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Author: Shannon Kringen

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aRtist and model
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Free range Goddess Kring speaking about life April 8th 2021 listen free and enjoy 165 hours of Goddess KRING recordings here: my dad is in town visiting me so i may take a break from recording this week. but there are 165 shows i have created on my #Mixcloud
Was just in an amazing Journal group and I'm inspired the prompt was what makes you resilient what helps you get up when you feel knocked down for me it's music and art and my challenging childhood
About my art modeling gig today and my self-esteem and loving and respecting everyone's individuality and ethics and heart soul mind follow your passion on how I maintain health etc
Synergistic reality beyond us versus them my current thoughts on being a human being on Earth
Sorry for upsetting others! I feel misunderstood. Current experience of having to be taken off the radio station where I used to host my show sharing about why and what my point was. Compassion matters
Positive until proven negative
Spiritual practice- Mental health microbiome nature is my church
Election day USA rain walking without my device away from the internet
Role play with med students and what I think prison should be for
on being my real self people can just take it or leave it I'm tired of thinking that I need to be popular or get people to like me I just want to be myself take it or leave it be authentic
Tom Petty would have been 70 today free speech yes what his music means to me protect your medical rights and individual expression
Don't stereotype me

Don't stereotype me


When humans dehumanize any group it leads to something really bad. The newest group that I'm seeing stereotyped and dehumanized are people like me who question the mainstream narrative in the media about the medical and financial crisis that were in right now.
My current thoughts on health and freedom of speech
Current thoughts on reality
Free thinking question authority
Talking about my dad losing his two cats to a dog attack last night and the spiral of grief and how to cope with loss and forgiveness and love is all that really matters.
Yet another tom petty dream!
Healthy Goddess Kring

Healthy Goddess Kring


Current life
Beyond polarising each other - thoughts on democracy free speech us verses them etc
Thinking of a painting I did at age 17 (wish I had it might re create it) about humans who work with nature and humans who try to control nature - and how to survive is to work with nature not fight against it- the painting was an abstract representation of patterns that I see in humanity - I painted it then figured out what it meant and did a spoken presentation to my art class in high school. Just remembered this - this pattern is now more intense then ever on this planet - #artist #artistsoninstagram #health #goddesskring #shannonkringen #symbolicart #abstractart #design #naturist my aRt:
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