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Welp, Junebreaker is coming to an end. We conclude our month of Jawbreaker coverage with an episode about "Boxcar" that is also an episode about, well, you know who....   Our guest this week is Zachary Lipez, editor at large of the newly relaunched Creem Magazine.   Read Zachary's essay about Jawbreaker: Read Creem Magazine: Follow Zachary on Twitter:        
We watched the new Machine Gun Kelly documentary with our friend Punk Affirmations. Join us so you don't have to watch it alone.  
Junebreaker week 4. Yes, we're still talking about Jawbreaker, for better or worse. This week is all about the bass-led anthem "Want," and we're joined by our friend Barry Johnson of Joyce Manor. Barry shows up around 1:40:45.   
There's no Jos or MGK as Sam sits down with his sister Suzanne to discuss the hyperliterate squatter-bard himself with this special report about Jawbreaker and literature. Follow Suzanne: Buy her books: Listen to the full episode at  
"Junebreaker" week 3 is all about the Jawbreaker song "Accident Prone." Don't worry folks — there's no soundboard this week. We're joined by Lauren Denitzio of Worriers. Lauren shows up around 1:46:08. Our friend Krystal from Kravis4Ever also stops by for the Punk News segment at the start of the show. Support us on Patreon at  
Preview: Jawbreaker

Preview: Jawbreaker


No more goofing around, it's time to do an episode about Jawbreaker! Sign up at to hear the whole thing, or hit the Gatekeeper+ feed for video.
For week two of Junebreaker, we talk about Jawbreaker's "Kiss the Bottle" with special guest Ben Nichols of Lucero. Ben shows up around 1:50. We're also once again joined by our friend Kravis4ever, who gives us a "punk news" update on what Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian got up to this week.
Is it bollocks or is it never mind the bollocks? We give our thoughts on the first two episodes of Danny Boyle's Sex Pistols Disney TV show. Listen to the full review at  
This month is Junebreaker — a full month of Jawbreaker coverage. To kick it off, we discuss "The Boat Dreams from the Hill," and we're joined by our friend Punk Affirmations, who shows up around 1:49:25.  We've also got our regular feature Punk News, with a special appearance from our friend Krystal who runs the Kravis4ever account. Follow Punk Affirmations at Follow Kravis4ever at  
Green Day Sucks

Green Day Sucks


Green May is coming to an end, so we watched a bunch of YouTube videos called "Green Day Sucks." to sign up and watch or listen!  
Georgia and Caleb watched our watchalong of 'Good Mourning' from last week. Yes, the MGK movie is going to follow us for life. Watch along at Imagine if this was the content that got you to finally sign up. Good lord.
Do you have the time? For this long ass episode? To close out Green May? We discuss "Basket Case" with our special guest Brendan B. Brown of the band Wheatus. Brendan shows up around 2:14:16. Support Wheatus on Patreon: Support 155 on Patreon:    
Yes, we watched the entire Machine Gun Kelly/Mod Sun movie Good Mourning, and you can watch it with us. Just purchase or rent the movie from your favourite VOD service, then click play on our audio file when we launch the movie.   Visit to watch along!
This week we talk about Green Day's "2,000 Light Years Away," then Comeback Kid guitarist Stu Ross walks us through his seriously impressive vintage Green Day shirt collection. Stu shows up around 1:47:11 Follow Stu's Green Day shirt Instagram:  
For week two of Green May, we discuss the stanky Nimrod single "Hitchin' a Ride," then Chris Coté of Kut U Up stops by to tell us about his experiences on the Pop Disaster tour — including that time Billie Joe Armstrong and Mark Hoppus branded him with a pool cue bridge and sent him to the hospital. Chris shows up around 2:00:40. Check out Chris's podcast Mignight M.A.S.S. here: Follow Kut U Up on Instagram:  
It's Green May, and we're kicking off the month with an episode about Green Day's "21 Guns." This week, we're joined by John Gallagher, Jr., who starred in American Idiot on Broadway (as well as Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom). John shows up around 2:09:40. Support the pod at  
Preview: r/punk

Preview: r/punk


Ivan a.k.a. @joannanewsum41 explains r/punk to us, including the rules and the best posts from this wonderful Reddit community. Listen to (or watch) the whole episode at  
We conclude Avril Lavigne with an episode about the song that started it all. And we're joined by Ashley LaLonde, who sang "Complicated" in the recent musical 'Punk Rock Girl!' Ashley shows up around 1:56:18. Follow Ashley on Instagram:  
preview: melissa

preview: melissa


there's no avril lavigne without melissa, and we talked about the various conspiracy theories. for the full episode, in both audio or video form. 
April Lavigne, week three. We talk about the incredibly controversial Avril song "Hello Kitty." We're joined by Dr. Christine Yano, Professor and Chair of Anthropology at the University of Hawaii. She is the author of Pink Globalization: Hello Kitty's Trek across the Pacific. Buy her book here, it's really good: Support the pod on Patreon at  
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Will Shogren

Cobalt is heavy as shit, good ass band.

Apr 3rd

Will Shogren

I really like the fake Black Eyed Peas song.

Apr 3rd
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