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Copywriter Talk with Dimitri Lambermont

Author: Dimitri Lambermont

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Personal podcast of online copywriter Dimitri Lambermont
16 Episodes
Copywriter Talk S01 - E07 - Some things should just stay on the inside… No more jargon please! With Dimitri Lambermont.
Copywriter Talk S01 - E06 The people called. They would like their Social Media back. With Dimitri Lambermont
Copywriter Talk S01 - E-05 Informal Communication is the new norm.
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Copywriter Talk Promo
Copywriter Talk S01 - E04 - My best advice for your personal brand? Pick a fight!
Copywriter Talk with Dimitri Lambermont - S01 - E03. Content is culture. Or why you should be suspicious of companies that have nothing to say.
Copywriter Talk S01 - E02 - Your website is a bumpy slide. A short(ish) manifesto on online copywriting. I am on a quest. Always will be. Always have been. It is my conviction that I have been put on this earth to ensure that every online experience is an effortless experience. At least for my small part… online copywriting. Allow me to take you into my world. Where my sole obsession is simple: How can I personally help you get through one task with as little frustration as possible?
In this first episode of Copywriter Talk I - Dimitri Lambermont - will discuss Unlearning Jargon. How can you stop the habit of jargon? Lately I have been thinking a lot about the idea of unlearning. To forget and stop doing (something, such as a habit) in a deliberate way because it is bad or incorrect. To undo the effect of and discard the habit of… What if we view jargon as a bad habit? Can we unlearn this habit?
Maak je merk menselijk

Maak je merk menselijk


Maak je merk menselijk met heldere communicatie. Waarom schrijven we zo raar? Waarom is jargon niet handig? En wat kunnen we daar aan doen?
S01 - E07 Hans Dautzenberg - The Saints - Just like fire would.
S01 - E06 - Down under Battle - Richard Rombouts - Jimmy Barnes - No second prize.
S01 - E05 Down under Battle - Eric van den Bosch - Rose Tattoo - The Butcher and Fast Eddie.
S01 - E04 Down Under Battle - Willem Kamps - Flash and the Pan - Hey St. Peter.
S01 - E03 Allan Holdsworth - Metal Fatigue
S01 - E02 Richard Rombouts - 2Sisters – Don’t Go
S01 - E01 - Richard Rombouts - The Band - Life Is A Carnival
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