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Developing Community - Deepening Spirituality - Demonstrating Compassion
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Who are those that speak into your life? What is the role of the prophet in history and today? As we begin the season fo Advent, Lyn McCredden begins our series looking at the role of the Prophet.
20191222 Advent Love

20191222 Advent Love


In the craziness of the Christmas season, with car par rage and endless lines to checkouts, love can be lost behind Christmas trees and gift wrapping. Today, David reminds us of the significance of true love expressed and experienced in Christmas.
20191215 Advent Joy

20191215 Advent Joy


It is a pleasure to welcome back a long-time friend of Northern Community, Lynette as she shares some thoughts about Joy in this Christmas Season.
In a world full of fear and destruction, what role do followers of Jesus have in peace. A message by David Toscano
On the 7th November 1999, four churches combined to become Northern Community Church of Christ. Today we celebrate all that God has and will do in and through the people of Northern Community as we Develop Community, Demonstrate Compassion and Deepen Spirituality through the transformation of lives. A message by David Toscano
Today, Chris Turner reflects on our Messianic expectations today and how we find Jesus, creator of the universe within us and others and in the love we share.
Today, Drew takes us on a journey as we consider the significance of the coming of the Messiah in the New Testament.
Expectations can fill us with hope but also place burdens on ourself and others. As the story of the Old Testament unfolds, so does the understanding of the Messiah and the role the Messiah would play in the future of a nation.Today, we can have expectations on the Messiah, but are they consistent with what the Bible describes and do we ignore some of the functions of the Messiah because they make us feel uncomfortable? A message by David Toscano
Today David Toscano wraps up our brief look at Isaiah as we look at The Message of Good News.
If you have ever struggled with your past, an abusive relationship, an addiction or chronic illness, then you know what it feels like to be held captive. Today, David Toscano reflects on Isaiah 40 and the people's longing to be freed.
Who are the influencers in your life? Whether we want them there or not, each of us has nudging influencers and disruptive influencers in our life. But are they the ones we should listen to and be influenced by? Today, David looks at the role of God and prayer in the influence of our life and our world.
When the chips are down and when life seems to go pear-shaped - where do you go? Who do you turn to? Today, Alethea looks at The Message to trust in God.
When the going gets tough, how do you respond? We can easily wonder if it is all worth it. Seeds of doubt are sown and we start to look for an easy way out. From those in Isaiah, in 701 BC through to today, the message of an easy way out is hard to resist. A message by David Toscano
20190908 The Messenger

20190908 The Messenger


Vocation: (n) a strong feeling of suitability for a particular career or occupation. Often we can find ourselves doing a job rather than following a calling. Today we discover Isaiah's sense of call and the difference we can experience moving from a job to a vocation.
Today as we look at Isaiah 4:1-6, Drew Nicholls explores The Message of Restoration and its impact for today.
What would it take to see a world with peace and harmony around us? What steps could I make to move the world in this direction? With wars (military or trade) taking place around us, we live in times not that dissimilar to the times of Isaiah. Perhaps, as we look back, it can also help us to look forward. A message by David Toscano
Today we launch a new series in the collection of prophetic writings known as Isaiah, and we discover attitudes of complacency are confronted with the prophet's message to be clean. A message by David Toscano
Today Janet Woodlock takes us on a journey through the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation and highlights God's heart to bless us, to be a blessing.
Responding to a request, today we briefly explored some of what the Bible has to say about money and giving. Through a freewill gift, those attending were each given $10.00 to be a blessing for others. A message by David Toscano
Today, we respond to a question on faith as David considers faith in the disciple Peter's life and faith as a verb. A message by David Toscano
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