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Author: Te Wānanga o Aotearoa

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Te Waananga o Aotearoa is one of New Zealand's largest tertiary education providers. We offer a comprehensive range of qualifications to New Zealanders from all walks of life.
164 Episodes
A kaimahi of Ngā Taonga sound and vision talks with us about the importance of archiving, the inner workings of looking after the content, and also shares a few of her own favourites with us too.Original archive sources: 1) Excerpts from a speech by Te Ouenuku Rene to members of Parliament at the presentation of the Māori language petition. Katerina Mataira speaking about kōhanga reo. Paraone at Ngā Manukōrero 1997. (Waiata o te wiki) Ngā tamariki wāhine o te kura o Te Waipounamu.
E ao te kōrero mō tēnei iwi o te wiki. A progeny of Te Rarawa whakapapa and a prodigy of Te Rarawa wānanga. Raniera Mcgrath presents a glimpse into the history of Te Rarawa and its people. Kua whakawerahia hoki te kaupapa o Mahuru Māori nō reira ka kōrero tō hoa i roto i tōna reo ūkaipō. E tai mā, e hika mā e mara mā - whakarongo mai.
Registered for Mahuru Māori?  go here to sign up! Everyday pātai in everyday reo. Looking at ways to ask some everyday questions, we cover words and intonation for asking past and present times, cups of tea, table manners, travel plans, greetings and more - including.
We share our thoughts on the "huruhuru" debate, talk in depth about how to learn about Whakapono Māori and what it means to you.
In the first of our Toi series of Tikanga episodes we talk to Rangi Kipa, a renowned multifaceted Tohunga of toi, who shares his journey and thoughts on learning and applying Māori artistic skills. He talks in depth about the strategies behind using that knowledge in art and design practices that are both culturally relevant to our people in today's society.
Inspired while picking pūhā with his Moko - Koro is tells the 3rd kōrero of Tāwhaki, where his Taokete try to execute a devious and brutal plan against him. Te Waiata o te wiki is 'He Raruraru', by Pānia Papa, sourced from the Wairere CD's produced by Te Wānanga o Aotearoa.
Our kaikōrero Anameka Paenga joins us from Ōpōtiki and talks with us about the eastern bay of plenty iwi named after a Tupuna Wāhine - Muriwai. Original source for the waiata o te wiki:
Revered full time Te Reo lecturer from AUT and author Hemi Kelly joins Paraone and Snow to go through some of the examples of useful phrases from his book "A Māori Phrase a day". You can purchase his book here:
Delving into questions about time - mua and muri, te ingoa Māori o Australia, being an isolated reo speaker and some ideas around Māori business conduct.
Who you gonna call? Not the Ghostbusters - but if you listen to this kōrero you can gain some understanding. Using our own experiences and knowledge, we go into depth with acknowledging spiritual presences, and how to live and communicate with wairua that may be in some of the spaces we also inhabit.
In this two-part Matariki special, we reflect on the recent revitalisation of tikanga Matariki, and look at how the umu kohukohu whetū used to be conducted in a traditional way, then at Paraone's house, we give examples of how anyone can do their own hautapu ceremony using what you have at home.Click HERE to get the Matariki handbook with karakia you can use for your own ceremony.This episode was filmed and released on Māori TV in 2 episodical parts - to watch the episodes go here:Part 1 - Matariki RevitalisationPart 2 - Matariki Hautapu at home
Come with us as we dig deep in the archives of Ngā Taonga Sound and Vision to listen to some sound clips of te tānga o te kawa o te whare (tapu removing ceremony of a whare). Our hosts look at some of the intricacies of this ritual and shed light on some of it's aspects and practices.
Rauru Broughton - a descendant named after the eponymous ancestor of his iwi (Ngā Rauru), phones in to talk to us about the namesake, area, stories and the tikanga.This week's kīwaha is "ōna kurakura" (what rubbish! dislike towards someone or what they said)Original source for the Waiata is
We go though some common mistakes in Te Reo such as whakahua (pronunciation) and plurals, the use of 'āhei' and 'taea', 'i' and 'ki', statives, mai and atu and some good tips for online resources to help your Reo learning.This week's kīwaha is "Māna" (I could be wrong...) 
Answers to more audeince questions like the origin and use of passives, singular or multiple possesives, Mōu and Nāu in kōrero mihi, the way of Rāhiri, Taonga Puoru and a handy new search feature on our podbean website - check it out at
What is cultural appropriation? And how does it affect us? As an individual and a collective - what are our responsibilities?' This kōrero looks at how Tikanga is adopted or used in other cultures, and unpacks some of the implications around cases of it being exploited or mis-used, across several culteres.
Back in the studio, we bring you the engaging story of Putauaki and Tarawera - a fable of a meandering course of love, and the breaking points of two Maunga.
Heeni Brown brings us some interesting Tipuna stories and wonderful Iwi dialect from the far North.
Reo learners and geeks take note. We look at double vowel vs macronisation of compound words, the use of some common kupu like 'Arā', 'Otirā' and Īna/Inā, and discuss a few other common perplexities in the use of Te Reo.This episode's kīwaha is "Inē" = surprise reaction - is that right!?  
Continuing on from our Anzac special, we profile several waiata that originated from past times of conflict. We listen, unpack their meaning, evolution and application.The kīwaha from this episode is "te tū ana te puehu" (something bad is going to go down) Original sources for Waiata featuredin this content:1) Hoki Hoki Tonu Mai (Old Vsn) (comp by Paraire Tomoana): 2) Ngā Rā O Hune (comp by Te Puea Hērangi): 3) Te Hokowhitu a Tū (kia kaha rā): 4) Hoki Hoki Tonu Mai (New Vsn): 5) Mōteatea - Tērā te Whetu (by Tiaki Hira): Tomo Mai E Tama Mā(Ngāti Porou):
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Tamati Hohaia

