquariums, mainly in the US and Europe. Find out all about Project Piaba and hope buying a fish can save a tree and help Rio Negro. What species of fish does Project Piaba deal with?
Every tropical fish hobbyist loves getting new fish. Trust me take it from me one of my favorite things about the aquarium hobby is getting new fish. The problem with getting new fish is that there is no way of really knowing where the fish has come from unless the store tells you. There is no way of knowing what conditions the fish has been exposed too, what diseases and parasites the fish has been exposed too and what stress level the fish has been through. Quarantine aquariums are very important when it comes to making sure your current fish and your new fish all stay healthy. What is quarantine? a state, period, or place of isolation in which people or animals that have arrived from elsewhere or been exposed to infectious or contagious disease are placed. They are placed here and given meds to heal. Join me Aqua Alex as I explain the important of QT tanks and why you should have atleast one! PLANNED FOR THE SHOW: ~ WHY QT TANKS ARE IMPORTANT ~ SETTING UP A QT TANK ~ MOINTORING NEW FISH AND MORE!
Pimelodus catfish are a very nice genus of catfish that hail from South American. They are generally very hardy and there are many species too choose from all reaching different adult sizes. Some species of Pimelodus like the Pictus Catfish are perfect for home aquariums while others like the Red Tail Catfish aren't. Most species of Pimelodus can be kept in home aquariums with other species of catfish and larger growing fish. Find out all about the Pimelodus species of catfish on this episode of The Catfish Cave! Species that will be discussed: Pictus Catfish Four Lined Pictus Catfish Ornate Pimelodus Vulture Catfish Marbled Achara I will be giving out information on these catfish! Check out my Other Projects outside tropical fish keeping: In the Kitchen with Alex Cardinale- See me Cook Chicken Parmigana with a friend: Support Paul Aramouni and Buy his Non fiction book more details here:
Keeping tropical fish in aquariums means that we must take care of them and feed them a nutritious diet. In order to have healthy colorful and active tropical fish in our aquariums, we must provide them with a quality nutritious diet! Feeding tropical fish may seem easy but there is a lot that goes into it to make sure that your tropical fish lives a good day! In the wild, tropical fish have access to numerous amounts of food sources from which include live fish, crustaceans, algae, plants, fruits, and other sources. How can we implement this in the aquarium hobby? What are some quality fish foods Aqua Alex recommends? All that and more will be discussed on this episode of Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast. Planned for the Show: ~ Aqua Alex's Recommended Tropical Fish Food Brands ~ Best Human Foods to Feed Tropical Fish ~ Foods used to enhance Coloration AND MORE! Check out my Other Projects outside tropical fish keeping: In the Kitchen with Alex Cardinale: See me Cook Chicken Parmigana with a friend: Support Paul Aramouni and Buy his Non fiction book more details here:
I, Aqua Alex am a huge fan of catfish. I like having exotic catfish in my aquariums. In every freshwater aquarium that I've had I have had some sort of catfish. One species of catfish I really adore is the Shovelnose catfish. There are many different species  of shovelnose catfish available to the aquarium hobby but the 2 I love the most are the Lima Shovelnose (Sorubim) and the Tiger Shovelnose (Pseudoplatystoma), Believe it or  not there are many species of lima shovelnose and tiger shovelnose but most available to the aquarium hobby grow to decent sizes and require large aquariums. If you are a monster fish lover like myself, these catfish are perfect for you to keep in your aquarium. Find out all about the shovelnose catfish species and how to keep them in the home aquarium. PLANNED FOR THE SHOW: -- INFORMATION ON THE LIMA SHOVELNOSE CATFISH  --- INFORMATION ON TIGER SHOVELNOSE CATFISH Enjoy the show!!! Check out my Other Projects outside tropical fish keeping: In the Kitchen with Alex Cardinale Youtube- SUBSCRIBE TO MY BEST FRIEND ON YOUTUBE-
