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Author: Te Wānanga o Aotearoa

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Te Waananga o Aotearoa is one of New Zealand's largest tertiary education providers. We offer a comprehensive range of qualifications to New Zealanders from all walks of life.
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We are graced by Julian Wilcox this week for "Iwi o te Wiki", as we take a second look at the intricate, complex architecture of the sacred house of Ngāpuhi. Listen out for our kīwaha which may have you rolling your eyes, or even answering back at some one.   Share your reo Māori story for a chance to win your part of $10,000. Record and share your story starting with the sentence “I speak te reo Māori because..” or “I learn to reo Maori because...”  then upload it to Instagram, Facebook or TikTok using the hashtag #mōtereo and enter at 
He tapu te parapara? He aha i tapu ai? Me pēhea e porowhiu atu? Is waste/trash sacred? If so, why? How is it to be disposed of? In the first week of Mahuru Māori, the Taringa trio ponders these questions in consideration of such practices as tā moko, tangihanga and humuhumu (amputation) with the remnants and their disposal in mind.
What is a hapa? What is a whati? What are they in the context of te reo Māori and tikanga Māori? What are the underpinning principles that make them Māori concepts? Why can I say "KAITOA!" when I'm relieved or satisfied with something?
As we face new and uncharted waters, so too does te reo Māori. What kupu do we use for certain terms like hand sanitiser? Pandemic? Social distancing? Ka āta wānangahia te tokotoru o Taringa atu i tō rātou ake 'kāhui rāhui' mō tēnei kaupapa.
This week's episode explores the use of the prefix "whaka".
In this "Patapātai" episode, our hosts answer questions about education systems, pepeha structure, Christianity, and Tangihanga.
Paraone, Snow and Erica discuss Tikanga mō te kai in various contexts.
Karanga te hau muri, karanga te hau runga, karanga te hau uru, karanga te hau whiti karanga ngā taonga o tua whakarere. The Ngā Taonga series continues as the Taringa trio look at some excerpts of karanga. We also contest the thought of how and when the karanga was to be used. Whakarongo mai.
Hari huri tau ki a Taringa! Special guests Che Wilson and Rangi Matamua join us in the film studio for our 4th birthday. We answer some audience pātai, and speak in depth about the Tikanga of Matariki and Puanga.
Ko hea tēnei wāhi? In this Kupu,Kupu,Kupu episode we discuss place names and the language associated with them.
The ultimate koha: Should I give blood? Is it tapu? This week we host special guests Pio Terei and Nicola Adams (better known as Nix) to discuss donating blood from a mātauranga Māori perspective. Tau ana ngā manuhiri, tau ana ngā kōrero, tau ana te kaupapa.
Mānawatia a Matariki. This week's Once Upon a Taima retells the story about the battle between Tūmatauenga and Tāwhirimātea which eventuates into the creation of Matariki.
We speak with Te Korou from Te Wharekura o Hoani Waititi who let's us in on the way our rangatahi are coming up with their own kīwaha. We also look at the development of te reo Māori as it progresses into the 21st century. Ka hūiki tō tātou tīma Taringa i runga i te māramatanga ehara rātou i te hunga taiohi ināianei.
In this "Patapātai" episode, our hosts answer questions around the use of Karanga in modern contexts, Whakatau, and the various dialects that have developed across Aotearoa.
What's in a name? The Taringa trio look at the thoughts and considerations that are or should be taken when naming such things as whare (marae and contemporary buildings), taonga (heirlooms, objects) and kaupapa (initiatives, companies). Keep an ear out also for our kīwaha that denotes a period since something has happened.
Me kore ake te kākā wahanui i ngā kaikōrero o tēnei putanga. We harrow through the collections of Ngā Taonga Sound and Vision to showcase the skills of the kākā wahanui (the prominent orator). Whakarongo mai!
Ruia, ruia, tahia tahia! Tia Waitai-Henare a young prodigy of Ngāti Kurī ilk gives us a glimpse into the history of the northern most iwi of Aotearoa.
Our third scary story is inspired by real events from Paraone's childhood. Parental guidance recommended.
Paraone and Snowy discuss the use of mihi in various contexts, looking at questions like: "What are the mainstays?" and, "What gets over-used" etc.
Paraone and Erica discuss names of people - babies and adults being named, the meanings behind them and how they are used and received.
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Tamati Hohaia

(Samoan+Tuvalu)/Maori S=H L=R V=W F= Wh Tasi - Tahi Lua - Rua Tolu - Toru Fa - Wha Lima - Rima Ono - Ono Fitu - whitu Valu- Waru Iva - Iwa (Tongan+Niuean)/Fijian Taha - Dua Ua - Rua Tolu - Tolu Fa - Va Nima - Lima Ono - Ono Fitu - Vitu Valu - Walu Hiva - Ciwa Hawaiian / cook islands Ekahi - ta'i Elua - rua Etolu - toru Eha - 'ā Elima - rima Eono - ono Ehiku - 'itu Ewalu - varu Eiwa - iva Tokelau / Rapanui(Easter island) Tahi - E Tahi Lua - E Rua Tolu- E Toru Fā - E hā Lima - E Rima Ono - E ono Fitu - E Hitu Valu - E Va'u Iva - E Iva Tahiti Ho'e Piti Toru Maha Pae Ono Hitu Va'u Iva Ki taku whakaaro, hui katoa, ko rātou ko tātou. Mō tātou katoa ko ono ko ono

Oct 9th

Toia Belk


Sep 12th

Manz Waiariki

I just travelled through nostalgia listening to you all.

Jul 19th

Phillip Nauer

7 or 9? Science has stated 7. He korero o etahi tohunga, e iwa nga whetu koina I te matariki. kei tua rua whetu I te whitu.

Jun 18th

Patrick Pari

so cool to hear about my Iwi ♥️

Jun 15th

Jmelee Anderson

Kia ora Ngamihinui ki a koutou I love turning in to ur episodes, they are mean! always learn so much!

Jun 7th

Jan Williams

Ka mutu pea

Jun 5th

Patrick Pari

they should've left the podcast bilingual especially for people just beginning to learn like myself

Jun 1st

Patrick Pari

Came here from Te ara reo Maori level 2 in Tūranga-nui-a-kiwa

May 27th

Rakesh Pinao

Pod miharo!

Apr 16th

Manz Waiariki

enjoyed this podcast 👍👍

Apr 5th

Jmelee Anderson

tena koutou ngamihinui ki a koutou I love this podcast channel 👌👏🙌🙏

Jan 14th

Korks Beymax

Taea kē te kaupapa kõrero o te rangi nei!

Nov 10th

Korks Beymax

Ko koutou kei runga!

Nov 2nd

Nico Wiremu

Tena koa korero ki etahi tangata no ngapuhi mo te iwi o te wiki

Oct 23rd

Alice H

Kia ora, e te whānau! Can anyone tell me the name of the theme song?

Sep 18th

Ratima Rolleston

e rere ana au i nga whakamānawa ki a koutou i õ taonga kua whakahoahoa mai mā mātou hei rau atu ki te kete. Tena rawa atu koutou 🤙

Mar 4th
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