(Samoan+Tuvalu)/Maori S=H L=R V=W F= Wh Tasi - Tahi Lua - Rua Tolu - Toru Fa - Wha Lima - Rima Ono - Ono Fitu - whitu Valu- Waru Iva - Iwa (Tongan+Niuean)/Fijian Taha - Dua Ua - Rua Tolu - Tolu Fa - Va Nima - Lima Ono - Ono Fitu - Vitu Valu - Walu Hiva - Ciwa Hawaiian / cook islands Ekahi - ta'i Elua - rua Etolu - toru Eha - 'ā Elima - rima Eono - ono Ehiku - 'itu Ewalu - varu Eiwa - iva Tokelau / Rapanui(Easter island) Tahi - E Tahi Lua - E Rua Tolu- E Toru Fā - E hā Lima - E Rima Ono - E ono Fitu - E Hitu Valu - E Va'u Iva - E Iva Tahiti Ho'e Piti Toru Maha Pae Ono Hitu Va'u Iva Ki taku whakaaro, hui katoa, ko rātou ko tātou. Mō tātou katoa ko ono ko ono

Oct 9th

Toia Belk


Sep 12th

Manz Waiariki

I just travelled through nostalgia listening to you all.

Jul 19th

Phillip Nauer

7 or 9? Science has stated 7. He korero o etahi tohunga, e iwa nga whetu koina I te matariki. kei tua rua whetu I te whitu.

Jun 18th

Patrick Pari

so cool to hear about my Iwi ♥️

Jun 15th

Jmelee Anderson

Kia ora Ngamihinui ki a koutou I love turning in to ur episodes, they are mean! always learn so much!

Jun 7th

Jan Williams

Ka mutu pea

Jun 5th

Patrick Pari

they should've left the podcast bilingual especially for people just beginning to learn like myself

Jun 1st

Patrick Pari

Came here from Te ara reo Maori level 2 in Tūranga-nui-a-kiwa

May 27th

Rakesh Pinao

Pod miharo!

Apr 16th

Manz Waiariki

enjoyed this podcast 👍👍

Apr 5th

Jmelee Anderson

tena koutou ngamihinui ki a koutou I love this podcast channel 👌👏🙌🙏

Jan 14th

Korks Beymax

Taea kē te kaupapa kõrero o te rangi nei!

Nov 10th

Korks Beymax

Ko koutou kei runga!

Nov 2nd

Nico Wiremu

Tena koa korero ki etahi tangata no ngapuhi mo te iwi o te wiki

Oct 23rd

Alice H

Kia ora, e te whānau! Can anyone tell me the name of the theme song?

Sep 18th

Ratima Rolleston

e rere ana au i nga whakamānawa ki a koutou i õ taonga kua whakahoahoa mai mā mātou hei rau atu ki te kete. Tena rawa atu koutou 🤙

Mar 4th
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