In 2013, I founded my first tropical fish podcast '' Aquatic Wetline''. It was very successful for many years and now it brings Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast into it's 7th year. For nearly a decade, I Aqua Alex have come into your homes chatting tropical fish and showing my love for the aquarium hobby with my aquarium podcasts. Now, it's time to start a NEW season and our 7th year of hosting tropical fish podcasts.  Fish keepers of all interests will love this show as there will be monster fish chat, saltwater and brackish water fish chat, and even goldfish chat. PLANNED FOR THE SHOW: ~ SPECIAL FISH KEEPER GUESTS: Facebook Group Admin and Owner Aquatik Gurus Dustin Jay Dustin Jay comes on the show to discuss his love of tropical fish and tells us about his MONSTER pond! Michael Tirrell from Off the Deep End Aquatics joins Aqua Alex as they discuss one of their favorite fish.... The Silver AROWANA! Youtuber and Pet Lover Matt Thibodeau Could there possibly be a surprise guest at the end?!! ~ Tropical Fish Chat: Monster Fish Discussion: Freshwater Sleeper Gobies Silver Arowana Gars Saltwater Fish Discussion: Foxface Rabbitfish Triggerfish Maroon Clownfish Brackishwater Fish Discussion: Scats AND MORE! LIVE Question and Answer with Aqua Alex! Open phone lines call in LIVE at (516) 418-5674 to ask Aqua Alex a tropical fish question! ENJOY THE SHOW AND THANKS FOR LISTENING!!! In the Kitchen with Alex Cardinale Youtube- SUBSCRIBE TO MY BEST FRIEND ON YOUTUBE-
The wonderful tropical fish hobbyists are wondering...... WHERE IS AQUA ALEX? His last episode was in December of 2019! It's NOW 2020 and that means it's a new DECADE! Well, I am here to provide an UPDATE on where I have been and what the future holds for me. I appreciate all the love and support all the wonderful tropical fish keepers have given me. I have some WONDERFUL NEWS to share with all of you regarding my future with the tropical fish podcasts! I AM GOING NO WHERE! AFTER ALL I AM THE LONGEST REIGNING TROPICAL FISH PODCAST SINCE 2013 WITH AQUATIC WETLINE AND NOW IT'S 2020 WITH AQUARIUM HOBBYIST PODCAST! I love all you fish keepers! Planned for the Show: ~ What I've done the Last 2 Months in the Aquarium Hobby ~ My Tropical Fish Hobby Plans ~ What's to Come for Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast in 2020 Enjoy the show!!! DO NOT MISS OUR SEASON 3 2020 PREMIERE EPISODE OF AQUARIUM HOBBYIST PODCAST FEATURING SPECIAL GUEST FISH KEEPER'S, A CHAT ON SILVER AROWANAS, GARS, AND OTHER FISH!!! SEASON 3 PREMIERES SATURDAY MARCH 14, 2020 AT 9 PM ET/ 6 PM PT RIGHT HERE ON AHP! Check out my Other Projects outside tropical fish keeping: In the Kitchen with Alex Cardinale Youtube- SUBSCRIBE TO MY BEST FRIEND ON YOUTUBE-
Every tropical fish keeper has a tropical fish species or many different tropical fish species that they consider to be their favorite. Some passionate tropical fish keeper's may have a hard time picking a favorite tropical fish while others have a single favorite fish that they love. Whatever, the case may be tropical fish from both freshwater and saltwater provide aquarium hobbyists with the opportunity to experience their personalities, coloration, characteristics, and feeding ablities. DO YOU AS A FISH KEEPER HAVE A FAVORITE TROPICAL FISH? CALL INTO THE SHOW AND TELL ME ABOUT YOUR FAVORITE TROPICAL FISH SPECIE/S!!! (516) 418-5674 On this episode of Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast: ~ Aqua Alex will discuss his personal favorite freshwater and saltwater tropical fish species ~ Tropical Fish Keepers have the opportunity to chat about their favorite fish CALL IN AT 516-418-5674 TO DISCUSS YOUR FAVORITE FISH!
