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Author: Josh Bartlett and Matt Wolfe

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Pulling no punches to deliver you the unfiltered truth on how to upgrade your life and design a kick butt business, with your hosts Josh Bartlett and Matt Wolfe.
19 Episodes
Andre Chaperon of Autoresponder Madness drops by the show to tell us how he got in to marketing, as well as how he crafts stories for his emails and how he automates most of his email marketing.
Dr. Ben Adkins drops by to talk about the ins and outs of software development. You'll learn how Ben constantly develops killer software that customers love as well as how to use an awesome tool that actually helps you automate the process of writing sales copy.
Jason Moffatt joins us to teach some "quick money hacks", to tell us about his story and journey in to an internet market career, as well as give us some tips on how to make sure people love hearing from you when you mail your list.
Brian G. Johnson visits us in this episode, fresh of the launch of his best-selling, Trust Funnel, book. We chat about how to have fun in business, how to build trust and relationships with your audience, how to be a successful affiliate, as well as a deep dive in to what really works in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) right now.
John Lee Dumas joins us to discuss how to start a podcast and stand out, how to be a guest on Entrepreneur on Fire, how he manages his business, even through explosive growth, how he dealt with stress and insecurity when starting out, and how to get big name guests and attract people to be on and listen to your show.
Stu McLaren left a 7-figure per year business with Wishlist Member to focus on what he felt was truly essential in life. In this episode, Stu discussed his successes with Wishlist, why he walked away, and what anyone can do to do discover what's truly important and focus on the things that are essential in their life.
Kevin Rogers was once a touring stand-up comic. Now he's a world renowned copywriter and online educator. In this episode, Kevin takes us through his journey of honing it his comedy skills on stage to translating that in to copywriting that makes things sell. You'll learn how the skills learned on the stage shaped who Kevin is as a business person and so much more.
We received a bit of feedback about not swearing on the show. In this short bonus episode, listen in on our thoughts and conversation about how we feel about swearing as well as a conversation about just being you and being real in almost all environments.
Casey Zeman joins us to discuss fitness, mindset, staying focused, and how to sell on webinars. Casey is the creator of Easy Webinar and has years of experience selling through webinars. Pick up some of the tips and tricks to be as effective as possible on webinars as well as how to automate the process
A raw discussion between Matt & Josh that started as a call about the book Smartcuts by Shane Snow. Learn about the things we believe can help shortcut your success in business and why we believe most common business advice is complete BS.
Mike Filsaime talks about why moving to San Diego has been helpful to his business. You'll also learn about the new dynamic that Mike and Andy Jenkins created for their business. Mike has created massive brands and has been an online marketing giant for a long time. Learn as he shares how he manages his business and what philosophies he lives by when creating new ideas and marketing them to the masses.
Mike Filsaime joined us for 3 hours of absolutely fascinating conversation. We had to break it up in to multiple episodes. In part 1, Mike talks about his new podcast before diving in to pretty much anything everything. We discuss a life-changing motorcycle accident that Mike was in, we discuss Christopher Nolan movies and similar movies to check out, we discuss Mike's health and diet, as well as some of Mike's favorite dishes. Get behind the scenes and real with this online marketing giant as he talks about the things that excite him.
An open discussion between Josh Bartlett and Matt Wolfe. Matt Wolfe describes the struggles of managing his time and workday and juggling family time with his growing family. Josh offers up some advice that is applicable to every single person who's ever struggled with managing their time and getting things done.
This is more representative of what future BTH episodes will sound like. This is a discussion recorded between Matt Wolfe and Josh Bartlett about steps they are going to take in their own businesses to make their brands look way bigger than they really are. There is so much to learn from this discussion.
So many misconceptions flying around online. Bloggers and people on social media have agendas and they have no problem making things up to serve that agenda. In this episode, learn about the launch of Audello, misconceptions being spread about podcasting, and why most of the podcasting teachers out there right not are feeding you false information.
Justin Brooke discusses his strategy to generate loads of traffic and sales through the use of creating strategic content and amplifying the reach of that content through paid traffic. Justin has actually switched every one of his clients over to using this model of lead generation.
Matt Wolfe share his journey on the road to internet success. Learn about Matt Wolfe’s wild days in high school where he avoided his true calling, Matt’s “rock star” days, and the things that set him on the path to entrepreneurial success.
Josh Bartlett shares his story of how he learned to sell, where his interest in software came from, how he evolved in to the online world and gives a 10 step process of exactly how to build a successful business for anyone starting from scratch.
Learn the story behind Beyond The Hype and get an inside listen to why it took so long to be released and what plans Josh Bartlett and Matt Wolfe have for this epic show.
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