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Author: Mike Rapin

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A comic book podcast featuring a weekly panel of rotating guests discussing a vast array of topics about comics, genres, themes, comic book culture, the comics industry, making comic books better and more. Hosted by Mike Rapin, edited by Zander Riggs.

Regular Guests include: Tia Vasiliou, Nick White, Kara Szamborski, René Rodriguez, Brian Murray, Kate Skocelas, Paul Jaissle, and Kait Lamphere.
265 Episodes
On Episode II of the I Read Star Wars Comic Books special, Brian and Kara make Alphabet Squadron and TIE Fighter better.Continue readingI Read Star Wars Comic Books Episode II | Alphabet Squadron and TIE Fighter
Kait and Nick join Mike to talk about how they read comics.Continue readingEpisode 223 | The Absorption Problem
Brian and Kara discuss Obi-Wan and Anakin and how it explores the relationship between the two Jedi at a point when Anakin is thinking of rejecting the Jedi entirely. Continue readingI Read Star Wars Comic Books Episode I | Obi-Wan and Anakin
What’s up with DC only really talking about Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman? Paul, Kara, and Brian talk about DC's super trinity! Continue readingEpisode 222 | We All Have Statues Of Each Other
On this very important episode of the I Read Comic Books podcast, Brian, Kait, and Kara discuss They Called Us Enemy, our November Goodreads Book of the Month!Continue readingEpisode 221 | Goodreads Book of the Month: They Called Us Enemy
Paul, Nick, and Rene discuss the importance of coloring and the effects of recoloring.Continue readingEpisode 220 | I’ve Heard of It (It Must Be Popular) Feat. Paulie
Dave Baker joins Mike and Nick for a bonus interview episode to talk about his Kickstarter with Alexis Ziritt: Night Hunters!Continue readingBonus Interview | Dave Baker & Night Hunters
Kara, Paul, and Mike have a fun little discussion about comic books letters pages.Continue readingEpisode 219 | I’m from the 50s. I don’t know who Lizzo is.
Nick and Kate join Mike to discuss fantasy comics and, well, try to put a finger on how to define "fantasy" comic books. Continue readingEpisode 218 | What even is the fantasy genre?
Tia and Kait join Mike to discuss re-reading comics, why we do it, why we don't, and how, for some of us, it helps enrich our comic book reading experience.Continue readingEpisode 217 | Revisiting old comic friends
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