Aqua Alex is B-A-C-K on Blogtalkradio!!! Blog Talk Radio has a tropical fish podcast once again! The last time I hosted a tropical fish podcast here on Blogtalkradio, I ran the successful Aquatic Wetline. Now, I am back bigger and better than ever with the knowledge of running a successful podcast and of course my tropical fish knowledge. Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast is a podcast dedicated to tropical fish and aquarium hobbyists all around the world. Freshwater and saltwater tropical fish will be discussed and there will be special guest fish keepers! To kick off our launch on Blogtalkradio, I have put together an awesome show packed with tropical fish chat and many awesome fish keepers! PLANNED FOR THE SHOW: Tropical Fish Discussion: - Freshwater Spiny Eels (fire, tyre track, peacock) Are they really eels? - Aqua Alex';s NEW 125 gallon Aquarium What will be kept in this aquarium? - Redhook Silver Dollar discussion - Monster Fish Substitute OPEN PHONE LINES!!! TROPICAL FISH KEEPERS CAN CALL IN TO CHAT FISH AND JOIN THE DISCUSSION! Special Guest Fish Keeper: Michael Tirrell of Off the Deep End Aquatics Youtube channel and Instagram Guests To Be Announced MAIN EVENT SPECIAL GUESTS: Ohio Fish Rescue's Big Rich and Josh Price They will be updating us on what's been going on at OFR. Call in LIVE at (516) 418-5674 to tell us how you got into fish keeping, your favorite fish, or join the discussion!
In 2013, I took my love and passion of tropical fish to a whole new level with the creation of my aquarium and tropical fish keeping podcast. I've met some wonderful aquarium hobbyists from hosting aquarium podcasts. I've had some awesome tropical fish keepers as special guests and have had many wonderful listeners from all around the world! It's time to celebrate 6 strong years!!! I, Aqua Alex reunite with the fish keepers who have helped make my aquarium podcasts a success! You, the fish keeping community and listeners have made me what I am today and made my podcast a success. 4 AWESOME fish keepers who have been on my show through out the last 6 years REUNITE and chat tropical fish! This is a special 3 hour action packed tropical fish episode featuring 4 special guests, tropical fish chat, blast from past callers, and BREAKING NEWS! Planned for the show: ~ BREAKING NEWS: A NEW SPONSOR IS ANNOUNCED! ~ 1st Guest: Crayfish Man James Jones ~2nd Guest: Little Egypt Aquarium Club Owner Jeremy Stellhorn ~3rd Guest: Fish Keeper Donovan Barger ~4th Guest: Cichlid Guru Antonio Martina ~ Tropical Fish I've Kept Over the Last 6 Years ~ BLAST FROM THE PAST CALLERS.... PLEASE BE AWARE, STRONG LANAGUAGE AND OFFENSIVE MATERIAL ON THE FIRST  CALL! ~ FUN FACTS ON AQUA ALEX Enjoy the show and thanks for helping my podcasts be a success! Like us on Facebook: Check out and Join Fish List: Support the show
AHP Summer 2019 RE-LAUNCH!

AHP Summer 2019 RE-LAUNCH!


