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Author: Mike Rapin

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A comic book podcast featuring a weekly panel of rotating guests discussing a vast array of topics about comics, genres, themes, comic book culture, the comics industry, making comic books better and more. Hosted by Mike Rapin, edited by Zander Riggs.

Regular Guests: Tia Vasiliou, Nick White, Kara Szamborski, René Rodriguez, Brian Murray, Kate Skocelas, Paul Jaissle, and Kait Lamphere.
304 Episodes
Kate and Kait join Mike to discuss our Goodreads Book of the Month: On A Sunbeam by Tillie Walden as picked by our wonderful Goodreads membersContinue readingEpisode 248 | Goodreads Book of the Month: On A Sunbeam
Nick and Mike continue their delicious journey into the horror show that is Ice Cream Man with Volume 4: Tiny Little Lives. What terrifying new thing will we discover this volume?Continue readingMinisode 36 | Ice Cream Man Vol. 4: Tiny Little Lives
Mike and Tia are joined by special guest: Chip Mosher (writer of the OGN: BLACKING OUT on Kickstarter right now! ) to talk comics, kickstarters, and working in the comic industry! Continue readingMinisode 35 | Special Guest: Chip Mosher!
Paul, Kate, and Mike take a dive into the "comic book time machine" to discuss three comics that came out the year and month they were born: The Saga of Swamp Thing #3, Psi-Force #1, and Green Arrow (1988) #10.Continue readingEpisode 247 | Spoilers, I’m baby
Mike, Tia, and Paul sit down with special guest, Elsa Charretier. The gang discusses Elsa's latest art book, her work on November, and how she broke into the industry.Continue readingMinisode 34 | Special Guest: Elsa Charretier!
Nick and Kait join Mike to discuss the comics based on the TV series Firefly. Continue readingEpisode 246 | The Biggest Sci-Fi Series Ever Made: Firefly
Mike is joined by Kara and Paul this week to ask each other a question... Continue readingEpisode 245 | Three is the Final Number
Paul and Tia join Mike to discuss the greater impact of comics on society and media.Continue readingEpisode 244 | I Can’t Tell What’s Good Anymore
Nick, Mike, and Brian ask the question: Who would be the best/worst person to have in your quarantine house?Continue readingEpisode 243 | In This Quarantine House We Read Comics
Kara and Kait join Mike to talk about our Goodreads Book of the Month: Fables Vol. 1: Legends in Exile.Continue readingEpisode 242 | Goodreads Book of the Month: Fables Vol. 1: Legends in Exile
Nick and Paul join Mike to talk about over-sized comics and how the heck you fit weird shaped comics on your shelf!Continue readingEpisode 241 | The Books Your Shop Doesn’t Know What To Do With
Mike and Kait are joined by comic creators Cuddles and Rage aka Liz and Jimmy Reed to discuss their food-horror anthology comic, Bites of Terror!Continue readingMinisode 33 | Special Guests: Cuddles and Rage (Liz & Jimmy Reed)!
Kara and Mike are joined by documentation and podcaster Anthony Desiato, director of the recently released My Comic Shop Country.Continue readingMinisode 32 | Interview with Anthony Desiato
Mike, Kait, and Paul are joined by Amie Wright, President of the ALA Graphic Novels & Comics RoundtableContinue readingEpisode 240 | Special Guest: Amie Wright
Kate and Nick join Mike to discuss comics we've put off for way too long and why we do that!Continue readingEpisode 239 | Brain Superjail
Mike and Nick are joined by comic creators Cooper Anderson and A.C. Ironside to discuss their comic Inner Workings!Continue readingMinisode 31 | Special Guests: Cooper Anderson and A.C. Ironside
Kara and Tia discuss reading comics in a language you don't know, open the show with a few reminders of how to be a good ally to women.Continue readingEpisode 238 | A Bare Minimum of Slash-Fics
Mike and René challenged Nick to try out the Shonen Jump app along by reading 3 chapters from 4 different manga series.Continue readingEpisode 237 | Being “First Mate” Is My New Life Goal
Brian and Kait join Mike to talk about our Goodreads Book of the Month - Sex Criminals Vol. 1: One Weird Trick. Continue readingEpisode 236 | Goodreads Book of the Month: Sex Criminals Vol. 1
Mike, Brian, and Paul are joined this week by Dominic Archer and Marc Casili, two of the creators on the A Boxer, currently on Kickstarter. Continue readingEpisode 235 | Special Guests: Dominic Archer & Marc Casili
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