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Author: Ana Guerra

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Twitch Streamer, Esports Communications @Braver and music addicted person living the fandom life. I like to talk about people, tech, marketing and entertainment.
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Is the Podcast ending? 😡

Is the Podcast ending? 😡


I haven't said much about my Podcast in a while. After carefully thinking about it, I decided to come clean with you about my thoughts and let you know what I've decided. Another #REALTALK episode in which I get candid about past and future. Feel free to message me with your own questions.
Back with EP. 2 of “Vasco is building my website” 🌐 Find out: how we chose domain and hosting; sitemap; look and feel.In this episode, I also mention my WhatsApp Newsletter ( and Twitch Channel (
Starting a new Mini Series called “Vasco is building my website” 🌐 Find out: How the idea came together; What is this Mini Series about; Why I’m creating a website”.In this episode, I also mention my WhatsApp Newsletter 📩 which you can sign up right here:
A few weeks ago, I had a really depressing day and wasn’t feeling like myself 😔 It made me think about happiness and self-awareness. I think a lot. Sometimes I organize those into a Podcast episode and that's how this one came together.
This goes out to everyone who was part of this journey. Xbox always.
Daniela "Schyax" Monteiro is a Gaming Twitch Streamer who mainly plays League of Legends, PUBG and Fortnite. In her free time, she does graphic design work for fellow streamers and youtubers. I have worked with Schyax due to her partnership with Xbox, but this time we chat about everything but that.
Bruno Nogueira, Device Seeding Manager @ Microsoft aka The boy in Ana’s Instagram Stories comes to the show. Excuse my rambling, but Bruno hates talking. Find out what he does love, on this episode.
I have been posting to Stories almost every single day for the past 6 months and I've been told that my stories are quite entertaining. This is me calling out bad stories and telling you what you can do about it. These are my 5 tips and tricks to ace this platform:
HALLO! I don't speak German

HALLO! I don't speak German


I finally went on holidays and spent 5 days in Berlin 🍺It was a good mix of local, tourist and cat-seeing. Listen to my views on the city and its people.For more Berlin, check out my saved Instagram Stories:
#REALTALK Episode telling you what I was up to in May, June and spilling the beans on all the non-exciting things for the Summer.
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