Aqua Alex has officially finished moving from Massachusetts to Florida. I am NOW a West Palm Beach,  Florida fish keeper! Now that I have free time, it's time to publish new episodes and bring Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast back! Fish keepers who listen to AHP have some special episodes in store! On this special episode of Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast, I will be going over the latest Summer and Fall 2019 plans for AHP, chatting tropical fish and alligators, and to close the show I will be replaying Aquatic Wetline's historic 50th episode as we get ready for our 6 year anniversary Fish Keeper's Reunion in 5 days this Saturday! Planned for this episode: ~ Summer and Fall 2019 AHP Plans ~ My Current Tropical Fish Keeping Plans ~ Exotic Tropical Fish That Are Invasive to Florida ~ Do Alligators Pose a Threat to Humans living in Florida? ~ Aquatic Wetline Episode Replay: 50th Episode TUNE IN TO THE BIG CELEBRATION THIS SATURDAY AUGUST 31! AQUA ALEX'S 6 YEAR PODCAST ANNIVERSARY AND FISH KEEPER REUNION WITH SPECIAL GUESTS AND MORE! Enjoy the show and thanks for listening! Like us on Facebook: Subscribe to us on I-tunes: Join the official Community Group for AHP: Support the show
This episode is brought to you by the retired aquarium/tropical fish keeping podcast ''Aquatic Wetline''.This episode aired in 2015. It's time to feature our second episode from ''Aquatic Wetline''. One of the most popular episodes that I hosted on Aquatic Wetline, this one is one of my favorites because we talk about a fish I enjoy, it recieved a high number of listens and I made a few bucks from this episode. What is really enjoyable about this episode is the wonderful guest! Antonio really loves the tropical fish hobby and really loves Oscars! You will enjoy listening to this episode! Oscar cichlids are one of the most popular freshwater aquarium fish in the aquarium hobby. Have you ever thought about breeding oscar cichlids? Antonio has and he tells us how he did it. Want to keep an oscar? Learn everything you need to know about oscar cichlids. Guest Antonio Martina shares his love of Oscars with Aqua Alex on this episode of Aquatic Wetline. Enjoy the show! Like us on Facebook: Subscribe to us on I-tunes: Join the official Community Group for AHP: Support the show
This episode is brought to you by the retired aquarium/tropical fish keeping podcast ''Aquatic Wetline''. This episode aired 5 years ago in 2014. Fish keepers from the United States and all around the world love monster fish! Fish such as pacus, red tail catfish, Iridescent sharks and even Arapamia are sold to fish hobbyists! The unsuspecting fish hobbyist raises these fish to monsturous sizes and then have a hard time rehoming these fish due to their large sizes. Many of these fish wind up in local waterways where they can become invasive or are dumped to local fish stores or aquariums. In the USA, a fish rescue exsits called Ohio Fish Rescue. In the United Kingdown, there is River Giants! Join Aqua Alex Cardinale and Crayfish Man James Jones as they interview Nathan, the owner of River Giants! About River Giants: River Giants are a new, unique and specialist re-homing sanctuary based in Maidstone in Kent. We re-home some amazing, wonderful fish that span the globe.There's something primal that leads people to wonder what's lurking below the surface of any large river. Humans seem to be hardwired to be both fascinated by, and somewhat fearful of, Volkswagen-sized catfish. There’s something in the back of everyone’s mind when overlooking a large river, lake or bay. “What’s lurking below the surface?” Grainy images of the Loch Ness Monster feed those thoughts. In the wild, these amazing animals live in remote locations from Australia’s Outback to the steamy jungles of southeast Asia.  You will be thrilled by the prehistoric-looking arapaima, weird-looking wallago, giant freshwater rays and other BIG fish. Our fish collection includes rare and exotic Species of all sizes, BIG FISH with BIG APPETITES for BIG TANKS. It's not easy for most people or other "regular" fish keepers to understand why we maintain this type of collection and spare no expense on this fascinating hobby. Like us on Facebook:
Tropical fish keeper's, it's been a while since I've uploaded a new episode of Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast. You have been asking me where I am, what happened to the podcast, and if I am coming back. No worries!! My love of tropical fish and podcasting is still there. I have been busy with work and packing and getting ready to move. I, Aqua Alex am moving from Springfield MA to West Palm Beach, Florida. With this big move, I don't have any extra time to record. But after August 3rd, AHP will be back bigger and better! On this episode of Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast, I discuss what's to come in the future here on Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast, and for the first time ever I am selling my fish on an episode!!! Planned for the show: ~ Why will I be uploading old episodes of Aquatic Wetline? ~ Upcoming episodes ~ Rehoming my Fish Enjoy the show!!! Thanks for listening! If you are interested in the fish mentioned for rehoming please contact Aqua Alex: 413-782-8543 (leave a voice mail for Alex if no answer) Like us on Facebook: Subscribe to us on I-tunes: Join the official Facebook fish group for AHP For the LUV of Fish: Support the show
