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Trigger upward spirals of health and happiness in your life by applying science backed inspiration, humor and research from happiness activist Andy Proctor. Interviews with top influencers in positive psychology and happiness activists in every field. | Follow me on Instagram @morehappylife and join the community at To call in and be a part of this podcast go to to download the app. Support this podcast:
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In today's episode I interview #1 New York Times best-selling author, Richard Eyre about his new book The Happiness Paradox. Richard's experience is that there are three main obstacles to happiness and joy:ControlOwnershipIndependenceWhen we are obsessed with seeking after these alone, it will be a never ending cycle of ultimate dissatisfaction. However there is a way to sustainable happiness according to Richard. To replace these three with three others:SerendipityStewardshipSynergicity (synergy and synchronicity) We go into more detail about how you can move from control to serendipity, from ownership to stewardship, and from independence to synergicity. It's a beautiful conversation that really helps tap into some core issues we face when we want a more happy life. In addition, Richard made some special offers to all of the More Happy Life listeners!1.  To get Happiness Paradox for 40% off and with free shipping just go to and use the access code ANDYFRIEND2.  Check out the Instagram of the Eyres here 3.  If you're interested in their books on parenting, go to or go to is where you can see the list of all their books and get most of them free online or go to Theeyres.comMore about Richard and Linda Eyre: New York Times #1 Bestselling Authors Linda and Richard Eyre have seen their books sell in the millions and be translated into more than a dozen languages. Appearing on virtually every national talk show, including Oprah, Today, and CBS This Morning, the Eyres have also spoken and presented throughout the U.S. and in more than 60 countries. They are known for their teachings on parenting and have recently come out with a new book about happiness. Naturally, I wanted to talk to them about the book and I was lucky enough to get Richard on the phone for a very serendipitous conversation.--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. this podcast:
If you feel like you are not enough or that your life needs to change for you to be happier and healthier, Episode 120 is for you. In this episode I interview the founder of The Daily Shifts, Doug Cartwright. The Daily Shifts is an app that encourages you to engage with your mind and body in a way that can turn your day around. In this episode we talk about so many amazing things:Loving kindness meditation Breathing: Inhale in for 2, Hold for 2, Exhale for 2The power of GratitudeThe importance of knowing how to manage your energy"In less than two minutes you can totally change your energy"The power of transitions to boost or suck our energy"The number one most important decision I've made was I surrendered my life to the universal flow of the planet."Surrender to the universe, AND show up everyday the best you can.A powerful mindset: "Life is happening FOR you and not TO you."We get back what we put out into the worldTransformative journalism with Michelle Gielan (25:15)Unfollow negative news and people who are spreading negativity and replace with positivityHow to vote when you don't follow the news (ask trusted friends and then use to save a year of contention and negativity energy suck.The loneliness epidemic (31:45) is based in the belief of "I'm not enough"We are here on earth to do two things: Create and ConnectTo have a more happy life create a routine ritual to connect with your intuition and higher self (37:25)Sign up for The Daily Shifts at and if you sign up for premium membership, you'll also get The Daily Shifts course that is worth $500. This is an amazing deal exclusive to More Happy Life listeners! More about Doug: Doug Cartwright is the founder of a new app called The Daily Shifts that helps you to ritualize daily physical and mental shifts to improve your health and happiness. Doug has an amazing story of going from being one of the top sales reps at Vivint, selling over 300 accounts per year having made over a million dollars by the time he was 25. Then he came to a point in his life where he realized he wanted something more than just making more money and buying more things. In today’s episode he shares the transformation of how he found his new purpose in creating daily shifts in his own mind and body through connecting to his intuition.Follow Doug: people mentioned in this episode:Alicia GettysJenna NascimentoMichelle Gielan--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. this podcast:
There was once a girl With a hole in her heart.Little Love was her name.Where was she to start?It was not of her doing. She was not to blame.But the hole in her heartWas there just the same.In this interview, Rose and I talk about how easy it is to get caught up in allowing other people to tell us what our worth is. However, we never should forget that it is ultimately the love we have for ourselves that is most important. This beautiful truth is illustrated in a new children's book called Little Love. More about the book:Join Little Love on her path to self-discovery where she meets Beauty and Fame, and learns the true value of her self-worth. Written for children, but with a timeless message for the child in all of us, Little Love reaffirms the importance of self-acceptance in life's journey toward love, joy, and friendship.Rose Stanek is an award winning graphic designer, interior designer, and now children's book author who is actually a full-time Amazonian (she works for Amazon). She is the mother of two cowcats, Monty and Tyson, and calls the Pacific Northwest home. She loves creative storytelling, and empowering others to live their dreams.To find Rose's book, click here: her website here: This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. this podcast:
Have you ever experienced something difficult or traumatic? If you're listening to this, the answer is probably yes. I believe that a huge part of happiness is the skillset we have built up that enables us to bounce back from the difficult things that happen to us. A few weeks ago, I went to the TEDxSLC event and saw Em Capito speak about what she calls "resiliency field trips." These are adventurous experiences that encourage us to get out of our comfort zone and do something intentional to challenge ourselves. It includes curiosity, fun and adventure. As a psychotherapist, Em has been helping people to have these experiences and has found that with those who have done them, a sharp decline in fear occurs. In order to qualify as a resiliency field trip, it has to have the following:1. New - when we introduce novelty, our brain will be more likely to remember it. This is why travel is often so memorable.2. Slightly scary - Step out of your comfort zone to push the limits of what you currently believe you are capable of.3. Intentional - This must be something you value or something that excites you. Intentional discomfort is important to engage in if we want to overcome anxiety or make progress toward goals that we deeply value, but we are afraid to accomplish.In this interview we talk about why it is so hard to get outside of our comfort zone and why it is so important. More about Em Capito:Em Capito is an unconventional psychotherapist obsessed with the widespread loss of resilience in the face of overwhelming comfort. While studying her own trauma from the inside out, Em embarked on a series of experiments that led to a prescription of intentional discomfort. Em blends these experiential interventions with meditation and yoga therapy to build the holistic mind-body resilience that carries us through our darkest moments. She completed a master’s degree in social work at the University of Utah in 2007 and a masters in business administration at the University of Phoenix in 2011. Em is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a certified LifePower yoga teacher, and a Dharma Method meditation teacher with a private practice in Salt Lake City, Utah.Find and follow Em here: This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. this podcast:
Today I interview the very knowledgable Dr. Adam Moore. We talk about how we go about making a change happen in our life. He relates changing to launching a rocket into space to escape the world's gravity. The elements are:Institute a unique approachBelieve and Hope that you actually can change.Create Traction with Small Wins and ritualize it so that it sticksAcknowledge and celebrate that you have made the changeMake it social so you stick to the changeHe also gives some key advice on how to be happier today:Find one or two people that you really connect with and invest in those peopleEveryday make a meaningful contribution in the life of one human being. This is a great episode. Don't miss it!Find Adam here: Support this podcast:
Today I just wanted to share something one of my therapists shared with me years ago that has helped me. It was what they called my "Personal Bill of Rights". It has helped me over the years to remember that I have permission to be human. Often we don't give ourselves this permission and we need to remember this more. So this is me giving you permission today, to be happier. --- Support this podcast:
How do you empower people to empower other people? The more I talk to people about positive psychology, the more I realize that the thing that most people want to know is how they can become a change agent themselves. In this episode, I interview Louis Alloro, an shining star in applied positive psychology who I had the honor of learning from for 7 months during my time studying at The Flourishing Center in Los Angeles. Louis and I talk about how to really create sustainable positive change in an organization through systems. We also talk about the following topics:Listening to what your heart and body need.Being the change is starting with yourselfThe best way to help others is by starting by helping yourselfSelf care is health care and it is not selfishFill your cup, have fun, be stillLouis' focus on integrity and how important it is to be true to yourself first "the universe hears what you mean, not what you say"Give yourself permission to be human and be present with what is.As a leader, we should envision the best possible futures for our people and remember the people in the middle as integral agents of change. The best leaders see others as co-leaders and the boss doesn't have all the answers.Don't wait for something to be different to be happy now. Your happiness will boost you along the way to your goals.So much goodness came from this episode. It was an amazing conversation that I wish could have only been longer. Please listen and share with your friends!--- Support this podcast:
Do you want to boost your energy without having to pound another RedBull or go for the afternoon cup of Joe? This episode is for you. A lot of people struggle with fatigue, or are just sapped of energy on a regular basis. I believe that increasing energy is one of the most powerful ways to have a more happy life and I want to share things that can help you boost your energy without caffeine.First, a word on caffeine. I don’t have anything against caffeine other than that it was the stimulant that triggered my first panic attack ever. So ever since then, I have chosen not to consume caffeine to boost my energy and I have had to find other ways to keep me awake when I’m having a tired day. The other thing is that caffeine doesn’t actually produce energy in your body. It is a stimulant. It basically tricks your brain into thinking that you have energy, but it doesn’t actually have the building blocks of energy that your body needs.So here are some ways to boost energy without having to rely on that cup of Joe every day.1. Hydration2. Move more3. Eat smaller meals more often4. Optimize your Breathing5. Sleep better6. Eat things that boost your energy7. Decrease your Allostatic Load8. Connect to Your Purpose and Values9. Rock Out to Your Favorite Songs10. Connect to People You Love11. Look Forward to Something--- Support this podcast:
Studies show that our wellbeing can be greatly impacted by our commute, but that it's what we believe about our commute that makes the difference. Here are 8 tips that can help you tell the right story and make your commute the best part of your day. Mindfulness -don’t close your eyes, connect to yourself, connect to God, get in touch with your body.Engage in loving kindness meditation,Education-Millionaires read more than anyone else. Constantly educating. Create an education program that gets you excited.What are you interested in? Create a playlist on podcasts, audible, Libby or get a subscription to Blinkist and learn like crazy.Dealing with road ragers-Make the good assumptionsTell the right story.It doesn’t matter to them anyway. Here are some good stories: wedding nightHospital pregnantKids in troubleWhat’s your story of the commute?What story are you telling yourself?Savor the good stuffarchitectureNatureChange it updon’t go the same way every time. Our brain thrives with variety. Get playful with it. If you ride a train, sit somewhere differentDance partymake an amazingly energizing playlistBe that guy who you see rocking out in their carBe the girl in the train with headphones who is so into her playlist that taps her foot and would be dancing if there were roomConnectLook at your friendship wall each week and decide to connect to someone during your commuteConnect with a family member on the phone during the commute. If you can’t talk, leave them a Marco Polo or a voice messageUse it as a transition to boost energyWe lose quite a bit of energy through our day because we don’t transition. So take advantage of the time you have during your commute to transition from work to home or home to work.Inhale, release tension, exhale, set intentionHere is where I found the studies: Support this podcast:
When was the last time you felt overwhelmingly happy? When I have asked this to people in the past, it has almost always paired with a time when they were having fun. We have talked about play before (episode 105), and in this episode Mike differentiates play from fun and shares some great tips on how we can fit more fun into our every day life. He tells the story of how he got into researching fun in the first place and talks about how fun can really have an impact on our wellbeing. He expounds on his play model (found here: and shows us how we can optimize the fun that we are already having. Find Mike here: https://michaelrucker.com Mike Rucker is a charter member of the International Positive Psychology Association, as well as a member of the American Psychological Association. Mike is a frequent contributor to national press such as Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, and CIO on topics related to well-being. Mike has spent the last few years studying the construct of fun and is coming out with a book on the subject in the summer of 2020. He has also published in peer-reviewed journals covering topics from employee well-being to ethics.--- Support this podcast:
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