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The eCommerce Minute is your daily dose of eCommerce, tech and retail news, with your hosts Bart Mroz and John Suder. The show is a production of SUMO Heavy, an eCommerce consulting firm with offices in Brooklyn, NY, and Philadelphia. Support this podcast:
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Your Alexa devices will now allow you to request that your conversations or commands be deleted from the database.  --- Support this podcast:
Shopify’s acquisition of Handshake brings domain expertise and product efficiency to Shopify Plus and its expanding market of huge merchants.--- Support this podcast:
Car shopping is one of the most dreaded, anxiety-inducing financial decisions. People repeatedly list car shopping as the worst shopping experience. understands this fear and feeling of vulnerability, so they decided to do something about it. They’ve introduced technology that will match you with a real-life salesperson tailored perfectly to fit your shopping style. --- Support this podcast:
Taco Bell announced that it is debuting The Bell, a hotel and resort in Palm Springs, California. The hotel plans to open its doors on August 9, but only for a limited time. The hotel will feature a pool with themed activities and sauce packet floaties; a nail and a hair salon inspired by Taco Bell, and a gift shop selling exclusive branded apparel. The entire establishment will feature taco-inspired decor, and everything from the guest rooms to the cocktails will have a ‘Taco Bell Twist’. --- Support this podcast:
Amazon is developing a voice-activated device worn on the wrist, that can recognize human emotions, described as a health and wellness product. According to Bloomberg, the Alexa voice software team and Amazon’s Lab126 hardware division are collaborating on the new device. --- Support this podcast:
Coupang is the largest online retailer in South Korea, with more than $3.8 billion in annual sales. The startup is celebrating its 9th birthday this year, and half of South Korea’s 51 million people have downloaded its mobile app.  Coupang is the fastest-growing and best-financed e-commerce site in South Korea. --- Support this podcast:
The games allow employees to compete against each other, which also sneakily pushes workers to up the ante among themselves to pack more boxes, and in turn, raises overall productivity levels. --- Support this podcast:
On May 15, 2019, Binji, a financial tech company launched the most fully realized personal finance platform to pay and receive payments in today's digital age. It's the only platform offering the ability to consolidate credit and debit cards into a single card to use as funding sources for your Binji Account--- Support this podcast:
Crazy Cazboy’s  is changing the way pricing and sales dynamics work; it’s a store where prices decrease steadily throughout the week. On Friday, the discounter brings out new merchandise all priced at $6. On Saturday, prices drop to $5. Continuing the day-to-day decline, on Wednesday the price on all products reaches a low of 25 cents. The store then closes on Thursday to restock, and the prices go back to $6. --- Support this podcast:
Amazon has officially begun rolling out machines that do an important job that is held by thousands of people; boxing customer’s orders. Amazon’s plan is to reduce labor and boost profits using automation to do common warehouse tasks, and not just solely for speed reasons as some may speculate. --- Support this podcast:
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