A new tropical fish store is coming to Springfield Massachusetts, Western Massachusetts, and New England!  This isn't just any ordinary tropical fish store, this is a fish store that specializes in rare exotic freshwater fish like Arowanas, discus, stingrays, fancy goldfish and bettas. So many of the fish and pet stores up here focus too much on the bread and butter common fish like livebearers,tetras, angelfish, and the like. Saltwater dominates the aquarium hobby up here and most fish shops pay more attention to saltwater than freshwater. Forunately, for us exotic freshwater fish keepers a new fish store is coming to town called Imperial Aquatics! My friend Thomason Pham has been selling high quality exotic fish for a few years but now he gets to live his dream and own a fish store business. Find out about this awesome fish store on this episode of Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast. Save the Date! Grand Opening 06/15/19?????? Live Exotic Freshwater Tropical Fish have arrived to Springfield! ?????? Address: 390 Dickinson St. Springfield, MA Time Of Opening: 11:00AM? Traditional Vietnamese Lion Dancing Performance: 12:00PM?????? Exotic Bettas, Goldfish, Arowanas & More! ???? MEET AQUA ALEX FROM 11:30 to 1:30 PM Check Out Imperial Aquatics on Facebook: Like us on Facebook: Subscribe to us on I-tunes: Join the official Facebook fish group for AHP For the LUV of Fish:
Welcome to a brand new series here on Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast! This is an UNSCRIPTED, UNEDITED, AUTHENTIC talk show! But, it's a fish keeping talk show!! You can expect the unexpected, but expect tropical fish chat! Every Friday Night, Aqua Alex will get in the studio and record some wonderful fish topics! He will also occassionally interview some wonderful fish keepers from all over the USA and world. Each Friday, fish keeper's can come home from work, relax, unwind, and listen to some awesome tropical fish chat! On today's show some topics that came to mind and discussion include: ***** New Fish I am getting this weekend ( Redhook Silverdollars) **** The Tropical Fish Stores in my Area ***** Why are Asian Arowanas illegal? ****** Tangled Up In Cichlids closing down **** Ohio Fish Rescue Monster fish Pond and Monster fish chat **** Are piranhas really dangerous monsters? Enjoy the show and thank you for listening! Like us on Facebook: Subscribe to us on I-tunes: Talk about your favorite tropical fish and be a part of the show: Join the official Facebook fish group for AHP For the LUV of Fish: Support the show
Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast has officially reached another milestone! Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast has NOW offically hit 20,000 total listens! It is all because of you the wonderful tropical fish keepers! Aqua Alex would like to say Thank You to all of you the wonderful tropical fish keepers for listening to AHP and supporting our tropical fish keeping podcast. AHP continues to grow and so will our audience. We welcome any and all tropical fish keepers to join the fish keeping family. Expect some fun tropical fish chat on this episode!!!! Planned for the show: ~ Fish I am currently keeping ~ Fish I want to get ~ Why water changes and cleaning filters is important ~ Tribute to Ken Nguyen of Frontosa R US Enjoy the show and thanks for listening! Like us on Facebook: Subscribe to us on I-tunes: Talk about your favorite tropical fish and be a part of the show: Join the official Facebook fish group for AHP For the LUV of Fish: Support the show
I introduce to all you fish keeper's a brand new series that will air every Saturday here on Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast. The name of this series is Aqua Alex's Aquatic Top 10 Countdown! I will be counting down 10 things you need to know about a specific species of fish or ten things you need to know about the aquarium hobby. This will be a very informal, educational, and entertaining show! Aqua Alex's Aquatic Top 10 countdown debuts with an awesome topic! I talk about a tropical fish species that has a special place in my heart. It is a child hood favorite fish of mine. I use my experience and knowledge I learned from keeping this species to tell you 10 things you need to know about them! On this week's episode, I tell you 10 things you need to know about Oscar Cichlids! Find out what 10 things about Oscar cichlids I have to share with you. Enjoy the show! Like us on Facebook: Subscribe to us on I-tunes, leave a review: Talk about your favorite tropical fish and be a part of the show: Join the official Facebook fish group for AHP For the LUV of Fish: Support the show
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