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The Secret World of Alex Pegends
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The Secret World of Alex Pegends

Author: alex pegends

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Let's pretend that we are friends and I just left you these weird voicemails.
4 Episodes
This is the story all about how my 2018 got flipped turned upside down. Connect with me on twitter: or support me on twitch: 
(archived) Landing on Earth

(archived) Landing on Earth


Quick catch up, vegan fest, self awareness. Twitter: @alexpegends
Episode DOS • Cat-sitting a cat that’s sitting on a plate • new website! And so much wine • NO FOMO • The internet before social media • Don’t play yourself • Peace Out
Let me introduce myself...

Let me introduce myself...


Hello, it's me • Welcome to Episode 1 • A bit about me • 5 things I have in common with my car • TTYL 😗
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