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Author: Ana Guerra

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Twitch Streamer, Esports Communications @Braver and music addicted person living the fandom life. I like to talk about people, tech, marketing and entertainment.
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Is the Podcast ending? 😡

Is the Podcast ending? 😡


I haven't said much about my Podcast in a while. After carefully thinking about it, I decided to come clean with you about my thoughts and let you know what I've decided. Another #REALTALK episode in which I get candid about past and future. Feel free to message me with your own questions.
Back with EP. 2 of “Vasco is building my website” 🌐 Find out: how we chose domain and hosting; sitemap; look and feel. In this episode, I also mention my WhatsApp Newsletter ( and Twitch Channel (
Starting a new Mini Series called “Vasco is building my website” 🌐 Find out: How the idea came together; What is this Mini Series about; Why I’m creating a website”. In this episode, I also mention my WhatsApp Newsletter 📩 which you can sign up right here:
A few weeks ago, I had a really depressing day and wasn’t feeling like myself 😔 It made me think about happiness and self-awareness. I think a lot. Sometimes I organize those into a Podcast episode and that's how this one came together.
This goes out to everyone who was part of this journey. Xbox always.
Daniela "Schyax" Monteiro is a Gaming Twitch Streamer who mainly plays League of Legends, PUBG and Fortnite. In her free time, she does graphic design work for fellow streamers and youtubers. I have worked with Schyax due to her partnership with Xbox, but this time we chat about everything but that.
Bruno Nogueira, Device Seeding Manager @ Microsoft aka The boy in Ana’s Instagram Stories comes to the show. Excuse my rambling, but Bruno hates talking. Find out what he does love, on this episode.
I have been posting to Stories almost every single day for the past 6 months and I've been told that my stories are quite entertaining. This is me calling out bad stories and telling you what you can do about it. These are my 5 tips and tricks to ace this platform:
HALLO! I don't speak German

HALLO! I don't speak German


I finally went on holidays and spent 5 days in Berlin 🍺 It was a good mix of local, tourist and cat-seeing. Listen to my views on the city and its people. For more Berlin, check out my saved Instagram Stories:
#REALTALK Episode telling you what I was up to in May, June and spilling the beans on all the non-exciting things for the Summer.
Facebook's reputation going downhill, "can they listen to us", GDPR, being a responsible web user and other data security and protection topics. Honestly, we don't know much... just running a Podcast here, okay!?
A couple of stupid but very true ideas leading to extra cash at the end of the month. "It's funny because it's true".
Today we try to analyze social media from the perspective of the average consumer. It's hard. We end up with very existential questions such as "Do we even follow brands on social media?" and "Why do we have to be on every social media platform?". A must-listen episode for professionals working in branding, social media and digital marketing.
Last Easter, I was struck by the idea of creating a Music YouTube channel with 2 other people. We were going to create a channel that celebrated music, no matter the style. This is a story about what I learned while trying to launch it.
Stream away, Sailor

Stream away, Sailor


This episode I go into very personal topics again such as loving tech gear, being invited to speak at an event, playing videogames and livestreaming. You don't wanna miss me rambling for 37 minutes.
Vasco is a Digital Designer working at Hole19, an app that guides athletes in the golf world. He was discovered through his Behance account at 17 years old. Vasco also runs a very successful Instagram page about old cars named @mk2swag which has gathered over 10,000 followers. Find him on
Find out 3 of my favorite internet people! Their names are Sara Dietschy, Alexis G. Zall and Jon Olsson. These guys (mostly girls though) have impacted my work and the way I run my life, now they might be able to change your life too.
Today we talk music artists and role models, name drop a few celebrities, wonder about what makes great music and analyze how writing is different from performing. An episode with drama and I don't mean performing arts.
This episode is about you know, things we say, like all the time, so I feel like this is relatable, I don't know... you know?
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