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Author: Matt Price

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Hey it's Matt Price the London Sound Mixer from and this is all about my journey as a Location Sound professional in film and branded content and opening up a broader conversation about location sound from the business aspects to technical explanations.
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In the last 365 days my youtube made more daily than the bottom 10.9% of the world population.
Self Esteem and confidence

Self Esteem and confidence


Making yourself accountable for your wins and losses is a key part in owning and controlling your destiny
Help me to help you

Help me to help you


Instagram @soundrolling and email
I dont have a routine for any of ky work unoess its features where ots 30 days of the same thing 6 days a week. So these are tips to get up and feel awake too!
This is all about the relationship of when and what I talk about with dorectora and forst ADs to keep getting what I need
This strategy also works for other social sites with search functions :) like twitter.
Speed of execution is Key

Speed of execution is Key


If you want to be successful quicker than speed is more important than almost anything else.
This is from my chat with Mark Weingarten about his work on House of Cards. They Used a slateless system and lots of metadata :)
This is an extract from a chat i did with Mark Weingarten who has worked on epics like Insterstellar and if he always mics actors just to be safe?
Overtime + Unsafe Hours

Overtime + Unsafe Hours


Jeff wexler and his dad had a big impacton our industry and especially Jeffs dad with championing safer hours and turnaround times in an industry that wants you to never sleep.
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